30 September 2015

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 22

Translator Corner
This is Yukkuri demasu...

The Crime Scene: Potato Fields. The Transgression: Abundance.
Can Great Detective Kazura and his trusty lovely assistant Valetta solve the greatest mystery of all times in Grisea Village?

As usual, this is not a literal Japanese translation, so there bound to be a mistake....

The Translator:
Yukkuri Oniisan
The Editor:

Chapter 22: The Mystery of Potato Fields

On the next day, after Kazura was almost restrained in Isteria.
The moon, instead of the sun, started to show its shiny face towards the earth. Kazura’s group reached Grisea Village’s entrance. They had finally returned home.
Compared to the time when they departed from the village they carried much less luggage. They put the things they brought in their own sack-bag, while the goods they bought in Isteria were put on a small cloth bag. In addition to this, Lodurr also carried 2 birds inside a wooden cage.

29 September 2015

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 1 - Part 7

Translator Corner
This is Yukkuri demasu!

Kazura’s story Chapter 22 is in my editor handsuntil then... Here another Hiki-NEET story.... A short one....
Although I said I want to try to tackle (ReTrans) Tense Slime 103. After just finishing 5 pages.....(Rimuru went to Myormiles part, my brain get tired)
So, I think I’ll translate some Mira’s story to refresh my mind before resuming re-TL-ing Rimuru....

Please remember, this is not so literal Japanese translation, some mistranslation might happen.
Oh yeah, I decide to translate Kotarou pronoun as she/her not it, since Kotarou is awesome like always.

Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 1: Yuuji A “Hiki-NEET” Evolves into “Loner NEET”
Part 7: Yuuji, Meeting with Mysterious Creatures

I went through a bitter experience.....

After his first exploration on the forest outside the house grounds, Yuuji risked his life to ascertain the edibility of the fruits and mushrooms that he had gathered. The result was: 3 Wins, 1 Loss.
Although the winning percentage was good, the impact from his defeat was enormous since he had to befriend the toilet for 4 hours. By the way the contained function on the toilet to clean his butt with water was functioning properly.

28 September 2015

My Humble Trying to Provide Alternative Translation of Tensei Slime 103. Part 1+2 (50%).

Well... This is the translation of the first half...
I’ll try to translate it as best as I can... I know this is subpar, lacking some flowery language or description, but I hope this is understandable for the reader and more faithful to the source without omitting anything or adding unneeded parts.
But as I though.... I get stumbled on several lines... as my Japanese language skill is still meager, there also might be some mistake in this. Feel free to correct me anyway.
So, enjoy the first part.
I’ll will finished the rest slowly as time permit me.
And no, I won't translate new Tensei Slime Chapter, go pester Clown and my little bro for it....

Yukkuri Oniisan

103. The Monster Slaves

It’s difficult to interact with dreadful people.
That is also the same with the awfully frightened people, since it necessary to begin with calming them down.
Cow Head Race(Gozu) and Horse Head Race(Mezu), to make them obedient, I threaten them with Demon Lord's Ambition(Maou Haki), it seems to affect the weakling from the tribe.
For those people, they receive a “Gap[1]” from my lovely outward appearance, and held fear towards me.
Those people fear the gap, huh?
If those people reach agreement in territory recognition, cultural interaction and trade cooperation, I think they could eventually make ordinary and uneventful contact without being afraid.

A problem appeared here.
The last audience, the Long Ear Race(Elf) raised a grievance to me.
The people, who arrived, are an Elder and several attendants.
There is no female.

In the first place, this race is famous for their abnormal longevity. They are called ‘the heir clan of the fairies’, their life span is about 500-800 years.
But there is also large individual difference on their life span.
They reach adulthood at 20 years old and from that point they didn’t get old. Among the humanoid, they are a dreamlike race.
Therefore, the elf that was called “Elder” in front of me, his appearance also looks like a young man.
I’m told that just before they die, they will start to undergo sudden ageing, after 20-30 years they will became senile.
For that reason, their population is small; it’s one of their traits that they rarely have children.
Because of their long lifespan, it’s said that they have small desire to leave descendants.
Because I receive this information from the oneesan[2] on the “bar” at Dwarf Kingdom, the truth about this is uncertain.
Anyway, they’re elf, the descendant of the people who consort[3] with the fairy, spirit who undergo a transformation.
By the way, dwarf is also a race descended from the fairy.
Although in the ancient days, the fairy give birth to them after consorting with other races, so the fairy are their ancestors.
Though I don’t know what happened at that time, but I guess that the fairy can’t have children with each other.
As far as I know, the only living fairy is Ramiris.
Even if I ask Ramiris, she likely not remembered it. Maybe it was because she had reincarnated repeatedly many times.
While I was thinking about this, I hear the grievance from the elder.

The elder bowed towards me,

It is a honor to be granted an audience with an esteemed person such as yourself[4].
Today, for congratulating you, also....... to request something, these are the reasons why we came to here. (Elf’s Elder)
After he stated these words, he began to tell his story.
According to elder:
The villagers were abducted, so they wished for cooperation to help them, or so I was told.
He appealed with frantic expression; I had faith that he didn’t tell a lie.
I listen to his story in detail.
In the first place, elf can use many Illusion System Barrier Magic[5] that can disrupt someone sense of direction.
Moreover since they had long lifespan, I hear that they were protected by barrier that was established by master class users.
However, it begins about 300 years ago when one of the masters married into a foreign country.
Although it was a heretical action on the hidden village, that person left a hole on the projection that eventually could be replaced by young member, but.....[6]
100 years ago the neighboring Gozu and Mezu began their conflict.
To put it simply, it’s a bad event piled up on eah other.
From this, if only by disrupting the sense of direction, concealing the hidden village would be difficult.
They started to consider moving the hidden village, but no matter how vast the Great Jura Forest, to found their new home location would not an easy task.
In the meantime, attack from demon beast start to increase, they can’t maintain the barrier anymore.......
So they decided to move to the vicinity of human habitation.[7]
And so.... it can be said that this leads to the worst result.
To put it simply, it ended with the kidnapping.
There is in prohibition on monster slavery. Although Elf was a species of demihuman, but they were treated like monster.
But their treatment was depending on the country. Or should be said, depending on the bribe.
I’m told that although they had put a fierce resistance, but the people with Underground connection[8] with occupation that were called Hunter were snatching the youngster.

So then, is this a recent story? If several days had passed, isn’t this will be helpless?(Rimuru)

I need to confirm the important points.
And then,

Yes. Immediately after the large scale raid, we received information about the ascension of Maou-sama.
Therefore, as if it was heaven’s will, we decide to rely upon Demon Lord-sama.
Either way it’s hard situation for us, so we throw our shame and came here to request our plea.(Elf’s Elder)

I see.
Immediately after the raid, they came after received the news about my ascension as Demon Lord.
Without anymore way and on the verge of despair, I am their last hope.
But, is this a challenge for my affection for the elves?
In short, are they selling their conflict? I can finally open an “elf shop”[9] in our country!?  or so what I plotted in secret
I won’t allow this; this is not approvable at all.
No people would work hard without seeing the expected result.....

I understand. I will accept that plea.
In the event I success, there something I want to request your cooperation with. I will immediately commence the rescue operation(Rimuru)

Since I have promised, the elves decided to excuse themselves.
The village is no in condition to be habitable anymore, with resignation everyone was coming to here.
At any rate, if they separated, they fear the remaining people could be captured.
The number that they could take at a time seemed to be limited, so the Hunter only retreated temporarily.
After they handover the people they had captured, they will attack again.
I call out Souei in order to conduct examination on elf’s new location.

If the Hunter came back, capture them alive. I will make them spill out the material about their Underground connection.(Rimuru)
By your will!(Souei)

Souei promptly left.
This is all right.
After this, I decide to ask Myormiles about what he knows regarding the matter of monster slave.
And thus, fortunately the audiences with me more or less had finished, so I can start to investigate it.
For my dream to become the owner of the “Elf Shop”, I will not take a rest.


Immediately I went to Myormiles place.
I feel bad calling out to the busy Myormiles to here. So I decide to do it with this way.
Before I turn into an ornament[11], and with an orange decorated on my head, I quickly escaped the altar.
The greetings have finished, so the Executives can’t detain me.
Actually, I want to go to the dungeon, however “Elf Shop” is a serious matter.
As my first priority, I need to release the captured elfs.
With that said, I at once visit the workplace of Myormiles.

Well, well, isn’t this Rimuru-sama! Though you are very busy, is all right for you to take a stroll?(Myormiles)
Well... it’s very difficult, Myormiles-kun.
As the Lord of this town, it is my duty to greet the neighborhood.
Well, I have feeling that it was the only job I have, I think....(Rimuru)
Hahahaha. Well well. So, what your true business with me?(Myormiles)

Although he seems to be busy, immediately he entertained me.
What a reliable person.
We change the place in a short time.
While serving the tea, Myormiles start speaking about what he know regarding to monster slave.
I roughly know general content of the story.
But what I don’t know is about the Underground Organization “Cerberus”[12].
If you think Freedom Association[13] as the organization hat move on the surface, then of course there will be an organization that move underground.
The Freedom Association will deduct the tax when they pay the reward. While in Underground Organization there is no duty to pay the tax.
Of course that because the content of their work is illegal.
However, since this world have necessary evil, there are cases that couldn’t be requested openly.
Particularly for the people who dislike staining their hand like the nobles, underground organization “Cerberus” was useful.
Therefore, there even was an unspoken agreement, so the underground organization existence was tolerated.
The three heads of Cerberus symbolizing: “Money” “Women” “Power”. There were three person that was called “boss” who control the organization.
From what Myormiles said, except for Cerberus there was no other organization that handle monster slave.
It wasn’t an item openly operating that could overtake a city’s black market.
To put it simply, it wasn’t a big-shot organization that control people who managed the black market and it was not composed by people who worked in that place.
Underground is underground, there exist considerably detailed rule.

However, Danna[14]. Though Cerberus is not like Freedom Union, it was a considerably large organization.
Therefore, it structure was a level where it was difficult for one country to oppose them.
Due to their nature of business, they’re existed several transactions where they will be protected by the rule if they closely observed it.[15]
From legal works until illegal ones.
Since they can’t choose their work, that part was very helpful.(Myormiles)

So what I was told.
About slave, it was completely illegal if it were humans
But this time it were monsters, demi-humans. It was on the threshold of legal and illegal.

I see. Trafficking elfs, if not that organization then it will be impossible.
If they are unskilled, they wouldn’t be able to capture the elfs.....(Rimuru)

I grumbled.

Eh? You said monster, do you mean Elf?
Now that you said it..... Previously I was offered a proposal about Elf slaves.] (Myormiles)

Myormiler said something that he remembered.
Elf was a minority race. The total number was only about 100?
Those people couldn’t be turned into slaves easily.
No matter how I thought about it, there might be some connection.

I want to hear it in detail. Myormiles-kun?(Rimuru)

Receiving a chance in unexpected place, I obtained information that could be the clue to resolve the incident.
About a fellow called Viscount Kazak[16], Myormiles relate a story about that guy’s proposal to turn Elf to slave.
Because it seemed there was a ulterior motive behind him, Myormiles sense something fishy, so he said he rejected that guy.

That’s right, it was the same time when Rimuru-sama visited my shop, it was the person who held meeting me.(Myormiles)

I see, that guy, huh?
Even if I completely forgot my memories, Wisdom King Rafael could play the image in my mind.
After I see him, it was a shady looking guy.
Now then, what should I do?

That guy huh? To snatch people from my domain, can this be judge as him provoking a fight with me?
Normally, if a person was kidnapped from a country into another country, it would be war right?(Rimuru)

Just  in case, I enquire Myormiles.

Eh? Ah, yes. That’s right.
Even if there was a cross-border agreement, in case there is unlawful abduction performed against citizen’s will, it won’t be strange if it turn into war.
To avoid that situation, it was prohibited to trafficking slaves for the purpose of securing labor.
However, to claim elf as Tempest’s citizen, isn’t I will be difficult?(Myormiles)
No, why? If I have to said it.....
Because they didn’t live in this city, you won’t be able to claim Jura Great Forest as your domain, right?(Myormiles)

Hm? Somehow the topic changed over.
Jura Great Forest will end as my dominion, I have no doubt that this was something my people expected to happen.
For argument sake, even if Tengu persisted their stance on nonintervention, they would complain if they became my country citizen.
However, they live on my dominion and it was no more that I allowed a nonintervention pact with them. While it may be true that it was a nonintervention, I would not permit other country to participate in it.
I vowed on Demon Lord’s dignity, I would absolutely not permit it.

Myormiles-kun, Jura Great Forest is my dominion, therefore if someone meddling with people who reside in there, I would be able to say a complain, right?(Rimuru)
No, after all I decided it will be my dominion, I will send a letter of invitation alongside with my inauguration to the other country, right?(Rimuru)
Eh? That invitation letter was for inauguration to receive other country recognition on Monster Country Tempest?
To inform them about the inauguration of Demon Lord who ruled the country, and the story about opening the tournament, right?(Myormiles)

It appears that he made a basic misunderstanding.
By any chance, he don’t know? About the dominion that I governed.....

Myormiles-kun..... I want to confirm something with you, perhaps you don’t know about it?
About the dominion that I govern when I inaugurated as Demon Lord....
The dominion that I governed, was the entire Jura Great Forest, you know?(Rimuru)

When he noticed the dominion that I ruled, Myormiles became speechless.
His head went blank and he couldn’t understand the content of my words.
“Wa? No, but.....?” He couldn’t speak a word.
Just how great was the shock? I was sure that this was something people know about.
It was my mistake to be convinced that people knew about it.
If I think about it, I never explained something like ruling over the entire Jura Great Forest.

Waaaaaaa? Entirely? The entire Jura Great Forest!?
Eh? Rimuru Danna did? But, eh? Would that large dominion be recognized!?(Myormiles)

He was confused.
I pity him...... I might have cruelly deceived him.
There are guys who did something heartless in the world. Well, it not just me.
However, I wanted to wait. If the dominion is small, won’t it will be easy to invite others?
Since I will become busy, I solicited someone to help me.
“To what extent the work will entail?” I think it was his mistake to not investigate it.
“This tournament is over, so good bye!” I absolutely won’t accept this answer.
In that case, there will be no problem if I entrust everything to him.
And the words “Let’s us be partners”, please let me laugh.
Right? Myormiles-kun!

So, What did you settled in good vibes for!? What is “let’s us be partners”!
Am not I one-sidedly got deceived!?
By the way, it doesn’t mean that I have any problem on the work content, you know!?(Myormiles)
What? If that so then there will be no problem.(Rimuru)
I should say that it was too late now, you said that you will entrusting everything to me, right?
You don’t mean...... Jura Great Forest’s development, you entrusted it to me?(Myormiles)
Hahaha, you! That is still a matter in the future.
The important thing right now is about the Elfs.(Rimuru)

Although he want to object, but I decided to finished the talks.
Since the matter about the elfs is more important than that.
He recovered from the shock and Myormile’s expression turned serious.
I think that this guy recovery is fast.
Well, perhaps he just resigned to his fate though.....

Afterwards the talks proceeded fast.
Since I have a just clause, I think I’ll be able to openly press a question to Viscount Kazak.
So Myormiles suggested something to me

No, even if we catch that small fry, there will be no meaning.
If we cut the tail, it will flee[17]. This time, it might be quicker to move the King.(Myormiles)

So was his proposition.

*big cliff, I try to translate the rest.... maybe sometime.... 50% again*

[1] Gap: a highly advance Japanese popular culture concept where the outer or usual appearance have very contrast with their inner self. Like when a small loli that always show courage on every situation but then she actually afraid with Panda. Or if a harmless round bluish slime is actually a bona vide Demon Lord who easily kills more than 10.000 humans with one hand wave. That is “gap”. Seriously, watch some anime.
[2] It’s those kind of “oneesan”, *clear throat*
[3] Consort in the sexual meaning.... I think.... I want to write copulate but.... that’s R18?
[4] Omenikakaremashitakoto お目にかかれました事. It’s a super humble way to say that “To meet a superior person”. The current sentence form is from Hartesya suggestion. So thanks him/er... English language really needs a neutral gender pronoun...
[5]幻術系結界術 : Genjutsu Kei Kekkai Jutsu: Illusion System Barrier Magic. Have better Chuuni name?
[6] Really not sure about the later parts: here all the words: 隠れ里の中でも異端だったようだが、実力だけは突出していたらしいその人物の抜けた穴を、若手で補うようにしていたそうなのだが Need a help on this. Well, am I getting it right?
[7] For the reader who confused this is how I think the story was: First a master left his/her duty to maintain the barrier (projection?) and left a hole. In time there will be a person to replace him/her and close the hole. However before the replacement can do it, Gozu and Mezu began the conflict that disrupts the neighborhood peace. Threatened by the conflict, and unable to conceal their village without the barrier, they move to near Human Country since it’s hard to find new location in Jura GF.
[8] 裏関係.... Got any better idea?
[9] I think it’s those kind of “shop”. You know, where an Elf oneesan could pour drinks to Rimuru. It was his romance after all.... Does someone have better translation for this? 要するに、喧嘩売ってるよね, I was confused by the phrase “selling conflict” is this Japan idiom? My searching came with zero result....
[10] No diamonds like the usual I do, since the original have this
[11] Yeah we now Rimuru. You are great at imitating kagamimochi or another ornament.
[12] 三巨頭(ケルベロス): Sankyotou (Keruberosu): the meaning is Three Leaders (Cerberus)
[13] 自由組合 : Jiyuu Kumiai: It can means (Freedom/Free) (Union/Association/Guild)
[14] Danna: 旦那. Can mean master, boss, male patron, male of higher status. If adding sama to Danna-sama旦那used by stereotypical maid in anime/manga or by wife (in ancient or old family tradition)
[15] 商売柄、何度か取引した事も御座いますが、ルールさえ守れば丁寧な対応をしてくれます。 HELP..... I don’t understand...............
[16] カザック Kazaku. In the end he only a Zaku... Zaku renowned to be blown by MCs.
[17]尻尾を切られるのがオチです. Is this a proverb? I know about the proverb of lizard and tail, not sure about the English though equivalent....