24 April 2016

Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki. Arc 2 Chapter 2

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Conquest Arc
2, Lieca’s Heart

Elfrieden Kingdom’s Capital City, Parnam. Parnam Castle.
In the Government’s Affairs Room, I was receiving reports from Poncho and Tomoe-chan. First, was the report from Poncho. Until just a few days ago, his title was the Minister of Food Problem Affairs, however since the problem had already been resolved nowadays, because of his merit, he had been promoted into the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry. He would tackle projects of Agriculture, newly established Forestry, Food Supply Management, and in addition, the development of the terraced rice fields as this country’s new agricultural crops.

By the way, there were no “Fisheries” in the ministry title because this country didn’t manage the fishing rights directly, since it was the domain of the fishermen’s guild whose branches established at various places. In exchange of the tax income from the guild, the country granted the rights to the guilds. I also wanted to devise reforms in that field sooner or later, however only after I seize control of the navy. To guard the interests of the fishermen of this country, a department similar to the Coast Guard is necessary. Without this protection, the fishermen wouldn’t abide if I only by using duty and obligation to force them follow my reform plan.

Let’s return to the topic. I asked Poncho.

What about the matter of the military provisions (soldier’s ration and horse’s fodder) that I had asked of you?(Souma)
Yes. One way or another, we had prepared it, however……(Poncho)

Poncho wiped his sweat while answering the question in evasive manner.

Is something wrong?(Souma)
No…… Actually, what is bothering me is the amount. After all, the number of the military provisions that Your Majesty had requested was enough to feed the Royal Army for one month and still have enough surplus left over…… If these excessive numbers were actually incorrect, then won’t it become an enormous loss, yes?(Poncho)

Ah, I see. If only based on the number of soldiers in the Royal Army that were mobilized by now, the number of provisions was too much and this made him worried. After all, the Royal Army was only 10,000 strong right now. However,

Don’t worry. There’s no problem.(Souma)

Oops, this was like triggering a flag. Let me restate myself.

This is the most optimal number. You could even say that this large number of provisions would be the decider of victory or defeat in this war.(Souma)
I-Is that so?......  Then it’s good that this year’s harvest is abundant. If it was last year then it would be absolutely impossible to prepare this large amount.(Poncho)
Ahh, but it is thanks to everyone doing their best. Of course, it’s also thanks to Poncho.(Souma)
I-I'm not worthy of those words, yes!(Poncho)

While making a wry smile at Poncho who straightened his body too much that he bent backward as he replied, I shifted my attention towards Tomoe-chan.

Tomoe-chan, how about your side?(Souma)
Y-yes, we already gained the cooperation of five new rhinosauruses.(Tomoe)

Putting my hopes in Tomoe-chan’s Ability to understand an animal or monster’s language, I requested her to “invite” the large lizard rhinosaurus like the one that participated in the God’s Protected Forest relief duty, because I am very impressed by their ability to haul large amounts of materials over long distance. Although the Royal Army wanted to increase the number of the rhinosauruses in their possession, it takes a lot of time to train one conventionally. After all, its size is humongous. If it ended up raging, it could cause serious damage.

This was where Tomoe-chan played her part. Tomoe-chan could use her ability to listen the rhinosaurus’ requests. Well since rhinosaurus lack intelligence (their brain is only as big as an egg, so they could be said to be similar to a stegosaurus?), so their requests were mostly delicious food and a place where it is safe to breed. For this reason, we needed to set aside territory to create a “rhinosaurus reserve”, however with this, we could easily obtain an obedient means for long distance high speed transportation without training.

A-as expected, Tomoe-dono’s ability is amazing, yes!(Poncho)
It’s true. It’s good that I could took you in before you fell into another country’s hands.(Souma)
S-stop it, it makes me embarrassed.(Tomoe)

With Poncho, both of us earnestly praised her, but maybe because she was embarrassed, her face became flushed. At that time, the door to the Government’s Affair Room was forcefully opened and Liecia burst into the room.

Just a minute, Souma!(Liecia)
Wh-what’s wrong? What’s with the hurry?(Souma)

Liecia approached me while panting and looked at me with a rather menacing expression before she pointed at the window.

For crying out loud[1]! The whole kingdom is in uproar by the spreading rumor that Souma at last raised an Army to face the Three Dukes!(Liecia)
…… Oh so it’s only that?(Souma)
How could you say “It’s only that?”(Liecia)

She was so panicked because she thought that something had happened.
I then stood up and tapped Liecia’s shoulder.

Don’t worry. That rumor is being propagated intentionally.(Souma)

Liecia looked at me with wide eyes as if she had seen something unbelievable.

Then why…… Aren’t you supposed to have this covered this up until the last moment? You would end up providing the enemy by giving them needless information, you know?(Liecia)
If they didn’t receive the invitation then I will be the one who will be troubled. Since this is a grand stage where the fate of this country will be decided, and every prospective actor and actress must stand atop the stage.(Souma)

There will be multiple events happening at the same time at this current grand stage, and there also a part where luck will play a role. I think that perhaps we will never hold such a gala for a second time. So it would trouble me if there was an actor or actress late for the show on the grand stage.

So…… that means you have thought of something, right?(Liecia)

Liecia seemed to perceive something from my clear manner of declaring this.
Her eyes were shaking in uneasiness…… Recently, Liecia had been apprehensive. I aware that she was being torn by the possible conflict with her ex-superior Georg Carmine who she respected. However, we had reached a point of no return.

Poncho, Tomoe-chan. May you leave us alone for a moment?(Souma)
Y-Yes, Yes!(Poncho)
U-understand. Nii-sama…… I leave Nee-sama in your hands.(Tomoe)

After saying these words, both of them left the room. Only Liecia and I remained in the room.
Even when there was only the two of us, the room was silent without a single sound for quite some time. So, I stood from my seat and moved towards the bed located in the corner of the room.[2] And then I gestured Liecia to come and sit down on it.
Liecia did as I asked of her to and sat down beside me.
Even though a situation where a beautiful girl was sitting beside me on my bed should be a lovely situation, the atmosphere between us was heavy…… The silence was painful.

Please tell me about Georg Carmine.(Souma)

Liecia looked at me with bewilderment on her face.

Do you…… still want to do something?(Liecia)
No, it’s not that. Since we have reached this point, it won’t change the plan….. I just want to know the person himself. Sincem if you think about it, I couldn’t have a encounter with him in proper manner.(Souma)

Liecia was a bit perplexed, but soon, she began to share the stories bit by bit.

As a public personage, Duke Carmine is a military man unprecedented in both past and present. It could be said that beside possessing indomitable individual fighting strength as a lion therianthrope, he also showed his true value when leading his soldiers. In sieging or defending a castle or in field battle, he was a great commander that managed to perform all kinds of duty, even at the time of the King two generations ago, he was responsible for the rear unit when the army withdrew, and despite losing the war, I heard that he had obtained the enemy general’s head.(Liecia)
That’s amazing……(Souma)

Even through a retreating battle, just by preventing damage to the ally could already considered a great success. However, he was able to inflict a such a severe loss to the enemy. This is really amazing. In addition, his leadership increased the retreating army’s moral and allowed them to search for a place where they could efficiently ambush the enemy. This made me remember the feat of the young Takeda Shingen[3] who conducted a surprise attack when he was left as the rear guard in his father Nobutora’s Army’s retreat.[4]

During Father’s reign, the country stopped its expansionist policy. Since to be honest, Father is just a very normal average king with no good or bad points in ruling this country, he was considered as easy prey by the other countries.(Liecia)
How harsh…… Even when he is your father.(Souma)
It’s the truth. We can’t change it. Since Duke Carmine exercised his authority in the west, both the Amidonia Dukedom and Torgis Republic couldn’t interfere. Even as the greatest military man in this age, he didn’t hold even a shard of ambition and he devoted his loyalty to Father…… No, it’s wrong. Rather than my father, Duke Carmine genuinely loved this country.(Liecia)
This country?(Souma)
Do you know? There still countries that discriminate against other races in this world. The Empire currently touts equality between races, however there still areas that discriminate against non-human races. In contrast, the High Elves’ nation in the north is championing high elf race supremacy and contempt towards other human-kind. However, there is no such type of discrimination in this country. After all, in the first place the races that loathe this type of discrimination, so that they wouldn’t be enslaved by anyone, cooperated in founding this country. So Duke Carmine…… loves this country more than anyone else.(Liecia)

At this point, Liecia paused for a moment, before continuing her words.

As a private person, Duke Carmine is polite and can discern right from wrong. In his relationship with my father he crossed the personal and official line and become my father’s counselor. Duke Carmine…… affectionately treats me like his true daughter, maybe because Duke Carmine doesn’t have any children. He even gave me a shoulder ride. I also, really like Duke Carmine.(Liecia)
When I wanted to enter the Army because I admired Duke Carmine, at the beginning he opposed it. He said that it wasn’t something that a princess should do. However, in the end, he complied with my selfish decision. Well, after graduating from military academy I was placed close to him and was only used to urge the soldiers to fight more vigorously.(Liecia)

Well…. Of course you can’t put a country’s princess on the battlefield. It was clear that Duke Carmine had quite a hard time dealing with Liecia’s tomboyish desires.

He seems to be a man of character.(Souma)

When I made this remark, Liecia bent down with a sad looking expression.

Yes…… He is a really splendid person.(Liecia)
I don’t know what exactly Duke Carmain is thinking, but…… perhaps this is because he is a military man.(Liecia)
Because he is a military man?(Souma)
Duke Carmine’s age had already exceeded his mid 50s. A therianthrope’s life span is not that different from a human’s. As a general, he was still maturing by his pilling experience. However, as a warrior, only slow decline awaits him. That’s why, perhaps he wanted to do something big for this country.(Liecia)
…… And because of that, he would even be a rebel?(Souma)
If he thought that it was for this country’s sake, then Duke Carmine would do it.(Liecia)

She spoke these words confidently…… I became a bit jealous.
Geez, then doesn’t this mean that I must really prepare for the worst?
If I showed even a small opening, then I would be devoured by a lion.

After this, I would have a conference with the Three Dukes using the Royal Broadcast.
The Three Dukes also possessed Royal Broadcast Orbs, although they weren’t as big as the one the Royal Family had (there only four such orbs in this country), actually it was like screen-phone used for video conferences. In this conference I would confront the Three Dukes’ side and send them final warning for their vassalage. In case they refused it, then it would mark the beginning of the war. Ignoring the other two Dukes, the probability of Georg Carmine heeding this warning is zero.

Liecia…… If it’s too painful for you, then……(Souma)
No, I will attend it.(Liecia)

I couldn’t finished my sentence, “It will be fine if you don’t attend the conference.”  Liecia showed a smile in her gloomy face.

I know. Duke Carmine had already resolved himself for this. It is not possible for us to turn back anymore.(Liecia)
Since I already know about that, I want to see it with my own eyes. That person’s way of life.(Liecia)

Liecia looked directly at my eyes and spoke these words.
“Way of life” huh?...... It’s a phrase that’s too heavy to be spoken by a 17 year old girl.
Only by possessing this resolution that could she be here.
……I couldn’t find any words to say.

That’s why, at least, I embraced her shoulders. She was… trembling a bit. Liecia rested her head on my shoulder.
Even though I am a “Hero”, even though I am a “King”…… I despise myself who could only do this for her.


Next Chapter : Souma’s final ultimatum. Is the war inevitable? The plot thickens.
Yeah, I know you must be thinking that Souma will push her down right? Too bad! Souma is too married to his job!
Also, one of the cause of war: MidLife Crisis……

[1] どうしたもこうしたもない is an expression of annoyance and exhasperation... Dont know how to turn this to proper English. Is the word I choose already showed Liecia’s annoyance?
[2] Why there is a bed in Government Affairs Room? Souma really married to his job...
[3] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takeda_Shingen
[4] See Battle of Un no Kochi. When Harunobu (Shingen youth name)'s father, Takeda Nobutora, attacked Hiraga Genshin in his fortress at Un no Kuchi, but was forced to retreat. Harunobu, at the rear of the withdrawing forces, waited until they were clear of the fortress, and then turned around, leading his men to defeat a castle garrison which was caught unprepared, having seen the Takeda flee.


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