11 June 2016

Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki. Arc 2 Chapter 9

Translator Corner
This is Yukkuri demasu!

I just realized this… If we type Carla RAW name Karura (if written the Kanji 迦楼羅) also means Garuda, a famous bird-deity from Hindu-Buddhist myths.

Also the books already arrived and based in the official romanization. Liecia is actually Liscia

Yukkuri Oniisan

Conquest Arc
9, Declaration of War

Let’s examined everything that has happened up until now in order. It began when first, the Three Dukes opposed King Albert’s sudden abdication and didn’t show any intention to put themselves under my rule. The uncooperative attitude during the desperate time of reorganizing the country, made that confrontation deepen. However, only the Navy Admiral, Excel Walter sent her subordinate Juna-san as a liaison to convey her intentions to submit under my rule, but still acted as though she still belonged to the Three Dukes’ side to investigate the movements of Georg Carmine who was strangely obstinate.

Then, when I conducted investigations on the fraud conducted by nobles, to rehabilitate the government’s financial affairs, some of them escaped and began gathering under Georg who showed a confrontational attitude towards me. Then, Georg took those dishonest nobles as his own subordinates. Then Hal’s father, Glaive Magna who was especially opposed to this, began to bring some of the Army’s soldiers and officers to breakaway. Then, Georg rejected my offer at my Final Counsel, and the muscle-brained Castor jumped the bandwagon with him, which caused this war to happen.

…… So, currently, this is the scenario that the citizens, and not to mention the Amidonia Dukedom, know. However, this was thoroughly the superficial side of the scenario, the inner side was completely different. Since it had ended, I can speak of it now. This Three Dukes’ War (Excel hopes for the name to be changed) scenario was written by none other than, Georg Carmine.

The plan that I and Hakuya had worked out was a completely different thing, in the first place we never had any plans to battle with Georg Carmine and Castor Valgas. I could somehow grasp Georg Carmine’s personality based on Liscia’s story about him, and Castor was a muscle-brain, so we thought they would recognize me as the King after freely seeing the merits of the plan that we had polished.

However, when Georg sheltered the dishonest nobles, the plan had go awry. Because, Hakuya and me never took the nobles seriously. They already driven out from their jobs, and so that they wouldn’t be funneled outside the border, their assets were seized. So we thought, it wasn’t a big deal no matter where they had gone to. However, Georg put those nobles close to his position, along with their own armies. At first, I felt indignant since it was different from what I heard in Liscia’s stories.

At that time, Glaive Magna who had broken away from the Army had an audience with me. More or less, the pretext was to apologize for Hal’s disrespectful attitude, but even without that, sooner or later, he would have asked for an audience with me. Glaive had been entrusted with a secret order from Georg. After asking forgiveness for Hal’s disrespectful attitude, he began to carry it out.

Thereupon Your Majesty, please pardon me for performing another impolite action.(Glaive)

Then, when I asked about it.

This is… If it is possible, it would be better if the talk couldn’t be heard by many people……(Glaive)

Glaive asked to clear the room of people. When the number of the people was reduced to Liscia, Aisha, Hakuya, Glaive, Hulbert, Kaede and me, Glaive finally began to speak about Georg’s current plan.

Duke Carmine intends to gather the nobles who had committed fraud and dishonesty in one place, and then after they launch a rebellion, Your Majesty would subjugate him and the nobles together.

So that the hiding and troubling, dishonest nobles could be caught wholesomely, Georg deliberately showed a clear, confrontational attitude towards me and acted as the light bug trap for the disturbing elements. Then to Glaive, who he especially trusted in the Army, he was ordered to breakaway with the reason of distrust over sheltering the dishonest nobles so he could save the talented people gathered in the Army, so that they could join with the Royal Army after the war was finished. Then, after the disturbing elements had been gathered, he would reject my Final Counsel and plunge himself into the war…… and then intend to be arrested together with the nobles.

The 40,000 strong Army was a formidable foe, but if Royal Army, the Air Force and the Navy cooperated, then they can overwhelm it. Actually, the reason why the Air Force only destroyed the anti-air ballista in the battle with the Army, had been arranged so that the Army can have a reason to capitulate. Then, by using the capitulation timing, the nobles and their private armies, including the Zem mercenaries, would be captured by Georg’s subordinates in one stroke. This is what Georg had planned. After hearing that plan from Glaive, I unconsciously shouted.

Don’t joke with me![1] Who asked for such thing!(Souma)
Although that anger is justified…… Duke Carmine had thought this by himself.(Glaive)
Is he stupid?! The dishonest nobles have already lost their jobs, their assets have been seized. Those insects can just be left alone.(Souma)
Let me say something for Duke Carmine! …… That’s a naïve way of thinking.(Glaive)

Glaive became indignant, but nevertheless he quickly suppressed it, since it would be inappropriate for a mere retainer to quarrel with the King. After seeing him like this, my head also calmed down a bit.

……What do you mean by naïve?(Souma)
Your Majesty, a rotten wheat would also rot the surrounding wheat. There are horizontal relationships that support the nobles. To maintain each other’s influence, they married their sons and daughters repeatedly and created relatives. Perhaps, even if the dishonest acts were put into the trial, the other houses would interrupt. Even if they have lost their house, they can look for shelter under their relatives’ house. Then at some point of time, their disdain would make them use their status to rebel against the country.(Glaive)

I understood what he wanted to say. To put dishonest nobles, that were fully covered with relationship ties, into a trial, then that means to also put their relatives and accuse them of being criminals. It might induce the other nobles to be afraid that they would also be implicated and then this might cause them to purposely break off the relationship.[2]

…… Then, is it necessary to do it to that extent?(Souma)
Yes. Then, there is another reason. The King had mentioned that their assets had been seized, however, that is only limited to things that are visible. These underhanded people have funds and influence at places that the public doesn’t see. Actually, when those nobles arrived at the Carmine Duchy, they employed Zem mercenaries using that shady money. This is proof that they haven’t been deprived from their assets.(Glaive)

When this was pointed out, I hit my forehead with my palm. That’s right. When I was checking the account books, there were some points bothering me when I grasped the flow of the funds. I had forgotten that they could have savings that weren’t mentioned in the official papers. I looked at Hakuya’s direction and he also had the same expression as me. In the first place, nobility was something unrelated to me, while Hakuya had lived a relatively secluded lifestyle up until now, so we couldn’t read the malicious ways of the nobles. At this point in time, I actually had a feeling that I still lacked the sufficient numbers of talented people.

So, Georg was going to crush the nobles who used those shady funds? However, doesn’t this mean that the funds are only flowing towards Zem, which dispatched the mercenaries……!  Ah, the mercenaries!(Souma)
Yes. When the dishonest nobles are captured, their private armies would also be apprehended.(Glaive)

This is something that also existed during the Sengoku period in Japan.[3] An arrangement where soldiers and officers could be released after paying a ransom. The ransom is higher for those with high social positions and if the ransom is not paid, then the prisoners of war could be sold as slaves.[4] In most case, for the soldiers with low social standings, the country would pay the total sum of their ransom and they would be released altogether. For the people with higher social positions, the ransom would be paid by their families. There are a lot of precedents where a family with low solvency[5] then fell into ruins.

That’s why Georg planned to collect the shady funds that the nobles used to employ the mercenaries by asking Zem to pay the ransom for the mercenaries that had been turned into prisoners of war. Amongst the mercenaries dispatched by Zem, there wouldn’t be people with high social statuses, even so, the ransom that the country must pay would be a considerable amount. Really…… What a well thought plan. Therefore, it irritated me.

……I can’t crush down a person who can think that far for any reason. Even at the best of times, I am already short of hands, so if he had made that resolve, he should have cooperated with me!(Souma)
Please understand, Your Majesty. Duke Carmine has entrusted the future to you.(Glaive)

Glaive looked directly at me and it made me gasp.

Why does he trust me that much? Even when I haven’t met him?(Souma)
This is not something that I can answer. If in the future Your Majesty meets with Duke Carmine personally, please ask the person himself.(Glaive)

 ◇ ◇ ◇

Several days later, during the Final Counsel, I tried to ask about Georg’s unclear motive.

Why are you rebelling to that extent?

Hearing my question, Georg answered, Pride as an old warrior.

My age has already passed 55, this body could only wait to wither, but I earned the most superb opportunity. My wits will decide the fate of Elfrieden. A once in a lifetime chance, to accomplish big things that would be the legacy for posterity is a cherished dream of a warrior.

That’s why he chose to become the scapegoat as a means of destroying the dishonest nobles. I don’t know whether these words were the truth. However, I understood his unwavering determination. He is just a person similar to a father for Liscia, but perhaps this is how this man handed over this simple honest girl to me.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

Let’s return back to the topic at hand. The information that we received from Glaive was tucked away deep inside the hearts of the people who were there at that time. The only people who had heard this story were only Liscia, Hakuya, Aisha, Kaede, Hulbert and I. 6 people. If by some chance it was known by outside parties, Georg’s plan could collapse. That’s why, I couldn’t speak about this to Excel’s side, even though we were already in a cooperative partnership (because of this, Excel still had suspicions on Georg).

After receiving this information, the plan that Hakuya and I had designed had to be amended by including Georg’s rebellion drama. It had become a plan that was not only supporting Georg’s plan, but also using it as a stepping stone to cross over it.

However, there was just one miscalculation. Because the plan was progressed in secret, it caused Castor to distrust me, and so the Air Force ended up at Georg’s side. This was an event that was unexpected for me and Georg as well. No matter how muscle-brained Castor was, we thought that Excel and I could persuade him. Who could have guessed, that the more we persuaded him, the more mule-headed his stubbornness became.

Thanks to that, the battle of Crimson Dragon Castle, which wasn’t scripted at all in Georg’s scenario, became a completely unplanned impromptu etude[6]. It was fortunate we were victorious, but if this went down, then the whole scenario could be transformed into an improvisational play (an ad-lib play without scenario). The talented people around me who could understand subtleties of people were Liscia and Juna-san, and furthermore Excel. However, Liscia and Georg would be despondent and I could consult the plan in secret with Juna-san or Excel. As the result, because I couldn’t use the personnel that I could usually use, this beckoned the current chaotic situation, and that’s why there might be a lot of points that I need to reflect upon.

……  Then, although the Three Dukes’ War had such up and downs, somehow we could finish the play just as according to Georg Carmine’s scenario. Then with this, the curtain descended for Georg’s Scenario Program, and finally the curtain can rise for a new Program. This time, the screenwriter are Hakuya and I.

I had said that, Hereafter, let the “conquest” begins!. TheConquest can be thought of as an expression for the suppression of internal rebellion at that time, but it also had the meaning of subjugating the foreign hostile forces in a broader sense of meaning. Now, I want you to try to remember; the Amidonia Dukedom had invaded from the southwest, and it was Georg Carmine’s letters that gave them the right timing to spring into action. However, Georg’s eyes were only focused on the internal situation, so of course he was “unrelated with the Amidonia Dukedom”.

Then, who was the one who “pretended” to be Georg Carmine and sent the letters to Amidonia? Really… I wonder who the person was……

……This is a worn out method, but this is unexpectedly effective…(A Certain Realist King)
After all, people are creatures who believe what they want to believe.(A Certain Scheming Prime Minister)

…… Now, let’s start the conquest.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

~ Castle Town Altomura Suburb Second Day, close to evening ~

Although the Amidonia Dukedom had withdrawn their siege according to Wyst Garrow’, the Altemura’s Lord, appeal, however there were no sign of Altomura’s city gate being opened at noon as promised. Tired of waiting, the Amidonian Duke, Gaius VIII ordered the reencirclement, and he also ordered to assault the city after the encirclement had been completed. However, since besieging a city again after lifting the siege before took a suitably long time, by the time the encirclement was complete, it was already close to evening.

Curse that Wyst, even if he is just a small fry, he had tricked us like this.(Gaius)

Gaius who was sitting on the folding chair inside the command tent of the Amidonian Army, was fidgeting his feet in irritation. The officers who were near, were behaving themselves as if nothing happened. If they incurred his fury right now, then their heads might fly away. So of course, the atmosphere at that place was very heavy.
In the middle of that situation, the Duchal Prince Julius, was standing with a nonchalant expression.

Small fry can only futilely stall for time just like the small fry they are.(Julius)
Humph. Certainly it’s a futile struggle. It’s already too late for him to beg for his life. I will destroy that rural city before sunset arrives. At that time, Wyst, you bastard, I will give you so much torture that you will wish for death before I expose your head at the gate!(Gaius)
……I think that is a splendid idea.(Julius)

In contrast to Gaius, who lost his head in ager, Julius had an ice-cold expression as an uneasiness sprouted inside his mind. He felt a suspicious presence beyond those walls. Wyst really didn’t had any prospects for victory, yet why he was still stalling for time?
At that time, an Amidonian soldier rushed into the command tent to give a report.

R-Report! A woman appeared atop the Altomuran walls.(Soldier)
A woman?(Gaius)

Hearing the report from the bowing soldier, Gaius knitted his eyebrows.

What do you mean?(Gaius)
That is…… Based on the general who recognized her, that woman is Elfrieden Kingdom’s Navy Admiral, Excel Walter.(Soldier)
Excel Walter, you say!? So you say that one of the Three Dukes is inside that castle!?(Gaius)

Gaius couldn’t believe it. Today was just only two days after the day that the Elfrieden King, Souma, sent his Final Counsel to the Three Dukes. Certainly at that time, only the Navy Admiral, Excel Walter, received Souma’s authority, but this castle had been be sieged only just yesterday, or just one day from the Final Counsel. Her headquarters, Lagoon City, is located at the Northeastern tip of Elfrieden while Altomura is located near the Southwestern end. No matter how fast she rushed, it would take about three to four days to cross that distance. If she was in Lagoon City at the time of the Final Counsel, then she couldn’t be possibly be inside Altomura right now.

How!? How can Excel be here!?(Gaius)
……Perhaps, Excel had already been in cahoots with Souma before the Last Warning even started.(Julius)

In contrast to Gaius, who was bewildered, Julius had a expression of a person who had finally understood something. The true identity of the vague feeling he felt from Altomura was Excel’s shadow. As soon as he noticed this, Julius realized the opponent’s trick, and became pale. If Excel was already in league with Souma, then there were possibilities that the other Dukes would also be at Souma’s side. If that Last Counsel was just a farce, then……
Julius stood before his father and spoke out in a mortified tone.

Father, we must make preparations to retreat right now! We have been lured out!(Julius)

Gaius was confused by the sudden advice to withdraw.

Lured out? What do you mean?(Gaius)
Perhaps, she received the Last Warning inside Altomura. Our country also has another broadcast orb and that sort of thing isn’t unportable.(Julius)
Why is it necessary to do such a thing?(Gaius)
Of course, because while we were aiming for this city, the enemy’s aim is……(Julius)

There is something that I want to announce to all the citizens of Elfrieden Kingdom.

As if to block Julius’ explanation, there was a loud sound that could be heard by the entire Amidonian Army who were besieging Altomura. When they looked at the city, above Altomura’s Wall they could see a large figure of person. The height was about 20 meters. If it was real then it would be a giant, however the scenery behind that figure could be seen, so it was just a projection image. The figure who was wearing a military uniform was the Ad Interim[7] King of Elfrieden, Souma Kazuya. Today he didn’t wear the clothes he usually wore, but was properly dressed in uniform. Clothes make the man[8], his appearance was more coercive than usual.

Gaius and Julius looked at that Souma with hateful glares.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

There is something that I want to announce to all the citizens of Elfrieden Kingdom. This is the Ad Interim King of Elfrieden Kingdom, Souma Kazuya.

Atop Altomuran walls, Excel fixed her eyes at Souma’s uniformed appearance with a sublime expression. This “extra-large Souma projection mist” was a work of Excel’s magic. With the magic power that was possessed by Excel, who was descended from mizuchi (sea serpents), using magic to imitate the function of the mist scattering device that was used as a Royal Broadcast receiver, was an easy thing to do with plenty of leftover magic power to spare. Why Excel was using her power like this, was so Souma’s Royal Broadcast could be “deliberately” watched by the Amidonian Army that was besieging Altomura.

In the projection, Souma explained, in a simple way of talking, the events that had transpired in the Three Dukes Territory up until now that the citizens had only heard from rumors. About how the Royal Army clashed with the Kingdom’s Army as a result of Georg Carmine sheltering the dishonest nobles. About how Castor harbored distrust towards Souma and showed a confrontational attitude. About how only Excel from amongst the Three Dukes, displayed the will to obey his rule from the beginning. Although Souma only stated the truth outspokenly, he didn’t talk the matter in detail. However, it was also something inconsequential for the citizens. What they wanted to hear was whether or not they would be dragged into the war.

There are many things that have happened until now, however as of the present, starting from the Royal Army, the Elfrieden Kingdom’s Army, the Navy and the Air Force will be under my command. Therefore, I declar the conclusion of this country’s civil war.

The confrontation between the King and the Three Dukes was over. For the citizens of this country, they would be satisfied just to know about this. However, Excel had a bitter face. Only two days passed from the Last Counsel. During this time, Souma was able to defeat Castor Valgas’ Air Force and Georg Carmine’s Army. Castor, well, whatever. He was a muscle brain, so by using careful planning, it was possible to resolve it in a short time. However for that Georg to easily surrender, then it was transparent that he had intended to do this in secret.

(Although I think that there was something else since it was achieved in such a short time, but I can guess that they had been colluding ever since the beginning…… His Majesty Souma, Prime Minister Hakuya, and furthermore Georg Carmine…… These young people have done splendidly well to make this old lady dance right into their hands…)

“This too, might because of my age”, while complaining, even though her appearance is still so beautiful, Excel sighed as she completely grasped Souma and Georg’s plan.

(If it’s like that, then they should have tried harder to stop Castor…… Maybe this old neck would be sufficient to save both of their lives.)

While thinking about this, Excel gazed at Souma’s projection. Souma had headed towards the climax part of his speech.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

The rebellion has ended. However, we can’t sheathe our swords just yet! Why is that? The reason is because, the shameless Amidonia Dukedom’s Army used this disorder as a chance to cross over the border and then invaded our country! Currently, the Amidonia Dukedom’s Army is besieging Altomura City in the Southwestern Region!

When the King mentioned the Amidonia Dukedom’s Army invasion, half of the Elfrieden citizens were nervous, the other half were surprised. The nervous ones were people who resided in the western area who had heard the rumors of Amidonia Dukedom’s invasion, while the surprised ones were the people in the eastern area who still hadn’t heard about this information before. They hadn’t heard about the information since it was just two days after the Amidonia Dukedom’s Army began their invasion.[9]

So that the citizens, especially those of the eastern area, wouldn’t be sent into a panic after hearing this sudden information, Souma addressed them,

I wish for the citizens to have relief. We had already predicted this, so one of the Three Dukes, Excel Walter, is already inside Altomura. Even though Altomura is currently being besieged by Amidonia, it won’t fall.

After hearing Souma’s words, the citizens calmed down a bit. Souma continued speaking.

Currently, the Kingdom’s Army, Navy and Air Force has been placed under the Royal Army. The invading Amidonian Army is roughly 30,000 strong. While the Royal Army, the Kingdom’s Army and the Air Force, who will face them, can mobilize about 55,000 soldiers. If the whole army heads towards Altomura, then it will be easy to repulse the savage invaders.

This statement sent a wave of relief throughout the citizens. However, at the next moment,

However, my fellow citizens. Is this enough? Will this satisfy you?

The relief was erased by Souma’s raised tone.

Amidonia Dukedom has long aimed at our country’s territory. They extolled the intend to recover the territories they lost to the penultimate[10] king, while increasing their military preparations and always caused tension at the borders. Even right now, the current Amidonian Duke, Gaius VIII, had instigated the confrontation between the Three Dukes and I, and acted behind the scenes for their own self-profits! Then, they raised an army as soon as the Georg Carmine confrontation became definite and then trampled down our territory. In their march, they had burned, slaughtered, and pillaged villages and cities that they passed!

My Fellow Citizens! Let me assert this. If in the surrounding countries, there are people like Gaius VIII, then the Elfrieden Kingdom couldn’t have its true repose. Because of their selfish desire, they had wounded, raped and killed our fellow countrymen! My Fellow Citizens, can you forgive them?! Can you be satisfied just by repelling them away?! Even though this is the age where the whole Humanity should be united behind the Grand Chaos Empire against the Demon Lords Army, can this act of barbarity that has transgressed this age convention be forgiven?! Nay! Absolutely Nay! Therefore our country, although we had no obligation about it after we had received a surprise attack, intentionally declare…

Souma paused for awhile after he reached this point, and after taking a deep breath, he clearly declared.

Our country, the Elfrieden Kingdom has declared war with the Amidonia Dukedom!

A declaration of war. This caused tension amongst the citizens. It was something unheard of in the age of previous King, Albert. The men were enveloped by a strange excitement, the women afraid, the old people who knew the days of endless war under the penultimate king’s conquest war, had an uneasiness about whether or not those days would return. However, Souma spoke out without the slightest waver.

This broadcast might also be seen by the Amidonia Dukedom’s Army. That’s why, let me declare this. After this, our 55,000 strong Army that had gathered in the Carmine Duchy would head west. Our target is the capture of the Amidonia Dukedom’s Capital Van. While you bastards are being tardy at Altomura, we might already be burning your house.

And then, when this Five Days War was converted into plays in the future, this piece of line at the end of Souma’s declaration of war scene would become so famous that this line always quoted as the closing speech line (it was just as famous as how Caesar always said Alea acta est when crossing the Rubicon River and Et tu, Brute? when being assassinated, no matter what the adaptation was).

Listen Gaius! We will steal back more things than what you have stolen!

 ◇ ◇ ◇

At the extravagant limousine-like gondola of the Royal Army, Royalty Foreign Travel Service Flying Dragon Carriage (nicknamed VIP Flying Dragon[11]), was something similar to an airship lifted by four wyverns. When Poncho was gathering food previously, I lend him one of the four wyverns. The inside of gondola was considerably wide and extravagant. I intended to strip the decorations off and sell them when we were still in the middle of financial difficulties, but the prime minister at that time, Marcus, pleaded me while on the verge of tears, Please don’t sell the things that is the Kingdom’s face for foreign nations to see, so I gave up on this idea.

So inside this VIP Flying Dragon, I declared the declaration of war against the Amidonia Dukedom. In front of me was the Royal Broadcast Orb. No matter how wide the gondola is, loading the orb onto it met with a problem. Since the size was a bit bigger than the ceiling, some parts of the ceiling had to be blown out. Thanks to that, when it was in the middle of the sky right now, the wind blew into the gondola and it was quite chilly. In the middle of the war declaration, my feet trembled (not of fear nor of excitement, but because it was cold); it was good that it didn’t get projected……

Good work. Now come here.(Liscia)

After finishing with the war declaration while putting up with the cold, Liscia opened the blanket that covered her and invited me to join. So we both being ended up being tucked underneath the same blanket. Hah, warm… warm… At last a breather. I never thought to be thankful for a person’s warmth in this way.

Ah, cold. If I know that it will be this cold, then I would have gone by ground route.(Souma)
The Orb would be impossible to place into a carriage, you know? On the other hand, if we were using Rhinosaurus transportation, then you will be stricken by motion sickness, right?(Liscia)
……So neither one is better.(Souma)

I had ridden on it when giving disaster relief at the dark elf village, but my feeling after riding it was tremendously bad. Since Hulbert and others travelled using that, I need to made some improvements or else this might trigger a strike. While I was wearily thinking of these things, Carla, who sat in front of me, spat out harsh words.

Humph. Weak.(Carla)

The girl, who we brought along as the hostage for the Air Force, didn’t wear a blanket or have anything atop her armor, but she didn’t look bothered by the cold. Maybe because she is okay because she is a dragonnewt?  But a Dragon is a kind of reptile, right?

Don’t lizards go into hibernation when it’s cold?(Souma)
Don’t lump me with that thing! A dragon is strong against both heat and cold! In the first place, this kind of altitude is the natural world for the Air Force!(Carla)
Ah, so it’s like that.(Souma)

Now that she mentioned it, the Air Force rode atop their wyvern’s back. So this kind of cold air was an everyday occurrence for them. Carla then snorted at me.

Humph. What you mean by steal back more things than had been stolen? The one who lured the Amidonia Dukedom’s Army is none other than you!(Carla)
……Ehhh~? So you noticed?(Souma)
Everyone who had come this far would notice. Really…… Personally calling the enemy to kill fellow countrymen and then claiming revenge. What a cruel charade. If you scum hadn’t lured Amidonia, then…… Gugh……

Carla groaned in pain in the middle of her words. It seems that the collar had constricted since she had called her master Scum. I think that the Slave Collar was too inflexible, and Carla also should have known better by now. While Carla was having a coughing fit, I spoke to her.

…… of course, I understand. That the victims created by this war are as if I had killed those people myself.(Souma)
B-but, the one who thought of this plan was Hakuya, right? Then Souma’s responsibility is only……(Liscia)

Liscia tried to cover it up for me, but I gently shook my head.

The one who gave him permission was me. I understood that, and yet, chose it.(Souma)

Yes. Even though I understood what the plan entailed, I chose it. I couldn’t not choose it.

So far, the Amidonia Dukedom had been threatening this country. If we left them as is, then they could instigate rebelling elements. If this happened, then a lot more people would fall as victims. That’s why I chose to use this opportunity to crush them completely. The not-few victims caused by this process, are the sins of the King; my sins. As the one who stood at the top, it would be nice if I wouldn’t be excused from the punishment……(Souma)
…… Humph, what a good position you have there.(Carla)

It seems that Carla had already released from the constriction as she immediately spoke out.

Do you really think it like that?(Souma)
I then asked a question and sent a serious look at Carla.

Even when I understood that it was wrong, I can’t not chose it. I can’t not sacrifice a few to save many. Furthermore, that sin, couldn’t be judged by anyone.(Souma)

I had once read a book that said Punishment is for forgiving a committed sin. So if there is no one to punish you, then that sin would be unforgiven forever. Even so, I still chose it. Just like a machine that didn’t possess a human’s heart, I couldn’t permit my personal feelings to interfere.

Each time I need to choose an option, I have to let go of my humanity. Do you envy my position?(Souma)

Carla averted her eyes as if to escape from my sight. After the silence continued for a moment, Carla began to speak with an annoyed tone while still averting her eyes.

Then, why you didn’t tell this to my father from the beginning? If you did, then……(Carla)
Do you think that Castor could commit to this kind of secrecy?(Souma)
That is……(Carla)
We had already been wagering on many things, so I, and Georg, too, couldn’t accept any more risks. In the first place, no matter how much Excel and I gave gentle persuasions, Castor didn’t lend his ear to us at all, and the one who wanted to contend was your side, right?(Souma)

The answer I gave back to her made Carla hang down her head without being able to say anything. Seeing her like this, Liscia wanted to say something…… But she held it back. As I was looking at both of them like this, I sighed.

(Really…… This is an unpleasant job… Such is being the King……)

 ◇ ◇ ◇

During the Five Days War, several villages were harmed by the Amidonia Dukedom’s Army. It was said that Souma continued to regret this event for the remainder of his life. After the war, the damaged villages and the victims’ families received courteous compensation from the country; and the villagers who didn’t know anything, respected and extolled King Souma’s compassion. However, this only served to torment Souma. It isn’t known whether or not this was the reason for it, but afterwards, Souma never took any more plans that could cause victims, regardless of the results.

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Elfrieden Historical Idiom Lesson

Let the farmtown be attacked, to assault the capital…… An Idiom. Meaning: Making a small sacrifice, to achieve a bigger profit.
It is based on an event in the Five Days War, when Souma used the Farmtown Altomura as a bait to lure out the Amidonia Dukedom’s Army, so that he can use this chance to launch an assault at the Amidonia Dukedom’s Capital City.
The quasi-synonym from Earth: Cutting one’s own flesh, to break the enemy’s bone (Lose a battle to win the war).


*Playing Star Wars Imperial March*

[1] Or, “Are you F***ing with me?”
[2] In other words, the other rotten nobles might purposefully distanced themselves from the convicted nobles. But since they are still rotten, and they would still do dishonest things behind Souma’s back. Eradicating corruption is hard.
[3] Or the Hundred Year Wars, or those major conflicts surrounding Germany’s multiple medieval states for the European reader
[4] In Total War games, you can only execute them if they don't want to pay for the ransom, though… Too bad no slavery option…
[5] Solvency: in finance or business, is the degree to which the current assets of an individual or entity exceed the current liabilities of that individual or entity. In simple words: is your money and assets greater than your debt?
[6] Etude is short musical composition, which tend to be of considerable difficulty. It’s mainly for practice. Hence etude (French for study). In other notes, Liszt’s and Chopin’s etudes are really nice!
[7] Ad interim means “in the meantime”, “temporary”
[8] An idiom that means what one wears is taken by others as an essential signal of status.
[9] Since Elfieden sadly lack internet… In our times, if Trump stepped over a kitten, or Putin ate a puppy, the whole world could know in the matter of minutes.
[10] The one before previous king. The kings two period before. Bush is the penultimate president of USA before either Trump or Clinton……(EN: Bernie Sanders all the way!!) Then it would be anyone but Trump election…… Either way, GOP is in deep feces.
[11] Now… This is something hard to find a similar Western concept… The real nickname in the RAW is 御座敷飛竜. With御座敷means a tatami room. A tatami room in a transportation like Ship or Airplane is a very lavish/extravagant thing to have as Tatami Room convey a feeling/sense of home (that’s why Tatami room in a RV in the Princess Knight and RV had a deep psychological meaning). So, something that is considered as extravagant… I can’t think of anything except… Extravagant… Help me…….. (EN: VIP room, indoor hot-tub, VIP guest lounge with a bar) Hmmm I think VIP works…


  1. Note: Total War set too lax a requirement for slave revolts. Historically, you need one legion to hold down each province because anything less will certainly make slaves revolt that year. The more lands you have, the bigger army you need.

    1. That is politics dude...
      You need to keep yours checked in order to stay in the game~

      By the way.. did you like Attila, Caesar or Napoleon?

  2. So... Star Wars rather than the Valkyrie?... I would have loved a war tune from any game too over the Star Wars theme tbh

    1. The valkyries that gone to war gallantly gets defeated, you know? Its quite ironic, that song is.

  3. If you want peace, Prepare for war!

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  8. OWwww maaaan as a total war gamer that plays as the Weastern roman empire, this is just Awesome! to see a nation in crisis to rise, become more powerful than never and strike back, this feeling is simply the best.

    1. Agreed,when you see your mortal enemies city is conquered,that feeling is addicting

    2. Than EVER. Never means never, including future. Ever means past.

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    I just love that, not only is he being a good character who cares for his citizen, he is also a good politician who uses those citizens.

    That last note though... so his plan was exposed!? Will there be a chapter about how it was exposed? Would it be an enemy we'd see later? Somehow, I imagine it as if it was actually Souma himself who exposed it, so that the history book lessons would depict accurate information... (yeah, Souma is reminding me of Diener right now)

    1. State secrets always gets exposed sooner or later. Historians are good at digging and extrapolating info. I'm sure there's a written document or diary kept somewhere by someone. Its not like that secret is by word of mouth only. Souma needed to send messages to Amidonia and historians could analyze the handwriting to see if it was from Souma, Hakuya, or Duke Carmine. And if it was a clerk writing it, then someone else knew about it. Tho, I think the most likely answer would be Souma keeping a diary or confessing his sin near the end of his life.

    2. its more like reminisce.
      When you remember something, you say it again :)

  11. The only total war game which has slavery, is Rome 1 & 2. And, in those, it's only Roman factions who can do it. Which is a tad disappointing.

    1. Slavery is a product of advanced civilization after all




  13. Souma is too conscious,but if that's a play to win carla's heart it means he's a great con man,but sadly,he looks like he truly regret his actions,meh,different people different values

    1. Huh? You think Souma should be proud for killing his own citizens?

    2. ^^^yeah this guy is right do you will be feelling alright if you kill your own citizen and dont punished by it? it's practicly the same as killing the one who support you

    3. So he should be proud of sacrificing his own citizens. That's messed up. Even the Japanese man who came up with the Kamikazes during WWII is reported to have held a guilty conscience about it.

    4. The characters is good and liked because of that. A cold and unfeeling bastard is better as a psicopath than a king. Certainly the kind of kingdom that I dont want to see (Star wars empire!)

    5. I don't know a nation's leader guilty conscience 'cause i'm not a leader. But you see, when you put logical thinking as ruler for take a decision, Soma's decision is the only one that can make the least death, in his country and enemy's country. No matter what guilty conscience a leader have, it mustn't take that conscience as base for decision.

      If I on Soma's position, i would do the same. Even it's cruel, you'll and must do it. For greater purpose, you must sacrifice the few. As war is raging, decision like that will come up and you must decide the best for your nation.

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    1. If you looking back at our Human History, Then you can find it with need some exploration.
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  17. Wow, what's with Japan and their Saturday-morning-cartoon level of writing + idiot plot? Yeah, I get it Souma; you were "forced" to dirty your hand with blood of the innocents for the greater good. Being a ruler can be a suffering and all that crap *cringe*

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  18. So... Souma thought that the illegally embezzled funds of the nobles would be blatantly stated on their income statements?

    1. That's why he's called by Glaive as Naive...

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