13 February 2017

Our New World - Chapter 2 Part 15

Yukkuri Oniisan

A bit of warning from the author: WARNING! HORRIBLE GRAMMAR IMMINENT!

Chapter 2: The Heaven Lords in the New World
Part 15: Goddess of Fun and Merriment Arrive!

Day 17 of arrival. 03-09-0002. 11.25

It has been three hours since their first incursion into the Deep Forest of Devouring Howls[1] begin.
The assault from the monsters had subsided somewhat. Yuuto was thankful since the golem-drawn carts had already been filled with enough monster materials as between the battle, as Yuuto and the Knights with Material Dismantling ability had butchered the monster corpses that the girls and Knights generated in their wake. They took so many materials like the sturdy leather, fur, bone, sinew, etc, which could be used as it is or transmuted into various usable goods and catalysts, especially since the stock of lower grade materials had started to dwindling from all Yuuto’s Gate Knight equipment refurbishing and potion making spiel. With the addition of medicinal herbs and rare ores they harvested along the way, even his, the girls and the Guardian’s (albeit limited) inventory had been maxed out, even though they had emptied their inventory beforehand.
As far as result is concerned, this expedition could be graded with a golden ‘S’ result. Even so any low grade or damaged materials had to be discarded and any excess monsters corpses they had afterward were just left on the ground after the Knight extracted the mana core stone from it. As a Japanese and a former item farmer, he felt that it was a bit wasteful to left the corpse material as it is.
If this was still a game then he could immediately teleported back and stored the excess item at the Guild’s Storage. Unfortunately, the “Teleport” function couldn’t be used at all. Perhaps because it was related with to “Portal Network”, which was unusable since Neuschwanensee ended in this place. The guild features, Instant Movement could still be used to move around the Castle, though. Yuuto had been trying researching methods to somehow extend this effect outside Neuschwanensee Castle, but so far it was to no avail. Since there was no one amongst the girls who could use space-time magic, they couldn’t even perform a short distance teleportation.
There still the Looking Glass[2] items which could serve as a spatial connection between two places – a type of ‘town scroll’ in short. But he still needed to test the safety of this method first, as he didn’t want to take any chances if it could end up with “transporter accident episode”. Luckily, he just got a nice stock of ‘test subjects’ yesterday. Unfortunately, due to today’s schedule, he couldn’t supervise the experiment directly. That’s why he ‘create’ the homunculus Nisani, to oversee such ‘sensitive’ experiment.
At any rate, the group didn’t make any meaningful progress in the forest. Even with Tsukimi and Mizuki’s scouting and mapping skills, they didn’t get closer to the Instance Core at all, as the forest paths keep changing and prevented them from doing so. It was as if the Game Master of this forest realized that he couldn’t stop Yuuto’s group with the monsters and so it revising its tactic into delaying with physical obstacles. Although Yuuto, Kiyomi, Stella, and Chie could use flying magic in one form or another, it would beat the objectives of why they came to this Instance: to train and familiarize the girls in a real yet rather relatively safe combat situation due to the weak enemies and to observe the battle capabilities of the Gate Knights against adversaries they are not designed for. After all back in the game, they are just cannon fodder NPCs for Inter-Guilds’ Holy Wars.
Albeit this situation a mere annoyance at first, gradually it became too unbearable for the girls.

“This way.” (Mizuki)
“Isn’t this path looks like pointed towards the entrance’s direction?” (Stella)
“It couldn’t be helped, the other ways are dead ends.” (Mizuki)
“…… A lot of monster traps, too.” (Tsukimi)
“Oh my, I just hope we just have enough time to return for lunch…… We have a plan to have lunch by the lake today too.” (Kiyomi)
“That’s right. I really want to eat Spätzle!” (Saki)
“I need a cake… My sugar level is decreasing……” (Stella)

It’s not that they couldn’t bring any lunch with them, but eating lunch inside the eerie forest is definitely not the image of lunch that the girls had. Yuuto didn’t discourage their attitude as he wants the girls to be happy as much as possible. After all, their current situation was no better than castaways or kidnapping victims, better having fun than being depressed all day. Also, the Spätzle that the castle’s cooks made were sublime, but Yuuto prefers some frikadeller, schnitzel, geschnetzeltes and rice (or should it be reis?) for the lunch instead. Being Japanese and all, rice is good you know.[3]
Just when they walked for about ten minutes, there was a rustling sound coming from every direction of the forest accompanied with a high-pitched howling. This was a sign that the trees (or to be exact the ground under the tree, the tree itself didn’t move) configuration had shifted once more. The frequency of this shifts became more frequent as the group moves inward. Something that didn’t occur in the game, since the in-game shift was a regular timed one.

“It seems that the layout had changed again…” (Ichiko)

Ichiko’s sigh-mixed-resignation remark was the reflection of the opinion that the group had. Mizuki scratched her head in resignation while activating her mapping skill again, while Tsukimi scouted for any possible enemy.
Then an anomaly happened at the rear. It looks like anything that resembles patience on Stella had worn thin. She looked at the huge lycopsid trees which grew close to each other like a wall that made it impossible for human sized creatures to navigate between them. Her sinister lightbulb flashed over her mind. She took out her staff Absolutio Luminensia[4] and pointed it at the trees.

“Grrrrr…. That’s it… Enough is enough I have had it with these moving trees on this annoying howling filled forest.Debye Coupeur[5](Stella)

A magic circle appeared in the air near the staffs where a thin bright mass of ultrahigh-temperature plasma shot out in the shape of a blade, which swipe down into the trees. The trees then had a deep cut on its trunk, having been electrocautered just like a polystyrene foam that had been run through by an electrified wire. One by one, the trees soon fell towards the ground or collapsed against the other tree. The great commotion drew the others’ attention as Stella drew a rather smug smile on her face when she saw how the trees fell down.

“Hmm? What happen? What happen?” (Saki)
“The tree… Collapsed?” (Kiyomi)
 “Is this, Stella’s doing?” (Ichiko)
“The obaa-san snapped.” (Mizuki)
“…… I see… Rather than following the prescribed path, you create your own path…” (Yuuto)
“Perhaps, we should have done this from the beginning……?” (Chie)
“Cheater never prosper…” (Saki)
“Not this time…” (Stella)

Stella raised her staff up and started to chant, as layers upon layers of magic circle began to appear underneath her, while the mana condensed around her, that produce a light glow on her, whereas her staff shined like a giant torchlight.

My name is Stellahymne, Princess of the Radiant Stars. I call upon thy Power as per the Holy Covenant. Using the Words of Power, I ask thee to annihilate all standing in the righteous way. Eraser Laser[6]!” (Stella)

Stella pointed her staff towards the center of the forest as a large complex array of magic circle appeared before her staff. Then, the mana and light condensed around Stella converged into numerous laser-like lines which then punched through into the trees along its path, piercing the wall of trees layers one after another, and reducing everything it touches into hot plasma which dissipated into the surrounding. The first thing crossed Yuuto’s mind was “Mega Beam Cannon!”.
When the light disappeared, there was a 5-meter wide ‘path’ of clear bare black colored soil with a thin layer of silica fulgurites atop it dotted with semi-charred tree trunks that continue for several tens meter. Strangely, the surrounding trees didn’t caught fire. For all intent or purpose, it was navigable if someone can just ignore the charcoal singe after-scent that lingered on the air.

“Now let’s go and finish this up!” (Stella)
 “As always… How can you chant that spell with a calm face.” (Yuuto)
“…… I-i-i-t can’t be helped you know. I need to chant to charge the magic up, you know.” (Stella)
“Why I feel that we are cheating…” (Ichiko)
“No matter! Let’s just beat the boss and get back before dinner time. For Spätzle!” (Mizuki)
“Spätzle‼!” (Saki)

With such strange battle cry, the group marched on the path that Stella’s created.


With Stella’s magic, rather than navigating the existing path, the group plowed through the wall of trees one after another. Since Yuuto considered that the girls’ real combat training was already sufficient, he didn’t prevent Stella from doing so. The frequency and the sizes of Monsters’ horde that tried to impede them increased somewhat but this was dealt rather swiftly and one-sidedly by Chie’s blade and Kiyomi’s Summons, so their progress wasn’t slowed at all.
Soon enough, they arrived at a rather large glade where a giant oak tree stood; if an oak had pulsating blue-colored blood veins-like vines and tentacle-like roots. Furthermore, the oak’s trunk and branches were covered by numerous wooden reliefs in the visage of wolves and purple clothes-like leaves extension. The blue-colored veins-like vines were centered on a wooden realistic statue of a goddess embedded itself on one the middle part of the tree, its hand fused into the numerous branch.
Before long, the statue opened its dark sclera and bloodshot pupil eyes and began to move, as was the tree trunk. Its roots detached from the ground and start moving like tentacles, while the wolves relief began to howl or bark. Then, the constant howling that Yuuto’s group had heard since they entered the forest stopped, replaced by a voice that could only be described as an “Angry Mom” speaking in the Black Tongue of Zerharayet[7], which was near incomprehensible for mortals who would go mad from prolonged exposure. However, Yuuto and the girls could understand it clearly.


The true identity of the ‘tree’ was one of the numerous ‘False Gods’ who rebelled against the Goddess of Creation, Shastasena the Great Beast-Tree[8], who gave birth to the beasts that once roams many worlds.
The wolf reliefs on the trunk started to ‘melt down’ into the ground and became flesh Roareaf Wolves and Roarer Wolfman in many shapes and subspecies. Before long their number reached hundreds as aberrant mana converged into the tree and more relief appeared on the trees and melted down into new monsters as the howling sound became louder and higher. Even when the Knights and the Guardians were on their guard as the aberrant mana and the undivinity aura surrounded them. Yet, Yuuto and the girl stood calmly at the sight of this. It was natural. Even though Deep Forest of Devouring Howls was considered as an annoying Instance, the boss Shastasena was eventually just a low-middle rank Instance boss. Between the eight Heaven Lords, only Saki was relatively weaker than it, while Tsukimi and Mizuki were on the same level. So, of course, although they were wary of it, there was no need to panic.

“…… The boss’ line is just like in the game…” (Stella)
“How lame…..” (Saki)
“Let me try to speak with it.” (Yuuto)

After all, one of the initial purposes of coming to this Instance was to seek information. Yuuto stepped forward and opened his mouth.

“Can you understand our words, Shastasena?” (Yuuto)

Yuuto then began to talk with her in Argenaurik, the language of the deities, which has highly complex grammar and syntax structure that even to translate a single word would need pages of sentences. The deities love to be complex it seems or the game developers just love to implement some form of Ithkuil inside the game for one reason of another.
Even just to say: “Can you understand our words, Shastasena?” Yuuto would actually saying something like: “(Non-threatening mood) Can-(imply the willingness of the other party) you=(the false ones ambiance) understand-(imply the ability to peacefully communicate) our=(the loyal ones to the Goddess of Creation ambiance) words (implying truth verbal communication), Shastasena+(you who are fallen to falseness ambiance)?=(imply a question that the speaker doesn’t hope the listener to answer)”. If Yuuto didn’t have the language hardwired copied into his brain, perhaps he would have a difficulty even to speak it.

“Answer me. What do you know about our arrival in this world?” (Yuuto)
“Others? You mean the other False Gods?” (Yuuto)
“Do you know why you are here in this world?” (Yuuto)
“Do you know why we are here in this world?” (Yuuto)
“Is there any Heaven Lords other than us?” (Yuuto)

The conversation was cut short as a tentacle-like root flew like a spear towards Yuuto’s position. He deflected it with a backhand slap and sighed, while the root skewered the ground which caused a large crack on it.

“It looks like the boss don’t want to talk anymore..” (Yuuto)
“Well, it’s a common sense that bosses supposed to talk about key plot only after defeated.” (Stella)
“So let’s defeat it!” (Saki)
“And finish this quickly!” (Mizuki)
“Yes……” (Tsukimi)
“That’s good. Don’t be rash, girls.” (Ichiko)
“But it will be hardly a fight, right, Dear Husband?” (Kiyomi)
“That’s true. But stick carefully to the plan. Afterward, I will be depending on you, Cia.” (Yuuto)
“Certainly.” (Chie)

The ‘boss fight’ begin.


Ten minutes later. The ‘boss fight’ finished. If it could be ever said as a fight. From the start, the balance of power was heavily tilted to one side.
On the first five minutes, Chie’s greatblade, Kiyomi’s summons, and Stella’s magic slaughtered all the small fries Shastasena kept generating from its trunks so they wouldn’t be in the way, while the Knights and Guardian Maids, even the healers and support magic users, attacked Shastasena using long range attack weapons, skills, or magic (which was not that very effective). After every Knight and Maid had attacked, it was the girls turn to attack.
Under the others cover, Saki used her enormous speed (buffed up by Ichiko, also equipment and potions from Yuuto) and nimbly evaded every incoming enemies attack and Shastasena root tentacles, as she slashed around the wolves and the tree trunk with her dual blades, which left gashes that sprouting blue blood. Saki ended up bathed in red and blue blood, though, so Stella ended up washing and drying her yet again. Stella doesn’t mind since Saki’s hair and ears were soft and comfortable to touch.
Since Tsukimi used bowguns, she just sniped the tree’s tentacle, leaving several huge sabots pierced through it and pinning in on the ground to support the others. Unlike the game, the sabots didn’t disappear after one minute, so the tentacles were firmly sealed by it. She also she sniped any enemies who were hindering Mizuki or coming close to the Knights.
While under Tsukimi cover fire, Mizuki modified her switchblade repeatedly between medium and long range configuration as she bulldozed her ways around and mowed down the surviving enemies and the tentacles, before switching it into melee range configuration which then she used to inflict barrage of damage on the defenseless tree trunk. If Saki pushed forward with speed, Mizuki pushed forward with sheer melee power.
Of course, Shastasena tried to counterattack with offensive magic. Sadly it was underpowered to pierce Ichiko’s anti-magic barrier. It needs at least Stella’s level of firepower to overcome this barrier. Ichiko also not forget to send Light and Divine attack magic to inflict damage on it. Nothing too deadly of course, she trying to not overkill it, after all. Since no one terribly hurt this time, she hardly needs to use her Healing Magic and so she spammed Support Magic left and right.
Kiyomi used her customized Star Magic to literally ‘microwaving’ Shastasena and the wolves under cosmic radiation, which deal not that much damage, but could inflict various bad status effect and sealed its regeneration capabilities, while the seasons fairies that she summoned, the Cold Lake Fairy(Tatiana), the Tranquil Forest Fairy(Lacme), and the Sunny Plains Fairy(Iolanthe) were wreaking havoc at the mob ranks with their combination magic. Of course, Kiyomi was also trying hard not to accidentally damage Shastasena too much. Kiyomi lamented the fact that she couldn’t put all the four fairies on the field, it would be awesome. Hopefully, she could gain enough DSL in the future to do so.
Stella only attacked Shastasena with a single laser from beginner plasma magic, any more and she might inadvertently damage the boss too much and send it to critical mode. She didn’t take pity on the small fry wolves, though, as she froze, melted and incinerated them under the cold ice and blinding plasma.
When Yuuto judged that the boss’ HP reached halfway point (could be inferred when its leaves turned red) and everyone had already done a token of damage to the tree, Yuuto nodded to Chie, who nodded back to him. Yuuto took out his one-handed blade, Yobel[9], unsheathed. It’s brilliant dark edge was radiating faint rainbow colors. Meanwhile, Chie stored her great blade Seventh Calibur[10] back to her inventory as she took out her long blade Memento Mori[11]
With a speed that could hardly be followed by the eyes of others, Yuuto activated his Spiritsmith Arts: Malkuth Release[12], which soon enveloped his sword Yobel with a materialized spirit edge. In the game, this will greatly increase the damage, but as it was actively consuming his mana, he couldn’t maintain this for long. The small fries couldn’t even react when Yuuto suddenly approached the tree as he activated the one-handed sword arts skill, Sword Draw: Rustling Grass[13]. His swords swung down and blurred as he executed several rapid slashes that his sword seemed like a blade of grass rustling in a windy day, hence the skill name. Several large gashes began to appear in the trunks and some branches were  cut down, spewing the blue colored blood-liquid to the sky.
Following him, Chie put her hand on the sheath and the sword handle, just like an Iaido practitioner, and then she launched the long sword arts skill, Quick-Draw: Dyadic Slash: Six[14], the main skill of her second strongest Job Sword Saint.[15] She slashed and returned the blade back to its sheath, sixty-four times in a quick succession, faster than eyes could see. From an outsider perspective, Chie just put her hand on the blade when suddenly sixty-four gaps appeared on the tree. The only indication that she had attacked was the clink sound she made when she sheathed the blade back to its sheath.

The combination of the attack was too much for Shastasena. Its trunk was decorated with numerous slashes that leaking blood and aberrant mana, its leaves began to fallen down to the ground like a teak tree in dry season, the wolves relief on its branch stopped generating new monster, and the statue of a goddess in the center of tree that was intentionally spared slumped down, hardly moving.


As it began its dying monologue. Yuuto, approached the now defenseless tree, while the Knights and the girls wiping out the remaining monster.

“Feeling like talking, now?” (Yuuto)
“Can you give us information that you know?” (Yuuto)
“*Sigh* Perhaps o you know how we can go back to our world?” (Yuuto)
“So, it seems that you too don’t know the answer.” (Yuuto)
“It’s really a shame.” (Yuuto)

Yuuto sighed, it seems that this instance boss also didn’t have any idea about what is going on or didn’t have any intention to cooperate. Even so, it was a great information that there were other False Gods in this world. Without any hesitation, Yuuto unsheathed Yobel and then thrust it into the goddess statue head and then bisected it vertically to the groin. Different from the tree, the statue shed red blood, which Yuuto flicked from his sword before sheathed it.
The material incarnation of Shastasena had been destroyed, but as it was not a mortal existence but a spiritual deity one, one day Shastasena could reform its material incarnation again, until then it will reside in the Sheol. As the mortal incarnation of Shastasena ‘evaporated’ into its constituent divine essence and the leaked out divine aura from its damaged core started to gathered and form a transparent 1-meter high shining crystal that was gently floating in the air.. It was a Divine Shard, parts of Goddess of Creation’s power that she had given to the deities at the Start of All Creation. The Instance’s boss really dropped a Divine Shard just like in the game. Yuuto and the girls instinctively recognize this shard, as if this information was something that they had familiar with before. Somehow or other, they also understand that to identify the true nature of the shard they need to touch it, and as eight hands touched the crystal…

“It’s the Shard of Arduous Assiduity.” (Kiyomi)
“You get it too?” (Stella)

It seems that strangely, everyone received the same Divine Shard type.

“So, everyone have the same thing?” (Mizuki)
 “In the game, the shard’s identity will be different for each person, right?”  (Ichiko)
“This is different from the game. I wonder what this mean.” (Yuuto)

In the game, the Divine Shard that was dropped by an Instance Boss would have its type randomized per person, so a player wouldn’t know which boss drop which shard and so they would need to challenge a different instance (considering RAHO had over 200 instances, the dropped shards might be a duplicate). This was the reason why only not many players had reached maxed DSL.

“I already have this shard.” (Chie)
“Same with me.” (Stella)
“Me, too” (Ichiko)
“Likewise.” (Yuuto)

A few moment later, the divinity essence in the Divine Shard started to flow into Yuuto and the girls. This was the reason why he had made the entire Knights and Guardian Maids attacked the boss so that when the Divine Shard was dropped they could get a share of it too. In the game, as long as someone attacked the boss then the game will guarantee a Divine Shard drop for them when the boss was defeated. Since to enter the Instances, one needed to be a member of a party and it usually needs a team of several parties to conquer an Instances, this rule prevented rookie players to just tag along and do nothing while waiting the boss get defeated. Sadly he found later there was no change in the Knights and the Guardian Maids. It seems that the Maids and Knights DSL couldn’t be raised higher.

“Oh, what this what this what this… My DSL increased by one! HOORAY!” (Saki)
“Ah, it seems me too… Isn’t this a happy tiding, Dear Husband?” (Kiyomi)
“Congratulations.” (Yuuto)

Yuuto unknowingly patted Kiyomi’s and Saki’s head, Kiyomi had this happy wide smile on her, while Saki was going ‘kyakyakya’ and moved her head left and right. Before he realized what his hand had done, the Twins also yelled.

“Ruu-chan, my DSL also got up! *clap hand*(Mizuki)
“… Me too, Raa-chan! *clap hand*(Tsukimi)
“Congratulations.” (Yuuto)

His hand parted from Kiyomi and Saki and changed to Mizuki and Tsukimi who were smiling while having their head patted. Before long, his mind went, ‘Ah!’ as his common sense finally take his mind pilot back from instinct’s control. But as expected from Yuuto, his flustered thoughts didn’t surface on his face and he just acted as if nothing had happened. As the girls didn’t object, he just needs to play it cool, even if the stares from Stella and Chie were kinda painful.
With this Kiyomi’s DSL increased from 63 to 64; both Mizuki and Tsukimi’s DSL increased from 55 to 56; and lastly Saki had her DSL changed from 32 to 33. This means, that Saki finally had her character tier increased from Tier 2 into Tier 3, that is, into a Deity-Level as a Demigoddess.

“Whoa. What happening?” (Saki)

Saki’s body began to be wrapped by a soft light, which was a materialized divine aura. Yuuto and the other girls instinctively recognized this as the proof that Saki was undergoing apotheosis.

“Ah… A window appeared. It asked me to choose an Authority.” (Saki)

Authority, a representation as ‘aspects of the world’ that the RAHO players as a ‘divinity’ govern and had authority over. This could be physical aspects like Metal, Fire, Sea, etc, or abstract concepts like Discord, Lies, Friendship, etc. RAHO provided 108 Authority to pick from that was taken from various mythology pantheon aspects around the Earth.
Other than Saki, the others also had it, Yuuto had the authority of Judgment[16] and Creation[17] which complement his crafting skills. Chie was Victory[18] and Purity[19], to support her offensive power. Stella was obviously Magic[20] and Wisdom[21]. Ichiko was Life[22] and People[23], that granted her numerous benefit in Healing and Support Magic. Kiyomi was Love[24], since it increased her affinities with her Eidolons and absolutely not because she was carried away from the in-game wedding. For the twins, Mizuki was Travel[25], while lastly, Tsukimi was Message[26], each one oriented for Instance raiding.
In the game, each authority granted specific stats corrections, skills enhancement, and or unique skills. For example, an offensive character might want to take Authority that granted offensive stats correction or skill, like War, while a defensive character might want to take Authority that granted defensive stats correction and skills, like Mountains. Since choosing the correct Authority is important and Authority could never be changed, one must choose their Authority carefully.

“Which should I choose?” (Saki)
“Read the Authority description carefully and then pick one th-”  (Yuuto)
“Ah! I choose you!” (Saki)

Without letting Yuuto finished his explanation, Saki had picked her authority and left everyone with a blank expression.
What she had chosen was, true to her nature, Fun[27].


Saki is Saki……
Perhaps I will make a side-chapter about the battle from the Shastasena’s point of view.
Next time: explanation chapter! I like explanation chapter……

I mean, this was never a Japanese language story to begin with…

[1] 幽林
[2] 次元鏡映(ルッキング・ガラス)
[3] 米はいいぞ
[4] 絶対輝煌(アブソルーティオ・ルミネンシアー)
[5] デバイ・キュペル
[6] イレイザー・レーザー
[7] 黒暗語(ゼルハライェツ)                               
[8] 大怪木獣・サズタセナ
[9] 大恩赦(ヨベル)
[10] 第七の大断刃(セブンス・キャリバー)
[11] 死の記憶(メメント・モリ)
[12] 霊鍛冶技芸第一封印開封(マルクト・リリース)
[13] 抜剣・草擦れ
[14] 居合術・二項斬除・六の冪
[15] 剣聖. In case readers forget, RAHO permit and even encourage players to have several jobs to complement their game-style.
[16] 裁判
[17] 創生
[18] 勝利
[19] 純粋
[20] 魔法
[21] 知恵
[22] 生命
[23] 人民
[24] 愛情
[25] 旅行
[26] 交流
[27] 楽しみ


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