20 November 2016

Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki. Arc 3 Chapter 5A

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Postwar Arc
Chapter 5: As a Ruler A - Reward


It was the morning after a whole week (eight days) since our return to Capital Parnam. Inside the government affairs office at Parnam Castle, the only sounds that could be heard was those of me moving the pen and Liscia presenting the documents.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

I had worked in the Dukedom Capital Van, but this workload, ever since my return to Parnam, wasn’t that much different either…… Not at all, or rather, it had multiplied. Since the system of the Three Dukes had been dismantled, I need to reform the military immediately. Then, in order to have an equal relationship with the Empire, I need to expand the military, so I can oppose the threat from the Demon Lord’s Territory together with them…… so to speak, I have tostrengthen the military[1]. And that “Strengthen the Military” plan is, for sure, the United Army Plan that I had declared during the Final Counsel with the Three Dukes.

Looking at humanity’s history, a “strong soldier (in this case, it has the meaning of an army)” might be a mobile army corps. In short, whether or not we have the ability to send essential military forces to important positions quickly.[2] In practice, our complete victory in the battle against Amidonia was also because we were able to take up positions on the predicted battlefield earlier than our enemy. Since we arrived earlier, we would have had plenty of rest and were able to battle with the totally exhausted enemy. If we had arrived at the same time instead, then our fatigue levels would be similar and although the Amidonian Army’s numbers were a bit inferior, it would result in a battle with no retreat for them, so they would have held out considerably longer. If this happened, then the Kingdom Army would have surely had a harder fight.

Then, so that we are able to gain this mobility, together with the road improvements, I need to remove the fence between the Royal Army, the Kingdom Army, the Navy, and the Air Force; unite them under the same command; and create a structure that is able to move the whole army immediately. This is the United Army Plan. The Royal Army with the Kingdom Army, Navy, and Air Force, together with the disassembled Nobles’ Army, the Nobles’ private soldiers attached to Royal Army, will be reorganized to create the Elfrieden Kingdom Defense Force (or EDF for short)[3]. Well, the abbreviation does give “that” sort of impression[4], but for the people of this world, my complex feelings about the name wouldn’t be able to be transmitted to them. By the way, it seems that this world has giant ants.

Now, let’s return to the previous topic. Of course there is a worry that by establishing the EDF, it could draw resistance from each army, but by conducting rebellions, the Kingdom Army and the Air Force have lost their voices, so there weren’t any problem in this area anymore. Even so, since Glaive and Tormann, the people that I entrusted to take charge for both of their armies were also cooperating in this endeavor. Then, the Navy, that made no mistakes for choosing our side, also wouldn’t resist too much, since I decided to appoint the Navy Admiral, Excel, as the EDF’s Commander in Chief[5] (the person herself dislikes to be put in such a high position, but since I said to her that it was only until Ludwin gains enough experience, she reluctantly accepted it).

The troublesome one was the Nobles’ Army. They are attached to the Royal Army, but the right to command them rested on the Nobles’ side, a very troublesome army corps to handle. In this world where dangerous wild creatures, monsters (although before the Demon Lord Army appeared, they only existed inside dungeons), bandits, pirates, and brigands exist, it was necessary for each territory to gather some forces to police the land. That’s why, the nobles, who held territories, trained a private army that have the duty of guarding the safety of the territory. It was just that, at this present point in time in this country, that their numbers were too excessive.

This was the influence of the territorial expansion focus of the King from two generations ago. At that time, obtaining military exploits in the battlefield was the shortest and quickest way to fame, so the Nobles even conscripted their fiefs’ population to assemble private armies. Military power would increase even if it was through conscripting amateurs, but won’t it have zero meaning if the productivity falls down as a result……? Eventually, even though the previous ruler, King Albert, shifted away from the expansion focus, the enlarged Nobles’ Army had been left as it was.

That is why, right now, I am working to break up the Nobles’ Army, leaving only the minimum number sufficient enough to police the territory. For the people who were conscripted, although they have occupations, they will be released and receive a severance payment upon discharge. For the people who showed any interest in joining the EDF, then if they show good promise by passing the exams then they would be enlisted. After that, I will work to appoint talented people to suitable positions (the personnel composition had been decided by the military authorities of Excel, Glaive and Ludwin, my job was just looking at the plans they made and giving my seal of approval).

 ◇ ◇ ◇


During the work, Liscia and I didn’t exchange even one word.
What an unpleasant situation…… No, this unpleasantness might only be felt by me one-sidedly. Liscia was behaving normally.

That day, even after I told her that Georg Carmine had committed suicide inside the prison, Liscia didn’t make any changes in her expression. While being expressionless, she only muttered a tiny I see…….

It didn’t mean that I expected her to lose her composure. It also didn’t mean that I expected her to blame me either. My relationship with her is not that shallow to the extent where I don’t know that she isn’t that kind of person. However, I never expected that she would still behave normally even until now. I thought that at least her expression would become gloomy to some degree. Not only did she not feel any anguish or any sadness, Liscia was acting as if nothing ever happened. This put me at lost for words.

If it like this, then it will be better if she at least said even one complaint……

Why didn’t you do anything to help Duke Carmine!

……Yeah. This hypothetical situation wasn’t any better. Just imagining the scene of Liscia scorning me was depressing for me. Then, if she just hit me to finally wipe the slate clean…… But in this case, the one who should be worried will be me instead, right? Really…… What am I doing? I had boasted to Georg, No matter what happens, I will protect my family, but in the first place I couldn’t protect the girl closest to me.

Eh, ah, what is it?(Souma)

I looked at the one who called me. It was Liscia, who slightly tilted her head.

Your pen stopped.(Liscia)
……Ah, sorry.(Souma)

Not good…… I need to pull myself together. I once again returned to my work. Let’s finish the things in front of me right now. Perhaps, one day, time will fix this. While thinking like this and working, someone knocked on the door. Come in I called out to the door, Excuse me, Serina-san the grand chambermaid entered.

I came to inform Your Majesty that the preparations have been finished.(Serina)
I understand.(Souma)

After stopping our work, I put on the kingly mantle and then we headed to the audience room together.
This day was the Commendation Day for the people that had performed distinguished services in the war against Amidonia.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

Glaive Magna. I commend you for your loyalty and the great deeds that we have been indebted to. To reward that loyalty, I confer to you the territory of Randell and its surroundings.(Souma)
Yes, Your Majesty. I am grateful for this blessing.(Glaive)
Yes. This is just temporary, but I bestow to you a part of Former Supreme Army General Georg’s authority to you. Until the time comes for the Elfrieden Defense Force’s reorganization, please adeptly unite the Kingdom Army.(Souma)
Yes, Your Majesty. These old bones will certainly strive to meet Your Majesty’s expectations.(Glaive)

In front of me, who stood out from the throne and granted an award with a pompous tone, was Hal’s father, Glaive, prostrating himself. Since it’s not being deliberately broadcasted, I actually disliked this formal ambience. However, since the State Secretary was recording my each and every word and action, I needed to act “Kingly” like this. So that the people in the future wouldn’t belittle me when they read the historical records, that was what my retainer, Marcus, had been telling me repeatedly. Honestly, I don’t really care about the posthumous evaluation.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

In the battle with the Amidonia Dukedom, Elfrieden Kingdom didn’t obtain any territory, but the Kingdom succeed in obtaining a large sum of indemnity money. Furthermore, the Kingdom collected ransom money from Zem for the captured mercenaries, and seized the territory and the assets from the dishonest nobles. The dissolution of the Carmine Duchy and Vargas Duchy had also been decided upon. Compared with the profits from the war, the reward received by the soldiers was considerably small. It was because most of the mobilized soldiers in the war came from the KIngdom Army and the Air Force. Since they had been incriminated with allegations of rebellion, this war was a battle for them to clear this incrimination, so there was no talk about any other rewards.

Also, the Nobles’ Army attached to the Royal Army, that was just waiting on the sideline during the Three Dukes campaign, and were mostly abstained from fighting in the war against Amidonia, so they also didn’t receive any rewards. They had missed the chance to get in on this sweet tale, but this is reaping what they sow. So the ones who needed to be rewarded were only the Royal Army’s Kings Guard and the Navy. The Nobles, who were of Knight peer or higher, that had joined both of the armies were bestowed with territories, but these territories came from the dishonest nobles or were created from the dissolution of the Carmine Duchy and the Vargas Duchy, so it was a good contrivance. Nobles lower than Knight peerage would receive a monetary bonus.

Then for today, those who had accomplished an outstanding achievement would be rewarded personally by me. The contents for those rewards were typically peerage or territory, but if they desired something other than these, then they could mention this directly to the King. If the King could accomplish it and appropriate with merit that they had obtained, then the King might grant it. They even could ask for money or rare items possessed by the Royal Family. In the past, by using this arrangement, a knight requested the hand of the Princess he loved, or a person would make a direct appeal to expose a vice noble. Since this was a situation where any kind of request might come out, it was decided to not to make any broadcast using the Royal Voice Broadcast Orb.[6]

Then, these were the people who will receive the commendations this time. The one who switched sides from the Kingdom Army and led it in the war against Amidonia, Glaive Magna. The Lord of Altomura who had delayed the Amidonian Army, Wyst Garrow. Similarly, the Commander of the Marine who delayed the Amidonian Army in the Goldoa[7] Valley, Juna Doma. Lastly, the one who led the reinforcements to the battle at Randell’s outskirt, the Chief of the Dark Elves of the God-Protected Forest, Wodan Utgard[8] (Aisha’s father). Actually, the one with the most meritorious deeds should be the Navy Admiral, Excel Walter, but at the present situation, she had “already used up” that merit, so she won’t received anymore rewards.

Moreover, before giving the rewards for the aforementioned five people, Aisha, who had been protecting me as an “uninvited bodyguard” until now, was bestowed with the newly created position of Dame of the East Wind (東風 Kochi)[9]. The difference between this position and the previous one was that previously, she was treated just as a mercenary that was employed out of my own pocket money, but from now, on she would be treated like a Knight that will receive wages from the country. By the way, the origin of this Dame of the East Wind (東風 Kochi) was from imitating the nickname of Xu Chu, the leader of Cao Cao’s elite bodyguards[10], which is Foolish Tiger (虎痴 Kochi)[11]. Since the origin of this name was because he was a fool who was as strong as a tiger, I change the letters into East Wind (東風 Kochi). The meaning was that, when I called “East Wind” (東風 Kochi)…… She would come this way (こちKochi).[12]

When I congratulated Aisha, who had been appointed as Dame of the East Wind, by granting her with an Impregnable Gauntlet(A gauntlet that had been enchanted with physical and magical damage resistance effects, from the castle’s treasure warehouse. Although, originally it was going to be a shield that suited her position’s image, however, since Aisha uses a Great Sword, it was replaced with this gauntlet), she held it tightly to her chest while speaking in tears and fumbling her words,

Hiks…… Your Majesty…… for me……. t-thank you very mach! So that I can keep protecting Your Majesty’s safety, please put me beside Your Magestiiiii……!

No, I know that she is happy…… But isn’t that too… you know, over…?  After seeing her behave like this, the other people in the room made wry smiles.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

Wyst. We are grateful for the great deeds you have done in your duty to induce Amidonia. As the Lord of Altomura, from hereafter, be diligent to keep the peace of the realm.(Souma)
Yes Your Majesty. I am still lacking, but I will strive to serve the duties I receive.(Wyst)

I finished bestowing the rewards for Wyst, who came after Glaive. Wyst will receive the southern territory from the former Carmine Duchy. Since his original territory was already a very fertile agricultural region, combined with the new territory, he suddenly sprung up into a very influential noble. In the last war, he had to endure the disgrace of playing as a small fry in front of Gaius and Julius. I must reward this deed.

Then, the next person would be the one who dispatched the dark elves reinforcement to the battle at Randell’s outskirt, Aisha’s father, Wodan Utgard. This reinforcement was not something that was even predicted by Hakuya or me. I knew the battle prowess that the dark elves had, but they should have been busy with the reconstruction from the landslide, and in the first place, they didn’t have any desire to meddle with events that happened outside of their forest, so I thought that it would be futile to request for their cooperation.

However, contradicting our predictions, Wodan-san’s group arrived at the battlefield as reinforcements for our side. I had heard from Hal, that the dishonest nobles took out the cannon without permission and wantonly fired it, so this reinforcement was really an fortunate miscalculation. I met halfway with Wodan and shook hands with him to show him my gratitude.

I am very grateful. Even while being in a dire times yourself, you had admirably come as reinforcements for us.(Souma)
How could it be. We, the Dark Elves tribe, couldn’t just not repay our debt of favor. During those times of calamity, when Your Majesty had personally led the relief party, we had been reminded of the connection we had with the outside world.(Wodan)
It is such joyful news. It is as if I once again felt the origin of this country’s founding day when various races united their hands together. If you have something that you desire, by all means, please tell me.(Souma)

When I said these words, Wodan-san tilted his head.

We had already received such favors that we could never able to repay. Not only had we received so many aid materials for the reconstruction, but you also gave plenty of rewards for each soldiers who took part in the war. There is nothing new that I have to wish for.(Wodan)
Please do not be so reserved. Didn’t the decision to send the reinforcements lie solely on your side? If you desire it so, we could plant trees on the outskirts of the God-Protected Forest and increase the size of the forest.(Souma)
I am happy to hear it, however, the current size of the God-Protected Forest is already sufficient for us.(Wodan)

Fumu…… How troubling. I want to show my gratitude to Wodan. However, even though I had presented other forms of reward, Wodan-san firmly refused it.

……Are you really certain that you do not have any wishes?(Souma)
……In that case, I have one wish from Your Majesty.(Wodan)
What is it? If I can do it, then I will grant it.(Souma)
I deeply appreciate it, Your Majesty. Then, please, can you take my daughter, Aisha’s hand?

Aisha who had been standing behind the throne, made a disarrayed yell.

My daughter doesn’t have any interest in things other than martial arts, but it looks like she has finally reached her blossoming age. Besides, there should be changes in how she yearn for Your Majesty. So please, could you take her hand as your wife.(Wodan)
Wodan-dono’s title is that of the chief of the village inside the God-Protected Forest, however in practicality speaking, he can be thought of as a noble with a territory of the God-Protected Forest. Regarding your daughter Aisha-dono, she could be accepted as The Second Queen Consort.(Marcus)

Marcus quickly made this complementing remark. Today, instead of Prime Minister Hakuya, who was away on other businesses, Marcus was the one who presided for this occasion. This had been mentioned before[13], but in this country, Queens (that is, a King’s wife), are mostly divided into Queen Consorts and Royal Consorts[14], and it is possible to have several of them at the same time. Although this country originally had only one Queen Consort, with the rest of the wives being Royal Consorts and numerous Mistresses that held no real authority. However, the Elfrieden King from several generations ago said, I don’t want a hierarchy amongst the ones I love.So because of that, the Royal Consorts up to that time were elevated into Queen Consorts (the original Queen Consort become The First Queen Consort, the rest will be just addressed as The Second ~, The Third ~), while the mistresses were elevated into Royal Consorts, which was practiced up to this day.

For that reason, to become a Queen Consort, one needs to come from a family with a noble rank higher than Knight and the children of a Queen Consort could inherit the crown. The order for the succession is not based on the order which they were born of, but was in order starting from the children born from the First Queen Consort (if there is a large age difference between the children, then it could be adjusted by changing the order of the Queen Consorts). On the other hand, a Royal Consort could hail from any social status (even serfs or slaves), but their children wouldn’t have any rights for throne succession. However, since they are still royalty, the Nobles or Knights that want to tie relationships with the royalty would desire them to become their in-laws, certainly the Royal Consort children will gain money or status from the marriages.

(So, Aisha will become the Second Queen Consort, huh?)


Now that the can of worm has opened… Who will fill the Third, the Fourth, the Fifth, the Sixth, and the Seventh Queen Consort places? (Since Liscia permit as many Queen Consort as a day in a week – so she could still have a turn…)

[1] For those who forget, Souma’s political promise to his Elfrieden constituent is basically: Fukoku kyouhei (富国強兵, "Enrich the state, strengthen the military") which was also a national slogan used by Meiji Japan. Just like it sounds, Souma had more or less “富国 Enrich the state”, his program of Food Diversification, Trade Promotion due to Road Network Building, Distribution of Wealth (from the dishonest nobles), and Increased National Budget (due to Amidonia’s Reparation Payment and Empire’s Donation Annulment) had more or less revitalized Elfrieden’s economy. Now, what he will do is 強兵, strengthen the military… Yeah, I know people are just dying to read this one…
[2] In other words: a Rapid Deployment Force, like the USA with its Marine Expeditionary Force, Airborne Corps and US Army Rangers and Russia with it VDV. The key of this is their capability of quick deployment even outside of their country's borders.
[3] Originally Souma mentioned エルフリーデン王国防衛軍 (Erufuriiden Oukoku Boueigun) which he shortened as国防軍 (Kokubougun : (National) Defense Force, for example: イスラエル国防軍is Israel Defense Force), and he also mentioned that in English, the name will be エルフリーデン・ディフェンス・フォース. (Erufuriiden Difensu Foosu) And you know that I can’t translate what was already in Katakana English into English right? So I changed this paragraph. Since it was the Elfrieden Defense Force, I shortened it as EDF, now if there any 国防軍appeared in the story after this, I will translate it as EDF. After all, it will be important in the next reference.
[4] EDF = Earth Defense Force, a game where you battle giant ant-like Aliens
[5] Or Generalissimo.
[6] Since I like making footnote.
For those interested, the word used to refer the Broadcast Orb is: 玉音放送
Literally it is composed of: ball/orb = voice放送 = broadcast. So it can be translated as: old plain Sound/Voice Broadcast Orb.
But玉音also figuratively means: Emperor’s voice or Jewel Voice. (sincecan also mean Jewel and the Emperor’s voice is likened to a Jewel). So it can also be translated as Royal Voice Broadcast (Orb/Systems) (I choose the later meaning, since story-wise, these orbs were only used by rulers).
Now玉音放送also could refer to the radio broadcast in which Japanese Emperor Hirohito read out the Imperial Rescript on the Termination of the War announcing to the Japanese people that the Japanese Government had accepted the Potsdam Declaration demanding the unconditional surrender of the Japanese military at the end of World War II. The speech was probably the first time that an Emperor of Japan had spoken (albeit via a phonograph record) to the common people. See the similarity of the orbs that is used by the rulers in the story to address their citizen?
The author used the multiple meaning of 玉音放送to refer to the broadcast orbs.
[7] Funfact: ゴルドアー (Gorudoa) can also be interpreted as: Gold Door.
[8] I know that I previously translated his name as Boden. But Wodan sounds more badass... My bad… FYI, Wodan is the Germanic name for Odin.
[9] This is a massive untranslatable pun. 東風侍could be read as Kochiji, orこちじ. The pun will be explained by Souma in the subsequent paragraphs. Ji (a person serving under another) is also the word used to write Samurai and used in compound word like 侍従 (Jiju) : Chamberlain, 侍女 (Jijo) : Maid. So I choose Dame here…
[10] Don’t know Xu Chu and Cao Cao? Either read Romance of the Three Kingdom or play Dynasty Warriors.
[11]虎痴Hu Chi (Japanese “Kochi”), which has been translated as Marquis Tiger, Crazy Tiger, Mad Tiger, and other variations. He also appears once in the Brewitt-Taylor translation by the nickname Tiger Lust.
[12] To put it short… Souma is using “Come here” as a joke… Perhaps the joke in English will be, Souma bestowed Aisha “Dame Cumhear” when Souma call Aisha, he will say, “Dame, Come Here.”… Okay… A bad joke… I am not a native English speaker after all. (E/N: That…..sounds so wrong. Maybe “Lady C’Mere” instead? Seriously, you used the wrong replacement for “come” orz.) Yeah well, it’s really hard to translate a pun properly…
[13] See Arc 2, Chapter 8.
[14] Or Senior Queen and Junior Queen or True Queen and Side Queen.


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