03 April 2018

Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki. Arc 4 Chapter 5A

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Enlightenment Arc
Chapter 5 As a Person A

Continental Calender Year 1547, mid-Thirdmonth

It was late in the night, the dark reigned supreme over Capital City Parnam, as three shadows running through its streets. As if to avoid the light, the shadows traveled on the back alleys without any light moss streetlamp. They repeatedly turned around to look at their back, as if they were pursued by something. And then,


Kugh-(Shadow 3)
「「!」」(Shadow 1& 2)

The moment they heard the stirred air sound, one of the shadows fell forward. Sticking on his back was a Kukri Knife (a small curved blade). The pursuers will soon arrive! The moment the shadows realized this they decided that it would dangerous if they remained in this place and soon running separated to left and right direction. Every presence behind them seemed to be pursuing to the left direction. The shadow who ran to the right felt pity at his comrade while at the same time, he also felt relieved that he had able to escape. However,

「!?」(Shadow 1)

The shadow stopped. It was because there was a presence of an unusual man stood in his way. That man appearance was bizarre. He was wearing a seemingly skin tight black metallic armor and a black Sword Tiger mask.

「『Parnam’s Black(Kuro) Tiger(Tora)……(Shadow 1)

The shadow unconsciously muttered. Recently, there was a rumor amongst the “weeds”. There is a Black Tiger in the Friedonia Kingdom, and the “weed” who saw him never returns. Why, even though no witness ever returned, there were people who know about him? Because that Black Tiger only rooting out the “weeds”, he didn’t lay hand on a certain merchant who saw his appearance by coincidence. Judging from merchant’s vague testimony and the information of the whereabouts of the “weeds” at that time, “In the Capital there is a Black Tiger”, became a common knowledge amongst the “weeds”.

And then there was this rumor. If while spying, you encountered Parnam’s Black Tiger, the first thing you do is to run. The Black Tiger is not someone that could be defeated. But then that rumor was closed with the remark …… Well, as if you could escape, that is.When the shadow encountered the rumored Black Tiger himself, he could agree that the rumor is true. Even though the Black Tiger was just standing still, the shadow couldn’t find any gaps of weakness in him. It was just like a veteran warrior that had threaded many battlefields.

Surrender. My Lord is a merciful one. If you do not resist, I will guarantee your safety.(Black Tiger)

Perhaps due to the mask’s effect, the Black Tiger spoke with a muffled voice. His words weren’t as if he had any care about his opponent. It was in all respect, no more than a very formal ultimatum. However, the shadow who should have been cornered, “smiled”.

~~ scum, we are not afraid to die!(Shadow 1)

After saying this, the shadow pulled out the two shortswords from his waist and leaped upon the Black Tiger. The two swords approached the Black Tiger. However, the Black Tiger lowered his waist, unsheathed his “oodachi”, and slashed down at the man, cleaving him into two.[1]

!?(Black Tiger)

The next moment, the cleaved body of the man was wrapped in flames. From the beginning, it seemed that he had been intending to seal his own mouth by dying and burn his own body to remove any trace of evidence. What a commendable loyalty…… In the past, The Black Tiger might think so. However, the current Black Tiger didn’t have any thought like that. If there was any meaning of a death born out of loyalty, then it would be if the Lord grieves for him. To die for a Lord that uses his subordinate’s life as disposable asset, would be only a vain death.

Kagetora(Shadow Tiger)-sama.(Black Cat Operative)

When he came back from his thoughts, the Black Tiger…… Kagetora was surrounded by men in black masks. They were the members of the Special Intelligence Operations Squad, the Black Cat, under King Souma’s control, who protected Elfrieden from the shadow.

……The other one? (Kagetora)
It's the same state like this one.(Black Cat Operative)
I see……(Kagetora)

Kagetora pondered for a short moment before he gave to his subordinates, the Black Cat.

I will leave the cleaning to you. I will report this matter to His Majesty.(Kagetora)
「「「Yes, Sir!」」」(Black Cat Operative)

After he confirmed the Black Cat Squad had dispersed, Kagetora remembered the word that the shadow said awhile back.

――― Infidel Scum!

If not for his skill, Kagetora could barely caught that man’s whisper.

(Infidel, right? Then this is…… yet another troublesome one.)

While thinking so, Kagetora disappeared into the dark.

◇ ◇ ◇

――― A Government Office in Parnam Castle

Today, just like yesterday, I was working on the paperwork while having Liscia to help me. Then, the glass door on the balcony behind me opened all of a sudden. I was surprised and looked back, and there was the sight of Kagetora’ black metallic armor dyed with blood…… I am glad that we were the only one in the room. The chambermaids, who at times came to serve, would surely faint if they saw this scene. Well, though I believe he would wait for a time when there are no other people.

-!? Blood!(Liscia)

Liscia rushed to try wiping the blood sticking on the armor with a nearby cloth, but she was stopped by Kagetora’s hand.

It's the opponent’s blood. It is not something that should sully Princess's hands.(Kagetora)
I…… I see.(Liscia)
Furthermore...... this oodachi bestowed by Your Majesty, it has an amazing sharpness.(Kagetora)

Kagetora tapped the big sword carried around his waist. By the way, I did make an oodachi during my research of Nine-Headed Dragon’s Katana. It was made to improve the range of the slashing attack + sharpness, but its length was the major flaw and it was a weapon that was hard to handle by people with mediocre body stature (they wouldn’t able to unsheathe it). I granted him the sword, thinking that there wouldn’t be any problem for someone as tall as Kagetora, so I am glad that it turn alright.

Well, if you fine with it, all is well.(Souma)

I was half-amazed as I gave this reply, then I heard a small laugh from inside the mask.

…… Is something wrong? Have I said something strange?(Souma)
Fufu…… I just thought that I am blessed with a good Lord.(Kagetora)
? Is that a sarcasm?(Souma)
No, this is my true opinion.(Kagetora)

Perhaps he had thought about something, Kagetora spoke with a good mood. Well, I don’t understand…… But, let’s put this aside. The Commander of the SIO Squad Black Cat wouldn’t just visit for a mere chit-chat.

Then, perhaps you have something to report?(Souma)
Yes, Your Majesty. Recently, the “weeds” have lively movement.(Kagetora)

Weeds…… So, spies. In other words, recently, the foreign spies were skulking in the city.

Grand Chaos Empire?(Souma)
If it is the Empire, we will not be troubled like this. Since we have "connection" to some degree, we will withdraw before it becomes kill or be killed situation.(Kagetora)
By connection…… Do you mean trades?(Souma)
We frequently exchanged information about other countries.(Kagetora)
So, there is a shadow rule in the shadow world ……(Souma)

This was a realm that I shouldn’t interfere foolishly, better to leave it to Kagetora.

What country did these skulking spies come from?(Souma)
There are no evidence since they had been destroyed, but…… probably, they came from the Orthodoxy Empire(Kagetora)
…, so, it’s Lunaria Orthodoxy State……(Souma)

Lunaria Orthodoxy State.It is a religious state that is ruled by the Pope of the Lunarian Orthodoxy and the headquarters of Lunaria Orthodoxy, one of the two humanity’s religion in this continent, the counterpart of Mother Dragon Creed that worship the Mother Dragon in Star Dragon Mountains. Lunaria Orthodoxy itself is harmless as it touted a principle of helping the weak, but when it became a nation, the Orthodoxy State, there were many rumors of their shady movements. Not long ago, they incited their believers in Amidonia to stage a rebellion and then intervene by invading Amidonia on the believer’s behalf.

However, our country is not hostile to the Orthodoxy State, isn’t it?(Souma)
Spies are not something that is only dispatched to enemy countries. Even in countries that we want to be friend with, we will dispatch spies to collect information or negotiation cards.(Kagetora)
Hmm…… then, their active movement means……(Souma)
Perhaps, there might be some movement in the near future.(Kagetora)
How troublesome……(Souma)

I remembered what I had said when I first met with Roroa.

That country hates the Star Dragon Mountains and the Grand Chaos Empire.(Roroa)
In Lunaria Orthodoxy, the recognition of Holy Man or Holy Maiden  are supposed to be the Pope’s exclusive decision. Because of it, for the Lunaria Orthodoxy State, Maria-dono is an unpardonable wicked woman who is impersonating a Holy Maiden.(Roroa)
It is unlikely that the Orthodox State will leave Elfrieden Kingdom after its national strength increased by annexing Amidonia. They will surely make a contact someday. Then perhaps they will give Souma-dono some title like Holy King, and try to drag you into a war with the Empire.(Roroa)

If what Roroa had said happened…… It will surely become yet another troublesome matter.

――― A few days later. A report was brought to me: “Holy Maiden” of Lunaria Orthodoxy has entered our country.


A notes about Lunaria Orthodoxy State:
It’s Japanese RAW name is: ルナリア正教皇国.
教皇国is the Japanese equivalent of Papal States (State of the Church / Civitas Ecclesiae / Status Pontificius).
正教means True Religion. Since Lunaria True Religion Papal States are kinda…... Full. I decided to make it Lunaria Orthodoxy State. Basically, I am a lazy person.

Also, if you spot a mistake, mention it and I will immediately fix it (at least in one month time :D)

[1] Basically Oodachi is a huge katana with a blade length of 90 cm or above.
It made remember of: "Waga Zankantou ni tatenu mono nashi!


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