12 February 2017

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 73

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すずの木くろ (Susunokikuro)
Yukkuri Oniisan
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Chapter 73: The Inextinguishable Flame

When Kazura and Lieze started resuming the work in the afternoon.

At a certain room in Nelson’s Estate, Eira was sitting face to face with Zirconia with table interposing between them and received the explanation of the change in the content of the employment contract.
In front of Eira was two pieces of parchment with Employment Contract written on it, which have the same contents recorded on it.
The contract described the monthly salary, working hours, rough work description and other notes.
One parchment would be in the employer safekeeping, while the other one would be kept by Eira as a copy.

The basic working hour will be the same as before, it will be over when the dinner had been finished, but if Kazura-san request a help outside the working hour, then I ask you to help him. Since the written salary is just the assumed salary.(Zirconia)

(T-the salary doubled……)(Eira)

Eira froze as she looked at the salary section in the contract with an astonished expression.
Eira’s wage when she was still Lieze’s personal servants was already a large sum of money, but the salary suggested this time was twice the amount.
The amount of money even surpassed the salary of the commanding officer of the Nobles Guard, which was the top class amongst the people working in the Estate if sorted by the salary.
Furthermore, there was an addition of a personal room at the Estate’s main mansion first floor prepared for her with the furniture lent to her without any charge.
The arrangements were too good, that while Eira’s mood was exalted, at the same time her body was a bit quivered.
With this amount of arrangements, accordingly, just how harsh the duty will be?

The contents that are different with the previous contract are that you can’t cancel the contract this time for 10 years, you will hold two positions of Kazura-san’s servant in addition to Lieze’s, and lastly you will guide Marie. Also, Kazura-san’s request must be prioritized above anything else and performed perfectly. Is there anything you want to ask? If there isn’t, then when you sign here, the contract renewal will be completed.(Zirconia)

While pushing the ink ceramics and the quill towards Eira, Zirconia urged her to ask.

Ah, umm……(Eira)

Even when she received the quill by reflex, Eira frantically scanned the contract’s content.
Her mood was ecstatic the moment the contract suggests that her salary doubled, but when she heard that the contract couldn’t be canceled for 10 years period, she became careful in confirming the contract’s content.

About the work description, about working as the servant of both Lieze-sama and Kazura-sama, even now I couldn’t judge whether or not I could perform this amount of task. Because of this, if in case I feel that I already couldn’t perform it, I want to be able to consult about this.(Eira)

Of course. Since the work amount can’t be said as excessive, you don’t need to worry about it. If it’s necessary, then I also had thought to attach some personal servants to you. Furthermore, if Marie became used to her work, then your burden should be lighter, the difficulty will be only at the beginning, don’t you agree?(Zirconia)

Zirconia replied with a soft smile at Eira who nervously asked.
From what Eira heard, it seems that even Zirconia won’t pushed a work that excessive to her.

Feeling relieved, Eira made a smile and thanked Zirconia and once again began to scan the contract.

(If I will be given personal servants then the need to do shopping outside will disappear and if Marie-chan had gotten used to her work then even if I rarely assist Kazura-sama, it will be alright…… However, even though the work isn’t increasing that much, for the wage to be doubled……)(Eira)

Eira looked up from the contract, and then with a timid expression, she turned her face at Zirconia.

……Zirconia-sama, about Lieze-sama and Kazura-sama…… that, by any chance……(Eira)

Yes, I want you to make them both stick together.(Zirconia)

Zirconia replied bluntly while smiling when Eira was asked hesitatingly.

There is a reason behind it, so I want you to somehow stir them so they both fall in love. However, a too much open manner of doing is not good. I want you to induce it so that it happened as natural as possible.(Zirconia)

M-me? ……(Eira)

Because she never thought that she would be straightly ordered to do such unexpected task, Eira cast her eyes down with a panicked expression.
Even if she asked to make both of them fall in love, Eira practically didn’t know anything about Kazura.
Eira never talked with Kazura except when talking about the work subjects, so she didn’t have a good grasp of his personality.
To start with, it was necessary for her to become close to Kazura to do so, but Nelson and Zirconia seem to restrict information about Kazura, so she hadn’t heard anything about him.
Even if she had been strongly asked to do such task to an opponent who she didn’t know how much can she breakthrough, truthfully she would end up troubled.

So? Perhaps you can’t do this request somehow?(Zirconia)


Hm? What is it?(Zirconia)

Perhaps because she was thinking how to reply, Eira was hesitating to say with a perplexed expression. Zirconia made a gentle smile at her while continue to press her without giving any time to break.
It was as if Zirconia didn’t give any time for her to think and she just need to nod yes.

E-even if I don’t do anything, Kazura-sama seems to take a fancy to Lieze-sama, Lieze-sama also seems to have an interest Kazura-sama, so if I do something this could become strained, on the contrary…… I think it will go smoothly if we just let the things flow on its own……(Eira)

That’s true. But, there is also a possibility that they don’t end together, right? Then it will be a problem. We need to increase the possibility even by the slightest bit, you see. It’s alright, you can do it.(Zirconia)

With a gentle expression and tone, Zirconia keeps pushing the conversation incessantly.
If this keeps going then Eira would be pressured to comply while still didn’t receive any important information, so Eira opened her mouth in hurry.

B-but, will Isaac-sama agree with this? That…… previously Nelson-sama appears to considerably endorse Isaac-sama.(Eira)

When Eira asked this, Zirconia made a rather surprised expression.
Because until now Eira had never acted against Zirconia’s order, she never thought that Eira would reply back to her like this.
When Eira noticed Zirconia’s expression and how her reply just now could be interpreted as harboring some criticism, her inner mind was too late assessing that Ah, what I’ve had done.

Hm, that’s true…… Isaac is really a good boy, and since there is no problem with his family background, I also believe he is someone who suits Lieze. However, Kazura-san is an ever greater person. How should I explain this, I wonder…… I am troubled you see……(Zirconia)

While putting her hand at the corner of her lips, Zirconia was thinking. Eira waited for the reply while being fearful.
Zirconia normally had a gentle ambiance and a soft tone of voice, but her dreadfulness when she was angry was beyond normal.
Eira personally saw the few times the appearances of Zirconia when she was angry, even so it was no more than from far away, additionally it was also an event that was happened 4 years ago.
Except when dealing with something with the military, Zirconia didn’t roughen her voice, however, Eira had heard how frightening Zirconia when she was angry from her fellow maids and guards, so she was really worried to not displeased Zirconia.
If she did something that was too much, then she might found herself unemployed by the next day.

While Eira was worried about this, on the other hand, Zirconia’s expression didn’t show any sign that her mood was particularly hurt by Eira’s words. After she was pondering after several moments, she returned her expression to Eira.

That’s right, if I asked you to do that task without informing you anything about Kazura-san, even you will be troubled. I am sorry to ask something unreasonable from you.(Zirconia)


Then, since the information that I will tell you next is strictly confidential, I wish that you must not tell this to anyone else……(Zirconia)

Eira was relieved for a moment when the order was withdrawn just now, but her face stiffened when Zirconia continued to speak.
Now, Zirconia said that this was a strictly confidential matter.
Eira didn’t want to know about such things, as it would be easy to imagine that she would get dragged into a really troublesome situation if she ended knowing about it.
However, she also couldn’t pick the option to refuse this talk.
As a result of cutting her way and have a good outcome, she ended up in bringing unnecessary trouble upon herself.

Before you hear about this, can I have you sign? If perhaps you are not interested after hearing this story, then it will be alright for you to not get involved in the matter of Lieze and Kazura-san, so it’s fine for you to not think too deep about it.(Zirconia)

When she said so, Zirconia presented the quill with a smile.

(This will absolutely not going to be fine at all, you know)(Eira)

While Eira continued to tsukkomi inside her mind, she nodded with teary eyes and took up the quill.
In any case, Eira didn’t have enough bravery in her to refuse an order from Zirconia.
The situation ended up growing worse because of her poor struggling, but it was already futile for her to do anything further.
This was better than being unemployed, so she can do nothing but to give up and resign her fate.

Eira finished signing the contract. Zirconia received it and confirmed the sign, then she placed it nearby.

Thank you. Then let’s continue the previous talk. It’s about Kazura-san.(Zirconia)


Eira had resolved herself and made a serious expression. Zirconia also erased the smile from her face and put a serious look.

Kazura-san… is not a human. He is Greysior-sama.(Zirconia)


Zirconia’s statement was really something unexpected that Eira spontaneously replied back.
Eira looked at Zirconia’s face thinking that she was just joking, but her expression was deadly serious.

Does Eira know about the legend of Greysior-sama?(Zirconia)

M-more or less…… It’s a fairy tale that I heard when I was small……(Eira)

Just like that fairy tale…… No, it was far more than that, this occurred about 2 months ago at Grisea Village. The village that was in famine has now become completely restored, the destroyed fields also has unbelievable amount of harvest.(Zirconia)


Since it was a story that was too crazily outlandish, Eira ended up half-reluctant to reply.
Eira knew about the legend of Greysior that she heard numerous times in her childhood, but that was just a fairy tale, she didn’t think that the story was true.
However, Zirconia had said that Greysior actually appeared and saved the village

I will leave the detail of what had happened, but Greysior-sama had agreed to assist in revitalizing the territory. Currently, Greysior-sama is trying to restore the grain fields surrounding Isteria. In addition, he also said that he will assist in developing tools to make the work more efficient, controlling flood in the city, and improving the sanitation. However, how far he is willing to help is still not clear.(Zirconia)

Zirconia was explaining in one go that Eira listened carefully to the continuation of the story while holding her breath.
Zirconia’s expression was deadly serious, that she couldn’t pick the slightest sign of this being a joke.
As soon as the atmosphere in that place changed, Eira could felt that it was damp from the sweat.

In a peaceful time, even this amount of assistance is already more than enough, but currently for us, this would be troubling. After all, seeing that currently, if we don’t receive any prompt support, we would not make it in time for the war with Balveile.(Zirconia)

……Then, the war will begin again?(Eira)

When she heard about the war, Eira anxiously asked Zirconia.
At the war 4 years ago, fortunately, no family members of her ended up as war casualties.
Her parents and siblings were safe and there was some relative ended up injured in the campaign, but everyone survived until the ceasefire.
However, in the case of the war resumed, then next time there might be someone that would be killed in action.
Since her siblings were now in the age that could serve in the military, they could be conscripted into soldiers.
To pass the days while succumbing to the anxiousness about the news of the people close to her died was something that she didn’t want to have again.

It will surely resume again. Even without we asking for it, Balveile will come invading. That country is such a country. A cold-blooded devil-like country.(Zirconia)

Perhaps because she remembered about the war, there was intense hatred that could be seen inside Zirconia’s eyes.
However, that was just for a moment, she then once again made a gentle smile and turned her eyes at Eira who made a worried expression while looking at her.

But, if we could receive enough assistance from Kazura-san, then it will be surely safe. That person…… I don’t know if it will be alright to call him as a person, but the knowledge and tools that he possesses are not something that this world’s common sense could apply to. If we have his tools and knowledge and furthermore the blessings of strength that Kazura-san granted, then even if Balveile is our opponent, we will absolutely won’t lose.(Zirconia)


When the word “blessing” suddenly came out in the conversation, Eira reflexively asked it back.
Although she thought that she don’t want to get involved too deep when she first heard the story, but she couldn’t help but  ask since it already reached this point.

Yes, a blessing. This is just a conjecture, but it seems that the people close to Kazura-san were granted a blessing of strength. The people who received that blessing of strength would acquire a monster-like strength. If we have that strength……(Zirconia)

Even if Zirconia had mentioned monster-like strength, Eira couldn’t easily imagine it, but if Zirconia said so, then it might be true.
Though it wasn’t clear what form of blessing that can be obtained, but if they could acquire a tremendous strength to that extent, then she felt that she could understand the reason of why Zirconia particularly fixated on him.
If a perfect opportunity to obtain a power that can defeat the hateful Balveile came to her, then of course Zirconia would do any measure for it.
Even if she coerced her own daughter – albeit, it was just a step-daughter – Lieze to seduce Kazura, but this action could still be said as a rational move.

When Zirconia, who explaining with a slightly excited expression, noticed that Eira was looking at her, she returned to put her usual smile.

That’s right, our talks about bringing Lieze and Kazura-san to be together is a secret. You can’t even say it to Nelson. Of course, please be silent to Lieze, too. If there is something that you want to consult about, said it to me. I’ll help with anything.(Zirconia)

I-I understood.(Eira)

Before she knew, the flow of events had ended as if Eira had taken up the task, but there was no room for refusal since it has come to this point.
When Zirconia mentioned that Eira couldn’t even speak about this with Nelson, means that this matter might be Zirconia’s own arbitrary action.
Even the fact that Lieze wasn’t coerced to seduce Kazura, it was clear that Nelson had become an obstacle.

With this Eira ended up not as Nelson’s piece, but Zirconia’s.
Truthfully, it was unbearably frightening, but it had become a situation which she can do nothing about.

It will be alright, there is no need to be that nervous. If Lieze also thinks the same thing, then I think it wouldn’t be a hard task. You only have to give them a little push. Since it would become unnatural if they noticed it too much, please be careful in this. With this, the talk will be finished. You may leave.(Zirconia)

Yes, please excuse me.(Eira)

With an anxious reply, Eira stood out and made a bow before leaving the room. After seeing her off, Zirconia let out a relieved sigh and leaned her back on the chair.
Based on the situation in Grisea Village, it seems that the people whom Kazura fond of would be given quite tremendous assistance and blessing.
In the future, if things went well then Kazura will be in love with Lieze, and thus if they concomitantly succeed in making him has an attachment to Istelle House or Isteria, then surely he will grant assistance for military matters too.
Although in the beginning he ended up refusing when he was requested for military assistance, next time will surely turn out well.

Surely, it will be fine. Next time, for sure.(Zirconia)

Zirconia muttered as if to speak to herself while closing her eyes quietly.


Let the matchmaker game begin!


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