22 April 2018

The Primordial 2

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Quest 1 : Our Honeymoon Is Screwed Up
Story 2.

“Are you ok? Can you walk?”
“I'm not okay, but I can walk. Albeit little difficult.”
“How about just resting for a day?”
“No, I want to work and help Master.”

For some reason, she didn't stop calling me master since last night even after I remind her, again and again, to just call me by name. Being called master by a small cute fox girl didn't sound bad, but she is my beloved wife. I didn't want someone to see her just as my slave anymore.
Also, it made me remember when she made some very nice face while shouting the word master-master-master a few hours ago.
Honestly, it kind of dangerous. It potentially able to wake not only my eyes but also another part of my body so I hope she could stop it already.

“You didn't have to, our work needs a lot of concentration and attention I didn't think you could do it with your condition now! to be honest, I didn't really want to work myself either.”

What I want is just to flirt with her for a whole week.

“Whose fault it is!!! which boy who can't hold himself back!? which person that turned into a beast and devour this little lamb?”

I clapped my hands in front of her and then closing both of my eyes like someone who is going to pray in front of a shrine.

“Thank you very much.”
“This, is, where you should say sorry to me!!!.”

She hit me with the back of her hand like a real manzai actor.

“Thanks for the meal.”
“You didn't feel sorry at aaaaall!!!!.”

Don't ask something unreasonable. Did you think that a first timer like me could actually hold myself back? No! of course, not!. Not to mention that I already build momentum for a whole 3 months. A momentum strong enough to shatter any rationality to smithereens. So please don't blame me for turning into a hungry beast.

“I mean it feels so goo……”

Before I'm able to finish my word, she blocks my mouth with her hand while having some nice embarrassed face.

“Noooo!!!…… don't talk about it……”

Nooo…… don't act cute like thaaatt!!! that momentum hasn't actually died down so if you continue to provoke me with your cuteness. I think I'm not going just turn into a beast, but a monster even without the help of a full moon.

“Master… your face is kinda scary……”
“No need to be scared…… your master is not a bad person.”
“Now, you sound like a kidnapper!.”

I hold her shoulder just like last night and stare her directly into the eyes. But, unlike before I give a signal to ask for her permission to continue. She is, after all, haven't completely overcome her trauma.
She still looks scared when I give her a stare with some lust inside it. But, since last night, her fear of my beast mode has decreased considerably. Well, I didn't really want to push her too hard. If she really didn't want it, I would stop myself with every means available.

“Gosh……I really wonder who is the real beast people here.”

Her ears are twitching, her tail is swaying back and forth, also her face is bright red. After murmuring something for a while, she held my hands and stare back at me.


God, she is so cute. My wife is the cutest in the world.

“Is it really ok?”

She shows me a pouting face that looks like said 'did you want me to say it directly?' before closing her eyes and presenting her small glossy pink lips that absolutely look so delicious.
Thanks for the mea……
Knock. knock. knock.

“What hell is the timiiiingg!!!!!!!!????”
“Master, there's someone outside.”
“Just leave him alone, let's just continue”

The knocking didn't stop, but I didn't care. Who cares about some random guy when I'm being so busy admiring the cuteness of my wife.

“I'm entering… “
“Who gives you a damn permission to enter my workshop!!!!?”

The one who enters my workshop is a young man in his twenty, whose face I'm familiar with. His name is Arne, and he works for the adventurer guild in this town.
His blonde hair and rough looks are on the wild side and when you see him, the impression you got is definitely not a good one. But setting that aside, he is actually a rather kind guy who helped me countless time.
But, today he is nothing but eyesore though.

“Well…… I thought waiting for your reply is simply useless, I mean! you are too busy violating that 9 years old little girl in your arms.”
“Don't make me sounds like a criminal.”
“Eh? you arent?”
“I see, it seems you need to relearn some lesson.”

Most of the sentient creature in this world has a different growth rate than human both physically and psychologically. Elf aged slowly because of their long lifespan, dwarf didn't grow too much even after reaching their adulthood. And beast people, usually grow faster than human in both body and mind. That's why beast people have a lower standard for their adulthood.
Normally, beast people already considered adult when they reach 8 years old. 8 years old of beast people are equivalent to 16 years old of humans.

“In other words, in human standard, Violet is already 18 years old and a full-fledged adult.”

Also, because of their accelerated growth theiar average lifespan is usually half of that of humans.

“But she is small, in other words, you just like a young girl.”
“Ok stop right there!!!.”

Please stop saying anything that made me looks like a young girl lover. It's not like I'm particularly like a young girl. It just happens that the girl I love looks young.
Also, she looks young not because she is actually that young (based on beast people standard) but because she has some growth problem. Normally, at her age, she should have a more mature body withe a lot of curve like a human girl in their late teen. But because of her bad environment on her younger days. Her growth got hampered by malnutrition and the likes.
So, there's absolutely nothing strange when the 23 years old me fell in love with the 18 years old (inside) her.

When you love someone, you'll stop thinking about their outward appearance.”
Don't worry, your preference for a young girl is not strong enough to cut apart our friendship.”
“I honestly want to cut that friendship you are talking about right now.”
“So, what did you need Arne-san?”

Without being bothered by our banter, Violet who still clung to my stomach like koala asked what his business are. Normally, the one who tends a male customer is me. But he is our close friend, so Violet didn't really have any problem interacting with him so I let her do it.

“I got a job for both of you.”
“I see, please come back tomorrow we are rather busy today.”
“Aren't you guys just flirting?”
“Yes we are, got a problem with that?”

I mean, we are pretty much a newlywed couple. What's wrong flirting with each other? Previously. Even after our wedding ceremony, both of us still act like some innocent couple who only able to hold hands. We are unable to flirt like this before.
That's why, after she is a little bit able to overcome her fear I want to just play around with her for at least a day to satisfy all of my worldly desire.

“So you are serious when asking me to come back tomorrow.”

Do you think I'm joking? No, I'm not!. I seriously didn't have any mood to work today. If you already understand please just go and leave us alone.

“Just explode already!!!!.”
“Do your job properly!!!!.”

While Arne swearing with tears in his eyes, Violet hit my chest with her harmless punch even she is actually very strong. After that, the three of us go to the guild office to get more information about the job he is talking about.


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