24 August 2019

Nihonkoku Shoukan. Volume 1. Chapter 3 Part 4

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Chapter 3
The Counterattack
Part 4

Kingdom of Louria. Qua-Toyne Relief Force.

As the Japan Air Self Defense Force's F-2 fighters from the JSDF East Ejei Base attacked the armed insurgents’ port, the Aegis system of Myoukou detected approaching aerial units. Half of those blips went to the port while the other half seemed to be guarding the Capital’s airspace.
The number of bright blips on the radar was 150, which was such an overwhelming number. However, although their number was large, their speed was only about 230 km per hour, and so it can be guessed that these were aerial units with fighting capabilities equal to wyverns that they had shot down in previous naval battle. So their threat was basically: Nothing.
Since the distance from the Capital to the port was only about 40 km, the ASDF must have already detected them, but just in case, they notified the F2 fighters that were currently flying in the sky and the F-15J Kai fighters which were in-flight towards the Capital.


About 20 JASDF F-15J Kai fighters, which took off 30 minutes after the F-2s from the JSDF Base, were flying towards the Lourian Capital’s Port. Their objective was to eliminate the aerial units that would probably sortie due to the attack on the armed insurgents’ port, secure air supremacy above the Capital’s airspace while at the same annihilate any enemy air units.
The F-15J Kaiair superiority fighter is a modernized – upgraded electronics – version of  F-15J, which was produced under license by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, based on F-15C Eagle developed by the USA-based company, McDonnell-Douglas (now had merged with Boeing). With MSIP (Multistage Improvement Program), it was also referred to as F-15 MJ. The thrust generated from its powerful engine made it possible for the aircraft to have a max speed of Mach 2.5 and an operational range of 1,900 km.
Back on Earth, it had been upgraded many times and were still actively in use.


The squadrons of F-15J Kai had already detected a large number of air units deployed above the Lourian Capital and the Port slightly away from the city. The pilots followed the standard operating procedure in a swift and precise manner and prepared to engage the targets.
Their distance to the targets was already less than 100 km and inside the missiles’ effective range.
From the radio communicators, a clear order was stated.

Open fire!!

The solid fuel on the missiles equipped by the 20 F-15J Kai  began to ablaze.
From both hardpoints under the wings of the F-15J Kai, the 100 km medium-range AAM-4 missiles were launched and then immediately flying at the Mach 4 speed. With a thunderous roar, they zoomed over the sky to destroy the wyverns that were flying above the Kingdom of Louria.


Kingdom of Louria, Capital Jin Haag, Airspace above the Port.

The 2nd and the 3rd Dragon Knights were flying in a circle to guard over the royal capital. The scene of 100 wyverns flying together was magnificent and the citizen of the Capital had overflowed into the streets to have a glance of their gallant figures.
Thanakane was also there, guarding over the capital together with his seniors.


He seemed to take a glimpse of something moving really fast.
Immediately after he moved his line of sight, the senior wyvern, who was flying in front of him, exploded into pieces. The scattered remnants of former human and wyvern fell down, pulled down by gravity.


Thanakane yelled his surprise. But that surprise didn’t end just yet.

H-…… hey!!

Suddenly, the wyvern he rode with started to dive down.

Hey !! Hey !! Don’t move on your own.

He had a great skill to maneuver his trusted partner as if they were one body, but his skill in dealing with a wyvern’s instinctive fear during a battle was still very inexperienced. However, ironically, his inexperience saved him.

Kugh... !! How can the King of the Sky be frightened like this!?

Without minding Thanakane’s scolding, the wyvern swooped through the air. When it almost reached the ground, it immediately changed its orientation and killed its speed just before it would crash, but ended up awkwardly landed while tumbling hiddenly under the Third Wall surrounding the Capital.


Thanakane, still tethered to his lifeline, had fallen from the wyvern and rolled on the ground. Dust was on his mouth and eyes.

Auch, auch…… Da-damn! Hey partner, just what on earth……

He approached his partner, but the wyvern was looking on the sky while shivering in fear.
Thanakane also followed it gaze direction and looked at the sky, where a disastrous scene was in play.

What…… the…… !?

Just beyond their point of view, there were figures of his friends exploded one after another by some sort of attack. The wyverns, previously numbered 100, has been rapidly reduced, with only 10 remaining.
The explosion, the cracking noise, and a shower of blood and flesh. An obviously bizarre scene unfolded in the sky, as the eerie demonic scream of death reverberated in the Capital Jin-Haag.


The people living in the Capital had no idea what had happened for a moment, and everyone doubted their own eyes.
The moment the cracking boom resounded, when they looked up, there was a rain of dark red.

Whaaaa!! What! What is going on!

A merchant was in a panic at the blood bathing them. A woman lost her calm at the ghastly sight and screamed.
It didn’t take long until the whole Capital was wrapped in chaos and the Capital Defense Knights realized that something had gone wrong, terribly wrong.


Thanakane tried to encourage his wyvern partner to take flight again, but his partner didn’t respond at all. In the meantime, some arrowhead-shaped object flew at an ultrafast speed while shooting light bullets which reaped the lives of the remaining Dragoons. With a thunderous roar, it climbed and then disappeared into the distant sky. Thanakane was familiar with the speed of wyvern, but he never saw, no… not only him, but every citizen in the Kingdom has never seen something moved this fast.

No…… This can’t be happening……‼ ……If this is a dream, please wake me up…

Friendly wyverns were shot down one after another. In just under the timespan of few minutes, all wyverns had disappeared from the sky of the Capital Jin-Haag.


The Royal Castle was in great tumult like a disturbed beehive, The Royal Chief Magician Yamirei was running with 100 Royal Magicians following him. The first line of defense – beyond the bows and arrows range – was the duty of the magicians. They couldn’t see any signs of the enemy on the plains. Since elevation and fire rate of the attack were the maximum priority, they climbed the stairway leading the top of the inner walls.

Huff……! Huff……! Huff……!!

The magicians were run out of breath.
Finally, they reached the top and looked up. There couldn’t see any figure of their allies anymore, only the enemy flying around at great speed.

Curses─── Don't just act like you own the damn place!! Everyone, let's show them the power of the Royal Magicians!!

They lined up side-by-side and raised their canes in unison. They began recited their spells, and flame bullets formed at the tip of their cane.
It was aimed at the enemies in the sky.

Take this!! Fireball.

On Yamirei’s signal, fireballs comparable to a wyvern’s boosted flame shot were launched towards the sky one after another with a speed similar to a baseball thrown by a professional pitcher (~150 km/h).
One hundred people released one shot every 30 seconds. The 200 fireballs per minute that were continuously fired looked like the tracers of an antiaircraft gun.
At first glance, it looked like a powerful anti-air counterattack ───
But their magic, which was far slower than a fighter’s speed, never managed to land a single hit.


Kingdom of Louria, Capital Jin-Haag, Northside Port

Vice-Admiral Hoyle had been rendered speechless.
The additional attacking enemy units quickly flew away after causing huge damage to the Port.
By the time the Kingdom of Louria’s 1st Dragoon Knights arrived at the port, there were no enemies that remained.
Just when the Dragoons dancing above the Port tried to return to their Base, suddenly several Dragoons were engulfed by a white smoke as a thunderous explosion noise could be heard.
The soldiers at the port looked up at the sky, wondering just what has happened this time. As the chunks of the demolished Dragoons scattered, several more wyverns were disintegrated. At this time, the Dragoons realized that they were being attacked with by unknown arrow-shaped objects. The thing that attacking the Dragoon had a power that was really similar to a warship’s bombardment. Even the veteran Hoyle had never seen something that could fly at such speed. With an unbelievable climbing power, it disappeared into the sky.
It was just several minutes. In just several minutes, the 1st Dragoon Knights that came rushing to support the Navy, had its entire unit annihilated.
Perhaps because of the feeling of his own powerlessness, or perhaps because of the grim fate of his subordinates and comrades, his anger towards Japan surged out.
The warships and the port facilities were burning. The air was filled with screams and rages. It was a scene of Hell.

Since it comes to this……

He pondered. From the look of it, 1500 ships were still safe. The important port facilities also haven’t been destroyed. The barracks were still fine.
In a naval battle, Japan will defeat them one-sidedly, so it was out of the option. However, Louria could pretend reinvading Qua-Toyne while actually moving towards Japan and make a night landing. In one strike, bringing the invasion to Japan’s own shores.
They couldn’t win on the air or the seas, but if it was land battle, where large armies are moving with a plethora of tactics then…… If they received a direct attack, then Japan, which had sent their army away as reinforcement, would pull their army back home and the attacks on the Kingdom of Louria would be weakened.
Hoyle decided to propose attacking the Japanese mainland to King Louria.

Th-……. That’s…… Japanese ships ──!!

Someone screamed and so Hoyle turned to look at the sea.
From behind a small island offshore of the port, a small island-like ship appeared.

「── It’s that one!!

He could recognize that ship anywhere. He’d seen it in his nightmares many times over. A greyish ship that he could never forget. The figure of the dreaded ship that had sunk nearly 1,400 ships of his comrades in the Rodenius Sea with just several ships.
It was still about 8 km from the port. He knew from the last battle that even from this distance, his opponent’s attack could still reach his position.
His mind raced. If it was closer then he could sail several warships and kept it away from the port, or he could even inflict damage on it. However, the ship’s distance from the shore was 8 km. Before any of his warships reached that ship, they might get annihilated from its magic weapon attacks.
On the other hand, even if Hoyle and his men didn’t do anything, that ships' magic weapon attacks will still reach the port.
Hoyle resolved his mind and gave out his order.

Don't use the warships, you'll be crushed! Use the rowboats! Bring out all the rowboats, row the oars to your limit, spread out, and then attack the enemy ship at the same time!! If there is any usable rowboat, use them all!

After they received the order, the soldiers prepared for a sortie while fighting against their fear. They took out the rowboat, board it with a minimal crew so they wouldn’t be slowed down, and started rowing the oars at full power. When about 100 rowboats had departed from the port, the ship unleashed its destruction and the next moment a violent explosion struck the port.
At an unbelievable rate of fire, the high-powered explosion magic-like attacks were continuously projected on the port. The remaining warships, port facilities, and logistics were disintegrated. Several other enemy ships joined, and together, the storm of destruction escalated even further. Not only clouds of smoke on the land, but on the seas, pillar of water sprouted over and over again.
Vice Admiral Hoyle, who was determined to fight back at Japan, together with a violent light, departed from the world.
With the shore bombardment from the 127mm Compact Guns of the Destroyers, the Kingdom of Louria’s port facilities had turned into embers. After they had confirmed that all assets on the port and on the seas had been completely destroyed, the Destroyers moved to beyond the coast visual range.
In the current engagement, the JMSDF and JASDF had sunk the remaining 3,000 enemy warships and completely destroyed the port facilities and logistics. Amongst the damaged facilities were the naval repair docks and the naval headquarter building.
Thus, the Kingdom of Louria’s Navy had been completely eradicated.


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