08 April 2018

Nihonkoku Shoukan. Volume 1. Chapter 2 Part 2

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Chapter 2
The Kingdom’s Miscalculation
Part 2

“Red-Eyed Jove”, the Captain of the 15th Cavalry Squadron of the Louria Kingdom’s Hawk Knight Order, licked his lips to the sight of preys in front of him.

…… Target discovered.

It was a group of 200 elves, mostly composed of old people, women, and children. They were 3 kilometers ahead, but if there are no obstacles and he has 5 minutes allowance, then he could catch up with them easily.
He fondly remembered Gim. The order from his superior was the best: “You could do what you like, even ‘play’ with them.”
He remembered the cat-eared demi-humans in Gim. The husband-wife couple was desperately begging for their life, but they were killed without any hesitation, and their daughter was wretchedly violated in front of her parents. She was screaming and crying, but her scream couldn’t do anything. After her use was over, she was also killed.
Jove observed the preys, dark emotion surged all over his body.
The Hawk Knights Order was called the best even amongst Louria Kingdom’s Eastern Lords Army and was extolled as mighty warriors. Amongst them, the 15th Cavalry Squadron was a gathering of ruffians. They were bandits or pirates who obtain merits during Louria Kingdom’s age of expansion, given a peerage and became nobles.
Their Captain, Jove was someone with especially cruel personality even compared with his members. If they didn’t please him, he would even kill his subordinates in the battlefield and covered it as killed in action.

Now then…… Should we hunt? Listen! Kill every of those demi humans‼ Charge‼

The 15th Cavalry Squadron yelled out their battle cry and dashed towards the elves. Savage battle cries and horse gallops reverberated on the calm plains.


Parun pulled Aisha’s hand as they ran feverishly.

It’s alright, onii-chan will be protecting you without fail! Don’t worry!

Parun behaved bravely, but his heart was full of fear. He knew that the other party was a group of devils who come to kill them for real.

(I am scared! I am scared‼ Had we done something bad? Won’t God help us? Please do something! Something…… at least, protect Aisha!)

As death approached, Parun remembered the bedtime story he heard from her mother.

──A long time ago, a Demon Lord appeared on the North Continent.
The Demon Lord, accompanied by his powerful monster subordinates, invaded Philades Continent and many cities disappeared in the blink of an eye.
Elves, Humans, and Beastfolks couldn’t resist the Demon Lord Army separately, so the various races joined hands and create an organization called Interracial Union to combat the Demon Lord’s Army by using each race’s strong point. However, the Demon Lord Army was so strong that even the united races couldn’t match, and the Interracial Union suffered defeat after defeat, and the veteran warriors died in battles. With the number of people able to fight decreased, the Demon Lord Army killed many Elves, Humans, and Beastfolks. More than half of the Philades Continent fell into Demon Lord’s Army and then they invaded Rodenius Continent across the sea.
The Interracial Union retreated repeatedly and finally was cornered on the Elf’s Sacred Land, the Divine Forest where the Elven God resided.
The Demon Lord Army recognized the high magic power Elves as troublesome being, and so to exterminate the Elves, they launched an attack on Divine Forest.
To protect the race that is like His children, the God of the Elves (the Forest God), raised His prayer to His own creator, the Supreme God, the Sun God. The Sun God responded to the prayers of the Forest God and sent his messengers to this world.
The messengers of the Sun God came riding Divine Ships that fly in the sky or Steel Land Dragons, with might sorcery that burns the land together with a thunder-like roar, they burned down the Demons.
Although the Demon Lord Army retreated from the Divine Forest after losing their main force, the messengers of the Sun God exterminated the Demons in the Rodenius continent, and even destroyed the Demon Lord Army that ruled the Philades Continent.
Elves, Humans, Beasts were saved and spread to the whole world.
Elves tried to give gold, silver, and treasures to the messengers of the Sun Gods as gratitude for their help, but they never took it and boarded on the Divine Ship before departed.

But one of the numerous Divine Ships broke down and remained in this land.
That Divine Ship was given a long lost ancient magic, the Space-Time Delaying Storage Magic, and is now carefully kept in the middle of the shrine in the Sacred Land of Leen-Nou Forest, on Qua-Toyne Principality.

(Mother said that this story really happened……)

Parun prays while running.

(Oh God, God! Oh, Forest God‼ Oh, Sun God!! If you are really there, please help us now……‼ I don’t care even if I had to become a sacrifice. Please…… Please at least save my imouto!! Oh, God please deliver us from the evil hands of the Louria Army that are trying to kill us!!)

Has Parun’s desperate prayer never reached? Nothing happened.
Louria soldiers savagely approached.

Go ahead, run away‼ If you are dawdling, you will get killed, you know!

He could hear ruthless yell as well.
As far as his eyes could see, they were still in the grassland, he realized that it was impossible to escape.
Even if there were weapons, it was only bows to repel beasts and farm implements.
Whether to fight or being slaughtered ── Some of the villagers had given up.
Their distance was less than 500 m.
Everyone gave up.
Parun faced the sky and shouts.

PLEASE GOD ──!‼ Help ussssssssssssssssssss!!!

A light passed over the boy.


Is that a sunlight? Is that an arrow?
No, it’s the freaking Sun God’s messengers.


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