20 May 2018

The Primordial 5

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Quest 1 : Our Honeymoon Is Screwed Up
Story 5.

When we go back to the adventurer guild, that place is already being filled by many people. And many people in that crowds are our acquaintance that started being an adventurer at the same time as us.
When we walk in front of them, some junior from when we are still active as adventurer try to offer us a help in carrying our luggage. But of course, I decline their offer. After all, I can't possibly disturb their work, and let them carry our luggage are the same as increasing the risk of everyone know what kind of weird preference I have.
Did I just admit that I have a weird preference?
We ended up just gives some light greeting before going to the guild staff desk.
I thought that our problem finally goes away. But, because Violet has some trouble seeing in front of her, she accidentally bumps into someone on the guild worker desk.
The one who got hit by her is an adventurer boy in his 17 or 18.

“I'm sorry, I can't see very well.”

While she didn't find her baggage to be heavy, but her short posture still gives her some trouble in her daily lives.
Well, solving those trouble is one of my ways to look cool in front of her though. That's why I didn't want her to suddenly become taller.

“Who is this brat?”
“I'm not a brat.”
“Are you really feel sorry?”
“Yes, I'm.”

Outside of the house or while with me, she rarely shows her emotions and normally talks in a rather flat tone. But don't worry, Violet is an honest and responsible woman. I can guarantee that she truly feel sorry for disturbing you boy.

“Then move away!”

Just like he said, Violet try to move away from his way. But the boy also coincidentally move to the same place direction where Violets moves. Because of that, both of them bumping into each other for the second time.


He tried to force his way by pushing violets away, but my body automatically moves to shield her and the boy's hand only able to hit my back. Violet can protect herself, she is also not weak and she is not going to fell or dropping her luggage just because someone hit her. But my instinct to protect her win over my logic.

“You…… do you also want to annoy me?”

Before he becomes more pissed off, let's just apologize.

“She absolutely means no harm, letting this small accident slip is wiser.”

Garnering more attention is just going to further hinder both of our work. So, just settling this trivial matter with a simple apology is our best course. A win-win solution.

“Now you are even lecturing me? if an apology is enough to solve all problem guards are not going to be needed.”

Well, I don't think any guars would going to be bothered by this kind of problem.
Also, this boy is clearly just having some bad day.
When your job is not going smoothly, someone tends to get irritated easily. I've experienced the very same thing before. At that time, even the smallest matter become big enough to fan my anger. But directing your anger to some unrelated people would just bring bad luck.
After all, as an adventurer, you are always at the risk of danger. And the ones who are going the help you from it are those unrelated people. As someone who has been abandoned by the others before, I can vouch that grumbling in some bar is better than venting your anger in the public place.

“I'm her husband, so if you think she still owes you something besides an apology you can just tell me.
“Is that so? then I ……”
“Ooo… Volker…… why are you still in this place, just go to my office.”
“What do you mean by 'just go to my office'? your staff asks me to wait for an hour! if you want me to come, please inform all of your staff! I didn't that much free time.”
“I see, sorry! so let's just go to my office.”
“No, I still have some business with this guy.”
“This guy?…”
“Yeah, this annoying guy who wanted to give me lecture…”

I show my face to the guild master who seemingly has a business with this blonde guy. And when he sees Violet and me his face somehow becomes pale and looks restless.
Based on my memory that kind of expression is the sign of being pressured by something.
Don't tell me, is it possible that this guy is someone important? Now that I think about it, when we are making some ruckus no adventurer or staff try to mend the situation. Is it because they are afraid of this guy?
If he is really an important person, maybe we just step on some landmine.

“I'm sorry, Violet accidentally bump into him and we got into some little argument.”
“This guy already apologized right?”

What the heck are you doing guild master? is your head alright? did you just ask him to apologize to Violet? I didn't want to say it, but aren't you supposed to ask us to submit to him? After all, we are just some lowly talisman smith.

“Why did I have to apologize to them?”

His words are not pleasant in my ears but he is right. I appreciate your goodwill towards me, but you can't ask someone with real authority to bow to us just because we are your friend guild master. You should learn more about that kind of political things if you didn't want to suddenly get fired.

“Now, we are in the wrong here we are the one who should apologize to Mr. Volker.”

I know how to read the mood so I will just humbly plead my guilty so I can save the guild master's face.

“By the way, Mr. Volker here is former A rank adventurer who worked for the army as the commander.”

As expected. Even he is still rather young, not only authority he is also a person with a considerable strength even in adventurer community. No wonder no one dares to interrupt our little argument a while ago.

“I see, so the guild already made a contact with the army.”

That's rather fast, even though you are musclehead you can get the job done smoothly.

“Hey Wether, why are you talking about nations matter with him?”
“Both of them is our primary talismans provider, of course, we need to inform them our plan.”
“Can we trust them? I didn't want them to spread some rumors and make townspeople panicked.”

I understand your concern, I also know that you actually care about the populace. But can you at least not make us sounds like dumb people?

“No worry, both of them are a former adventurer and we are a close friend I can guarantee that they are trustworthy.”

Violet nudge my back with her head, and after checking her intention I can see a signal that she wants to leave this place as soon as possible.

“Once again I apologize for bothering both of you, but it seems both of us have our own business to attend so please allow us to go.”

We didn't really have too much time to waste, so I want to get the material as fast as possible and go home then started working. And just like me, Mr. Commander and guild master should also have some more important thing to do besides talking with us. So it's best to end our nonproductive conversation here.

“Don't be too hasty, how about joining us in discussing the plan for subjugating the giant?”
“What the heck are you doing? how you can ask some amateur about this kind of thing.”

Yes, you got expert in front of you why did you even bother me again? I mean, I never have any experience in moving thousands of people at the same time and giving them the right commands.

“But he has many experiences that are useful for the upcoming battle.”
“How can his advice worth more than my words?”
“No! that's not what I mean! I just want more opinion from many sides.”

You are definitely trying too hard to make me appear more useful than I should. If you are afraid that his impression of me going to deteriorate the relationship with the army, I would gladly take the responsibility myself. You didn't have to force yourself to mend our rather bad impression of each other.

“I’m really sorry, we have to work for your request as fast as possible or we can't complete it in time.”

For now, we just wanted to go home.

“I understand, you can take the material in the warehouse behind.”
“Thank you.”

With the guild master finally give up on asking I and Violet to join their meeting, we finally able to go to the guild's warehouse. And when got there, we found Arne is waiting for us with a stagecoach ready.
After picking up the material together with another talisman smith, the three of us leaving with 30 pieces talisman worth of materials.
And when the stagecoach begins to move, Arne's mouth also begin to move even I want it to stay closed.

“What do you think about that Volker guy?”
“Really? I thought you have some bad impression about him.”
“Well, a little I think.”

I'm not a saint after all. I found his attitude to be annoying. After that, Arne also voices his impression about Volker.

“I think him as annoying, to be honest.”
“Do you want to grumble? I think you should do it in some quiet drinking place, not in front of me.”

Except you want to pay me for hearing your grumbling.

“Don't be like that, I also never want to hear you boasting about just how cute your Violet is but I hear them anyway! It's time for you to also hear my inner voices.”
“You mean your evil inner voices.”
“Yes, my evil inner voice.”

After that, my 10 minutes journey is filled with nothing but his tale about how jealous he is to Volker success. It really just an evil inner voice.


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