30 March 2017

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 6 Part 8

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Another HikiNEET Chapter!
By the way, in case you don’t know… HikiNEET RAW had been completed at 519 chapters. This chapter is the 75th, so there is still 444 chapter remaining! With my pace, it will take about 4 years to complete! Fret not, Yukkuri will keep translating in his slow leisurely pace!

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Bandou Tarou (坂東太郎)
Yukkuri Oniisan
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Chapter 6. Yuuji, Changing Job from Pioneer to Farmer
Part 8 : Yuuji, Guiding around the House

Umm……. Kevin-san, I wonder what's going on(Yuuji)

28 March 2017

Tenseisha wa Cheat o Nozomanai. Volume 2 - Chapter 3

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Sorry, for being very late. RL keep preventing me to fulfill my noble duty, LoL… I warned you people: never become a doctor. The wage is not worth the job you had and patients this day think that they are more knowledgeable from reading google result rather than my gruesome 4 years of book-hitting and 3 years of hospital-wiping education. No, that herbal/wonder drug won’t cure your type 2 diabetes, hypertension or any of degenerative disease. It’s called a degenerative disease for a reason…… You can’t cure it, but you can treat and control it from causing more complication…

Without furthermore medical rant, here the chapter.
Also please remember Mira always call Filseria as Hime-sama as her name substitute.

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Natsuki Aoi 奈月葵
Yukkuri Oniisan

Volume 2
Chapter 3

Days had passed since the time I talked together with Princess in the arbor at the park and it now was the Sixth month where the sky continued to be spotless blue without any clouds. In Japan, the rainy season would begin, and it would be a hot and humid season, however, Fimeria Kingdom had no rainy season.[1]

27 March 2017

Isekai de "Kuro no Iyashite" tte Yobareteimasu - Volume 1 - Chapter 2 Part 4

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With this chapter is finished. That means I have covered 1/3 of the first volume TT_TT…… Sorry for my slow speed……

Also, Reene's way of speaking for her monologue (inner dialogue) is kinda cute. In Japanese she often ended her sentence with ~mon when she complained and ~ne for anything else. She speaks normally with other people, though. So she is basically rather childish at heart, even though she is (almost) a college graduate. Due to my limitation in English writing skill, I can’t properly convey her childishness or cutesy way of talking to English. Really sorry for this.

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Fujima Miya ふじま 美耶
Yukkuri Oniisan
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Volume 1
Chapter 2 Monster Subjugation at Camiazure
Part 4

Well then, shall we begin?(Leon)

23 March 2017

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 76

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Sorry for being late…
Once again, my plan get heavily delayed due to a vicious RL component called: work schedule.
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This time its Eira’s attack!
Prepare yourself Kazura!

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すずの木くろ (Susunokikuro)
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Chapter 76: Late Night Tea Party

Later that same day at midnight.

In a spacious room that had just been granted to her 3 days ago, Eira lied down on the bed.
Eira’s room can be called as a 16 tatamis[1] wide room in the Japanese standard, for a room assigned to a servant, its wide was above the standard.
The first-class carpet that had been spread out on the floor, the bed, the tables and every other prepared furniture was obviously of excellent elegant quality.

20 March 2017

Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki. Main Character List: At the Third Arc Conclusion.

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Not really a chapter.
Next chapter is Larvyde’s turn again…

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Main Character List: At the Third Arc Conclusion

United Kingdom of Elfrieden and Amidonia (or Friedonia Kingdom for short)

Souma Kazuya

A modern Japanese person, 19 years old. Before he entered the university, he was summoned to another world as a hero, but with the previous King Albert’s authoritative pronouncement he became the King of Elfrieden. After he rebuild the kingdomm he wanted to relinquish the throne; however, he remade his resolve to rule the nation after the Amidonian War. After the annexation of Amidonia, he was hailed as  The Grand King of Friedonia[1]. He held the power of Living Poltergeist.
Living Poltergeist】…… The ability to manipulate several objects at will by replicating consciousness into it. It is possible to perform more delicate operation if the manipulate object is in the form of living creatures (like humanoid dolls).


Liscia Elfrieden

A girl who looks good in platinum blond ponytail hairstyle, 18 years old. Souma’s tentative fiancée. The daughter of the previous King Albert. A Princess with military leaning that even held a Kingdom Army’s officer title. Souma’s First Queen Consort candidate, love Souma, and had resolved herself to support him. Held a camaraderie[2] sense with fellow fiancées Aisha and Juna, but often had a love competition(PLAY) with the greedy Roroa.

Aisha Utgard[3]

A dark skinned girl with silver hair and pointed ears. Age was unknown (her appearance was about 19 years old). Possessed an extraordinary military prowess as a warrior of the dark elves that reside in God-Protected Forest. She had been given the title of Dame of the East Wind, as the chief of King’s Guard, but since she was also the Second Queen Consort, she was referred as the Dame-Queen of the East Wind[4] instead. Even after she had became the Second Queen Consort candidate, she continued to protect Souma.

Juna Dohma
A blue-haired girl who is called the descendant of Lorelei. 19 years old. She possessed a voice that did not betrayed her beautiful looks. Held a commissioned officer rank in the Navy, but after the dissolution and the reorganization of the navy, she held her duty in the capital. While she was the Prima Lorelei whom support Souma’s Royal Voice Broadcast’s entertainment program that used, in the future she was the tentative Souma’s Royal Consort. Amongst the member she held the position as the oneesan.

Roroa Amidonia
17 years old. The Princess of the enemy nation Amidonia, but for the Amidonian citizens’ sake and the country, she intruded herself as Souma’s Third Queen Consort. She held an unique business sense, which she used to financially support Souma’s reign. She held no interest in politics, but she intend to become Souma’s First(Favored Queen), and so she had quite a play(competition) with Liscia.


Tomoe Inui
A wolf-eared girl from Faewolf Tribe, 11 years old. After fleeing her hometown from the Demon Lord’s Army invasion, she stayed at Elfrieden as refugee, but Souma discovered the ability Creature(Monster) Conversation that she possessed, which ushered her to the position as the former Royal King and Queen’s adopted daughter (Liscia’s step sister). She lend her assistance in the establishment of the Rhinosaurus Transport and the Pongos Corps.

Hakuya Kwonmin

A young man who wear black clothes.[5] A genius that could recite the law, and studied many knowledges from astronomy above to geology below. A genius in political intrigue and diplomacy that support Souma as the prime minister. Since the enactment of secret alliance with Grand Chaos Empire, he had a periodic contact with Empire’s Sister General Jeanne. Other than exchanging information, they also shared their complaint of their respective lord.[6]

Poncho Ishidzuka Pannacotta
A plump man who had a fondness to culinary matters. Had the experiences trying food around the world, which he used to support Souma. He had been bestowed the title of Ishidzuka, which means The One who Persistently Search for Food. Because of his rule in solving the food shortage problem, he was appointed as the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. As the result of solving the food shortage on both Elfrieden and Amidonia, he was revered like a food god by the people of both countries.

Ludwin Arcus
The handsome(ikemen) commander of the Elfrieden Kingdom Royal Guard Knights. He was recognized as the future supreme commander of the Friedonia Defense Force, but at the present he was still studying his role. He was deeply trusted by the subordinates.

Halberd Magna
A young officer affiliated with the Royal Amy. 20 years old. A former Kingdom Army’s officer, but Souma pulled him over with his childhood friend, the magician Kaede, as his subordinate. He held an excellent valor and prowess, but had a bit weakness in the brain. Since he was close to age with Souma, he was permitted to treat Souma as a friend.

Kaede Foxia
An Earth Magician affiliated with the Royal Army. A 19 years old fox-eared girl from the Faefox Tribe. Halberd’s childhood friend. Souma discovered her strategic vision talent that could see through the true nature of things, and so she was appointed as Ludwin’s strategic officer in the Royal Guard Knights. She had a timid tone of speaking, but when she was talking with Halberd, she had a domineering tone.[7]

The former Prime Minister during the former King Albert’s reign. The current chancellor[8]. A half-elf in his prime of life. He understood the meaning of the previous king’s abdicating the crown to Souma and supported him even though he was just put into the throne. Since Hakuya had distinguished himself, Marcus relinquished the Prime Minister seat to him, and then became a background veteran who manage the general affair inside the castle as the chancellor.

Excel Walter
The current Supreme Commander of the FDF, former Elfrieden Kingdom Navy Admiral. She was from Water Dragon(Mizuchi) Tribe[9] which have pirate ancestry. Her appearance was of a woman in her mid-twenties which belies the fact that she had lived for more than five hundred years. She was an iron lady that wasn’t only dabble in war fleets but also in politics. Castor’s mother in law.

Castor Valgas
A dragonewt or half dragonfolk. The former Air Force Marshal, he rebelled but was defeated by Souma. Currently he was under Excel’s custody.

Carla Valgas
Castor’s daughter. She was a dragonewt that looks like a 18 years old. Her mother was Excel’s daughter, so she was Excel’s granddaughter. She was defeated by Souma when she rebelled with her father, currently she was working in the chambermaid corps as Souma’s slave. She already acknowledged Souma’s worthiness, but she really wished that Serina stopped “teasing” her.

The chief maid of the chambermaid corps. She looked 20 years old but she was actually a SS-maid[10]  with unknown age. As a maid working under Liscia, she was really capable, but she held a bad habit of “teasing” cute girls (not of ill-will, but since she fond of inducing their shyness). Currently, she had bookmarked Carla as her favourite.

Gatsby Colbert
The former Minister of Finance of the Amidonia Dukedom, but he became Souma’s retainer together with Roroa. The new Minister of Finance of Friedonia Kingdom. Since he held the unheard position of Souma and Roroa’s chaperone, he was entrusted with the purse’s string. Worked as the manager of the song princesses in his spare times.

Royal Voice Broadcasts Related

Chris Tachyon
A half-elf beauty who worked as the Royal Voice Broadcast news program’s announcer.

Nanna Kamidzuki
An energetic beastfolk girl that came from Nine Headed Dragon Archipellago.[11]A Lorelei(Song Princess) who can sing cool songs skillfully.

Pamyu Carol
A youthling girl. A song princess in charge of cute songs. She looked like an elementary school age girl, but she was already an adult.

Komari Colda
A naïve and simple classic beautiful girl(bishoujo) from human race. Held a developing singing voice that could be expected in the future of post-Juna Dohma era.

Margarita Wanda
A human woman that became a Singer from her previous position of a general in Amidonia Dukedom. With her courage tempered in the army that won’t lose to any men, she was the pillar of newly born Friedonia show-biz.

Orpheus(Song Knight) Group YAIBA
The counterpart of the female idol Lorelei(Song Princess), the three-member male idol Orpheus(Song Knight) group. The member composition was the former Amidonian Army Knight, Ax Steiner, the beastfolk Kotetsu Bry, and Pamyu’s brother of the youthling, Kukri Carol.


An unknown black tiger masked person. The leader of the Special Intelligence Operations Squad Black Cat under Souma’s direct control. He supported the kingdom from the shadow with his covert actions. His true identity was unknown. You get it, capisce?

Albert Elfrieden
the former king of the Elfrieden Kingdom. Liscia’s father. Not daring to resist the Grand Chaos Empire’s pressure on him, he performed the Hero Summoning and became the person responsible to summon Souma to this world. He didn’t had any good point nor bad point, a mediocre king, but he noticed what Souma can accomplish and so abdicated his throne to Souma.

Grand Chaos Empire
Maria Euphoria
The Empress of Grand Chaos Empire. She was popular from her policy to aiding the weak which made her referred as The Empire’s Holy Maiden. Had a secret alliance with Souma that rule Friedonia Kingdom. She looked like a sweet innocent girl but it seems that she had a sloven side in her private life.

Jeanne Euphoria
Maria’s imouto, but at the same time the number two of the Empire as the supreme general that lead the army. Compared to her sister that lead an idealistic tendency, she was more realist, and became someone who supported her sister underneath. She often exchanged complaints with Hakuya Kwonmin who was in the same position like her.


You know what?
I should mod-in Souma’s stat and play CK2 as Elfrieden characters (I think Souma is Midas Touched, but should Hakuya receive Elusive Webweaver or Grey Eminence? Or I just slap both of them and make him super courtier). I need to activate concubinage so Souma could marry 4 women though.

[1]大王Or the High King, or the King of Kings, or Basileus toon basileoon, or Shahanshah or Maharajadiraja. For those who curious, the ruler of Ancient Japan styled themselves as大和大王the Grand King of Yamato
[2] Borrowing from French camaraderie, from Spanish camarada, from cámara (“bedroom”), from Latin camera (“a chamber”). Literally “one with whom one shares one’s bedroom”. Since they will ‘share the shame bedromm’ IFYWIM. I like etymology.
[3] For those who weak in Norse Mythology: Utgard is the Anglicized version of, Útgarðar (literal meaning: "Outyards"), surrounded a stronghold of the Jotunn. It is considered as one of the three eternal world, the other two are Midgard and Asgard. In symbolic meaning, Utgard represent the land of the barbarians, e.g. peoples further from the heart of civilization, and (not or) the wild, whether be of nature, or body or mental states, which serve the elves description of a race previously rejecting the outside world.
Aisha means: "She who lives" or "womanly", which is a popular name in Arabic world, also an irony since Aisha lack womanly traits.
[4] The first is 東風侍, while the second one is 東風侍妃. = means, someone who serve, a servant, a samurai. While means Queen/Consort. Fun fact, in French the Queen of Cards are called as Dame. Dame de cœur, Dame de carreau, Dame de trèfle, Dame de pique. Actually I want to put it as Dame-Reine, but then it would become too weird…
[5] Remember that black clothes also have a figurative meaning as: someone who support behind the scene, the string puller, the stage hands.
[6] Hakuya >< Jeanne anyone?
[7] I could see, Halberd as being dominated by Kaede when they get married.
[8] Actually its 侍中a position of a direct retainer of a king or emperor, the word itself descended from the Central Secretariat 中書省from the classical Three Departments and Six Ministries system of Imperial China.
[10] SS= Super-sadist, the English counterpart of Japanese term “do-S”

16 March 2017

Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki. Arc 3 Epilogue A

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Sorry for being tad……late… Okay really late. As you see, various RL circumstances happened and so it prevent me from investing my time to this blog. Hopefully the future will be not that busy, since I am rather hate working as I am basically a no good NEET at my personality core.

Also changing Hulbert into Halberd, since his father is Glaive. If he married with Kaede, I think their children will be named Pike, Bill, Bardiche, Guisarme, Fauchard, Voulge, Naginata, Ranseur, or Guandao.

Okay, prelude over. Now the chapter.
Expect another release tomorrow! (No, not Genjitsu. My other projects)

DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee that my translation is 100% correct. Please correct me if I was wrong.

Yukkuri Oniisan

Postwar Arc
Epilogue In the Middle of the Snow… A

06 March 2017

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 75

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Without any announcement: Here is your chapter!

DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee that my translation is 100% correct. Please correct me if I was wrong.

すずの木くろ (Susunokikuro)
Yukkuri Oniisan
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Chapter 75: Money Raising Conference

……Ah, sorry. It’s only something that I wanted to try saying for a bit.(Kazura)

An awkward sweat appeared on Kazura’s forehead as he apologized to all the people present in the room who were looking motionlessly at the marbles which appeared from the bags.