Unfinished Original Story Project

These are stories that was salvaged from the depths of my old laptop.

Since it's a shame to left these stories just inside the dark digital depth of HHD and the corner of my memory, let just put it in internet, so that everyone can laugh at these stories

This is a story that was the result of me using FF1 template, dysfunctional characters, humor, and Gratuitous Germany in a blender. Then mix the result with my chuuni mind. The Knight is a 'pervert', the White Mage is tsuntsun with no dere, the Black Mage is sweet girl, and the Monk was sophisticated as hell. Plus a negative Red Mage, a really good heart Thief, a tagging along royal scholar, a runaway princess, and two eloping halflings. They need to beat 4 Elemental Beast, fixes the world mana circulation, and mending the broken timeline.

This is a story that was the result of me mixing Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider, many adventurer trope, One Piece, Japanese Light Novel standard fantasy setting, mythology from West to East, and a cast of stereotypical character. Thousands years ago there was the Ragnarok, War of the Gods, Gods creates many mortals race to fight their ware of supremacy. Then after senseless slaughter for thousand of years, the Gods disappeared, leaving the races confused. Then a voice from the Heaven proclaim: "The Age of Myth had passed, the Age of Mortals had begin". Since then the remaining 36 races rebuilt their war-blighted Nine Worlds (out of the original Twelve Worlds, Three Worlds had lost to void, fire and ice). Then 500 years ago, among great Political Conflict and Civil War of the World Empire, a Historian named Iscar found "the past that no one should know", he was deemed as too dangerous for authorities to let him alive. Not fearing for his live but for the past information that want to be erased by the World Empire, he cast the hint of where to find information about it on a 30 silver coins that was soon called "The 30 Iscariot Silver Coin" and gave them to his friend to hide them on eight corner of the nine worlds. After leaving message about them, he disappeared, never to be found by the authorities, the World Empire then collapsed and become footnote of history. What kind of past that it hiding of? But many thinks that he know something about the disappearance of the Gods and how they could come back. Meet the Main Character, Margarita Perula, a tea-loving, claustrophobic, forgetful, Historian undergraduate student (secretly she's half-human), and Kazto Mistarche, an airhead, nerd, history-otaku, archaeologist wannabe, alchemist genius, that had glasses fetish. Together with Kazto's two bro-con not-blood-related stepsisters, and Kazto best friend wanted fugitive swordman that had imouto-fetish, they will found a Iscariot Coin by chance when searching for something else, and will be chased by Governments, Secret Organizations, Open Organizations, Cults, and many others in their searching for the truth of the Nine Worlds, and Rita thought that she only do this only for summer vacation. By the way Kazto Mistarche family is really messed up (the grandpa is dating a loli-vampire, his father is the an honest man that as dense as Caesium that somehow always surrounded by little girls, his mother is his father Assassin-turned-Stalker-turned-Yandere-turned-wife that originally asked to kill his father) the only sane man is Kazto poor little brother (that was also a protagonist of my other story, set several years after the event of NWC, even in this new story his bad luck never end....)
A Slice of Life story set in High Stellar Spacefaring Civilizations settings. Focused on a newbie team joining an older team of space traders that deliver stuffs between fringeworlds of various space polities. What can go possibly be wrong? (the answer? a lot)


  1. 4 elemental beasts? Like Seiryu, Suzaku, Byakko and Genbu?

    1. Yeah.... But mixed with some description taken from 4 Beast of Book of Daniel and 4 Beings from Book of Revelation....
      Sadly, I never wrote they down that far.... I'm lazy.....