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Our New World - Chapter 2 Part 8

I haven't abandon this story yet, I just... lazy and busy…
Ah, and yes, geographical term and people name was deliberately concealed from reader for this chapter…
Oh and I am very sorry if I make you uncomfortable… Because that is what I am trying to do, making you uncomfortable… Once again very sorry… Also for the people who find it interesting… You sir/madam, has a strange interest… Then again, à chacun son goût.

Chapter 2: The Heaven Lords in the New World
Part 8: Shattered Dream

When she was small, she dreamed about living a happy peaceful life surrounded by his beloved family. With her parents and siblings sat at the marble table at their pleasant garden inside their mansion, she would show them the new song she just learned from her teacher with the jiolna. Then everyone would smile at how clumsy she played while they drink the sweet chatea and enjoyed their afternoon baked snack. She imagined this long lost scene almost every day for the last 6 years.
But her father made a mistake by supporting the wrong side and then got himself killed in the battlefield by his rivals that had long vied his territory… Together with her brothers. The last time she saw her mother was when her mother entrusted her to the household’s loyal maid and a cadre of loyal servants to escort her towards a safe place, while her mother and older sisters stayed behind to rally their acquaintances support to ask for retribution against her father rivals. The last time she heard about them was how they swivel from the gallows together with the rest of her clan and not buried from months before they given to the corpse eating Wild Beasts to be devoured.
Her childish dream shattered… replaced by the bleak unchanging reality.

28 April 2016

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 5 Part 3

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Another chapter that I late to post since I got the lazy sickness…

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 5: Yuuji Changing Jobs from “Magician of the Forest” to “Pioneer”.
Part 3. Yuuji, Welcoming the Visiting Peddler Kevin

*Chomp*chomp* The sounds of axe striking the wood could be heard in the forest.
The temperature had increased; it was a time where the season would soon be headed into a full blown summer.
Yuuji was currently in the middle of clearing the land.

E~i! Ei! Hya!(Alice)

Not far from Yuuji, Alice yelled cutely; she was helping to clear the land with magic. Together with the cute little girl’s voice, was a *bok*bok* sound of the ground being dented that was not cute at all.

Tenseisha wa Cheat o Nozomanai. Volume 1 - Chapter 10

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School Arc! Mira failed to be normal……
Mira’s LN Volume 1 will be completed in May!

This LN version can only exist due to a very kind reader gifting me the LN.
The chapter 10 of the LN!

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Volume 1
Chapter 10

*Mira’s POV *
It has been three month since I’ve enrolled into the Academy.
The bullying that I feared at first didn’t happened, and I believe I have reasonably friendly relations with my classmates. I especially want someone that I can call “best friend” among my friends; however, it is quite hard right?

26 April 2016

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 5 Part 2

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Chapter 5: Yuuji Changing Jobs from “Magician of the Forest” to “Pioneer”.
Part 2. Yuuji, Overcoming Fierce Battle with Tree Stumps

Alice, who was assaulted by acute pain, was finally asleep in the morning. After she took a bit of rest, she was currently having brunch with Yuuji.

Alice, how’s your body?(Yuuji)

Alice already feels great!(Alice)

23 April 2016

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 5 Part 1

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Even if the title said cultivation, Yuuji won’t become an immortal…

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Chapter 5: Yuuji Changing Job from “Magician of the Forest” to “Pioneer”.
Part 1. Yuuji, Spending Time Every Day to Clear the Land and to Train

Yuuji-nii, Alice finished watering the garden!(Alice)

Ooh, thank you for the help, Alice. I need to cut some tree in this area, do you want to help?(Yuuji)

Un. Alice will help!(Alice)

It had been awhile since Yuuji began clearing the surrounding area. Spring had passed on and summer was soon closing in.
Alice was watering in a corner of the garden that had been turned into a backyard farm.  

22 April 2016

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: Tools and Knowledge

Kazura sat at the seat, and at the urging from Nelson, Valin took a seat beside Kazura while Valetta sat beside Valin.
Isaac and Havel stood near the wall while still holding Kazura’s luggage.
Kazura, who sat facing Nelson, began to speak the words he practiced last night until he fell asleep in his bed.

20 April 2016

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Bulletin Board Interlude 1

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This interlude is happening sometimes after Yuuji post the pictures and video of the “Battle of the Gate”.
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Bulletin Board, Verification Thread’s “This and That” First Offline Verification Meeting

Is it Image ProcessingMy home went to another world? Verification Thread part 1 Is it CG?

1 : Cool NEET
Were the information, photos, and videos that 1-desu uploaded really feom another world? Is it an edited image or CG? This is a thread to verify these theories.
The chat and the latest information from 1-desu is on the previous thread.
It’s prohibited to repost.

The previous thread:
Loner-NeetI finally came out after 10 years, but my home came to another-worldish place Part-2

The photos and videos that 1-desu uploaded

The next thread will be opened by the one who posts the >>980.

16 April 2016

Himekishi to Camping Car - Arc 1 Chapter 1

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Since I like the premise here it goes!
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Arc 1
Chapter 1
Princess Knight and Former Company Slave

Ono(小野) Naoto(直人)[1] was a corporate slave until yesterday.

Naoto, who forcefully used his paid vacation, was arrived with excited feeling at a certain car dealer located outside the 23 wards[2].
The reason was, today, he would receive the car that ws scheduled to be delivered to him.

This is Dear Queen 5[3] that Ono-sama had ordered.(Dealer Staff)

09 April 2016

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 5 Prologue

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New Chapter New Arc!
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Chapter 5: Yuuji Changing Jobs from “Magician of the Forest” to “Pioneer”.

It’s Another World, howeverI finally came out after 10 years, but my home kinda went into another world Part 10Something is missing

1 : Anonymous MEAT

This is the thread to enjoy the reports, images and videos of another world thatYuuji has uploaded.
Is it really another world? How did he fabricate it? This is the thread to verify this.

Finally, he started to interact with people from another world.
So that means that until now there was no contact!
This is the thread to watch over Yuuji’s livelihood attentively while only having another world feelings once in a while.
Is there really anything to accomplish?!
Repost is prohibited!

The NEET who post the  >>900th message must set up the next thread and make the first post!

113 : Infrastructure Worker
What will the merchant request?
What kind of knowledge should be transfered?
Let’s forecast it!

Of course, it will be related to agriculture right?
This is the standard “Aiming for Agricultural Revolution with Norfolk Method!”[1]

06 April 2016

Tenseisha wa Cheat o Nozomanai. Volume 1 - Chapter 9

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This LN version can only exist due to a very kind reader gifting me the LN.
The chapter 9 of the LN!
This chapter is really long………
By the way children in Japan had a peculiar way of talking, they tend to add “-san” on everything, even objects. This is considered childish, just like how English children add Mr. or Ms. on everything. So like referring Pandas as Panda-san (Mr. Panda).

DISCLAIMER: I don’t guarantee that I translate 100% correct. So any help is welcomed with open hand.

The Translator:
Yukkuri Oniisan
The Editor:

Volume 1
Chapter 9

*Mira’s POV *
I woke up to the sound of bells that signaled the start of the morning, and rolled to the middle of the bed.
Sleepy. But I need to wake up. Today is the school’s entrance and opening ceremony. Finally my life as the student of Fimeria Kingdom Magic Academy will begin. I can’t be late in my first day.
I straightened by body and then stretched out my arms and legs.

Master, are you have awaken?
Awake? Good morning.

I made a lethargic greeting to the Spirits’ thought transmission, and then I brought my body up without a vigorous yawn.
As expected of a bed from the Royal Palace. Even the habit of rising early in a farmer family could be immediately collapsed by this devilish sleeping comfort. By the way, Gai slept until he was woken up by maid-san. Even though it wasn’t that hard to wake up, why he didn’t wake up by the sounds of the bells?
Since the day we arrived at the capital, for the sake to protecting us, we lived in one of the room at the Royal Villa for the Royal Family’s children. Food, clothing, shelter; and all other necessities of life were perfectly provided, leaving nothing to be desired. I really should thankful for this; however, I’m afraid I’ll become a useless human being. If I get used to the comfort even once, I would want to continue that kind of life indefinitely.

Gugh, is this perhaps a trap!?(Mira)

This is why I didn’t accept the proposal. I was intending to earn income and become independent with the help of my cheat!
I cheerfully slip out of the bed and check the clock on the side table. It’s about ten-past-six in the morning.
It isn’t as accurate as the clocks in my previous life, but this world does have a clock. Clock is a curious plant. That’s right, it is a plant. It’s used by cutting its flower and suspending it on top of some water. It is called Clock Flower and, just as its name implies, the flower is just shaped like a clock flower.[1]
Though there aren’t any numerals written on the petals, just like a clock needle, the three stamens move independently from each other. The result is just like the needle on a clock. Time is surmised from the gap between the needles. Because it moves as the time flows during the day, it has been used since the olden days.
It is a plant that grows relatively anywhere. If the flower isn’t plucked off, it would pollinate and produce fruit. Even if the flower has been plucked off, just by putting the flower in clean water, it could survive and showed passage of time, for a whole year without wilting. What a tenacious vitality.
It isn’t an expensive item; however, since it would be troublesome if it ever becomes extinct, it is also being taken care of in this country’s botanical garden.
Although you can obtain the flower for free during the blooming season begins, the flower containers used by the royalty and nobles are totally expensive things. The one in this room is a glasswork that depicts the stem and leaves of the clock flower. The green transparent glass is beautiful.

It can be used as a table clock, but it’s impossible for a wristwatch, right?(Mira)

The flower is kinda big, but the biggest problem is the water. But since it’s about the size of a large pocket watch, then it can be carried around. Alright, let’s develop this! It would absolutely sell well. After all, cheats should be used for other’s sake, right?


Maybe because he didn’t sleep well, Guno was sitting in daze on a chair near the side table, while Dine was still sleeping atop of the table. I put a bit of distance between them and began doing morning radio exercise together with the energetic Rufi and Sala.
I remembered that, at first, I was the only doing it, but maybe because they thought that this is a game, these children then immediately copying me. Although since I only remembered the first stage[2], they could only perform it until the first stage.
By the way, I don’t know where they sleep. Since what can be called the spirit realm seems to be exist, perhaps they returned there. After saying their night greetings, they immediately disappear, and then they appear again when the morning bells rang. Sometimes, they didn’t appear until it was time to use magic.
In the middle of the first stage of radio exercise, a knock came from the door.

Yes, come in.(Mira)

Although I was in the middle of radio exercise, I stopped at that point. After I gave my reply, a maid-san entered the room. Rufi and Sala, who were invisible to maid-san, keep doing the radio exercise.

Good morning, Mira-sama.(Carla)
Good morning, Carla-san.(Mira)

Although a lot of maid-sans came on the day of New Year festival, the maid-sans originally assigned to take care of me are only Carla-san and Emel-san.

It is another fine weather. Mira-sama.(Carla)

After Carla put the items she carried on top of dresser, the first thing she does is was open the curtains.

It’s true. There are no clouds.(Mira)

Both of them knew about the event where the Prince proposed to me; however, they didn’t show any hostility towards me. Although they were searching for a marriage partner, because they came from a landless noble, didn’t inherit any peerage, and also due to the fact that their magic power is low, aiming for the Prince was just too much. Even if they said that it was a shame after they heard that I declined the Prince’s proposal, they are honest onee-sans who could understand my situation.
Because the onee-sans had become my maid, the opportunities to improve my domestic skills decreased.
Although I just go by the flow and let myself be taken care during the New Year festival, however in my previous life I was an ordinary commoner who would do what I can do by myself. Being taken care by others is uncomfortable. That’s why, even though they were called my name with –sama, I ony asked them to only help with things that I couldn’t do myself.

Scatebra Aqua(Gush Water)![3](Carla)

Clara returned to the front of the dresser, she put water in the bucket with magic, and headed towards the dresser. No cleaning magic for today, but there is water provided for cleaning.

Thank you, Carla-san.(Mira)

It seems that normally a maid-san would help the lady by holding the sleeves and the hair behind her so it wouldn’t hinder her while cleaning. Then, so that she could immediately dry herself after cleaning, another maid-san would stand by holding a towel. In the other words, there should be at leasr two maid-sans to help with the morning preparation. That seems to be the standard among the nobles.
Originally, there were even four maid-sans assigned to serve me. However since they haven’t decided anyone else except for Carla-san and Emel-san, then it was decided for them to rotate in serving me. After all, my hair doesn’t that really long so it needs someone to hold it.
While saying my thanks to her, I wrapped my hair using the towel beside the bucket, and then I unwrapped the towel and wipe the moisture from my head. Like this, I could finish by myself with one towel. Even in my previous life I was good at th-……hmm? So that means that I really was a female? No, there is a chance that I was a long haired onii-chan. This is just some conjectures, but I don’t want to think that I was an effeminate man.


Without being noticed by Carla-san I stealthily let out an anguished sound.
Even if in the future I remembered the clothes I would usually wear in my previous life, it was impossible to confirm that “skirt = woman”.
Then, the face or the name. It was impossible for me to ever not look at it at a mirror and I’m surely had a name…… I was literally begging that I don’t have any professional name.[5] But if my name was a gender neutral name, then it would be hard to distinguish the gender; however, I’ll think about this later…
Today is the first day school day. To know what my gender was in precious life has a tremendously low priority. I started to thoroughly brush my hair.
Maybe because ever since I came to the Royal Palace, I had extravagant meals or because I took a bath every day, my hair and hands had a good gloss. My check also became fluffy. I want to maintain my current condition. However I think I need to hold back a bit on the meals. If I keep going on like this I’ll grow fat. There is no need for me to miss a bath though.

That’s reminds me, Mira-sama, today’s breakfast is bread with butter, scrambled egg, and ham. The beverage will be orange juice; however, is there anything else you’d wish to request?(Carla)
It’s perfect. I really like orange juice.(Mira)

The soft, newly-baked, white bread with melted butter. Furthermore by inserting it with egg and ham and turning it into a sandwich is also nice right? With freshly-squeezed, refreshing orange juice, what a splendid breakfast. What’s more, I can request even more, it really is too luxurious.
Speaking of luxurious, the bath. In the village, it is hard to prepare large amounts of hot water, so we can’t have a hot bath every day. Drawing the water from the well and burning the firewood to boil the water. It’s quite the heavy labor, so a child couldn’t do it. Even thought I know about this, I regained my memories of my previous life, so it wouldn’t be an understatement that I want to have a bath every day. In the end, I settled it with wiping my body with a towel or bathing in cold water.
It goes with saying that I also desire a bath while traveling. However, I might have been cleaner than I was in the village. Since there was cleaning water magic like the one used duing New Year festival. At that time, Guze-san and another water attributed knight-sama, both of them took turns cleaning everyone. Of course, the magic power was different than the one that the four maid-sans used.
The effect is dependent on the amount of magic power used. The effect range from a refreshing feeling like taking a bath to just a mere dirt removal or deodorization. Someone could use cleaning magic from a water magic stone; however, I heard that they avoided using the magic stones since it has a limited usage. For that reason, a Knight unit is usually composed of all four attributes. Since a human can recover the magic power just by resting.[6]
In the end, I don’t think that there is anything that could surpass a bath. Viva la Bath!

I’ll put the uniform here.(Carla)
Ye~s. Ah, I already wash my face, I leave tidying the water to you.(Mira)
Yes. Mira-sama.(Carla)

Carla-san took out uniform from the closet, and put the complete set on top of the bed.
The brand new uniform is a navy-blue one-piece dress with a white collar where a dark green scarf resided and was pinned in place by the school emblem brooch. The emblem for elementary 1st grade this year was gold colored. Next year students would wear a silver emblem.
By putting on a robe that is used by both boys and girls, the uniform is finally completed.
The uniform that Gai’s wearing is a black trouser with a navy blue shirt. The waist belt and scarf is dark green just like the girl’s. The scarf also pinned on by school emblem.
Although it was made from thin cloth, with the mild climate in the region I think it will hot wearing it, however the Prince said that Being exposed to the sunlight directly is hotter. If you can’t endure it, then you can insert a cooling magic stone into the robe. It will be quite cool. Umu, really a life of luxury.
Carla-san already retrieved the used bucket and dumped the water into a jug.
This world doesn’t have any water services. There isn’t anything convenient like turning a faucet, and then water will come out. However, they could make water with come out with magic. Isn’t that more convenient? Even if you say this, since not everyone could draw out as much water as they like, as expected, isn’t this inconvenient?
The used water is poured to the sewage that flowed at the ground’s surface. The place where it flows to have been determined, but it can’t move that far, so sometimes, earth magicians will stir it so the water could move more naturally.[7]
Therefore, even in the castle, there are no individual baths. There are only three baths: for the Royal Family, the Guests, and a large communal one. There are water and fire attribute magicians assigned to each place to heat the baths. By the way, they didn’t boil the water by throwing Globus Ignis(Fireball) into the bath. If they did this, then the bathtub would be broken every time. There is a magic to heat water properly. It is the same magic as the one used to heat food at places where they can’t use fire.
I was asked by the Princess to enter the bath together.
Well, at the time the Princess first entered the bath I was surprised. The Maid-sans followed while still in their clothes. They even tried to wash me too. Since there were no showers, I let them help washing my hair, but I firmly refuse their help to wash my body.
It isn’t a problem if it’s the back, but the front is…… What kind of shame play is that?…… *cough*cough*. No, well, as a commoner, I don’t think is good to be drowned in luxury, yup.

After brushing my hair properly, I turn my head to left and right to check the sides. Muu[8]. As expected, the bed hair still remained. Since I have soft hair, it couldn’t be helped. Occasionally, I need to settle it.

Dine, Sara, I need to ask for your help today again.(Mira)

When I called, Dine, who still rolling around, made a large yawn and then she got up.

Mist. Then Dryer.(Mira)

In exchange for a small amount of mana, the hair was wetted as if sprayed by a water mist sprayer. Then I combed my hair using my fingers that was clad in heat and straightened the twisted hair.
Mist was an application of the magic to let out water that I had asked the magician assigned to the bath to teach me. The Dryer was an application of heating magic. The registration name for this magic in Spirit Society is Mist and Dryer respectively. Dryer also could do dry blow, but the main function of it is to dry something, just like it simple name.
Originally, to learn new magic, someone needs to pay a learning fee to the Spirit Society who manages magic usage. However, for the students of Fimeria Kingdom’s Magic Academy, that fee has been included in the tuition fee, or so I’ve from Swyn-san. When attending the academy, there’s no problem in asking someone to teach magic in or outside the academy ---- In other words, the more you learn, the more you benefit. Furthermore, if someone invents new magic or performs additional improvements and registered it at the Spirit Society, then they will receive a part of the learning fee that’s paid by people who want to learn the magic as remuneration, so there is no reason to not register.
If I think about this, what a wonderful system!
I still wasn’t an official student; however, the magicians assigned in the bath were gladly teaching me. As a thanks, when I registered the magic, I mentioned them as associates in developing the magic. Even if they want to learn this magic in the future, it won’t cost them money.
Even if I had said I’ll get part of the fee, because this is just a modification in the application of an existing magic, the income money this time doesn’t seem to be a lot. However, it’s still wonderful to have an income. When I remembered the card that the Society issued, unconsciously I make a complacent smile.
While we in this topic, I was asked to decide a name for you-know-what attack magic. As expected, it will be better if it had a name. But, you know, if I emulate the aforementioned predecessor naming, then it will ended as “Corusca Ignis(Fire Flash)” or “Corusca Flamma(Flare Flash)”. I think it somehow sounds bad.
Is there anyone here with a good naming sense? I wonder if I can solicit help from people who want to learn this magic?

Ara[9], Mira-sama. If it is Dryer, then I can perform it if you want.(Carla)
I want to practice.(Mira)
But your hair has become curled you know?(Carla)

That’s why I want to practice. I want to at least could do my personal grooming by myself.

Carla–san is a water attribute right? Then you will have to use a magic stone, you know?(Mira)

Towards my minimal objection, Carla-san broke out a wide smile.

This magic that Mira-sama had devised is tremendously popular amongst the noble ladies. It has become an indispensable skill for a maid, you know?

In other words, the cost of a magic stone is a necessarily expense to improve her skill.
Umm, when I arrived in the capital, it was the Twelfth Months, Fourth Week, and Fourth Day. In other words, in the noon of Day 25 of Month 12.[10] Then we were immediately invited to the Royal Palace, afterwards it was decided that we would be homestaying in the castle. And then, the next morning I had the long awaited, moving reunion with the bath. As expected, my fine soft hair became curled and then I was lamenting the lack of a hair dryer; this was the Day 26.
I was taught kettle magic[11] that night, and after Carla-san exited the room, I experimented it by myself.
The next morning, I was deeply moved since my hair didn’t disastrously explode[12]. Carla-san was surprised since my hair was different from yesterday and it only needed a little fix for remaining bed hair. Then I presented her the Dryer Magic. This was Day 27. Per Carla-san recommendation, that day I applied for the Dryer magic registration at the Society. After all, registration is first come first served.
And then today is First Month, Third Week and First Day, or Day 15 of Month 1…… That means in a mere 16 days, it’s already spread out to this extent?
Carla-san picked the brush from the surprised me and merrily used Dryer magic on me. Since dressing in the morning is a battle against time, I obediently entrusted myself to her.


With a clatter, the carriage rocked. The Princess, who was sleeping in front of me, had her posture unsteadied and fell down to the shoulder of the Prince, who was reading documents beside her. The platinum blond hair smoothly slides on the black colored robe. It was such a lovely spectacle that make want to draw it if I had artistic inclinations.
Even so, the Prince is amazing. Even if the Royal Family’s carriage is comfortable to ride on, the shaking didn’t change much. Even so he could read the words without any problem. If it is me then it will be absolutely impossible.

Do you feel unwell, Mira-san?(Ainseld)
No, I’m still alright.(Mira)

Maybe because he noticed that I was looking at him, he showed concern for my physical condition.
It seems that Swyn-san had informed him about my strong motion sickness. I became a bit embarrassed.
If you mention “another world academy story” then it usually means life in the dormitory.[13] Just like those story, Fimeria Kingdom’s Magic Academy also has a dormitory. However, it isn’t a boarding school.[14] The dormitory was built in the interest of the students who came from cities and villages and not the capital.
When I think how Gai and I would originally be students who lived at the dormitories, I felt a tint of regret. In the future, I’ll homestaying at the castle, and it has been decided that I will ride the carriage together with the Princess and the Prince every morning. I really am regretting this. Every morning, every afternoon, I would get motion sickness……
The Academy is the castle’s next-door-neighbor. Just like with its neighbor buildings, the Academy has a very big scale. Furthermore, it also neighbors with the Spirit Society North Branch, Hunter’s Guild Main Headquarters and Knights Headquarter.
Including the Spirit Society North Branch, the Castle is the northernmost building in the capital so it is the closest building to the Yggurd Mountain. Nonetheless, since there are forests and plains in the mountain’s foot, and the practice grounds for the Hunter Guild, Knights, and the Academy, it doesn’t mean that the Castle was located directly uncder it. However when the time comes, the Royal Family would personally be the first ones to battle. So to act as the bulwark, the castle, and various institution related to the battle were established in this part of capital.


Once again, the carriage shook with a small clatter so my thoughts returned to the carriage. Gai, who was sitting beside me, has been looking outside the carriage’s window ever since we departed and has been talking to himself ever since.

Whoa, there is a four horse carriage. Ah, there’s a soldier at that place.(Gai)

Gai, if it’s a carriage, then we are riding in one right now you know. Furthermore, it has the Royal Family’s insignia.(Mira)

Should I give him a tsukkomi? Un, let’s not do it.
Although, I just told to the Prince that I’m alright, honestly, I don’t have energy to speak from the motion sickness. Can I just walk to school from now on?
Sure the castle area is vast, but I don’t think it’s on the scale where it would be impossible for me to cover it by walking. However, my current defense for the outdoor is weak. I have developed a magic to produce something like ceramic using Earth Magic. Using it, I tried to produce a self-protection whistle[15]…… However, somehow, I just couldn’t make it sound right. Is it because of the influence of my still clumsy magic? Or it because the structure is wrong?
I also developed Stun-Gun Magic, however the power adjustment was still incomplete. If you think about it, I can’t experiment on human. However if I used it during a battle before testing it, it could be dangerous. If it is too strong, the opponent could die. I don’t have a hobby to walk on thin ice[16], after all, I think it will the best if there are adults protecting me.
That reminds me. A few days ago, there was a letter among the New Year gifts that Mama sent to me.

We have received the new that you had received Royal Family’s Patronage. You must earnestly avoid carelessly causing troubles. Then enjoy your student life energetically. Be careful not to catching a cold.

The letter began with worrying words to tell me to not cause any trouble for the Royal Family and take care of my body, but it also mentioned that a suspicious person impersonating a merchant came to the village.
Fortunately, right now there were Knight-samas, who came with our escort, stationed in the village. Also the vigilante committee that the former hunter, Kuuga-san, formed put the suspicious person under surveillance, prohibited the children from going outside, and peeking from the window while holding upside down brooms. It was all because the suspicious person, despite saying that he was a merchant, came without carrying any goods to sale.
To greet an unwelcomed guest with upside down brooms in their hand and ask the person to leave is a repelling technique that is universally passed down amongst the commoner, as it is effective. After all, most people would run away from it, right?
Leaving that aside, if the suspicious person really is a suspicious person, then I think that this event happened too fast. I don’t think that he is a spy from another country, but….. if he really is a spy, then a key figure from the Fimeria Kingdom must have leaked out the information.
The day when I remembered my previous life’s memories was also the day my abnormal magic power came into the light. I believe that if the other countries may have noticed me then, then the speed at which the information spread was impossibly fast, unless they have a continuous 24 hour surveillance on the village. However, the village is not a strategic military location, but just a normal remote farming village that didn’t have any importance whatsoever to warrant such kind of continuous observation.
As for the matter with the demon beast, although the guild was opposed to, the fact that it I, a child, was one who defeated the demon beast, they wouldn’t disclosed it to people outside the guild.
That’s why, by the process of elimination, I suspect the Fimeria Kingdom’s nobles. Having known my “peculiarity”, they aimed for my family as a means to intimidate me. A person from peasant’s background that held a lot of magic power means the “return of progenitor bloodline”, so why not try to give birth to another one.[17]
In the past, the Human Race was on the brink of being destroyed by Demon Race, so after the peace came, it seemed that polygamy was common so that the humans could increase the number of births. It might have also been influenced by gender ratio.[18] Fimeria Kingdom was also not an exception. Only when the ruler was the queen, if the person herself didn’t wish for it, then her husband was limited to have one wife. However, when the king from three generations ago remembered the fate of his brothers, who died as they were being used in a power struggle, he decided to prohibit polygamy.
Even so, amongst the nobility, there were people who was surrounded by lovers. Thus, the bloodline of nobles that held high magic power unexpectedly also flowed in the streets. That’s why it wasn’t unusual for a peasant to have magic power. Even though it isn’t unusual, it is rare for someone like me, who held high magic power, to be born amongst the peasants. All the more in a remote rural village close to the frontier. That was the reason they called it “return of progenitor bloodline”.[19]
If for that reason they hurt my family, then…… I will make them my guinea pigs for my Stun-Gun Magic, it’s a light punishment right? Ufufu. Of course I will begin with the lowest setting.
Maybe because I’m emitting a dark aura or because a smile broke out on my face, I felt that someone was looking at me. When I shift my line of sight towards that feeling, I met the Prince’s eyes.
Di-Did he notice?

Your ribbon is lovely.(Ainseld)

The Prince didn’t make any tsukkomis on my weird behavior; instead, he was praising the gift from my mother with a small voice so he won’t wake up the Princess. I made a broken smile and answered in small voice.

It is something that was weaved and dyed in our village.(Mira)

The cloths that the village produced until now were mostly plain white colored cloth or single dyed colored, thread dyeing only exists in small quantity.

This is a new dyeing method, and will become our village new specialty goods.(Mira)

To show it to the Prince, I carefully pulled out the tip of the ribbon that held my hair in a half up style[20]. The one who tied my hair of course was Clara-san. If it become untied then I will surely wouldn’t be able to tie it back up. This is surely enough.
On the white fabric were blotted with gradations ranging from light blue to blue and the pleats were dyed in parts so that it casted an outline. The end result, it looked like a flower.

It is called “Tie-Dye.”[21](Mira)

It was something that I remembered the day before I left the village. I stitched a scrap of cloth to wring it – since I didn’t have the power to do it, I asked Guno to bind it. Then I made intrusion on the dyeworks and let the clothes absorbs some of the dye liquid. Afterwards I asked Dine to dry it and then begin to sew it into a pouch. If it only straight sewing then even I could do it.
By the way, as a thanks, I gave both of them magic power; however, it wasn’t like I gave them magic power to do magic, so it didn’t violate the prohibition of using magic from Swyn-san. I insisted that this is the truth.
Because Guno had unfastened the binding threads neatly, I asked Mama to mix the colored thread with white thread and make a string from plaiting it. The end product was relatively decent. But when I was chuckling to myself in self-satisfaction, the dyeworks owner lady-san took it from me.
The pouch was returned to me after it moved from one dyeworks oba-chan[22] to another, but during that time, the memory of the lady owner-san cross examining me for the tie-dye technique was etched considerably deeply inside of me.
*Hiks*Hiks* Oba-chan scary…
I insisted that I only tied the cloth to a string and dyed it, since the number of variation that I knew was low. Thanks to this, they just thought it as the result of child’s play.
Afterwards, the oba-chans successfully produced a piece of cloth through trial and error. That cloth was my ribbon. Mama designed it. Although the cool looking color is for summer, so it is too early for the current season[23]. However, because I received an annotation that the clothes will be released into the market during the Midsummer Festival, I’m expected to wear it now. Yes Ma’am. So I have been fully turned into an advertisement mannequin. It would be good if it could sell well….
If it had given to me before the New Year Festival, the publicity impact would have been greater. How regretable.
Fimeria has three large festivals in a year. The New Year Festival, Midsummer Festival, and Harvest Festival. The Princess requested me to stay at the capital for the Midsummer Festival. Since for the Midsummer Festival, the Crown Princess had asked for a dress that similar to my ribbon. I estimated that the publicity would even be bigger.
I am bad at all night dancing, but Gai and I would look forward for the delicious feast like the one in the New Year Festival. Then, after the Festival has finished, I thought that I would go back home.
Summer is not a season suitable for traveling; however, with the number of summer holiday days, I could travel slowly. The best season for traveling is actually autumn; however, the Harvest Festival was during the middle of school term, so I can’t go home. I wonder about next year’s New Year Festival. Since it wouldn’t have any spare time like I would have in summer, I can’t go home, right? Or I can go home?

While I was thinking deeply about this things, with a clatter, the carriage stopped and the door was knocked.

We have arrived at the Academy.(Servant)
Thank you for your work.(Ainseld)

After servant onii-san opened the door, the Prince was the one who went down first, followed by Gai.
The Princess, who was awakened by the servant’s vice, made a yawn and then she looked at me.

We have arrived.(Mira)

She extended her hand towards the carriage door. There, the Prince received her hand and helped the Princess down. As the one who get off the last, the Prince presented his hand in front of me. It seemed that somehow he intended to escort me down.
Fumu. I should accept this obediently, right? There is a step but the distance to the ground is still far.
Borrowing his hand, I stepped down, and then immediately I was pierced by gazes.
Ah… It must be that, huh? Since the carriage had the Royal Family’s insignia, of course it would be the centre of attention. Then two peasants exited from the carriage and one of them was being escorted by the Prince. The schoolgirls’ eyes immediately threw blades and daggers.
Excuse me, Ojou-samas. Is a man who makes light of women like, the Prince, a good choice?
The elementary school section has 720 students, the middle school section has 540 students, and the high school section has 576 students. Each section had their own buildings. However, when the Central Spirit Society’s bell rings at 9’o clock, everyone gathers at central ground for the morning assembly. The entire student body consisted of 1,836 students. It would be quite the spectacle.
I felt a shudder when I imagined that this situation would be soon be known by such large number of students.---- How chilling. The road ahead would be difficult.
It would be nice if there’s no bullying.
I beg of you, Prince, please don’t spread a rumor that I am your fiancée candidate. The people who knew about my magical power would think that it’s a political marriage, but the people who didn’t know about it would think that you just have a disease(LOLICON).
Gai and I followed behind the Prince, who held the Princess’ hand.
The attention that I received when I get off from the carriage had disappeared, but I felt that there were glimpses towards me every now and then. I felt like I was a rare animal. Is this what panda-san felt every day? No, there’s no one who would stare them with ill will. After all, they are cute. Cute is justice.
The Academy, located in the front of castle, follows a certain rule. It faces the Nobles Quarters, and as it got closer to the outer wall that encircled the capital, the rankings in those areas get lower[24]. By the way, the dormitory is located near the end of Nobles Quarters. The students would walk or ride a carriage to get to school.
After I passed through the outer gate, I saw a three story, oblong-shaped building. Is the thing that I faintly saw on the other side, a rampart?

The new students will do the student registration! Please line up on this side and make three rows! The upperclassmen will also make three rows to have an attendance check in the interior!(Student)

With a girl holding the information board, there were young boys yelling in front of school building and handling the line. They were ten to fourteen years old, and their uniform is different from ours. Their uniform is not only unisex so it didn’t differentiate between a boy and girl, but also, plain like the uniforms worn by the Knights.

Those people are?(Mira)
Ah, they are students who belonged to the Knights College[25], a joint establishment with the Magic Academy. They might be doing part time job for preparing the morning assembly.(Ainseld)

The Prince explained to me, however I was still confused.

Part time job?(Mira)
The administration office for both the Academy and the College can mediate various job for students such as preparing the assembly, cleaning the facility, and cultivating or picking herbs for lessons.(Ainseld)
Eh… Why do they let students do such work? They came to here to study, right?(Gai)
Gai, mind your speech.(Mira)

No matter how you look at it, using casual talk is bad, right?

Ah…… Are they not?(Gai)

After I pointed him out, Gai only fixed his words by adding the sentence ending.[26] The Prince made a chuckle before stopping and turning towards us.

I don’t mind it. But do your best, if only for the formal occasions.(Ainseld)
Though I don’t want to say this, but I believe it will be difficult for me to accustom myself to it.(Mira)

If I was been told to suddenly change my way of speaking, I believe it would be hard. Nonetheless, I don’t think that my way of speaking is already correct. After all, even back in Japan, I was just a commoner that didn’t have any opportunity to meet with royalty.

Well, I think it will be fine if you do it little by little. Leaving this aside, let us return topic of why the student take up a job.(Ainseld)

The Prince continued his explanation and resumed walking. He was quite a lenient person.

At the Magic Academy and the Knights College, any child can enroll in regardless of social status. However, the Academy is composed by Magician Class and Magic Knight Class. In other words, if someone doesn’t have any magic power, they can’t enter the Academy. Hence, 60% of the Academy’s students are from nobility. The remaining 40% are the students who have passed the selection exam and receive a noble’s support, similar to both of you, or the students who come from a commoners’ background and enter during the elementary school. If they have the talent, then they will receive a noble’s support and can study until high school.(Ainseld)

Oh, so this is why the number of the students suddenly decreased in middle school.

On the other hand, at the Knights College, magic power is unneeded. After enrolling at nine year old, the students will study military arts for six year, and, after graduation, they can enter government service. That is why the number of commoner students in the College is high. However, the tuition fee for both institution…… Although it isn’t that high, it also not that cheap either.(Ainseld)

So they are working to ease the tuition fee. That sounds hard. At a glance, the student-sans from the Knights College standout, but are there any Academy student-sans working somewhere?

Earning the tuition fee by themselves? How incredible. We are really lucky to be selected as student, right Mira?(Gai)

Gai’s face brightened up as he was happy about not needing to work. I replied with a wry smile.

If we didn’t get selected, I believe we’ll never leave the village.(Mira)

If we never got selected, we would help out with our family’s work until we become adults. We might marry normally, have children normally, and grow old normally.

I think I would’ve been apprentice to Kuuga-san and then become Hunter. If I get a lot of income, then I will make Mira eat delicious things.(Gai)[27]
Do you want to treat me to eat?(Mira)
Hm? Yeah.(Gai)
Then that’s a shame… However, if Gai becomes successful in the future, I think there will be a chance for you to treat me.(Mira)
But Mira will develop many kinds of magic, so you will earn a lot of income right?(Gai)
So you won’t treat me?(Mira)

With a plop, I bent my head to the side.


Troubled. Troubled.

E-Even if your income is larger than mine, I will still treat you.(Gai)
Fufu. Thank you, Gai. This is a promise, okay?(Mira)

Going out with a boy and get treated for a meal, isn’t this just like a date. As a girl, even for once, I want to experience it, a date.


*Narrator’s POV*
Nee, onii-sama(Filseria)
What is it, Seria?(Ainseld)

Withdrawing her hand from his, Filseria spoke out to her brother. She changed her line of sight from the smiling brother to the sight of Mira’s group exchanging a promise behind them.

I wonder if Mira is unexpectedly a little temptress[28].(Filseria)

Hearing his sister’s words, Ainseld made a wry smile.

I also wonder.(Ainseld)
I believe that the talks about being a hunter is not concerning a date, but on the subject of cherishing her as a wife, desuno(Filseria)

After all, did Mira purposefully change the subjects into a date, or she was just an airheaded person?

Onii-sama, I recommend that you court Mira in straightforward manner, using words that won’t be misunderstood by her, desuno.(Filseria)

Although Filseria judged that Gai like Mira, the person himself still didn’t realize it. Although Mira saw her childhood friend Gai in special way, it wasn’t a romantic feeling. Right now, Filseria believes that there still chance to turn Mira’s heart towards her brother. For that reason, words that won’t be misunderstood by Mira were important

Even so, I feel bad for Gai.(Ainseld)
That’s true.(Filseria)

Ainseld patted her sister’s head who has the same opinion with him.

However, Seria, love is something that you can’t control.(Ainseld)

It is something that can’t be predicted, or expected, to progress the way that someone wants. Since it’s a person’s heart after all.

However even if love is painful, it’s still happy thing, right?(Filseria)

Ainseld became a bit surprised, eventually he let out a wry smile.

Even the small Seria is a girl after all.(Ainseld)

As a brother, Ainseld wished for his precious sister to live her life in happiness. As royalty, they weren’t permitted to live their love like they want. After all, they are tied up by all kinds of obligations. The only thing that they can endeavor, is to nurture the love towards their spouse. Their grandparents, parents and even their uncles and aunts, all had political marriages. If the political situation was stable, his sister would be married off to one of the kingdom’s noble. In that itself, she could attain happiness.
However, there was something that bothered him. Ainseld remembered the document that he read on the carriage this morning. It was a report from the spies stationed in a neighboring country.
Recently, that country not only extending the enlistment period for its citizens, it also decreased the enlistment age. The tax rate was also raised a bit, and shadows started to show on the citizen’s livelihood. Since it seems that they even employed mercenaries, there’s no doubt that the tax revenue is being invested in military preparations.
The problem is for what purpose are they increasing their army? Is it to invade another country or to be dispatched towards the Demon Race territory on the Yggurd Mountain? At any rate, this current peaceful age could be broken at anytime. It would be great if the Fimeria Kingdom isn’t end up swallowed by the tides of war.
If the peaceful era could continue, then he intends to love and protect his wife and live together happily ever after.
Right now, the strongest contender for that spot is a girl who’s the same age as his sister. She will probably become a lovely lady in the future. Despite having a tremendous magic power, it may be difficult to marry her due to the large difference in status. Rejection would be a complicated matter as well. There’s also her childhood friend. If he began to realize his feelings, he would be another troublesome rival. Even with all of this, it was the peaceful daily life that he cherishes.
He shook his head since it wouldn’t do good to think about the neighboring country right now. Then, Ainseld calls out to Mira’s group.

First, let’s go perform the student registration. Mira-san please prepare the card issued by the Society.(Ainseld)


*Back to Mira’s POV *

Society Card, is it?(Mira)

Repeating the Prince’s instruction, I took out the amber colored card from my uniform’s pocket. By the way, Swyn-san said that since it is essentially acts as my identification card in the Academy, I must always carry it close with me.
I lightly tapped the card surface. Then light appeared in the card surface and words began to emerge.

Name                         Mira
Age                             6 Years Old
Place of Origin         Ilga Village, Fimeria Kingdom
Occupation               Fimeria Kingdom’s Magic Academy Prospective Entrant
Criminal History       None
Attribute                     FireWaterEarthWind
Blessing                    Spirit SightPromise
Physical Power        25 / 30 (Current / Maximum Value)
Magic Power             29999/30000 (Current / Maximum Value)
Qualification             Magic Registrant of Spirit Society
Registered Magic     Dryer / Mist / Globus Ignis(Fire Ball) Custom special designed type (temporary name)[29]
Learned Magic         Special designed Earth Magic type[30] / Globus Ignis(Fire Ball) / Calefactio(Heating)[31] / Scatebra Aqua(Gush Water) /Terraformans(Earth Forming)[32]
Magic Under Development            Stun-Gun

There were many changes since the time of my registration. Or rather, did my physical power decreased by 5 point because of the motion sickness in the carriage? What the heck~[33]. How weak can I be? My magic power decreased by 1 point, must be because I used Dryer magic this morning, right?
I tapped the card once again, to hide the information after “Attribute” section. Suddenly, I noticed the commotions from my surrounding. They seemed surprised to see a elementary first year student like me holding an Amber Card.

Why that small girl has a Society Card?(Peanut Gallery)

I could hear conversations like that here and there. Even without asking Rufi to focus the sounds, I have the ears of a greater wax moth.[34]

The Amber Card is proof that a magician has registered their magic with Spirit Society. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t any active Academy students possessing it; however, a case where the students has registered themselves with the Society before entering the school are only limited to those who are in the middle of apprenticeship with a magician.
Splendidly ignoring the surroundings, the Prince prompts us to stand in line with the new students.


The Princess asked the Prince, who stood in the line together with us, and took out a violet card with thick vermillion line.

Since the terminal is the same, it is possible to check in this line. I also think it would be better if I could speak for Mira’s card.(Ainseld)

The card of the Academy’s Magician Class is plain violet colored. The vermillion horizontal straight line in the middle of the card is the mark of Magic Knight’s Class. By the way, the Knights College’s card is plain vermillion colored.
After graduation the cards would be replaced by white colored card if the students work in the Royal Palace, with the lower right corner displaying a diagonal line with the class color corresponding to the class they graduated from. Carla-san’s card is a White Card with Violet Line. Captain Kenan’s card is a White Card with Violet and Vermilion Line. Swyn-san’s card is Amber Card with a White and Vermillion Line. On the Society issued card, it seemed that they also put the line to signify employment.

The next person, please step forward.(Registration Staff)

Prompted by the Knights College student who was in charge is in organizing the line, we arrived in front of the terminal equipments

Good morning, Teacher.(Ainseld)
Good morning.(Slender Teacher)
Morning. What’s wrong Ainseld-kun?(Giant Teacher)

At that place there were a slender teacher and a teacher who could be seen to have quite a muscle even if he wore a robe.

I am accompanying my sister and this girl’s group. I also want to inform that this girl, Mira-san, already have card issued by Spirit Society.(Ainseld)
Spirit Society?(Giant Teacher)
Wow. If it okay with her, may we see the Registered Magic section on the card?(Slender Teacher)

Hearing Slender Teacher’s request I was thinking “well, I think it’s okay if it only that” and tapped the card. I presented the card so the teachers could see it clearly.

Dryer and Mist?(Giant Teacher)

Giant Teacher tilted his head in confusion, but the Slender Teacher seems to recognize it and said

It’s the ones that has been popular lately.(Slender Teacher)
Popular, you say.(Giant Teacher)
Yes. Mainly amongst the women. It is the most suitable magic for tidying any kind of hair. Even for the gents, it could be used if they have long hair.(Slender Teacher)

Eh… is that so? By the way Giant Teacher’s hair is a little bit over the shoulder. Should he also use the magic?

Even for men, huh? Well, in that case, I’ll use it afterwards. Since I think it’s okay for student registration. Let’s finish this quickly.(Giant Teacher)

The Giant Teacher cut the conversation short, and instructed me to place the card over the terminal. I put the card over the ash brown colored glass ball, then a faint light enveloped the card and then immediately disappeared. When I saw the card again, the Amber Card had a violet colored rim.

If the Society Registrant is still a student of the Academy, the color of the rim will change.(Ainseld)

Touching his card on the terminal, the Prince finished his registration and made a wide smile.

Now then, after this is issuing new cards for Seria and Gai-kun. It’s okay, it is only a little check so it won’t hurt at all.(Ainseld)

With a smile, he made the Princess and Gai, who had stiff faces and heads, go towards the teachers. Yes. Do your best!


After the trouble was over, we could do anything. Gai had the same Violet Card with Vermillion Line like the Prince, and was smiling while scrutinizing every detail on the card’s surface. I grab Gai, who is mesmerized, and led him to the assembly ground.
After we exited the school building, the dazzling light from the vast blue sky suddenly greets us and made me squinted my eyes. On the huge assembly ground, there were already students beginning to line up. Since the Knights College joined us, the number of the students is humongous. Beyond the multitudes of hair colors is a gigantic gate. Beyond that gate is a stretch of grassland, and further down it is a forest. Finally, beyond that, stood the Yggurd Mountain ---- the land where Demon Lord was sealed.
This place might become the battlefield against the Demon Race,
It has been 800 years since the founding of this Kingdom. There still aren’t any signs of the seal being broken, however it can’t be said that it stay like that forever. I gasped unconsciously.

Mira, since I will be in Magic Knight Course Class 4, I’ll catch up with you later!(Gai)

Gai let go off my hand and ran away. I unconsciously waved at him.

What’s wrong desuno?(Filseria)
…… There are so many people here that it surprised me.(Mira)

The Princess peeked at my face and grasped my hand.

Then Onii-sama, we will also go to our class desuno. Will we go home together desuno?(Filseria)
No. Since there is a class executive selection, I think I will be late.(Ainseld)
I understand desuno. Then, gokigen’you[35], Onii-sama.(Filseria)

The Princess pinched her uniform’s skirt edge with one hand and made a bow, then she started walking while pulling my hand. I made a bow to the Prince in a hurry, and my feet began to move after the Princess.

My class is Magician Course Class 1 desuno. What class is Mira in desuno?(Filseria)

I took out the card from my pocket. The information displayed on it didn’t change much from the last time I checked it; however, the Occupation section changed from “Prospective Entrant” to “Elementary Section First Year Class 1”.

It’s Class 1.(Mira)
It’s the same!(Filseria)

Magician Courses are from Class 1 to Class 3, while Magic Knight Course are from Class 4 to Class 8. Earth Spirit King is the one who assign the first year students on their class.[36] Next year, the course will reflects what the person aspires to do.
If a student want to become a Magic Knight no matter what, then he would apply to increase his physical strength and then be admitted to Magic Knight lessons. If he fails on the third end semester’s exams, then he would be told to return to his former course. It is possible for them to challenge many times, though.
But then, my physical strength level os on the level where I couldn’t be a Magic Knight. It’s so shameful that I want to hide it. I have self-awareness that becoming Magic Knight is not suitable for me at all, so Good Job Earth Spirit King! I want to praise him.
However, I will be in Magic Knight Course Class 4, I’ll catch up with you later! is something that Gai said when he left me. It seems as he was saying Of course our class is different., this make me mad somehow, you know?
Sorry for my lack of physical strength!
While calming my anger, I lined up behind the line where a male Knight College student held up a plate where “First Year Class 1” is written.

Good morning.(Mira)
Good Morning. Congratulations on your enrollment.(Student)
Thank you very much.(Mira)

I don’t know whether I would interact with the students from Knights College in the future, however greetings are important. The student that I greeted even congratulated me. What a good person.

Good morning, desuno.(Filseria)

Then I heard a very faint voice from my back. While being suspicious, I turned back. Then the Princess was clinging to my back, so we just exchanged the positions from where we stood before.

Princess? Is Princess Filseria in this place!? Th-then please forgive my discourtesy.(Student)

 The male student-san who called out to me put the plate down in hurry and corrected his posture. He put his right fist on his left chest and bowed deeply.
Seeing this, the flustered Princess told him to raise his face…… From behind my back.

D-Don’t do this desuno. Onii-sama said that in the Academym, there’s no special treatment due to social status desuno. Raise your head desuno.(Filseria)
Princess, what happened? Why are you hiding on my back?(Mira)

Why are you hiding on my back?

As expected the situation was strange, so I asked her. The fidgety Princess then fiddles with my robe while sluggishly speaking.

It’s that. I, could not come out in front of people that I don’t know by myself desuno.(Filseria)
If I knew them, maybe I will be okay desuno?(Filseria)
So you mean, you are shy to strangers?(Mira)

Being silent means she admits it. What to do. After guessing it right, I wonder then what should we do? I’m former petite hikikomori so my interpersonal skills are low. Isn’t this a too heavy of a responsibility for me?

Filseria-sama, please do not worry.(Student)

While the both of us were petrified, the male student-san raised his face and addressed us.

No students of Magic Academy or Knights College who would hurt Filseria-sama. Please learn, play, and make lot of friends as you please.(Student)

After saying that he once again bowed his head, took the plate, and continue to greet and congratulate the new students who arrived after us.
While watching him walk away, I spoke to the Princess.

Yes, desuno.(Filseria)
Aren’t you plan to have one hundred friends?(Mira)
O-one hundred friends, the hurdle is too high from the beginning desuno.(Filseria)

Uumyu[37]. Certainly one hundred friends is too much. I was thinking this, but maybe that famous song from my previous life could be said as unreasonable[38]. Or rather, if I died in elementary school, would I also have 100 friends?

I think that 100 friends might be impossible; however, I will do my best to make friends other than Mira desuno.(Filseria)
Yes. I will give it my best too.(Mira)

We exchange promise across my back, but how will we achieve it? We should be able to succeed somehow. I think that if it Gai, then he could achieve one hundred friends in short span of time.

We will conducting the new student’s welcoming and the school’s new term opening ceremony. Teachers and students, please form your lines.

Then we heard a voice being transmitted through Wind Magic.


This chapter fact: 17.249 Japanese words and 670 lines.
Next chapter: Mira’s New School life.

[1] Clock flower, שעונית, ρολογιά, 時計草. The English and Western European knew it as Passion Flower. It is mainly used to refer to Passiflora caerulea, the blue passionflower. As you can see in the picture, the three stamens is just like three arms of a clock
[2] If I’m not mistaken a Radio Exercise had 3 stages: 1. The warm-up, 2. The main exercise, 3. The cooling down.
[3] 湧水(ガッシュウォーター) Yuusui (Gasshu wootaa)
[4] An expression of displeasure or sad.
[5] Name used in hostess club, In other words, Mira was hoping she wasn’t a transvestite working in an okama bar.
[6] For the confused reader: Magic stones had limited use. If the magic run out, the stone will be useless until it is recharged again. But it is a different case for a human.
[7] Maybe Mira mean the sedimentation in the sewage?
[8] An expression of displeasure.
[9] Oh, Ah, My-my or Oh my gosh
[10] The author (or the editor) makes a mistake in here. In the RAW it mentioned that Mira arrived at Week 3, Day 4. But this means she arrive at day 16 of month 12. Day 25 is Week 4, Day 4. Please consult this image for comparison.

[11] The magic to bring out water. Gush Water… Funny Mira nicknamed it Kettle…
[12] Maybe like 80’s hairstyle? Mira got a disaster class level of bed hair
[13] Looking at the humongous number of novels taken place in a boarding school
[14] Boarding school: A school systems when all students live at the school/dormitories for all active study year.
[15] The kind of whistle children in Japan wears, if they met with pedobear they will blow it and summon help.
[16] Original idiom: cross a dangerous bridge. Meaning: take risks.
[17] In other words, kidnap/intimidate Mira, so Mira could give birth to a new bloodline with strong magic…
[18] Like Paraguay after the War of Three Alliance who lost almost 90% of male population in the war.
[19] Progenitor like Vampire Progenitor, a founder of a new bloodline.
[20] Half-up hairstyle is a hairstyle where half of the hair is tied atop the head while the other half was just let to fall freely.
[21] Tie-dye is a modern term invented in the mid-1960s in the United States for a set of ancient resist-dyeing techniques, and for the products of these processes. The process of tie-dye typically consists of folding, twisting, pleating, or crumpling fabric or a garment and binding with string or rubber bands, followed by application of dye(s). The manipulations of the fabric prior to application of dye are called resists, as they partially or completely prevent the applied dye from coloring the fabric. More sophisticated tie-dyes involve additional steps, including an initial application of dye prior to the resist, multiple sequential dye and resist steps, and the use of other types of resists (stitching, stencils) and discharge.

[22] Auntie, mainly used by children.
[23] The current season is Spring.
[24] In other words, the higher your rank as a noble, the closer your house to the castle.
[25] 騎士学校 Kishi Gakkou: literally, Knight School, but I changed it as College, since if I called it School then it will be confusing. By the way Magic Academy is 魔術学園 Majutsu Gakuen
[26] This is lost in translation, since my English language is not that really good. Originally, Gai was asking with casual way of speech, so Mira remind him to use polite language. Gai then fixed his sentence by adding desuka, that make the question more formal.
[27] In other word, Gai said: I’ll earn income for you… So that means… However Mira misunderstand it as Gai treat her to eat…Poor guy…
[28] The original word: Koakuma : a girl who deceive guys to get advantage of them. Also Filseria add “no” to her sentence ending forming desuno, masuno, deshitano, desukano, etc. For the sake of tic consistency, I turned all these form to just desuno.
[29] Unlike the “Standard Magic”, Mira’s “Developed Magic” lack any second reading
[30] In case you forgot this is the magic Mira used when battling Mana Eater
[31] 加熱(ヒーティング) Kanetsu (hiitingu)
[32] 地形成(フォーミング) Chikeisei (foomingu)
[33] DONDAKE! どんだけー. Watch Gintama.
[34] Actually, in the original地獄耳 (jigokumimi) means having a sharp ear. Since English have a phrase “eyes of a hawk”. I turn it into “ears of greater wax moth”, since wax moth could hear up to 300 kHz (human is only 20 kHz)
[35] A super formal gretings/farewell words. I bid thee well.
[36] Like a certain hat who shout “Griffindor!”
[37] Cute version of Umu I think… This is Mira’s trademark…
[38] No… I don’t know what song it is… Any help?