28 June 2016

Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki. Arc 2 Epilogue

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Conquest Arc
The True Opening

Before we entered the Amidonia Dukedom’s Capital City Van, I gave an order to the entire army.

We will now be entering Van , however, this land is already Elfrieden’s territory. Therefore, the people who live in that city are already our Kingdom’s citizens, so I absolutely forbid any killing, raping, or pillaging. If there are people who disobey this order, then regardless of their status or position or the nature of the crime, they will be beheaded and their head will be put on display at the gates. Bear this order in mind.(Souma)

After I gave this order, I secretly called Ludwin and handed a memo that had been prepared beforehand.

Track down the 5 people who are written on this, behead them and put their heads at the gates. The official reason will be They had broken into a house of Van’s citizens to pillage.(Souma)
! What did these people……(Ludwin)
This is a souvenir from Georg that was given through Glaive. They are members of the Army, however during their stay in the Carmine Duchy, they had broken into a citizen’s house and committed crimes of pillaging, rape and murder. At any rate, sooner or later they will be executed, so let’s use them to serve as a warning in this place.(Souma)
……By your will!(Ludwin)

Presently, there were five heads lined up near the gate. Next to that head was a board with their “crime” written onto it, Pillaging Attempt, that made the soldiers who passed through the gate brace themselves. As a result, the Kingdom’s Army, that entered Van, did not commit any arson, plunder and rape, and didn’t even dare to fight back if they were being pelted by stones from the citizens who didn’t accept the loss. On the other hand, it also would instill a sense of fear in the Amidonian populace.

After they had secured the safety of the path, I entered Van. This time, not in a carriage, but instead I entered the city while mounted on a horse, since it seems that a victorious King who enters while inside a carriage wouldn’t look good in public. I was just barely able to ride a horse until recently, but since Aisha held the reins, then it should be alright. While Liscia rode her horse beside me, I looked at the cityscape of Van.

Amidonia Dukedom’s Capital Van. A military city established as the foothold of the militarist nation of the Amidonia Dukedom to launch an invasion at the Elfrieden Kingdom and to stand as the front bulwark against the Kingdom’s invasion. In addition, as if Amidonia’s own spirit didn’t want to lose against the Kingdom, the city’s size rivaled that of the Kingdom’s Capital, Parnam. After entering Van, I had an impression that it was a hybrid city in structure with an utilitarian appearance, however if I can speak frankly, it gave off a mismatched impression.

The citizens’ residential areas are crowded and the roads were also complicated. As it is, the layout could even be called as a Labyrinth City.[1] To head towards the Castle, we needed to make turns to the right and left repeatedly. The mansions that seemed to be the residence of nobles were dotting inside the residential areas. When I saw that the nobles’ locations were higher (the height, not the land price) than the citizens’ quarters, I realized the meaning of this city’s layout. Perhaps during the war, the enemy soldiers who had broken through the gate would find themselves scattered by this Labyrinth City and then, by using the nobles’ mansions as strongholds, Amidonia would perform a counterattack.

……How excessive, to do it to that extent, was what I felt. This city’s layout was harsh towards enemies, yet it also didn’t kinder towards the citizens. It was also inconvenient to move around, and conflagration in these crowded buildings would be scary. The idea to do the unexpected impediment removal made my head hurt. This is, I have no other choice than to redevelop the entire area, right? Kukuku, a city that is extremely worthy for a redevelopment project. I have a hunch that the domestic affair’s tasks would form a huge pile after this, come on, I am thrilled from waiting!

Souma? Why are you grinning like that?(Liscia)
……No, nothing in particular.(Souma)

Not good, not good. Liscia, who rode the horse beside me, looked at me coldly. I need to put my mind together.
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After we entered the Royal Castle in the center of Van, I sat on Gaius VIII’s throne in the throne room. Gaius seemed to be someone who cared about having a majestic appearance. Although I heard that Amidonia’s financial situation was rather dire, this throne room was quite splendidly constructed. Perhaps it cost even more money than the one in Parnam Castle. If they had that much money, then they should have circulated the money on other places more, and it made me want to ask the no longer existing castle lord about this.

Beside me, who sat on the throne, was Liscia, and behind us was the bodyguard Aisha, who stood in waiting. The other retainers were standing by on the carpets below the steps. It was the King-like scene that I hadn’t had since some time ago. I ordered each of you, give a report, and the reporting turn started from Ludwin.

First, this is regarding Gaius VIII’s family members inside the city. We couldn’t find them. The eldest son, Julius, escaped from the battlefield, and while there is one other daughter, she hasn’t been seen since several days ago. Furthermore, starting from the Minister of Finance, most of the important bureaucrats couldn’t be found, so I believe they had left this city several days before we arrived at Van.(Ludwin)
Apart from the daughter, it was troublesome if there are no bureaucrats. Quickly contact Parnam and ask Marcus to dispatch some. Also, ask Hakuya to come as soon as he is finished with the Crimson Dragon Castle Town.(Souma)
As you wish.(Ludwin)

Ludwin bowed his head. Next, was Poncho’s turn to report.

I-I want to make a report about the Treasury’s situation, yes. This might be something that we had feared before, but there are barely any funds and emergency rations. Instead, for some reason, there are an abundance of weapons and the likes, yes.(Poncho)
If they don’t have any emergency supplies, then how do they plan to hold during a siege?(Souma)
Ah, no, there is a 3 month supply if we only count the number of the Castle Guards. But the amount will only last for about one week if we count the entire city’s population……(Poncho)
As if saying, ‘deal with it yourself’[2], to the citizens. Really a militarist nation…… Sell the weapons and turn them into funds. Then, distribute food rations until the city’s situation is settled, however, is it possible to transport food from the Kingdom?(Souma)
There is not much surplus in the Kingdom, so it’s possible if it’s only to some extent. Since this place is close to the Kingdom, then as long as there is a security guarantee along the way, then we can do it, yes.(Poncho)
I will arrange for the security to be maximum priority. Next, Glaive.(Souma)

Hulbert’s father and the one who currently leads the Army, Glaive Magna, made his report.

Perhaps because the “example” is effective, the soldiers maintained their discipline. However, I am afraid that if this restricted lifestyle continues, then there might be an accidental outburst sooner or later. If there are soldiers that make a scene with the citizens, then I believe that the populace’s sentiments would immediately deteriorate.(Glaive)
So there is also this problem, huh? This city must have taverns and “red-light” establishments, right? With the money we have, negotiate with their proprietors to arrange alcohol and women.(Souma)
Will this be alright?(Glaive)

Glaive raised his voice in surprise. Did I say something strange?

This way, the citizens on the street wouldn’t be inconvenienced, right?(Souma)
No, it’s not that. Is it alright to let the soldiers idle like this? With our current momentum, isn’t it possible for us to annex all of Amidonia?(Glaive)

Ah, so it’s about that matter.

Our assault ended at Van. We will not be waging war any further.(Souma)
Is that so? But I believe we need to strike at the potential enemy……(Liscia)

Liscia, who was beside me asked me a question, but I shook my head.

This is enough. No matter how much we expand our territory, no matter how many cities we conquer, once the Empire moves, then all of it will amount to nothing. Let’s avoid the situation since the only result we get is the loss of our men’s lives in a futile endeavor.(Souma)

When I mentioned this, the temperature of the room froze up. Liscia timidly asked.

The Empire…… will move?(Liscia)
Well, there isn’t any doubt that they will move. Since the Amidonia Dukedom, a signatory of Humanity Declaration, had its borders changed by military means. As the leader, the Empire must move to deal with this.(Souma)

The Anti-Demon Humanity Coalition Declaration (or Humanity Declaration for short)that was advocated by the strongest country on the continent,Grand Chaos Empire, had three major clauses. One of the clauses is No Recognition for Border Changes due to Wars or Military Action between Humans, and since we clearly contravened it, so as the leader, the Empire needs to move in favor of the Amidonia Dukedom. At first they will make negotiations, but if necessary, then they won’t hesitate to do military sanctions as well. By the way, the difference in military power between Elfrieden and the Empire is roughly similar to that of between Japan and the US.

But the one who attacked first was the Amidonian Army, even so we will be blamed?(Liscia)
That’s how international treaties work. Amidonia can claim It’s Elfrieden’s side’s fault for not participating in the declaration.』」(Souma)
Ugh…… If it’s like this, then wouldn’t it be better if we also participated in the Humanity Declaration… eh, a~re(huh)?[3] By the way Souma, why we didn’t participate in it? If we fought with Amidonia without participating in the declaration, you knew it would have ended like this, right?(Liscia)

I laughed when Liscia pointed this out.

Because we can’t participate in it. That declaration has an unthinkable pitfall.(Souma)
Yes. It seems that the Empire also hadn’t realized it.(Souma)

If they had realized it, then they wouldn’t have drawn that clause. At any rate, that hole is a dangerous article that might cause the collapse of the Empire. I couldn’t sign a declaration with a defect like that. Then, I stood up and addressed everyone in the room.

Well now, let’s deal with the postwar management until the Empire moves.(Souma)


Arc 2 END
Arc 3 Begins!
The fun just start now…

[1] Are you sure Van’s name in the future is not Orario? You get the reference right?
[2] Or “Bugger Off”

[3] Japanese for *huh*?


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