24 August 2019

Nihonkoku Shoukan. Volume 1. Chapter 3 Part 6

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Chapter 3
The Counterattack
Part 6

Castle Haag.

The General of the Kingdom’s Defense Knights Orders, Patagene, was inside the King’s Room. While holding back his cold sweat, he gave his report to the Lourian King, Haag Louria XXXIV.
In the room, there was no one except for Patagene and the King.

「── that is a summary of the damage caused by Japan’s last attack, and the overview of the Capital defense plan.
Are you really certain about this!? What will happen if we lose again…… To think that the port even got destroyed……

Haag Louria XXXIV was at a loss of words at the magnitude of the damage caused by the Japanese with just a single round of attack, even more, it happened over a short period of time.

I beg your forgiveness, Your Majesty…… However, it is still not clear how strong the Japanese Army really is. Right before the Japanese forces reaches the Capital, they will need to pass the Craft City Beadsure on the southeast. There is no doubt that they will attack the city. Using this chance, we will surely investigate Japan’s weakness.
That is just wishful thinking. I now ask you, if its instead the Papardia Empire who invaded the Port and the Capital from the sky, do you think the damage will be as large as now?
With all due respect, Your Majesty. A Major Power State like Papardia is extraordinary. The amount of fleets and Wyvern Lords that they could field greatly surpasses our country. If several hundred magic-armed ships and Wyvern Lords, that took off from the Dragon Mothership had attacked our country, then it will inflict heavy damages several times larger than the last attack. If that country is our current opponent, then perhaps the Dragoon Knights’ Dragon Roost, the runway, and then the Royal Castle would be engulfed in fire.
…… Give an honest answer as the one who commands the Capital’s Defense Knights Order.
Yes, Your Majesty. Papardia Empire’s strength was on a level where even when the Knights Order’s Strategy Office had enacted many combat simulations with them as the hypothetical enemy, we judged that it will be impossible to win due to the disparity in the military power, national power, and technological expertise aspects. As for Japan, it’s not just  ‘wishful thinking’ like what Your Majesty had stated before, but there is really too little information available.
Do you have any idea why a country, that could cause such damage to the port, suddenly appeared? There are many who says that they are just groups of islanders assembled into one country, but what’s your opinion?
I believe that it’s impossible for an emerging nation made up from a group of islands to possess such power in such a short time period. On the other hand, when they first visited us, the Japanese envoy stated that they are a “transferred nation”. For a mythical event like that to happen in reality is plainly inconceivable. I dare say that…… There is a possibility that a certain nation had backed them for an unknown objective. Furthermore, their backer is a powerful nation……
I see…… At any rate, the Capital must be defended at all cost.
Yes, Your Majesty. You can put your trust in me.

General Patagene stood up and then bowed to the King, bowed once more in front of the door, and then left the room.

The King recalled the scene he saw today.
A sudden roar engulfed the Capital as continuous echoes of explosions could be heard from the direction of the port
Wondering what has happened, the King tried to watch from the top of the Royal Castle. What he saw was the scene where the most elite Dragoon Knights of his nation were engulfed by smoke and torn asunder into pieces as the thunderous blast roared.
Large smoke was rising over the direction of the port, and the people in the city and inside the Royal Castle were thrown into chaos.
He is the King. By no means could he let the people see him being afraid.
However, to be honest, the unknown is scary.
The King was anxious about the future for the Kingdom of Louria.


Capital Jin-Haag. Evening.

In a certain section of the Capital, there was a pub called Ye Dragon’s Ale[1]. This bar is quite popular as the gathering spot for people from every walks of life: merchants, farmers, fishermen, adventurers, and even bureaucrats.
The reason for their popularity was their meat-based dishes lavishly flavored with spices, and the cold beer that one can enjoy even in the summer thanks to a large amount of stored ice that was gathered during the winter.
As a bar with refreshing liquors, delicious dishes, and then multinational patrons, various news and information could be gathered from this place.
Usually, the people who exchanged information while getting drunk would converse in a cheery mood, but today it was different.
The main topic for today was solely about the unidentified objects that had annihilated the navy and the Capital Defense’s Dragoon Knights Squadrons.
Even when the merchant-looking men was red-faced, they were talking with a stern expression.

At any rate, have you seen the battle today? I was near the harbor and there was this tremendous explosion magic projections. If we thought about the amount of mana required, it would need an unbelievable amount……
Just what in the world the Kingdom of Louria had done? Has it incurred God’s Wrath?

A soldier-looking man raised both his shoulder high and shook his head while sighing.

As if that can happen. That thing, which had flown at such ridiculous speed, is surely some kind of weapon.
You there, you must be a soldier, right? If that’s a weapon, is there any country that possesses such legendary-class weapons? If yes, then we also want to get our hands on one or two of them.

The adventurers joined from the side with eyes sparkling with curiosity.
The soldier-like man raised his voice without hiding his fed-up expression.

You adventurers may find such superweapon as interesting, but it’s a matter of life or death for people who live in the Capital like us. The higher-ups keep their lips tight, but considering the damage that Louria suffered from the last attack and the mana amount for the explosions used in the attack, the enemy that the Kingdom is warring against will be at the very least a Major Power, or in the worst case, the Ancient Magi-Empire. No matter what their identity is, there are only 2 choices for the people of a defeated nation: death or slavery. Even for the usual tasty liquor of this shop, I can’t help but find its taste unappetizing today.
Even so, I’m very curious about the enemy’s true identity. They surely be a country that has powerful strength, right? It incites my merchant spirit…… Perhaps I can even rebuild my struggling company.
The nations that Louria is at war with are Qua-Toyne Principality, the Kingdom of Quila, and then the newly emerging nation on their northeast called Japan. I had gone several times to Qua-Toyne Principality and the Kingdom of Quila in the past and they didn’t have any power like we have seen today. Those two countries’ military strength is far lower than Louria. So that’s mean…… It’s Japan, right?
Nonsense‼ The information that I got from my network in the region where Japan is located mentioned that the region is just an islands chain‼ Until now they don’t even have the concept of a nation, and their cultural level is also extremely low. Compared to the Kingdom of Louria, they are just a region inhabited by uncivilized tribes. There is no way our country can be defeated by a country made from a bunch of islanders‼
Then, where did enemy came from?

The drunkards’ conversation lasted even further into the night.


Japan Ground Self-Defense Force. Qua-Toyne Relief Force Base.

Several hours had passed since the sun sunk under the horizon. Without devices like electric lamps, deep darkness veiled the land. However, that darkness was pierced by inorganic lights, which illuminated a convoy of vehicles.
A number of vehicles were lined up in an orderly fashion. Their engine was already alive and their crews were finishing their preparation for the departure.
They were the JGSDF 7th Division who will be the unit performing the diversionary tactic, one of the main aspects of the operation to capture the Lourian King, Haag Louria XXXIV ── alias Armed Insurgent Leader.
To tackle enemy forces that will come from every direction of the Kingdom of Louria by themselves, it was a dangerous mission. In order to achieve such a difficult objective, this dangerous mission was given to them, the strongest and sole armored division in entire Japanese armed force.
From the radio in each car, the voice of the Division Commander, Lieutenant General Uchida could be heard.

Gentlemen, the Qua-Toyne Relief Force will now attempt a difficult operation. To achieve such difficult objective, you gentlemen are given an extremely difficult mission, as a decoy to attract the enemy’s main force. I hope everyone keeps this in mind: if this operation failed, then the war may turn into a quagmire that will greatly harm our nation. It’s no exaggeration to say that Qua-Toyne Principality is Japan’s lifeline for food. This battle might be the first true post-WW2 combat deployment, but this battle is the battle for Japan’s sake. I hope everyone bears this in your mind. That’s all.

Each vehicle turned on their headlights, kicked up a dust cloud, and departed in a convoy formation towards Jin-Haag, the Capital City of the Kingdom of Louria.


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[1] 竜の酒Ryuu no Sake. Dragon’s Liquor. But I choose Dragon’s Ale so I can make Diagonal pun.


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