24 November 2016

Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki. Arc 3 Chapter 5B

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Now, let’ tackle Genjitsu 5-C.

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Yoshiro (main), Yukkuri Oniisan (side)

Postwar Arc
Chapter 5: As a Ruler B - Bethrotal

Author Note: Souma is likely the type that won’t cross the line unless he gets kicked flying.(In regards to female relationships)

But…. to make Aisha the 2nd Queen Consort, you say.

Would that be a reward to you, Wodan?(Souma)
As a father, I honestly feel complicated…… But since she also seems to desire that as well, the desire to grant her wish is also parental love. Also, at this period in time where the people of the God-Protected Forest finally started to face the world outside, I believe it will hold a huge significance for the chief’s daughter to marry into royalty. Not just the bond between the God-Protected Forest and royalty, it would also become the symbol of the bond between Humans and Dark Elves.(Wodan)

Not just for the sake of his daughter, but also for political considerations, I see. For our side as well, if we could strengthen the ties with the God-Protected Forest, I would be able to include the elite archers from the Dark Elves that had shown their prowess in the battle at the outskirts of Randell……and, well even if we left this benefit aside……
Aisha is cute. If you asked me whether or not I wanted to marry her, the answer will be “I would like to”. Though I do feel that her loyalty to me is too much, but this means that her good will is also conveyed straight to me (although I feel as though I am feeding her). Her ability as a queen is doubtful, but she has enough valor to compensate for that. She is a girl that can give my heart a relief if she could stay by my side as my wife.
But, you know…… When I turned back at the throne, I could see Liscia who was standing next to me. Even for my relationship with Liscia, until now, I have been dodging the issue of her being my fiancée (temporary). During the war with Amidonia last time, I revised my thinking after I realized that I was conducting myself like a king when I was conversing with Carla. When I realized that I had already reached the point of no return, I decided to stop brushing off the matter of my relationship with Liscia.
Nonetheless, I am still a little conflicted in regards to having multiple wives. Though Marcus, Liscia and Juna-san, had repeatedly said that this is normal, for someone who is strongly influenced by the ethics of modern Japan, I can’t easily accept it…… Ah, it’s not like I am thinking about something arrogant like loving multiple women is insincere or something like that. Giving an immediate reply at this place would only make me feel bad towards Liscia. It’s like a man who is going to two-timing after all.
As I was thinking about that, Liscia looked at me. Then, seeing that I was trying not to show how flustered I was, Liscia said as if slightly astonished.

Please make sure you properly take Aisha as your wife, got it?(Liscia)
You say properly……Are you fine with it, Liscia? (Souma)
I don’t have any right to forbid it, but didn’t I already say that if it’s Aisha and the rest, then I am fine with it? Or rather, it will become more troublesome if you don’t marry them after all.(Liscia)
Souma, you are a king, you know. At any rate, from now on, there will be a situation where you have to marry the daughters of nobles or the princesses of other countries. For the sake of that situation, I wish to fill the higher ranking consorts with people who we can trust.

Liscia, who emphasized the practical side of this arrangement, gave out a sigh, and looked at me who was still hesitating.

Even though Souma can make firm decisions that control the fate of the country, but when it comes to female relationships, you are so indecisive, aren’t you?(Liscia)
Good grief…. Aisha!(Liscia)
Y, Yes!(Aisha)

Being called out suddenly, diagonally at my back in her guard position, Aisha, who was keep on edge and watching the event to see how it progressed, jumped with a startle. Liscia pointed her finger at her with a snap.

I do not plan on handing over the position of the First Queen Consort. Is being the Second Queen Consort fine for you? If you are fine with it, I won’t say anything or rather, I will welcome you.(Liscia)
Y…Yes! If I can be at the side of his Majesty!(Aisha)

Liscia nodded at Aisha’s reply and then spoke to me while looking straight into my eyes.

I have set the table. That’s why…. Do it…. properly.(Liscia)
……Got it.(Souma)

I wonder why. At this time, I feel like I have already seen the power balance of the future. Liscia has already shown this much “Woman’s Spirit”…. So, as expected, I can’t show any more of my unsightliness. I walked towards Aisha and stopped near her. That strong Aisha was now showing a uneasy expression. Ah… seriously, don’t make such a face.

Y, Yes!(Aisha)
So…… would you become my bride?(Souma)
U! Yes! With pleasure!(Aisha)

I swallowed the retort of Is this a bar?[1]. While I was feeling like my face was burning, I turned to face Wodan and spoke to him, who was standing there smiling while leaking out his complicated feelings as a father. I spoke not in a tone of a King, but as someone who was addressing a person above him.

….So the situation has reached this point. I shall come forth to give my official greeting. Father-in-law.(Souma)
….I shall be waiting. Son-in-law.(Wodan)

Thus, Aisha became my second fiancee.
But, now that it has turned out this way, what should I do with the Dame of the East Wind title. As expected, I don’t think I can make the Queen act like an exclusive SP[2]. When I mentioned this to Aisha,

Leave it to me, your Majesty! Even when I have became your Majesty’s wife, I shall protect your Majesty’s life!(Aisha)

Was what she said with a full-faced smile, so we decided to leave it as it is…… Well, I guess I can just appoint some subordinates under her later. Now that the Second Queen Consort candidacy had been decided, Marcus made a relieved expression as one of his worries had finally decreased (he had been worrying about the danger of the currently low number of members of Royalty due to the previous succession struggle, he has been saying Increase the number of the wives, make children at every opportunity), and although it ended up in the form of having new worries dropping in, I could only show my condolences.
Towards this situation we were in, Juna-san showed a slightly lonesome smile.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

Although I was met with various difficulties, Wodan’s reward session ended, and finally it was Juna-san’s turn.
As I was speaking words of gratitude, I asked her, Do you have anything you wish for?…. Well, even if I didn’t ask her, I already knew her answer. Most likely, she would make a petition that she wished to hand over all of her merits to Excel. This time, she moved not as a Lorelei, but as a member of the Navy.

Your Majesty, my merit……(Juna)
May I speak a few words?(Excel)

Excel began to speak and interrupted Juna’s words.

Please forgive me for my sudden impoliteness. However, please grant me the permission to speak.(Excel)
…… Granted.(Souma)
Thank you very much.(Excel)

Excel bowed and slowly began to speak.

As Your Majesty should know, Juna Doma is my granddaughter. But Juna’s father, who is my son, had married into the merchant family of Doma, which conducts business in our Lagoon City. In other words, Juna Doma was born as a commoner. Though through her military service, she is working under me, she doesn’t have any connections to a “noble family’s” circumstances.(Excel)
… What do you wish to say?(Souma)

Although I asked that, Excel instead faced Juna-san and said to her,

Although you might have planned to use your merits for my sake, that is not necessary.(Excel)
Esteemed Grandmother[3]!? However, (Juna)

Juna tried to argue vehemently, so Excel silently shook her head

It is fine. You are a person who does not have connections with the Vargas family. It is not good to use your merits for someone you have not met before. Please use it for your own sake.(Excel)
Esteemed Grandmother!?(Juna)
I cannot sacrifice the happiness of my granddaughter for the sake of my son-in-law and my other granddaughter. It is fine, so you do not need to worry about us. You should go ahead and have your wish granted.

Having Excel looking at her with such gentle eyes, Juna cast her eyes downward, she seemed to be conflicted for a moment. But, soon after, she opened her eyes, took a step forward and kneeled.[4]

Your Majesty. I have a request.(Juna)
……What is it?(Souma)
If possible, I also……wish to stay and sing by Your Majesty’s side from now on.(Juna)

This means…. no need to guess, to take Juna-san…. as my wife as well.

Your Majesty, in Juna Doma-dono’s case, we can accept her as a Royal Consort. If you wish to receive her as a Queen Consort, then it is necessary for her to be adopted at some point by a Noble House of Knight rank or higher.(Marcus)

Markus said that with a happy expression. Perhaps because the fact that the number of my wives were increasing was just as he desired. When I looked at Liscia, she gave a nod as if saying, Agree. But….

I am sorry. I cannot do so……(Souma)

I rejected it clearly. Liscia opened her eyes wide at my words, while Excel looked at me with imploring eyes as if askingWhy in the world……. Juna-san was looking downward, so I couldn’t see her expression. A gloomy atmosphere started to envelop the room, but…… No no no, please listen to the end.

……For the time being…… It’s not possible. Juna-san is the Prima Lorelei of Project Lorelei, the Musical Program Broadcast plan that uses the Royal Broadcast Orb, you know. If we try to announce the engagement of the famous Juna-san then, a revolt will happen in the capital.

And that will not be on a joking level either. It was still fresh in my memory that there was a request from the National Assembly to Put Juna-san more often on the Royal Broadcast. An idol, who was revealed to have a lover, had her blog blazed, this was something that happened quite often in the previous world, but since there isn’t any blog that is going to burn in this world, it’s going to be either theCityor the Castle, I guess. Burning the country with flames of jealousy is not something I can laugh at. So,

Would you be willing to wait for a while longer?(Souma)

Towards Juna-san who raised her head, I spoke these words while having an awkward feeling,

Right now, I still need the ability of Juna-san as a Lorelei. That’s why I wish for you to stay as the Citizen’s Juna-san for now. After we gather even more Loreleis and raise them into talents that can succeed the path, then I shall certainly go and receive you.(Souma)
……I shall be waiting for that day. Your Majesty(Juna)

Juna-san said this and revealed the smile of a young maiden.

Author’s note:
Thank you very much for reading it always.
With that, Aisha and Juna have become his fiancées.
To describe their relationship in a certain someone’s ecstatic way of talking,[5]
So-Li   Best Friends, Comrades and Lovers
So-Ai   Master and his faithful dog[6]
So-Juna A brother trying to tiptoe[7] and an elder sister gently chiding him

This is the kind of relationship I am trying to make people feel.
Ah, Tomoe-chan is a sister to the end.


1st Queen Consort: Liscia
2nd Queen Consort: Aisha
3rd Queen Consort: (presumptive) Juna
But, No Loli Route for Souma?
Luckily Souma still haven’t try Roroa’s route yet, right?

[1] Aisha’s answer is basically like: Aisha, do you want an oden? Yes, with Pleasure. So Souma is asking, is she treating him like a stall’s food menu.
[2] The Security Police (セキュリティポリス Sekyuritii Porisu), also known as the Security Police Division (警備部警護課 Keibibu Keigoka), is the Japanese close protection unit mandated with the responsibility of protecting domestic and foreign VIPs on Japanese soil and abroad. Its officers are known to wear the SP insignia on their suit lapel, red neckties, and pocket handkerchiefs on their suits. Its structure has been greatly influenced by the United States Secret Service.
[3] It’s interesting that Juna refer Excel as: 大母様Ookaasama not “obaasan” or “sobo”. With roughly means, Great Mother. Perhaps since Excel had many other children?
[4] You know, this kind of kneel: *insert kneeling picture I take without permission from the Internet*
[5] I don’t know which person the author refer to. Possibly the typical Female Japanese Game-Show Host’s way of talking.
[6] TL Yoshiro: Isn’t that cruel? Yukkuri: Not really…..
[7] The figurative meaning of tiptoe or 背伸びしたいis “Someone who tries to do something beyond their ability” in this case a younger brother trying to woo an elder sister. (E/N: Also, Souma wasn’t kidding about how obsessive & crazed idol culture is. It’s gotten to the point where even the idols got sick of it. https://goo.gl/Y7TxOg Hopefully Juna-san will be able to get hitched soon. -fistpump-)


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