29 October 2015

Tenseisha wa Cheat o Nozomanai. Volume 1 - Chapter 1

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The chapter 1 of the LN!

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Volume 1
Chapter 1

Now then, I need to organize my thoughts on this situation.
First of all, my name is Mira. I don’t have a family name, or a House name.[1] The common sense in this world is that a commoner doesn’t have a family name.
I am the second daughter of a farmer, and the youngest child of 4 siblings. In 10 days, I will turn 6 years old.
My family members are my grandparents, my parents, my 15 years old eldest sister, and two 14 and 13 years old older brothers. They are much older than me.

The current me has a blond colored fine soft hair. My eye is peridot colored. Even though we are only a farmer family, we have mirror, though the reflection is a little bad. So I’m not mistaken on the color.
Maybe it’s because I was a black haired, black eyed pure Japanese person in my previous life that I find it very colorful. I’m look forward to how will I turned out in the future. I ought to take a good care of my beauty.

Which remind me, in my previous life, I had stress induced stomach-aches. Although it wasn’t so severe that I vomited blood or that I needed to be hospitalized, I always carried stomach medicine. Does this world also haves stomach medicine? I shouldn’t accumulate too much stress or I could have stomach sores despite the fact that I’m still a child. I need to be careful. Eh, isn’t thinking too much is the origin of stress? Not good, not good.

The one, who just burst into the room before is my childhood friend, Gai. Just because he is 11 months older than me, he likes to act like a big brother to me. In the village he has a lot of boys and girls he considers as little brothers or little sisters.
Also, the house where I am resting in, after losing my consciousness belongs to the village chief. The reason why I lost consciousness was because Gai kicked a ball and it hit me on my temple.
Speaking of the ball, it isn’t a colored rubber ball, since it seems that this world doesn't have rubber. The ball’s core is a piece of wood that has been carved into a sphere and wrapped with a rag. This kind of ball, of course, is not something that can crack a skull.
When Gai was playing with the boys – although there was a girl – he kicked the ball wildly and it struck me in the head as I’m was going home.
Thanks to that I could recall things I previously couldn’t remember. However, it was half-baked.

I can’t recall my name, my gender, or my family from my previous life. However, I do remember that, I had just graduate from a university and was looking for a job. Though I can be called a jobless university graduate, somehow I found part-time job. Also, I was inflicted with a slight case of Chuunibyou.[2]
N~o~! I want erase it, I want to delete it! Especially the latter half of my dark history! Please God do your work seriously!

How to put it, the reason why I could remember, surely is that, right? The impact on my head.
The cause of death in my previous life was certainly a traffic accident. I was sent flying by a car that was speeding at me from behind and my head received a strong impact. Surely because of the common aspect between the previous accident and the current incident, the impact on the head, I could remember my previous life.

Let’s go to the plaza quickly, Mira(Gai)

Without being able to convey my thanks to the village chief for the medical treatment, my childhood friend takes my hand as I step down from the bed and forcefully drags me.

Since my heads hurt, be slower. Also I want to tie the belt and I haven’t worn my coat yet.(Mira)
Uh, sorry. But if we wait here, then the examination team from the Academy might leave.(Gai)
Examination team?(Mira)

Hearing my confused voice, Gai turns around and looks displeased.

What are you saying?(Gai)

Sorry, since I am still in the middle of grasping my current situation, I can’t distinguish right from left properly.
I smoothen out the wrinkles on my one-piece dress, and I tie the belt that is beside the bed around my waist. However I can’t tie it well nor prettily.

Today is the day when the examination team from Magic Academy comes to the village to conduct the pupil selection. In the capital there are a lot of children who enroll every year, but the children of farming village like Ilga Village must help with the farm right? However, there is a possibility that a prospective magician exist in such a village. Since it would be a waste to let that person end up as a farmer, every 3 years they come out to take a look. Also, since they give grants, we can also help to support our family and the village .(Gai)

I listen to explanation that Gai gave while I fix the knot on the sash, but no matter what I did, it didn’t turn out well. It’s strange. I always watch my mom when she ties my belt. For some reason the knot I tied was a vertical knot.

.…… maybe I’ll ask village chief’s wife or mom to fix it. (Mira)

I leave the belt that has vertical knotted as is, and wore my hooded-bolero-like coat. Then, once again I am pulled by Gai.

However, once every three year? The country diligently scouts talented people. This is the country’s project aimed at nurturing and rounding up future magicians that will be useful in technology development or as war potential. Even though there isn’t any great poverty right now, in times of famine the children could be sold by their family to reduce the number of mouths to feed. It was something that both the village and the family already know. Un. It’s a common story.

Also, about the clichéd of reincarnating into another world, I might had received some kind of special power – since this world have magic then the special power must be related to magic – that, I can already guess, will get exposed sooner or later.
However, I don’t remember any event about obtaining a cheat. Was it left out? Or was there no such even from the start? If I met with God at the time of reincarnation, then I have might be entrusted with troublesome mission along with the cheat.
N? What is it I wonder? I have a feeling I was involved with something. It seems to be something important…

What is it?(Mira)
What’s what?(Gai)

The words that I had unintentionally spoken made Gai turned his head to me inquisitively.

N… It’s nothing(Mira)

Since it’s not something that I could explain, I shake my head to dodge his question.
Well, whatever. If it was something important then I will remember it, right? No need to worry, no need to worry. Worrying too much about something is the root of stress you know, okay me?
Also, if I have cheat-like ability, it will surely be conspicuous. To be conspicuous means to attract trouble. That’s why it’s bothersome. I dislike bothersome things. After all the current me, even the me from my previous life, have a frail and weak body.

Ilga Village[4] belongs to Fimeria Kingdom[5] which is a country in the western side of the Euransia Continent[6]. Ilga village’s location is in the north-east region of the Fimeria Kingdom. There are 4 seasons, but throughout the year the climate is mild. The winter is here is only just somewhat colder than the usual temperature. In exchange the summer heat is so intense that it’s as if the sun never sets in those 3 months. Despite this, regardless of the season, I will always catch a cold.

By the way, in this world, one month is divided into 28 days. Each day is divided into 24 hours. Each week is 7 days. To name a certain day, it’s called by “The (1st/2nd/3rd/4th)week, (1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th/6th/7th)day.” The 7th day each week is a holiday. Each month has 4 weeks and one year have 12 month. A new year starts on the first month, and the school’s new academic year also start on the first month.
Since the months here have less days than Earth’s, and the fact that New Year = New Academic Year unlike in Japan, it’s easy to understand, so it helps me a lot. Also, I’m glad that this country doesn’t have frigid winter.

If I accumulate too much stress, my weak and frail body might get stomach-ache. So far, the me as Mira haven’t been tormented by stomach-aches yet. If my body is fail then I can’t enjoy the academy life as I like. But, when I first hear about the Academy, the first thing that comes into my mind is bullying.
What in the world happened with school in my previous life? I’m too afraid to remember. Or rather, it’s not good to think about it, okay me? It can stress me out.

Since I admire magic, I’m also interested about the Academy, but I will pass on taking the current examination. I want to surpass my current physical strength. Until the next examination, which 3 years from now, I will first forge my body through radio calisthenics.[7]
However, if I only want to learn about magic then I don’t think it’s necessarily to be fixated on the academy. If it is to acquire physical strength then I could ask Kuga-san[8] to take me as his disciple. When he was young, he went outside the village to exterminate monster, also he can use fire magic.
However, if I don’t enter the Academy, I won’t receive the grant money. I think that would quite regrettable.
For example, if I passed the exam, the Academy will send grant money to my family, which will really help my big family. That would be a wonderful story; however, it would also be troublesome for me right now. Not only I’m worried about my physical strength, but I also want time to familiarize myself with the class system and general customs of this world.
Besides after three years, maybe the hole in my memories could be filled. If I do indeed possess a cheat, I want to formulate a countermeasure to conceal it from other people…… or so I hope. Maybe.

After finished lecturing me, the village chief has gone to the plaza first.
The number of children who are at least 6 years old or didn’t get examined 3 years ago doesn’t even reach 10 people, including me. So, if we don’t go there quickly , the examination team could be gone.(Gai)

While I was in the middle of thinking about this and that, Gai’s head was fully filled with examination team.
Even so, I heard something good. The age requirement to enroll to the academy was 6 years old. So that means I’m not considered as an examination subject, since I’m only 5 years old.

But they came to here to find prospective magicians right? They won't fail in their task so easily, don’t you agree? Also, I'm only 5 years old so it is nothing to do with me.(Mira)

But if the village’s chief punish me and declares that the children that who will be examined doesn’t include me, then I will be finished, you know?(Gai)

So, ignoring age, huh? That’s fine. I will turn 6 years old in 10 days, but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m not an examination subject.
By the way, if I add my age of my previous life.…… I don’t remember my age upon death, but since I’m a university graduate then it should be at least 22 years old. Adding my current age of 5, then my age should be about 27 years old. That means that I’m a middle age woman. I receive a great shock after calculating this.
No-no, 27 is still young. There was a saying, “A man from 30, A woman till 30.” Are?[9] Since I am currently a woman, doesn’t that mean I will expire soon?[10]
Then how about, “People will gain weight, males until 35, female until 30”! Fuh, with this I don’t need to worry about how old am I.

Doesn’t the country check how many children are there in a village?(Mira)

Thus the matter of age has pretty much had reached its conclusion, so let’s tackle on the next problem, the risk of Gai being excluded from the examination. Of course I can’t use word like “National Census” since Gai might not understand it because it’s a word from my previous life.
In order to protect myself, I better refrain from saying unnecessary things.
In any case, isn’t it because there’s a national census that the examination team could come to this remote Ilga village? Then, if there is a child that has not been examined, they would find out about it, the village’s chief also won’t oppose a government’s order, since there is merit: the grant money.
I explain in words that Gai can understand and he nods.
Yes. It is best if he is able to understand. So, stop pulling my hand so strongly! The vibrations from walking too fast are shaking the lump on my head, you know!


We passed through the door, which was left opened ever since the first time Gai had burst into the room, and went to the corridor. After pushing open the door to the living room open, we find my Mom, Gai’s mother, and the village chief’s wife drinking tea together.


It seems that my mom had heard about my head getting hit and was called off from her workplace. Then, after finding out that it wasn’t anything serious, she drank tea with everyone.
Even thought I expected mom to come, seeing her figure personally makes me so happy that I separate my hand from Gai and rush up to her.
My current mother’s name is Nara[11]; she married my father, Egil,[12] when she was 17 years old. When she was 18 years old, she gave birth to the eldest daughter, Ema[13]. Now she is a 33 years old benevolent mother.

Ara ara[14], it looks like Mira has woken up. That’s good.(Nara)
I’m sorry, Mira-chan. My idiotic son[15] has injured you.(Gai’s Mom)

The mothers stand up as the hems of their one-piece dresses sways.
It’s not like the one-piece dress style is particularly popular or anything. Women’s clothing in this world – or at least for the women in our village – are all one-piece dresses.
It’s a simple sewing style. The skirt’s length is long enough to cover the ankle, the cloth is monochromatic and there has no patterns on it.

However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any ornaments. The women enjoy decorating themselves by tying the cloth belt around their waist in fashionable styles.
There are multiple ways to decorate yourself with the cloth belt: multiple methods of tying a knot, braiding and pleating the string, and also decorating the belt using colored stone or embroidery.

By the way, the men either wear a waist-length tunic, or a knee-length one, and their lower garments are trousers. There are also people that wear vests. Although the men also wear cloth belts on their waists, there are almost no one that decorates them.
There are cases of men having embroidery somewhere on their clothes, but those are mostly as presents from their lover or wife. It looks like having embroidery that didn’t come from your mom is something to be proud of.
However, among the males going through puberty, there are those who diligently make the embroidery themselves in order to pursue their own sense of individuality. What an otomen[16]. There also people who lie that the embroidery is a present from a girl when it was something they had sewed themselves. But they become anxious if they display it openly, since the lie will be easily found out in our village. And that moment will be the genesis of a new dark history.[17]
In addition, when someone needs to go out, they will often wear a hood, veil or a hat. Since the sunlight is really intense during the summer, it’s absolutely necessary for men and women of all ages. If they don’t wear it while doing fieldwork, it could be a matter of life and death. “Even if you forget to bring their lunch, don’t forget to bring water and shade.” There is a proverb like that.
Isn’t this world’s clothing is so “Arabian”? Especially since the veils give such a strong impression of it.

Mom strokes my head softly while carefully avoiding touching the lump.
It seems that some children rushed into the workplace and informed everyone about how I got hit directly by the ball that Gai kicked, and how I was carried to village chief’s house. When they mentioned “It’s the girl that always plays together with Gai”, it seems that my mother hurriedly rushed here. Gai’s mother, Ina-san[18], who works at the same workplace, also came along with her.

That’s right. Mom, the belt, I want it to be fixed.(Mira)
Ara, a vertical knot.(Nara)

Mother took off my belt and nimbly fixed it.

Since Mira-chan has awakened, should I brew a new tea?(Village Chief’s wife)

Village chief’s wife stands up and says this to others before going towards the hearth.

I’m sorry I made you worry.(Mira)
It’s okay. When I heard that you only lost consciousness, I was so relieved.(Nara)

After she finished tying my belt, my mother lightly hugs me while smiling.
I have actually recovered the memories from my previous life. But I don’t think that it’s would be a good idea to dump cold water like that on my smiling mother, so I decided to not speak about it unnecessarily.

Well then, here’s the tea.(Village Chief’s wife)
Thank you very much, Vasa-san[19].(Mira)
Mira, this isn’t the time to drink tea.(Gai)

Village Chief’s wife – Vasa-san – comes back with a big pot and two cups. I say my thanks to her as I reach my hand out, but Gai suddenly holds my hand from the side.

Don’t we need to go to the plaza?(Gai)
Ah, that’s right, since Gai is 6 years old.(Nara)
But Mira-chan is 5 years old. Her examination is still 3 years later. And as for someone to follow you, you can go alone, right? Since I doubt you will pass, I won’t need to escort you, right? Because I need to return to work.(Ina)

As expected, it seems that I won’t be able to participate until the next exam. If that’s the case, then I want to enjoy the tea since I’m thirsty.

Why do you already assume that I will fail? Well, I don’t care!(Gai)

Gai is annoyed by Ina’s words, but he’s no defeatist. Instead, he refused to yield on the matter regarding me and speaks even more strongly.

But since Mira will turn six years old soon, can’t she enter the exam as an extra(omake)?(Gai)

I don’t think the country official will allow for an extra, but that is only what I think. The adults look at each other and say, Well, ince there’s nothing to lose, so let’s go and watch.

But before that, let’s have a cup of tea before you go, since it’s already been prepared.(Vasa)
Thank you~(Mira)
Mira!! (Gai)

I receive the cup with a big smile on my face, and then some tea is poured into it. Gai is calling me bitterly, but I magnificently ignore it. After all, it’s okay. Drinking only a cup of tea won’t cause us to miss the chance for an examination. Maybe.

If Mira also comes, our boy won’t behave recklessly, so there won’t be a need to watch him.[20](Ina)

As if she was annoyed, Ina-san let out a big sigh.
What a thing to say. Even though Gai, as the youngest child, is a mischievous kid, what could he have done to lose his mother’s trust? I feel a bit sorry for her.

That’s right, since everyone from the examination team plans to stay at our house, they will come here when they finished the exam. I can hear examination test results later.(Vasa)

Vasa-san warmly sees us off as we depart for the plaza.


The way from the village chief’s house to the village plaza is a straight road. Ordinary villagers constructed their houses near the center of the village. People who deal with intense heat, like Kuga-san, or are responsible for the village’s defense are located on the outskirts.
In the novel about reincarnating to another world that I read in my previous life, the world’s townscapes are usually similar to Medieval Europe, however, the style of this world isn’t like Medieval Europe.
The wooden houses are designed to have good ventilation. Like a log-house… or a traditional Japanese house?
While I contemplating this in my mind, I keep walking together with Gai. We then arrive at the plaza and everyone’s attentions quickly focused on us.
At that place are Village Chief-san, seven children who are 6 to 8 years old, and the children’s parents, as well as a man wearing a hood and mantle along with four knights in armor. I guess that the mantle-man and the knights are the examination team. They are unexpectedly young. Also, the curious onlookers who had nothing better to do – or perhaps should I refer to them as the villagers – are watching attentively.
Ugh, scary. Stop looking, please… In my previous life, I commuted to the library for the sake of my hobbies, but I was a petite hikkikomori[21], so receiving attention from a lot of people is scary…

Mira. It seems that you have just awakened, are you still not feeling well?[22](Village Chief)
Ah, yes Village’s Chief-san. My lump is still painful, but I am alright. Thank you very much.(Mira)
I really appreciate your kindness.(Nara)
I’m sorry to constantly cause trouble for you.(Ina)

I bow my head to show my thanks to village chief. My mom and Ina-san also bow their heads to village chief.

Yes. I wonder if Gai has seriously apologized yet?(Village Chief)
…… That is.(Mira)

I’m tilting my head, so Gai seems to be worried.

I already apologized I’ve already apologized, you know(Gai)

Well, he has apologized, more or less. I stop messing with Gai and give a nod.

Well, I think it’s fine then.(Village Chief)

Village Chief-san turns to face the mantle-guy and knights-corps.

Sorry to keep you waiting. This child is the last one. Gai. Come here, these gentlemen are Magician-dono and Guardian Knights-sama from the capital. Now give your greetings.(Village Chief)
Seeing that it’s only Gai who is beckoned by the village chief, I felt greatly relieved. As I thought, I'm not considered to be an examinee.
The magician smiles, laughs, and prompts Gai to put his hand on top of the Crystal Ball. Is that a crystal used to measure Magic Power? Is it the type that will shine if you are confirmed to have Magic Power? What a standard clichéd trope, I thought while turning my attention elsewhere.


The big crystal that is enshrined on a cushion was deliberately placed on top of a box used to transport harvested vegetables. That’s nothing out of the ordinary. However, for some reason, inside of that crystal there is small person? Moreover, four people? They are about 3 heads tall[23], wearing tunics that are colored red, blue, yellow and green respectively. With their round and cute eyes, they stared towards my direction. I turned to look at my back.
There was no one there.…… as expected. Were they looking at me?
I turn my head back forwards and saw that they are still staring at me.
…… How cute.
Wah! No! Stop, Me! They are surely Emissaries of Trouble. To be fascinated by them is not good!


Meanwhile, Gai timidly placed his hand on top of the Crystal Ball.
Immediately, the small person in red made twitches and responds. He is looking at Gai, and with both of his teeny-weeny hands raised, waving towards Gai.

Cu-CUTEEE~‼ What's this? What's this? This is way too~ cute~!

I have been unintentionally staring at them when the surrounding became noisy, no, extremely lo~ud.

It was shining!(Spectator)
He has Magic Power!(Spectator)
Eh? No way! He passed(Ina)

Shining? Everyone is excited because the Crystal Ball shined. Certainly, I also saw the red light, but it looks like I was the only one who excited by the cute small people. Is this perhaps, because everyone couldn’t see the small people?

Since it was shining with a red color, that means he has good affinity towards the fire spirit. The light was also strong, so his Magic Power seems to be high.(Magician)

The Magician delightfully gives his explanation. After Gai released his hand, the small person drops his hands.
Except for me, it seems that everybody saw a light shining from the crystal. It was a red light, and then there was the explanation that Gai had good affinity towards the fire spirit. ―― Are those small people, by any chance, Spirits? The child in red looks delighted.
But why was I suddenly able to see them? If I’m not mistaken, special eyes are needed to be able to see the spirits.
Even around Kuga-san who could use fire magic, I never saw a fire spirit before. Is it perhaps, because I remembered my previous life?

Then I will go to the Academy, right?(Gai)
Yes. In this village you are the only one who passed. Do your best in your studies.(Village Chief)
Only me? Please examine Mira, too.[24](Gai)

Gai turned his head to my direction, and so did everyone else. Once again, I had become the center of the attention. Didn’t I already say that I’m still only 5 years old!

According to the name registry, he is the last one.(Senior Knight)

A knight, who was a little bit older than the other three knights, confirmed the parchment’s content with village chief-san.

Yes. Because Mira is still 5 years old.(Village Chief)
But in ten days she will become 6 years old!(Gai)
But the examination is only performed for the children who are at least 6 years old.(Village Chief)
No, it is “for children that will turn at least 6 years old this year”.(Magician)

Upon hearing the Magician’s correction, village chief-san is flabbergasted and stops talking.
Mom and Ina-san also become dumbfounded.
It seems that for a long time, the adults thought that the examination was only for children that had turned 6 years old by the time it was held.

See~, in the end, Mira will also have the examination.(Gai)

Shut up you BAKA.[25] Ah. My 3 years long rain check had vanished. If you had just shut your mouth, it wouldn’t have ended like this.

Yes, you can also put your hand on the Crystal Ball.(Magician)

I can’t escape from the Magician’s order. I had already resigned to my fate and the small people – I suppose – the Spirits are welcoming me with sparkling smiles. Please don’t look at me with those expectation-filled eyes.
The Spirits have the same hair and eye color as their clothes; the tips of their ears are pointy. The colorful tunics that I saw from afar have delicate frills, and the Spirits also wore various accessories. Somehow, they are quite fashionable people. I resolved my heart for the worst and placed my hand on top of the Crystal Ball.

What in the Spirits is this?(Spectator)

Their reactions are different from when Gai performed it. The Spirits… every one of them is dancing uncontrollably.

.……Fo-four colors dancing(Spectator)

The spirits are jumping, hopping and waving their hands while whirling around in circle inside the Crystal Ball. They are in high spirits. It seems that the other people saw it as 4 colored lights flashing alternately.


What a beautiful light!(Magician)

The Magician tightly grasped my hand.

Welcome! To Fimeria Kingdom Magic Academy.(Magician)

I couldn’t do anything except laugh.
When my hand parted from the Crystal Ball, the Spirits stopped dancing and were exchanging high-fives with each other. How adorable, yet how annoying. Yes, these little devils. Tsk.


These children are …… magicians?(Fathers)

After being informed about the test results by a messenger that was dispatched by village chief-san, both families’ fathers left their work early and were currently dumbfounded.
We are now in my house along with Gai’s family, and currently are currently receiving an explanation about the enrollment procedure for the Academy by the mantled man, whose name is Swyn Coolyard.[27] The Knights-sama returned together with village chief-san to his house after the examination.

Yes. Gai-kun has fire attribute while Mira-san has aptitude for all four attributes. Therefore, by learning at the magic academy they can develop their talent and possibly become Magic Knights or Court Magicians in the future, I think. Ordinarily, to learn about magic, there is a need to pay the tuition fee to the Spirit Society[28], however the National Academy is funded by the country. That means that for the successful applicant that had passed the Magic Power measurement exam, all the expense for tuition, boarding and so on, will be paid by the country and the supporting nobles while enrolled in the academy.(Swyn)

Swyn-san fluently gave his explanation and temporarily brought his words to a halt.
I know about the Spirit Society. It’s an organization that manages magic usage; of course their authority also reached villages like this. They are managing everything from magic used in daily life to magic used in combat.  However, for Ilga Village, such matters were closely managed by the village hall instead. After all, the numbers of villagers that can use magic are almost nonexistent. The only person I know that can use magic is just Kuga-san.
Since there were no new people who could learn magic, there was also no need for instructors. So for several years, there was not even a single temporary worker dispatched from the Capital. The grandfather who manned the counter can even be considered as a common villager. Ah, I’m sure that he also manned the hunter guild counter, too, though, he rarely received any hunted monsters.
Even though seldom happened, sometimes a magic beast, such as a mutated wild boar or deer, would stray from their flock and their meat would end up in the villagers’ stomach.

Um, are you alright?(Swyn)
Y-Yes I’m alright.(Egil)
Well, it’s unthinkable that our brat unexpectedly held enough magical power to pass the test..... (Gai’s Father)
I understand. However, nowadays it’s not only the nobles that can use magic. After the Eclipse Age, the magician’s bloodline has been widely distributed amongst the common people.(Swyn)

He paused the explanation since it seems that the dumbfounded fathers had some worries. Then they calmed down and nodded towards Swyn-san, who looks like someone in the first half of twenties.

Even so, the bloodline has become weak. I remembered that I heard about the Academy establishing their enrollment selection based on the amount of Magic Power the applicant holds.(Mira’s Grandpa)
Is that true, Grandpa?(Mira)

I have some questions about the term “Eclipse Age”, but I had missed the timing to ask them. I need to hear about it later. For the time being, I am curious about the Academy’s enrollment conditions. If it is about Magic Power, then doesn’t everybody also have it?

Yes. A long time ago when Kuga didn’t pass the exam, the magician examiner said it at that time.(Mira’s Grandpa)

Grandpa solemnly nods and then he starts telling a story about Kuga-san who couldn’t enroll into the academy.

While it may be true that he failed to pass the exam, it didn’t mean that he doesn’t have any Magic Power. If he had a chance to make an identification paper, his Magic Power could be confirmed. Actually, trading with other village requires you make one, so that means that you’d some Magic Power, more or less. That’s why that fellow become a Hunter’s apprentice, he studied under the Hunter until he was able to cast magic.(Mira’s Grandpa)

The job “Hunter” is referring to people who were affiliated with the Hunter Guild and undertakes requests like magic beast or monster subjugation, guarding merchants, or gathering medicinal plants. They are divided into ranks based on their abilities and everybody started at F rank. If they accumulated accomplishment as an E rank they would then rise into E+ rank. The highest rank is the S rank, which by the way, isn’t the level of normal humans anymore.
In other words, they are people who are on par with the Demon Lord in terms of magic or physical attack? Eh, when I think about it, I noticed: If its me, since my Magic Power is a cheat, doesn’t mean that if I aimed to become S rank I could really achieve it? Then, I wonder if I could live my live in ease and comfort!
The thought of using my cheat openly, leaving aside any unexpected troubles, made me immediately realized that it could become a problematic issue.
I don’t want to participate in battle. I don’t know any self-defense arts. Although I have cheat level magic, I can’t always depend on brute Magic Power. I can’t attack to my rear, and there might be a case where I can’t use my Magic Power. Having said that, if an enemy that appears in front of me and quickly closes in on me, then even if I would try to escape, my body wouldn’t be able to move in time due to a lack of reflex.
Even if it only a request to gather medical herbs, it doesn’t mean that I won’t have any encounters with magic beasts. After all, it was an occupation where combat ability is required.
Then, to becoming Hunter is a dream within a dream. As expected, aiming for a steady job as a Court Magician(Civil Servant) is the best, right?
When I inquire Swyn-san about the elimination type selection test performed in the past, he give a strained smile.

That kind of selection test is also used now. Although the purpose of it is to keep the Academy level at above standardized value, there also problems about the nobles who support the budget.(Swyn)

The children who come from villages enroll into the Academy basically receive grant money from the country, but the nobles, who like a close foster parent, gives the support aid. There are also children who commute between the Academy and their supporter’s house.
The excellence of the child who was supported by the noble became the noble’s prestige status, for that reason, not everybody will be admitted. The country’s finance is also limited. For these reasons, if a person didn’t have Magic Power above the standardized value, then they won’t be able to elicit any reaction from the Crystal Ball.
The “Shining of the Crystal Ball” doesn’t mean “possessing Magic Power” but rather means “possessing Magic Power above the standard value”.
On the other hand, there is no selection test for the nobles that could pay the expenses from their own pocket.
Most of the noble’s children possess more Magic Power than the standard value; however, if their Magic Power is weak, there are two paths for them. The first path is to train and work through the Spartan courses in the Magician Class or the Magic Knight Class. The second path is to enter the Knight School where they will learn about military arts and where magic is not as important if they didn’t want to embarrass themselves.
No matter what they choose, it’s a difficult route. It looks like the life of a noble child is very hard.

Judging from the Crystal Ball’s reaction, Gai-kun and Mira-san’s Magic Power are amongst the highest of the children who are enrolled in the Academy. Especially Mira-san who has 4 attributes. That’s very rare. So if I could get a signature on this enrollment document, I need to contact my superior immediately, since it’s necessary to select the nobles who will become the supporters.(Swyn)

After saying this, Swyn-san took out four parchments. They are each thickly written with overly elaborate alphabet-like characters.
Woah, are these the letters of this world? Then, if I go to the academy, I’ll need to remember all of this, right? I wonder if I will be able to? In my previous life, I always dreaded the English Language subject. Ah, I found Arabic numerals. Lucky! Since its the decimal system, then I could easily perform calculations. I can do the basic mental arithmetic operations, so come at me!

These are for both families and the Academy. I’ll sign the document as a proxy for the Academy. Please review the contents.(Swyn)

The fathers take the parchment to their hands and start reading it carefully.
I look at my Dad’s face which has a serious expression, since I couldn’t read the document, I only peek from the side. With a plop, a big hand is placed atop my head. It’s my Dad’s hand.

Do you want to go? (Egil)

I tilt my head in confusion.

If I don’t want to, then I don’t need to? (Mira)

Dad only made a small troubled smile in response.
If I pass the test, it doesn’t mean that I absolutely have to enroll into the Academy right? I look at Swyn-san, but he also only smiled and doesn’t say anything.

I want to go! Are Mira sure doesn’t want to go? Really sure you don’t want to do it?(Gai)

Gai take my hands and firmly look into me. This time, I tilt my head in the opposite direction.
To go or not to go? That is the question. If it is possible, then I don’t want to go, but I deliberately ask myself:
Since I have Cheat-level Magic Power and I will hate troublesome things that will pop up from the sidelines from here on out, nevertheless those troublesome things might still occur unexpectedly, so I want to at least learn some countermeasures for them. If I refuse this time, I don’t think I will be able to get another chance to learn magic with the conditions s favorable as the ones I had heard just now.

I’ll go.(Mira)

A Combat Job is out of question, but with the skillful use of my Cheat, I can become a Court Magician and possibly secure a high income. It’s impossible to have a living condition on par with the one I had in Japan, but it’s still possible for me to hope for a good employment, so if I’m able to send a remittance I’ll be able to do my filial piety.

May I also go, Dad?(Mira)

I look at Dad and he pats my head once more.

I understand. You may go.(Egil)

With this, the matter had been settled, so they took turns asking detailed questions session such as what goods should the parents preparing to bring from home, when we will return home during summer and winter break, who will be in charge of the money, et cetera. Finally they signed the documents.

Then, I will take my leave. We will be staying in the village chief’s house. We plan to leave the village in three days. If you still have any questions during those days, please feel free to call me.(Swyn)

Swyn-san is a noble but he didn’t act haughtily during the entire conversation and he bowed politely as he left the house. We also sent him off while bowing deeply. After we can’t see him anymore we start the important task: shopping.


Today is the 12th month 1st week 2nd day. After welcoming the New Year, the new school term will start on the 1st month 3rd week 1st day. Travelling from Ilga Village to Capital City will take about 5 days by carriage. But, if we waited until the money grant arrived before begin the travel preparation; we wouldn’t make it to the capital even after the new term’s classes had started.[29]
Because it is also important to greet the supporting nobles, it’s also necessary to take this into consideration while planning the departure date from the village. Therefore, we could begin our preparation for the travel only by breaking our savings. If not for the grant money, it would have been very costly, even thought we only paid for the stagecoach fee.
After we had made various preparations and decided the departure day to be in one month, there was a sudden change. Three days ago, we were having our family meal together, when Swyn-san accompanied by the examination team captain Rubens Kenan-san[30] once again came to visit our house.

I am sorry for the sudden meeting, but could we ask Mira to depart together with us in three days?(Swyn)
When we sent our report to our superior, they ordered us to guard and escort the young lady with four attributes to the Capital(Kenan)

Adding to Swyn-san’s words, Captain-san also spoke.

I am thankful for the kind request, but we doubt there is enough time to make preparations in two or three days.(Egil)

Dad had a serious looks on his face.
Unlike in my previous life which had easy transportation, in this world, it takes a lot of time to travel from one place to another. Of course, there is also possibility that one might encounter wild beasts, bandits, monsters, and magic beasts, so there are a lot of dangers. That’s why the coachman had to know martial arts and it also necessary to employ Hunters as escorts, which means that additional fees are required. In other words, the fee for the stagecoach is very expensive. Escorts included.

It would be no problem even if the preparation time is limited. We have portable emergency rations, but we will also purchasing food at the next village. The things that the children will need will also purchased along the way.(Swyn)
Because we know this is an unreasonable request, of course all the expense will be shouldered by us. Until a supporter has been decided, the Coolyard House will be responsible for their stay at the Capital. (Kenan)

The goods will be prepared by Captain-san while Swyn-san will be responsible for our stay at the Capital.
I pulled at my dad’s sleeve and asked Won't this way safer?. Dad silently nodded.

Then, I will go together with the Knight-sama(Mira)

If it will ease both my parents’ and the village’s worries, even if the preparation time is shorter, I will accept it without complain. However, because I couldn’t spend my sixth birthday together with my family, I felt a little lonely, but this doesn’t mean that this will be a final farewell.


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[1] The original was 苗字 and 家名.
[2] Don’t know about Chuunibyou? Watch some anime or click here.
[3] The Japanese sfx was ゼイゼイ
[4] イルガ村Iruga-Mura: Ilga Village
[5] フィーメリア王国 Fiimeria Oukoku: Fimeria Kingdom
[6] ユランシア大陸Yuransia Tairiku: Euransia Continent.
[7] Radio callisthenic or radio exercise, is what Japanese kids usually do in the morning.... Here a Youtube link for it.... By the way I always do schoolwide callisthenic every Friday morning when I was an elementary and middleschool.... (we do Tai-chi instead in my Highschool)
[8] クーガー Kuugaa: Either it Kuga or Kugger or Cougar.... Cougar sound wilder, I think...
[9] Are あれ, a Japanese expression to express a confusion like “huh?” “wait a moment?” “That means?”. I leave it like it is since it’s cuter this way... (or just my preference)
[10] Expire in the meaning: become an old maid.
[11] ナーラ Naara: or Nara since Nala is too Lion King (⦿⦿)
[12] ェギル Egiru: I render it as Egil
[13] ェマ Ema: Ema is ema as ema is ema....
[14] Ara-ara あらあら. “My my” or “oh dear” or etc. A trademark of a character with ladylike manner in Japanese anime and manga. Btw, Nara ends her sentence with “wa” a very ladylike female speech style.
[15] The original is うちの馬鹿 Uchi no Baka, that means “the fool/idiot/stupid of our home”
[16] Otomen: A portmanteau of  Otome (おとめ/乙女) with Men. It means a men with otome (girly) characteristic like have high skill in housework, or like reading shoujo manga, or like BL (This doesn’t means that are homosexual, they might have straight sexual orientation). Just read: Otomen manga by Aya Kano
[17] Well... Who never do something stupid when they are teenagers...
[18] イーナ Ina. It’s read “EE-NA” not “AI-NA” for you English-speaking reader.
[19] バーサBaasa. It could be read as Vasa or Bertha (somehow)
[20] It’s the classic Osananajimi Effect: A Rough Wild Naughty Boy only show his soft side towards his female childhood friend.
[21] Petite: A little bit, a small, diminutive. Hikkikomori: A recluse or a shut in. In other words a person with mild case of reclusive personality either due to mild social phobia, mild agoraphobia, or mild schizoid personality or other social avoiding psychological tendency.
[22] The (Still Nameless) Village Chief speaks in Old Men style of speech that uses a lot of Jya. Think male version of Shiroyasha from Mondaitachi LN.
[23] That is their height is about 3 times their head height. The so called Chibi-proportion or Super Deformed... *Go play SD Gundam, come back after 2 hours...*
[24] I presume the reason why Gai is insistent about Mira taking the exam is because he wants to go to school together with Mira... And he’s just a 6 years old... I fear how he turned out in the future.
[25] BAKA from a girl is priceless..... Seriously this is one of the most used word in Japanese popular fiction that even used for bakatsuki and bakaupdates
[26] Chiito ga Kita!
[27] スイン・クルヤード Suin Kuruyado: I’ll decide to use the most Chuuni name: Swyn Coolyard.
[28]精霊協会 Seirei Kyoukai: (Spirit/ Soul) (Association / Society / Organization ). Since Soul Society is already taken by Kubo-sensei for Bleach, I choose the Spirit Society for the Lulz.
[29] If One month have 28 days. And today is 12th Month 1st Week 2nd Day. And the entrance ceremony is at 1st Month 3rd Week 1st Day. There is still 41 days left. If the journey took 5 days, then they need to at least depart on 1st Month 2rd Week 2rd Day to arrive before the entrance day.
[30] ルーペンス・キーナン Rupensu Kiinan: Rubens Kenan