23 June 2015

Chapter 1 Part 1


Part 1: A Certain Butler’s Worry

617nd YEHS, Bright-Half, 3th month, 3th day, Noon, not that the Nameless State follows the Midzu calender practice...

A certain gentleman stands in top of a certain Golden Wall, looks at the scene of carnage below through the parapet opening. He is wearing a simple but ornate English Edwardian-era butler uniform. His name – given by a high ranked Heaven Lord – is Mitteherz. He was told that the meaning of his name is “Loyalty()”. So truthful to his name, even in the long absence since the Heaven Lords departed from the mortal realm, Mitte()herz() loyally protects the Holy Land from foreign forces just like in the past.

20 June 2015

Our New World - The Prologue Part 2

Part 2: A Certain Princess’ Confusion.

662nd YEHS, Dark-Half 5th Month, 13th day, evening
Royal Capital of Perdient, Kingdom of Dinember, members of Seven Kingdom Alliance(Zekrion).

The castle is in uproar since morning. Numerous officials can be seen moving haphazardly between it floors and stairs. Some attending emergency meeting, another relaying message between ministry, or executing orders from his superiors. Some even surprised the maids working in the rather small corridor.
Princess Prisistka tih Hanarren pe Dinember, the 14 years old First Princess of Dinember Royal Family steals a glance on the chaotic corridors from her study room. Her teacher, the Royal Head Scholar Sauzis soi Jikusda is called to His Majesty presence some time ago. The left behind to study the Book of Royal Morals, Prisistka, become bored before long and become curious with the hectic officials.

17 June 2015

Our New World - The Prologue Part 1


Part 1: A Certain Old Man’s Rambling.

Near the border of Seven Kingdom Alliance(Zekrion) and Eastern Principalities(Soipora)  of the Former Rajul Empire lays the Nameless State(Chemkla). It’s called so that since it first encountered and appear in the Recorded History some 500 years ago, it had never engages in any form of interactions with the outer world whether it political, economic or military affairs. As such the name of this state is unknown, so the register Nameless State(Chemkla) was conveniently created to refer to this mysterious state.

Dunia Baru Kami. Pendahuluan - Bagian 1.

Yukkuri Oniisan


Bagian 1: Celotehan Seorang Pak Tua.

Konon katanya di perbatasan Aliansi Tujuh Kerajaan: Zekrion dan Kekadipatenan Timur: Soipora bekas negeri bagian dari Kekaisaran Wangsa Rajul terdapat suatu negara yang diberi julukan: Negri Tanpa Nama: Chemkla. Negri ini dinamakan demikian karena sejak pertama kali negri ini ditemukan dan tercatat dalam Suratan Sejarah sekitar 500 tahun yang lalu, negri ini tidak pernah melakukan hubungan dengan dunia luar baik daam bidang politik, ekonomi atau militer. Oleh karena itu, nama sesungguhnya negri ini tidak diketahui, jadi orang menyebutnya saja sebagai Negri Tanpa Nama: Chemkla.


I write because I'm bored...
So don't put your hope that the story would be great or something... As this is just a story I write to pass the time and vent my stress that was accumulated in my daily life (RL is a shitty game).

I hope your enjoy it.

And English is not my secondary language so expect some crappy grammar. Editor-like help is much appreciated.