Our New World Dramatis Personae and Glosary

Since the character number will be numerous, I make this page:



  • Yusis (ユーシズ). Real Name: Shizumoto Yuuto (靜本・勇人). Age : 23. Occupation: Postgraduate Student. Yokohama Institute of Technology (横浜工業大学). Department of Mechatronics.
Self-proclaimed pragmatic bastard; had a meticulous personality. A social awkward in real life, but very kind to his friends and families. Weak to women due to his experience in childhood and teenage years. The current situation (surrounded by 7 women) somehow reminded him of his high school years (not of him but of his cousin's situation). The de facto leader of the group. Hailed from Shizuoka Prefecture, Chubu. (Hence his surname, his great great great grandfather was not that really creative when the Meiji Government passed the law in 1870).
  • Unapietra (ウナピエトラ). Real Name: Ishihara Ichiko (石原・市子). Age: 24. Occupation: Junior Financial Advisor. Bank of Suginami (株式会社杉並銀行).
A very dependable, responsible and caring person. Very knowledgeable in handling the human relationship, management, and economics. The Onee-san and mother figure of the group, in other words, the babysitter for the girls trio. Comes from Yamanashi Prefecture, Chubu. 
  • Stellahymne (ステラヒメ). Real Name: Otomiya Nozomi (音宮・希). Age: 20. Occupation: Undergraduate Student. Japan Women's Christian University (日本女子大学). Teaching/Mathematics Department.
Self-styled magical girl. Had a complex about her height and being uncute. Loves small, cute things. A former hikkikomori and an avid otaku of Japanese Modern Culture. Despite her otaku stereotype, she had the highest girl's power since she can cook, sew, clean, wash and perform other housework because she lived alone. She comes from Niigata Prefecture, Chubu (rural area). Sometime lapsed into her Niigata dialect when flustered.
  • Iusticia (ジュスチィシア). Real Name: Nishijima Chie (西島・千恵). Age: 18. Occupation: High School Student. Tokyo Metropolitan Kisaragi High School (東京都立木皿儀高等学校). 3rd Year.
A taciturn girl that hardly speak, not because she was shy but because she hardly wants to speak to other people. More open to Yuuto since she knows him for more than 2 years (even only in the game). A native of Tokyo. (Her home is in Toshima ward, she just happened in Shinjuku ward when she was transported.)
  • Melbiena (メルビエナー). Real Name: Nakamizu Kiyomi (中水・清美). Age: 17. Occupation: High School Student. Heisei Girl High School (平静女子高等学校). 2nd Year.
Yuuto's in-game wife (but it looks like she takes it too seriously). Very cheerful and had a very kind personality that suits her image as a Yamato Nadeshiko, but actually, she self-pitied herself due to real life condition. As the game became a reality she easily accepted it without any qualm. Even if she proclaimed herself as a perfect wife, she only good in sewing, and was a Lethal chef (she gets better, but until then god luck Yuuto!). Native of Tokyo. A real filthy rich ojou-sama.
  • Terranova (テラノヴァ). Real Name: Shirazawa Mizuki (白澤・美月). Age: 16. Occupation: High School Student. Tokyo Metropolitan Sakuratoshi High School (東京都立桜敏儀高等学校). 1st Year.
A very brash, hot headed, short fuse girl, although she is pretty, she is brawn over brain type. Really protective to her twin sister. Older by three minutes. Had bad blood with Stella since back in the game. Native of Tokyo.
  • Alciel (アルシール). Real Name: Shirazawa Tsukimi (白澤・月美). Age: 16. Occupation: High School Student. Tokyo Metropolitan Sakuratoshi High School (東京都立桜敏儀高等学校). 1st Year.
A quiet, introvert and shy girl. But just like her sister, rarely thinking far ahead. Loves her single mother that raised the sisters by herself. Although had similar look to Mizuki, they actually a fraternal twin. Native of Tokyo.
  • Haimona (ハイモナ). Real Name: Itomachi Saki (糸町・咲). Age: 14. Occupation: Middle School Student. St. Maria International School  (セント・メリーア・インターナショナル・スクール). Middle School section. 2nd Year.
Extrovert, impulsive, very bright, friendly girl. Loves games, but didn't really care about manga or anime. Even so, she was quite mature (in mind and body) for her age. Have very poor and weird naming sense. Actually a 1/8 of Polish descent from her maternal side. Despite her young age, have massive assets, one can only shudder when she grown into adult. Native of Tokyo.
(Author Note: The Katakana username only appear for Japan User Display. International Username uses Latin letter exclusively.
Nozomi Katakana user name was very different from her Latin username because she had difficult find English word that pronounced 'Hime'
All school and university name is fictional, any resemblance to real world institution is mostly accidental)

The 12 Maid Guardian Corps (侍女保護者部隊):
  • Florea d'Printemps (フロレアー・デュプランタン): Age: 19: A timid and clumsy maid. Support type Guardian. Afraid to Yuuto for some reason. Yuuto like to tease her as he considered her flustered reaction as cute. Yuuto’s personal assistant.
  • Rarirea d'Printempts (ラリレアー・デュプランタン): Age: 23. A kind and honest maid. Healing type Guardian. Love singing. Tsukimi’s PA
  • Gemirea d'Printempts (ジェミレアー・デュプランタン): Age: 25. A tender and friendly maid. Aiding type Guardian. The Chief Maid and the oldest.
  • Rutidora d'Ete (ルティドラー・ヅエテ): Age: 17. A laid-back and truant maid. Offensive type Guardian. Spend her off time lazying around. Saki’s PA.
  • Mesidora d'Ete (メシドラー・ヅエテ): Age: 18. A chatterbox and street-smart maid. Offensive type Guardian. Love gossip and know almost everyone. Stella/Nozomi’s PA
  • Temidora d'Ete (テミドラー・ヅエテ): Age: 22. A hot-blooded and optimistic maid. Offensive type Guardian. Favorite word: YES WE CAN!
  • Vedimari d'Automne (ヴェディマリ・オートヌ): Age: 20. A normal and average maid. Magic type Guardian. Her normality is standing out compared to other maids. Chie’s PA
  • Frimari d'Automne (フリマリ・ヅオートヌ): Age: 19. An astute and restrained maid. Magic type Guardian. Best friend with Rutidora. Very smart. Mizuki’s PA.
  • Brumari d'Automne (ブリマリ・ヅオートヌ): Age: 22. A funny and fun-loving maid. Magic type Guardian. Love joking, Vedimari is her tsukkomi.
  • Veniosa d'Hiver (ヴェニオサ・ヅイヴェール): Age: 24. A diligent and hard-working maid. Defense type Guardian. Second in command. Hyper-competent. Kiyomi’s PA.
  • Niviosa d'Hiver (ニヴィオサ・ヅイヴェール): Age: 16. A shy and insightful maid. Defense type Guardian. A very shy girl who also had deep insight on things. Ichiko’s PA
  • Luviosa d'Hiver (ルヴィオサ・ヅイヴェール): Age: 21. A taciturn and dreamer maid. Defense type Guardian. A famous novelist writing under a pen name.

Other NPCs:
  • Mitteherz Hoffman (ミッテヘアルス・ホフマン): Age: 39: The Castellan or Keeper of Neuschwanensee castle. Currently the Kanzler of the Archduchy Union. Very devoted to his job, but easily stressed. Saki like to call him as Sebastian.
  • Freiheit (フライヘート): Age: 34: 1st Commander of Gate Knights. A cool and calm commander. Proud of his Kaiser Moustache.
  • Lichkeit (リックケート): Age: 33. 2nd Commander of Gate Knights. A man who like aggressive approach. Have Hunter like Beard.
  • Gleichheit  (グレーヘート) : Age: 30. 3rd Commander of Gate Knights. Like to make detailed plan. Have strategist beard (imagine Zhuge Liang)
  • Wernher Brauser (ヴェルンヘルブラウザ) : A Chief Engineer of Neuschwanensee. Head of Luftzeug Autonomous Aerial Vehicles Project. Niviosa is his daughter.
  • Martin Holtz (マーティンホルツ) : Age: 44:  Lieutenant Commander of Third Regiment, Tenth Scout Company.
  • Johann Flesch (ヨハン・フレッシュ) : Age: 43: Chief Medical Officer and Lieutenant Commander of Third Regiment, Twelfth Supply Company, Medical Corps Attachment


(All age is in Neuschwanensee Calendar)
Eastern Principalities Soipora:
  • Mayana tih Surukii peh Riorra (マヤナ・ティー・スルキィー・ペー・リオールラ) Age: 17: Formerly Mayana tih Sanusii. A peasant girl from Tinerese Village. A former noble's daughter, after her encounter with the Archduchy Union, she was bestowed as Marchioness of Margraviate of Heitersheim. A very smart girl that even Yuuto acknowledged.
  • Sefira tih Sanusii (セフィラ・ティー・サヌシィー) originally "tih Remisii": Age: 19: Maya's 'older sister'. A very dutiful and hardworking girl. Very devoted to her family and Maya.
  • Zirana tih Sanusii (ジラナ・ティー・サヌシィー): Age: 18. A peasant girl from Tinerese Village. Maya's 'step-sister'. Just like Maya, she is an intellectual girl. Currently apprenticed to Healer Kanoro. She hoped to become a Healer.
  • Launama tih Karusii (ラゥナマ・ティー・カルシィー): Age: 14: Maya's 'step-cousin'. A normal village girl you can find almost everywhere. The ideal village girl. Lately began to worry about her growth.
  • Chirina tih Karusii (チリナ・ティー・カルシィー): Age 13:  Maya's 'step-cousin'. A childish girl who haven't "grow" yet. Has a very attentive ears. She could grown into a splendid gossiper.
  • Fissunu soi Sanusii (フィッスヌ・ソイー・サヌシィー): Age: 12. Maya's 'step-brother'. Very mature of his age. He has a splendid sword talent. He learns to handle a sword from Nasurom. He eventually learns under a godly teacher.
  • Harima soi Kabarii (ハリマ・ソイー・カバリィー): Age: 55. Tinirese Village Chief. Well... At least after the previous chief died murdered by a bandit, 4 years ago. Although reluctant, he did his best keeping the village alive.
  • Kanoro soi Sutoroa noso Pernah (カノロ・ソイー・ストロア・ンソ・ぺルナー): Age: 58. The village healer. He was once a member of clergy, but he left the Temple due to personal reason and taught at common people school. His wife and children live at Dinember Kingdom. Very wise and often times consulted by the villagers for many things.
  • Nasurom soi Onohii  (ナスロム・ソイー・オノヒィ): Age: 63. A commoner that had served the house of Riorra for many years. Although he had been Knighted, he didn't have House Name yet. Leading the armed resistance against Sarai Kingdom. A bit musclebrained.

Dinember Kingdom:
  • Prisistka tih Hanarren pe Dinember (プリーシストカー・ティー・ハナッレン・ペー・ディネンバー): Spoiled, reckless, and self-centered, 1st Princess of Dinember Kingdom. 
  • Ranstia tih Seliosa (ランズティアー・ティー・セリーオサー): love to skip her work and had a very laid back personality, Dinember Kingdom 2nd Class Royal Magician, A Nature Archmage. Demand a vacation and wage raise.
  • Sauzis soi Jikusda (サウジズ・ソイー・ジクスダー): strict and abiding rule to the letter, Dinember Kingdom Royal Head Scholar, An Astral Archmage.

Continent and Region

  • Holy Continent: Midzu (written as 聖大陸 read as ミドズー): The largest continent in Nicoenda, located on Southern Hemisphere. Its size was about as vast as Eastern Eurasia.
  • Seven Kingdom Alliance: Zekrion (七王国同盟:ゼクリオン): A large conglomeration of state on the Southeastern Plain of Midzu Continent. The size was about the size of Western Europe minus the Spain and Italia Peninsula. Zekrion means: Seven Union, following the Zekir river that had 7 river tributaries.
  • Eastern Principalities: Soipora (東部公国:ソイポラー): A region eastern from the East Barrier Mountain and western of Great Refira River. Contain more than 20s small kingdoms, duchies, principalities, republics that was splintered after the Civil War that followed the demise of Rajul Empire. Country falls and raised every odd year. The size was about Balkan + Greece and like Balkan, highly balkanized, and a pain in the ass for cartographer that must redraw the political border each month. Soipora in Ancient Tongue actually means "Frontier Region" but gain new meaning as Eastern Principalities as political shifts draw new borders. 
  • Great Falgara Forest (ファルガラ大森林): A huge temperate and montane forested region on the northern Soipora region as big as Perm Krai or Florida. Virtually a terra nullius since no country exert any control in this region due to a high number of monster. A favorite hunting place for local adventurers. Recently claimed by Archduchy Union which called it as Dusterenwald (デュスターヴァルト森林) Forest.
  • Abendrotsland (アーベントロートラント): What the Archduchy Union called their western territory of Great Falgara Forest and Soipora. Heavily forested and hilly, with some good fertile plains on the southern and eastern area. The inner part was heavily infested by monsters.

Kingdom and City
  • Nameless State: Chemkla (無名の国:ケムクラー): The name of a certain small country that isolate themselves from the other nation for almost 700 year. Favorite invasion target for kings that want to raise (or ruin) their fame. Chemkla means No Name Land. With only 58 km2, its size is equal to San Marino.
  • Achduchy Union of Neuschwanensee (ノイシュバンエンゼー大公連合領): The true identity of Nameless State: Chemkla. Lately began expanding its territory to surrounding regions.
  • Dinember Kingdom (ディネンバー王国): One of the member kingdom of Zekrion, neighboring Chemkla. Agricultural and commerce focused nation. Had pacifistic view since the catastrophic failure of Seventh Invasion of Chemkla. Had the size like Duchy of Normandy (with a bit of Northeastern France).
  • Tinirese Village (ティニレセ): A relatively small village on the outskirt of Falgara Great Forest. Held distinction as one of the most northern settlements in Soipora proper. Become the new capital for the Margraviate of Heitersheim (ハイタースハイム侯爵領) a member of the Archduchy Union.

RAHO Game Terminology:

  • Rage Against Heaven Online (天に対して怒りレージ アゲンスチ ヘブン オンライン) or RAHO (ラホ) was a very popular MMOFPVRPG, the third of its kind that was developed and published by RAINSTORM-INC, a joint United States-South Korean Game Company, in Japan it was licensed by SHINOSOFT that localized the game for Japanese speaking audience. It was a part of Rage Against Heaven series, a popular console Motion Capture Action RPG. Even after many FPVRPG was released and RAHO was in its 6th year, routine expansion release and added features made this game still popular worldwide, especially in China and ASEAN region. Only had 1 server (how they manage it was company secret) where many player from all the world roam the 'All Creation', the game world. Player entered their action using specialized controller and voice-to-command. No Voice Chat available (although the NPCs and PCs had voice data), all conversation between player was performed with text (the official reason was 'limited bandwidth'). As the player wear HUD, typing the chat was performed using voice-to-text input (integrated in HUD) although regular keyboard can also be used (if the player can type without looking).
  • DSL (神聖の破片度) Divine Shards Level : RAHO didn't use the classic Level definition that was used in retro RPGs. DSL represent player 'Divinity Power' that was capped at 128 (as per 6th Expansion). DSL level influenced how many 'Job' the player can possess and its 'Tier', also the degree of 'Character Tier', and the player status. DSL was obtained by defeating certain 'Instance Boss' with the in-game-story of absorbing the False Gods' Divinity Power.
  • Character Tier (化身階層) : Represent Character evolution from a Mortal Hero into Full Divine God. All Character started as Tier 0 Character (DSL 0/128) that represent a normal human being. After getting their first Divine Shard they will reincarnated into a new being, if the character keep collecting DSL then his/her character will evolve into a higher tier. A high tier character had significantly higher status than lower tier character. The tier was : Tier 1 (DSL 1-16) - Legendary Hero (伝説的英雄), Tier 2 (DSL 17-32) - Mythical Hero (神話的英雄), Tier 3 (DSL 32-64) - DemiGod (半神) , Tier 4 (DSL 65-96) - Lesser God (神の種), Tier 5 (DSL 97-127) Fledgling God (若神) and Perfect (DSL 128) - True God (真の神).
  • Job () and Job Tier (職階層) : RAHO had about 108 'Job' that was divided into 'General Job' that was available to every user, 'Race Job' that was only available to a certain race, 'Derived Job' that was available if he character had the prerequisite Job at certain tier. There was 4 tier: Beginner, Intermediate, Advance and Master. Each tier had 10 level each, the job level raise by spending 'Souls' to buy a skill, but to raise the Job tier character must be at a certain Character tier. Although RAHO encourage its user to held many job, most people only invest their time for a certain Job ('Main Job'), while the other job was for support the main job. For example a user with Knight main job and Priest said job could tank and heal at the same time. But because there are stat correction effect, the melee user only choose job that was considered as 'Melee Class' to raise their physical stat, while avoiding taking 'Magic Class' that would decrease their physical job. In reality, most user was a 'Physical-Magical' class hybrid. In the story, Stellahymne's job was full 'Magic Class' with no 'Melee Class', while Haimona's job was full 'Melee Class' without 'Magic Class'. The other character had both class in different proportion.
  • Skill : By expending 'Souls' that was dropped from monster, a character can buy skill from his job. A Job usually contain 30s skills that usually divided into Attack, Defend, and Support, although some job didn't always follow this scheme, and some skill can only obtained if the user had a certain skill proficiency or job tier. Because a Job was limited to 10 per tier, a character only can had 10 skills per job tier. Also because the cost to buy the skill will exponentially raised for every skill the character had, most user didn't buy skill they didn't use even if they can. The skill set that the character choose will change the character Job moniker, the so called 'Built'. For example Iusticia job 'Slayer', because she choose skills that mainly used for hunting a certain monster class effectively like: DragonBane, Sky Divider, GiantBane, Shell Slicer, etc (mainly for Dragon and LargeMonster class), her Job built was changed into 'Genocider'. Even after 6th year, new built was still discovered by the user.
  • Proficiency : A game concept of how well the user performed a skill or weapon. The proficiency raised when the player use the skill in a meaningful way. The proficiency level cap was depend on player race, job and character tier. For example a tier 3 Alfar character with Tier 2 Summoner as her main job and no melee class only had maximum Sword profiency of 75 (Race: 75 (3*25). Job: 0 (0*2)). While a tier 1 Theria character with Tier 1 Swordsman as her main job and Tier 1 Warrior as her side job and SwordMastery passive skill can had maximum sword profiency of (Race: 50*1 + Swordsman: 100*1 + Warrior: 75*1 + PassiveSkill 100*1 = 325). The maximum value of proficiency is 1000, proficiency bonus over this limit is ignored, so player usually planned ahead what jobs they want choose.
  • Heaven Lord (天主)  : How RAHO called its User. The in-game explanation because the Player was destined to join the Heaven's Hierarchy. The NPC in quest also use this term to refer the player.


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