23 June 2015

Chapter 1 Part 1


Part 1: A Certain Butler’s Worry

617nd YEHS, Bright-Half, 3th month, 3th day, Noon, not that the Nameless State follows the Midzu calender practice...

A certain gentleman stands in top of a certain Golden Wall, looks at the scene of carnage below through the parapet opening. He is wearing a simple but ornate English Edwardian-era butler uniform. His name – given by a high ranked Heaven Lord – is Mitteherz. He was told that the meaning of his name is “Loyalty()”. So truthful to his name, even in the long absence since the Heaven Lords departed from the mortal realm, Mitte()herz() loyally protects the Holy Land from foreign forces just like in the past.
The enemy army is already routed and retreated, and just like usual, after the last enemy soldier reach a certain distance, the Purple Fog start to gather and fall down like an advancing dividing curtain. Touching this fog is fatal, so Mitteherz gives order to Gate Knights to stop pursuit the enemy, evacuate the casualties and retreat to safe distance. The Purple Fog soon will engulf the whole top wall and the front gate plaza but for some strange reason cannot go behind or inside the wall, so with the other Gate Knights, Mitteherz withdraw to the Inner Gate Room.
Inside, three Knights clad in Golden Armor stand before him, giving him the latest situation report. The enemy previously sends about 100.000 soldiers to attack the West Gate as a diversion. While the whole Gate Knights are preoccupied by this, they receive spirit message that the enemy had sends its much larger main army to breach the South Gate. Leaving only 200 Knights and 2 Guardian to defend the West Gate, Mitteherz and the rest of the Knight went to reinforce South Gate in hurry. Luckily the enemy is very weak unlike the other Heaven Lords’ Holy Knights that attacked in the past. The enemy’s equipment and skills is also very poor. Even without the Heaven Lords presence, he is confident that the Gate Knights can repel the enemy just like the six previous attacks with minimal casualties.

“We surmised the total enemy is about 1.000.000 soldiers. We decimated about 400.000 soldiers before the enemy ranks break and routed. The damage received by the wall is insignificant but the Gate durability is reaching its limit. If the enemy attacks the South Gate again we can’t guarantee it won’t be breached by the enemy.”

One of the Golden Knights, Commander Freiheit reported.

“If those cursed Purple Fogs are just not there, we can pursue and completely destroy the enemy's rear rank and prevent subsequent enemy attacks.”

The other Golden Knights, Commander Lichkeit yell angrily.

“We must still be vigilant. Even though the enemy member is weak, but their numbers is huge. We mustn’t underestimate the enemy, or we will end engulfed by them and brought ruin to ourselves.”

The last Golden Knight, Commander Gleichheit calms his comrade.

“I give you three the freedom to act as your discretion gives. Keep up the good work to protect the Holy Land.”
Mitteherz accept the Commander’s reports and thoughts. They are veteran that had seen countless battles far more horrible than the last battle.

“Give me the casualties report.”

This is the one aspect that gives Mitteherz hard time.

“We lost 105 Knight’s lives, 35 Knights is gravely injured, and 354 Knight is lightly injured.”

Gleichheit gives his report, he is glad that the casualties are this small since the enemy outnumbered their knight corps by 1:500. But, hearing this make Mitteherz frowned. It is not that he naively believed he can win battle without sacrifices, but because the sacrifices itself is relatively significant and irreplaceable. The original 2000 strong Gate Knights now only had 1567 active members left, but with the new 494 casualties, their current ready to musters is only 1073 or half of its original strength. This is bad in case the enemy decided to attack again, this attrition war is unsustainable for the currentGate Knights.

Without the Heaven Lord’s Divine Blessing, no new Gate Knights can be recruited, since the Divine Blessing gives the Gate Knights their great physical and magical ability. If the number decreased further, defending the gate will be difficult with depleted Gate Knights capability. The last resort is to defy the Holy Principle and draft the Common People to take weapon and help fighting the enemy. But, Mitteherz had doubts about their battle performance. But if he could, he wants to keep the Common People daily lives undisturbed, they already had their hands full since the shutdown of World Servers throw the entire economy and livelihood out of windows.

How long can he protect the Holy Land? This makes Mitteherz head had tension headache every day. But this is his holy duty and he will carry it out until his last breath.

“We will conduct the Glorious Fallen formal funeral tomorrow. Please give the Castle’s Condolence and appropriate material compensation to the bereaved families. Send the wounded to get treated by the Healer, any knights deemed fit for duty to quickly return to his post. Keep a state of high alert for spirit message about further enemy attack.”

Mitteherz gave his order.

“Yes, Sir Keeper!”

The Three Commander answered strongly.

“I declared this meeting is adjourned.”
“Glory to Heaven Lords.”

The four of them shout together.

Leaving the Inner Gate Room, Mitteherz gaze on the silhouette of Holy Land City in the horizon. Not long after, a gentle voice greets him from behind.

“Blessing from Goddess to you, Sir Keeper.”

Mitteherz turn his head behind and found a young woman with long blond hair that was parted into two that resting in her shoulders. She is wearing an elegant frilled light green colored maid uniform. Her name is Gemirea, one of 12 Guardian that receive some of the Deity Power from the Heaven Lords. Many men admired her for her looks, but for Mitteherz it’s irrelevant.

“Blessing for you too. How are the Knights conditions, Miss Gemirea?”

Mitteherz sees her white apron is stained with red blots in various places. As one of Fille d’Printemps, Gemirea had high proficiency in healing magic, so she helps on the rear rank as medical support personnel when the battle ends.

“The wounded Knights conditions are improving. I estimated that most of them can make full recovery in two or three days, but I think 27 of them are debilitated in such way that they cannot perform their duty as Knights anymore.”

Gemirea said with a sad tone. They said among the Guardian that she had the kindest heart, and they are not wrong.

“If only the Heaven Lord is here, then the Lords can restore their bodies back to health, and even revive the fallen knights. If they just here, we could avert this miseries.”

Gemirea said bitterly, not because of malice or regrets, but because her desperate faith in her Lords ability. Even if the Guardian and the Gate Knights had some skill in Healing Magic but they cannot regrowth lost body parts or reverse deaths. It’s the realm of the Heaven Lords who can tamper with Mortal Souls and Vessels with their Divine Blessing.

“Refrain yourself from the thoughts Gemirea. While I know your feelings but don't let it cloud your heart with despairs.”

Warned Mitteherz. Unfulfilled hopes lead to despair. He knows that since the departure of Heaven Lords more than 2 years ago, most people hearts are visited by doubts and ill thoughts about their situation. Some even says that the Heaven Lords had abandoned them and enjoying watching them drowned in confusion and misery. Thankfully no riot had occurred for the last two years.

“I seek you forgiveness, Sir Keeper. I know it was selfish of me to desire the Heaven Lords' assistance just only in this place when they had greater duty to battle the False Gods for our safety.”

Gemirea truly regret her selfish desire. She realizes that she doesn’t have authority to order Heaven Lords to do what she wants. It’s a foolish thought. She should be thankful that the Heaven Lords give her place of refuge and to be her home.

“I think the Heaven Lord won’t prosecute you for this, so will I. Although I understand your thinking, but we must wait patiently and do our duties just like what we do all this time. Such is our place and positions that was given to us by the Heaven Lords. Don’t you agree Gemirea?”

Mitteherz said this from the bottom of his heart.
Before Heaven Lords descend from the Creator Goddess’ Will, the whole universe is at the mercy and whims of the cruel False Gods. The Heaven Lords battle this False Gods and restore the Ailing World and protect its inhabitants. They build Holy Landsacross the many worlds to be the place for Common People to live on. In return, the Common People works to help supplying the Heaven Lords to completely liberate All Creation. Such is the mutual gives and takes between Common People and Heaven Lords, a divine being that surpass them in many aspects.

“I understand, Sir Keeper. I too will perform my duty until the Heaven Lords Descent.”
“I appreciate your effort and work, Miss Gemirea. I expect many great deeds from you.”

Suddenly eight brightly light pillars shoot from the High Heaven to Holy Land Castle. Mitteherz, Gemirea, the Guardian, and other high ranked people then received succession of spirit messages inside their mind.

17-08-0002; 12:00:00 Yusis – had logged in
17-08-0002; 12:00:00 Iusticia – had logged in
17-08-0002; 12:00:00 Haimona – had logged in
17-08-0002; 12:00:00 Terranova – had logged in
17-08-0002; 12:00:00 Alciel – had logged in
17-08-0002; 12:00:00 Stellahymne – had logged in
17-08-0002; 12:00:00 Melbiena – had logged in
17-08-0002; 12:00:00 Unapietra – had logged in

“!!!” Almost everyone who receives the messages is flabbergasted.

The Heaven Lords… Had descended!

“Gemirea, quick! Contact the Castle! Ask the Guardian to greet the Lords and prepare proper reception ceremony! Raise the Alert Level and increase the castle security! Ask all Guardian and Gate Knights not in Gate Watch duty to return to the castle swiftly! Also release official statement to the People about the Descent of Heaven Lords!”

Mitteherz quickly gives his command.
Gemirea didn’t waste any time to give any verbal response, but promptly send spirit message relaying Mitteherz orders to Guardian and other high ranked people. Mitteherz feels really glad, like a heavy burden and lingering doubts finally dispelled completely. His usually frown full face now had a joyful smile on it, the kind that Gemirea haven’t seen since a long time ago.


(For the CJK challenged: Mitte/Middle {} + Herz/Heart {} = Loyalty {})