22 April 2018

The Primordial 1

The Author:
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Yukkuri Oniisan

Quest 1 : Our Honeymoon Is Screwed Up
Story 1.

“Are you scared?”
“A little.”
“Do you want to stop?”

She shakes her head as a sign that she still wanted to continue.

“Are you sure?”
“But you are scared right?”
“Yes, but I still want to to do it, after all, Master has already held back for 3 full months, I didn't want Master to suffer anymore.”
“Why did you still called me Master.”
“Because you are my master…”
“Wrong! I'm your husband.”

Yes, I'm her husband. And this trembling cute small girl with fluffy ears and tail who sits on top of OUR bed in front of me is my wife started from 3 months ago.

“Awuu……that's rather embarrassing.”
“Having me as a husband something embarrassing?”
“That's not it.”

Of course, I know what she meant by that. But teasing her is such a fun thing to do that I just automatically tease her when there's a chance. I mean, her response always looks so cute that I ended up wanting to bully her.
Well, she acts like this only when there are no other people around us though.

“Then. call me by name.”
“Good girl!……”

Her name is violet, and she is a girl from a beast race. A race that has some part of their body resembles a beast. In violet case, she has two tall triangular ears and bushy tail just like a fox.
Yes, that's right. A fox girl. A girl that normally only appears in fairy tales and legend is my wife.
But I can get her not because I'm practitioners of some ancient mythical teaching or something similar. It's just because after I buy and live with her for five years, I realized that I love her so much that I didn't want her to go anywhere without me.
I'm very sure by now, you already aware that the world I'm currently living is not your ordinary world. Even though the geographical feature, the name of the nations and even the myth surrounding them are pretty similar.
The difference is, in this is a world, magic, mythical creature, and monster exist and treated as a normal thing.
A fantasy world in far away galaxy? I don't think so, because of all that similarities, I mostly treat this new world as my world parallel universe.
Five years ago I got transferred to this world. Without knowing why, how, and for what purpose it is. And because of that. I'm forced to desperately do anything so I could to stay alive.
Without any sort of convenient power that I can use like in many stories that I've read before. The only thing I can rely on is my ability to understand this world resident language my knowledge from my previous world as freshmen in some small university.
But with only that kind of asset, of course, I got into a lot of trouble. Without knowing how the society's work, the only work I can do is a physical one. And without the knowledge of the world's common sense, I often got cheated, getting false accusation, fell into a debt, and even almost got sold as a slave.
After some good people helped me and give me a job as an adventurer, I begin to be able to live in a rather good environment.
And after I discover that I have a talent for making a talisman. A component of magic tool. I got myself a side job and finally able to secure some funds.
With that fund, I decided to buy some cheap slaves as a companion. Living alone is rather lonely, having no one to talk to is actually quite depressing. After all, I'm pretty much alone in this world.
Not to mention I can't really handle all of my work alone anymore. Having 2 different jobs is tiring. I also need someone to maintain my workshop that's double as my home.
My choice fell on a thin beast girl that looks like going to die anytime soon.
My consideration at that time for buying her is her cheap price and her age.
A healthy slave in their prime normally cost about the same as my saving for 4 months. Some criminal slaves are cheaper, but I didn't want to risk myself on buying some former criminal.
Also, a younger person normally has better learning ability than an adult. And because my side job as talisman smith requires someone to be able to grasp some complicated matter and doing delicate works, my best bet is only her.
Violet. The girl that's now, become my wife.
And, please remember that I buy her absolutely not because I prefer a young girl. It's not. Just please trust me.

“Sorry……I just remember something from the past.”
“From the past?…”

A year ago, after we fought a hard battle and finally able to convey our feeling to each other. We stopped become an adventurer and just focus on doing our job as talisman smith.
That battle we fought is a very hard one, so hard that it even able to turn me into a big coward and are afraid of death. That's why a job like being adventurer no longer fits me. And because she is being tied to me, she also stopped being adventurer a year ago.
We left the dangerous world and try to start a new way of life.

“Yes, but let's not talk about it.”

She nodded.

“So, are seriously gonna let me do it?”

She shows a determined looks in her eyes. But I can still feel her fears toward me. That's why I ask her if she is sure about her decision like some broken recorder. I really didn't want to hurt her.

“Are you forcing yourself?”

She dropped her sight from me.

“As expected…… let's stop thi……”
“No!!!.. I want to do it! I want to fulfill my duty as your wife.”
“Like I said, you don't have to forc……”
“No! I'll do it even I have to force myself! I'll do it even I'm scared! and I'll still do it even it hurt!! After all Mast……Saburou-san has done so much for me……”

Our status is a married couple. She is my wife and I'm her husband. But, the truth is. We haven't crossed the line yet even after 3 months of our marriage. The closest husband and wife thing we do is only sleeping while hugging each other.
Or more precisely, I'm using her body as a hug pillow.
It seems she is traumatized by something from the past. And that trauma made her scared of men. Just by seeing men without a shirt on, her face would turn pale, her body got limp and cold sweat would pour from her back while having some difficulty in breathing.
From her reaction, I have some guess what kind of horrible thing that happened to her in the past. But because she never talks about it, I never ask anything related to it. After all, I didn't want to dig her old wound. After being with me for 5 years, now she can talk normally to me and any male customer in my workshop. And for now, just being able to do that much is enough.


I grabbed her shoulder and looked into her eyes directly.

“I'm not gonna lie and said that I didn't want to do it, but if doing it mean that I have to make you felt unpleasant then I didn't mind even we can't do it.”

Honestly, I really want to do it. I mean, her soft cheeks, her tiny wet pink lips, her delicate neck, her developing chest, her smooth skin, thin arm, warm body, and that dazzling thigh. All of them looks so delicious. And when you know she is already yours, the urge to taste her is simply overwhelming to the point that it could explode.
And when I said explode, I mean it. It could literally explode.

“I can still play alone when you are sleeping anyway.”
“Pervert… so that's the reason my clothes always got sticky when I wake up.”

Well, I am. But because of that perverted nature, I'm able to hold as long as 3 months. If I'm totally unable to touch her at all. I'm afraid that I'm going to transform into a beast and attack her without caring about anything.
Wait…… Isn't the fact that I did all of that without her being aware is proof that I already become a beast.

“Sorry… “

Ah……but if I'm not even allowed to do that how I can discharge this pent up energy in my lower half body? I didn't want to spend money on some random woman, not to mention it leave a bad taste in my mouth. Also, some soap can't actually satisfy me anymore.


I let go of her shoulder and begin to hold my head.

“I know! I know! I'm already yours so you can do whatever you wanted with my body, so please don't put that 'the world is going to end today' face!”
“Thank you very muuuccchh!!!.”
“Don't blatantly show your relieved face to me!!!!.”
“Thank you very much.”
“Is that supposed to be poker face? It isn't right? right?”

For some reason, the gloomy and serious atmosphere around us begins to disappear. Our serious conversation also somehow slowly being replaced by our usual banter. Well, even today is another failure on crossing that line. I didn't really mind.
I want to unleash the beast inside me, but what I want the most is make her happy and seeing her smile to bloom.

“So let's start.”

Her smile indeed blooming, the atmosphere also become lighter but for some reason, the situation didn't improve at all. I mean, aren't we in a situation where both of us finally decide to pull back?

“Mast… Saburou-san do you remember what you said when you propose to me?”
“Of course.”

I promise her to support her until I die, protect her as long she lives, and make her life as happy as possible.

“Just like Master wants me to be happy, I also want Master to be happy.”
“Violet. “

I see, so it's like that. If someone asked whose happiness matter the most to me, without a doubt I'll answer that her happiness is the most important thing to me. And in order to be able to give it to her, I'll do anything I can.
Overcoming my fear, facing my trauma, or even risking my life. I'll pay any kind of price if it's going to make her happy.
And that feeling is not just mine. She shares it too.

“In order to make Master happy, I also going to pay any price for it.”

I want to protect her, I didn't want her to hurt, and I also didn't want her to feel any pain. But, I want to respect her decision, I also want to grant her wish. Her wish to make me happy.

“Thank you very much.”

At first, I think my arrival in this world is simply a big mistake. After all, my life is just getting harder and harder every day. But after being together with her, I begin to feel that this world is quite fun.
When I realized my feeling for her and receiving her affection. I finally thought that my life is full of blessing, my fate is not a mistake, and I was born for the sake of meeting her.

“I love you.”
“I love ………”

Before Violet even able to say any more words, I grab her cheeks and pull her face closer to me. And after that, for the first time in my life. I tasted the sweetness of a girls lips.


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