20 May 2018

The Primordial 4

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Quest 1 : Our Honeymoon Is Screwed Up
Story 4.

“What should we do?”
“Indeed, what should we do?”

We need to work in the morning, so we didn't go all the way to the main event last night too. So we settle just doing our usual sticky-sticky game because I can't have her unable to focus on her work. But it seems the effect of our sticky sticky game is worse than if we did it for real.

“Maybe we can wash it by hands.”

Did you still remember what my main business is? it's making household appliance. And of course, it includes building some form of an automatic washing machine. Usually, my rather small washer would be able to clean our not so really dirty clothes. But today, I have some doubt it can do its job well.

“It's going to take a lot of time, and we didn't really have that many free time.”

Indeed, we didn't have that many free time. Even we can decrease the amount of the requested talisman, we still need to create at least 20 of them. And with our normal work time, we can just make 5 talismans a day. Plus I'm sure that they need more than just 20. We need to focus on our work for a few days.
We didn't really have time to waste. That includes time to wash our clothes by hands.

“Let's have someone wash our clothes.”
“No!!! Absolutely no!!”
“Why? we can save time with it.”
“The embarrassment going kill me when I have to pick those clothes from the person who washed it.”
“I see.”

Our work is mostly related to a delicate precision task so we rarely got sweaty and because our workshop is kept clean our clothes also rarely exposed to any dirt. Our clothes are mostly got dirty from our night activity.
Do you also still remember that Violet has some kind of phobia for men? if yes then it shouldn't be surprising if I said that we always do our sticky-sticky game while still wearing our clothes.
Asking someone to wash that kind of dirty clothes is rather difficult.

“The only solution is just to leave it alone for now and forget about it.”

That kind of solution also exists huh. If we can't do anything about it, just forget it. After all, the problem is not a problem if we didn't think it as a problem.

“And in order not to increase the number of our dirty clothes, we also need to stop doing our sticky sticky game for a while.”
“Ah. that also include your single player game, please restrain yourself not to play around when I'm sleeping.”
“Nooooo!!!!!!… “
“Ok, the problem is solved.”
“That's too crueeell!!!!!……”

The problem is not solved at aalllll…… in fact it just increased.
After not solving our problem, both of us decided to go to the guild office to get the material for making the talismans and also asking how many pieces they need to make.
Our place is not that far from the guild office, we can reach it with just around 10 minutes of walking. And because we are already so familiar with the road, before we realized it we already arrive at its receptionist counter.

“I'm very sorry, the material hasn't arrived yet.”
“Is that so?”

Well, the request is rather sudden so there's no real preparation. Something like this is expected to happen and not that surprising. Even with the power of the guilds, they can't just purchase a large number of talisman material from one supplier so they need to collect from many sellers.

“Is it going to take a long time?”
“Don't worry, we have secured the material and it already has been shipped! I think in 2 or 3 hours the goods are going to be in this place.”

That's faster than I thought. It seems the people in the logistics department of this guild are all capable individual.
While I'm thinking of how to can I able to borrow that logistic power of them, Violet tug my clothes to get my attention.

“How about we go to the central plaza?”

Waiting for 2 hours while doing nothing is absolutely boring. If I can flirt with her then I didn't mind, but I can't possibly do it so openly in this place.

“I see, a date.”
“No, no, no, it's not a date.”
“It's a date.”
“We just need to buy some necessity.”
“That's a date.”

Man and woman go out together and do some shopping. In my dictionary, it already can be considered as a date.

“Your definition of date is rather shallow.”
“Don't mind the small detail.”
“I think our role is somehow got reversed.”

The central plaza is rather far. It's 30 minutes of walk from the guild office and 40 minutes from our place. Normally we would just buy our daily necessity from the merchant that live close to our house. But because we just land some big job, we also need to buy some additional tools to help our works.
The plan is just to do some light shopping while we wait for our material to arrive at the guild office.
But that plan soon shattered to pieces after we are in the plaza. For some reason, we also buy a lot of food supplies and household tools. It seems the price is so low that my beloved wife is unable to hold back to not buy more than what we've planned to.
Because of that, my hands are now full of groceries.

“This indeed didn't look like a date.”
“I already said so.”
“But it's not bad.”

Instead of a pair of lovers, we look like a typical married couple. We are a married couple, but most people just see us as a pair sibling or even kidnapper and its victim. That's why this activity is a good publicity.
Even though no other people would care anyway but it gives me some peace of mind.
After we buy our working tools, the last place we visit is a big clothing store in the center of the plaza. A place that anyone would visit on their date. But with hands full of grocery and some mechanical tools, the romantic mood is long gone.

“So what kind of clothes did you want to buy?”
“Pajama and underwear.”

I thought we are going to buy some cute clothes for her.

“Don't 'ha?' me! don't you remember that we have so many dirty clothing? do you remember what kind of clothes they are?”

It's pajamas and underwears. More precisely, her pajamas and underwear.

“I'm sorry.”

Washing our clothes one by one is bothersome, so we usually wash them once in a few days. But the current dirty clothes is simply too difficult to wash with our current tools and we can't waste time to wash them by hands. So our only choice is just to buy a new one for the preparation of our busy schedule.

“It's not really a big deal, not to mention satisfying master beastly passion is also one of my responsibility.”
It's true, but for some reason, it sounds so bad even in my own ears.
“Also, I didn't hate it, no…… I actually quite enjoyed it.”

Is that true? I always thought that you are forcing yourself and just doing it for my sake. While I feel happy that you able to hurt yourself in order to make me happy. That kind of thing also always gives me a slight sense of uneasiness and guilt.

“If you enjoyed it then……”
“No! at least in this week.”
“But you said you enj……”

Cough! cough! cough!
Both I and Violet look into the direction of that unnatural coughing voice. And at the end of the section of this store, we see a female attendance give us some scary glare.

“We are sorry.”
“We are sorry.”

We bow to together and went out as fast as possible.
Our house is rather far from crowds, and our neighbors are mostly some old folks who see us as their own son and daughter. So we never try to restrain ourselves in talking about our private matter. But this place is a public space, and talking about our night activity is going to make another people got uncomfortable.
We switched store and continue to look for her new pajamas. Because we didn't want to repeat the same mistakes, we parted away. And after around thirty minutes, we meet again at the entrance of the store.

“Can I see them?”
“Do you want to check my selection?”

I didn't answer it after thinking that my answer is going to give us more trouble. But she understood and let me see her bag.

“Don't worry, I use master's preference in looking for new pajamas.”

I see. The pajamas she buys are indeed based on my preference. Thin material, loose upper part, the right size for the lower part, and they have warm bright color.

“What a great wife I have.”
“Anyway, we still have to look for underwear.”
“No need to worry, your reliable husband has it covered already.”
“Now, I feel even more worried let me see master's selection.”

She rummages my bag and checking its content one by one. After that, she let out a big sigh and stare at me directly.
It's impossible for me to pick the wrong size when I already explore every nook and cranny of her body. So what's the problem? why did she look angry?

“What did you pick up?”
“100% cotton panties that can absorb any kind of liquid efficiently.”
“You mean sweat right?”
“It also has a very good elasticity that can make the wearer always comfortable in any kind of position.”
“You mean it's easy to move right?”
“And the last, the thickness and texture are calculated in a way that gives the wearer a sense of freedom.”
“You mean it feels nice on the skin right?”
“You really know me so well.”
“For some reason, that praise didn't really make me happy! also, it seems you didn't really know me that well.”
“Impossible!!! is there still any secret place that I haven't expl……”
“Not thaaatttt!!!!!!”

Once again, she blocked my mouth with her hands.

“What I mean is master should know that I didn't like to be treated like a small child.”
“Eh? but I didn't remember treating you like one! I mean if I treat you like a small child I'm never going to marry you…”
“Why did this man have to twist my words in the most embarrassing direction?”

Wow, she called me 'this men' and not master. Is it a good thing or bad?

“Anyway that's not it, why did you choose this childish and plain underwear for me? aren't there any mature than this one?”
“Let your beloved husband tell you something very important.”

Sexy or mature attire didn't fit Violet that well. It's not because she is not beautiful, it's just her beautifulness is come from a different direction. And that direction is her destructive cuteness.

“Your greatest asset is your innocent image, and that image is best paired with something cute.”

Trust me. Panties with colorful flower pattern or cute animal picture are definitely the best.

“I'm not sure you are thinking something innocent or cute when picking up these underwear, not to mention our current conversations is the farthest from the image of cute and innocent.”
“Don't make me sounds like a pervert who enjoy some weird play.”
“Eh? you aren’t? I mean the one who dirtied most of our clothes with some smelly liquid is you right? master.”
“That's sweat right?”
“The one who never let me rest until he is satisfied is also master.”
“We are talking about work right?”
“Also, the one always doing whatever he wanted when this pitiful girl sleep is also master.”

Sorrryyy!!! I will admit it. I never think about something that innocent or cute. What I think when choosing your underwear is just how great when I can taint that innocence of yours. I mean, who can resist no to taint her when you always give me a pure gaze, shy act, and scared look.
After I fell on my knee, Violet give me a pinch in the cheeks while having her face bright red.

“What a pervert master.”


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