09 February 2017

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 69

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すずの木くろ (Susunokikuro)
Yukkuri Oniisan
Editor, Proofreader:

Chapter 69: Pre-established Harmony[1]

The next morning.

At the dining room in Nelson’s estate, several maids were skillfully preparing the breakfast.
The 150 centimeters long table, that had been installed at the center of the room, was already finished arranged with silver plates, cups and other tableware.
Right now, the maids were serving the plates with soup or freshly baked bread and other foods at the tableware.

At the seats, sat the usual four people —— the Istelle household and Kazura ——, Nelson and Kazura quickly discussing the progress of yesterday work.

Amongst the maid who was preparing the breakfast, there was the figure of Marie who was just working as a live-in employee at Nelson’s Estate yesterday.
Although Marie was somewhat bewildered with the new environment, but beginning with Eira who was preparing the table together with her, she received the instruction from other maids, while briskly serving up the meals.
Marie had been working as a maid in Leveson’s mansion since childhood, so she had been familiar with the content of the work.

On the menu that was lined up on the table, there was an individual portion that had somewhat different content.
The dishes was the same with the others, but the ingredients used for it was completely different.

That individual portion was Kazura’s, the dishes served on his plate were the retort pouch soup and canned bread[2] that Kazura handed over to Marie this morning.
The soup was added with a small amount of minced vegetables in the kitchen, but the bread was just taken out from the can without change.

While the food was being lined one after another, Lieze took a peek at the other member who sat on the table.

(…… These people, they are like going to collapse soon.)(Lieze)

The other members who were waiting until the food was prepared, had a remarkable fatigue remained on their face, there were bags under their eyes.
Only Kazura who was still looked a bit better, even though he had a tired countenance with bag under his eyes, he had a cheerful tone while discussing yesterday’s works at the fields with Nelson.

Kazura had slept about 6 hours yesterday, so his physical condition was fairly well.
Furthermore, last night the ice-choco-mint-bar that melted several days ago had been chilled properly inside the refrigerator and turned into three extremely sweet choco-mint drinks, which he consumed.
Since the sugar content had fatigue recovery effect, even though the luxurious item had been turned into a deplorable state, since he still able to consume it, he was spirited over it nonetheless.[3]

In contrast, as if her light consciousness had flown away, Zirconia was staring at the blue sky that could be seen outside the window with a blank expression.
From her appearance, it was apparent that she was terribly tired and had a lack of sleep so her countenance looked a bit pale.

Ano, Okaa-sama(Mother)……(Lieze)



(……Sky, beautiful.)(Zirconia)

Lieze was trying to start a conversation, but Zirconia kept looking at the sky without responding at all.
It was as if Lieze’s words didn’t enter her ears.

Zill, Lieze is calling you.(Nelson)



Eh!? Ah, sorry. What is it?(Zirconia)

As her name was called by Nelson, Zirconia looked at him with a surprised expression.

Are you alright? You look terribly tired……(Nelson)

I’m alright. No need to worry.(Zirconia)

Zirconia replied while fixing her countenance, but to all appearance, she didn’t look fine.

Zirconia-san, how about you rest for the whole day today? Since you seem to be unwell……(Kazura)

No need, I am really alright. Furthermore, even right now the works are piling up, so it’s not the time for me to rest right now……(Zirconia)

…… How long do you sleep last night?(Kazura)

…… About half a stound.(Zirconia)

Zirconia embarrassedly muttered. Kazura and Nelson looked at each other face.
A half stound means approximately one hour, it isn’t even enough to be called as a trifling sleep.

Zill, rest for today. In this state, you will soon collapse.(Nelson)

…… Then, I will rest throughout the morning.(Zirconia)

No, it will be better for you to rest even to the afternoon. Please have a nice sleep.(Kazura)


‘I cannot afford myself to sleep’, this kind of answer was the reply that was hard for her to say.
Truthfully, she wanted to slip into the bed and sleep at once, but the works had been piled up so much that there is no way she can sleep.

Because for the last few days, Zirconia followed Kazura in travelling to Grisea Village and went with him to supervise the work at the fields, she had totally postponed dealing with the territory clerical works, or reports from the military or civil officials that she somehow manage until now.
She had entrusted the works that can be entrusted to the other military or civil officials, even so the amount of works that could only be personally dealt by herself was considerably high.
If Zirconia continues to postpone the piled up works indefinitely, then just like a serial collision the next works waiting for her would get delayed, so Zirconia cannot afford herself to sleep.

In addition, inside Zirconia’s mind, the works related to the water mill parts manufacture that Kazura had personally ordered, was something that couldn’t be left to others.
As a result, she was short at hands by all means, so there was no other way to deal with other work but by reducing her sleep time.

Okaa-sama(Mother), please let me help with something too. Even if paperwork is impossible for me, I can help with the task of seeing the progress of the work on the site.(Lieze)

Since Zirconia looks anguished, Lieze suddenly came forward with her proposal to assist.
At that unexpected remark, the other made an expression as if saying Eh?, and looked at Lieze.

On the site?…… But shouldn’t you have another schedule to do? What will you do about the meeting with visitors schedule?(Zirconia)

I will send out a messenger and convey that the meeting today will be suspended. Since the work in the territory is more important.(Lieze)

…… Who are the people scheduled to meet with you today?(Zirconia)


Lieze sent a glance to Eira who stood at the wall.

There are schedule to meet with Gregorn Province’s noble, Gunther Brandt-sama, at thae morning and the same Gregorn Province’s noble, Nibel Ferdinand-sama at the afternoon. These are the second meeting with these two gentlemen.(Eira)

Nibel…… Ah……(Zirconia)

……So, it’s that one.(Nelson)

When Eira recited the name of the audience participant, Zirconia and Nelson made an expression as if they understand something.

Yes…… Ah, it doesn’t mean that I dislike that thing…… I mean, Nibel-sama.(Lieze)

(Ah, she called him that thing……)(Kazura)

Accidentally referring Nobel with ‘that thing’, Lieze looked at Kazura and was suddenly aware of what she had said, and then she quickly waved her hand in front of her chest and glossed her words in a hurry.
However, based on their reaction, the three people didn’t have a good impression of this Nibel figure.

Kazura didn’t know about this, but last night, Lieze couldn’t participate in the dinner was because Nibel wouldn’t return from Nelson Estate no matter how much time had passed.
Lieze had one way or another try to bring the conversation to an end and made a great effort to bring the audience to its conclusion, but Nibel obliviousness(K-Y) was so overwhelming that he couldn’t read the atmosphere at all.
As the result, Lieze got stuck with Nibel and have to unpleasantly take dinner with him, she was liberated at eight o’clock at night, which could be said as a wretchedly miserable day.

…… Well, if you have met with him yesterday, then it will be fine if you decline him for today. Kazura-san, for today work at the fields, would you mind to take Lieze as my substitute?(Zirconia)

I don’t mind. However, the works will be mostly the same with yesterday, so it wouldn’t be a problem if I go alone.(Kazura)

No, it will be improper for us…… In addition, I think that governmental affairs will soon be something that Lieze has to do. I wish that we can use this chance so that Kazura-san can teach her many things……(Zirconia)

Many things, correct……?(Kazura)

While thinking what’s to be done with this situation, Kazura looked towards Lieze who face him back with an earnest expression.

So that I can be useful to Kazura-sama, I will give the best of my ability. Please, take me together with you.(Lieze)

Ah, no need to be that stiff. Since we wouldn’t do any complicated matters, let’s do it in an easygoing manner.(Kazura)

Kazura acknowledged, so Lieze made a relieved smile.

Since we will walk around at the site until evening, please change to a casual attire. We also will take our lunch on the site, so please prepare some food for the lunchbox. Since my share will be prepared separately, it should be prepared individually.(Kazura)

I understand. Eira, can I entrust the preparation to you?(Lieze)


Ah, Eira, wait a moment.(Zirconia)

When Eira was about to exit the room after she received Lieze’s order, Zirconia called her to stop.

Since it was already late at night, I ended up not informed you, but I will assign Marie and Eira as Kazura-san’s servants. Since both of them will live in inside the Estate, you can order them anything in the future.(Zirconia)


At Zirconia’s explanation, Lieze and Eira let out their surprise at the same time.

I haven’t mentioned this to Lieze and Eira…… I’m sorry, I forgot.(Zirconia)

A-ano, Eira is my personal servant……(Lieze)

Wondering whether or not Eira will be removed from her personal servant duty, Lieze showed an awfully dismayed expression.

Eira had been with Lieze since she was 3 years old, so it has been 11 years period since Lieze became her personal servant.
Since she was still small, Eira had been always at Lieze’s side, so for Lieze, there was no one else she could trust best than Eira.
It was natural that Lieze was dismayed if Eira was to be separated from her.

Ah, it’s not like she will stop to be your servant. I want Eira to held two positions of Kazura and Lieze’s servant. Since Marie just arrived at the Estate and she hasn’t become familiar with it, I want Eira to guide her while still working as a servant.(Zirconia)

So it is…… guide……?(Lieze)

When she heard that Eira will still be her servant, Lieze made a relieved expression even just for a bit, even so, she still looked uneasy.
Disregarding Lieze who made such expression, Zirconia turned her face to Eira.

Eira, before the day is over I will prepare a room for you inside the Estate, so please move your belongings before long. I wouldn’t mind if you make use of the Estate’s servants in the moving.(Zirconia)


Receiving an order that leaves her no chance to further dialogue, Eira’s face stiffened.
Until now, every morning Eira left from her parents home at Isteria downtown, which was located 30 minutes walking distance away from the Estat.
Although the time to report for work changed slightly by the season, Eira basically arrived at Nelson’s Estate by 6.30 and then headed towards Lieze who was doing morning practices at the courtyard, which had become her daily routine.
This would be changed if she became a live-in employee, but if she’s not done so, then her work contents would be too excessive to be done.

When she thought so, Eira felt her mood was depressed.
However, as her master, Zirconia’s order is absolute and there weren’t any family circumstances that would make live-in arrangements to be impossible.
Her salary would surely increase, so she decide to just content with this situation and received the order.
If after her duty actually began, she concluded that her workload was too excessive, then at that time she could consult this with Zirconia.

By the way, a maid’s break day was 2 days every 10 days.
How the break could be obtained was various, such as deciding it with the master or exchanging workday with the other maids.
There also strong people who would relinquish their holiday and work for an increase in salary.

Since the terms like the salary would change, I will pass the documents that will describe the term content later.(Zirconia)

I understood……(Eira)

Eira made a reply anyhow at Zirconia’s explanation, and then exited the room to prepare for Lieze’s trip after she made a bow.
With a bit uneasy expression on her face, Lieze looked at Eira’s back as she went out the room.

Since Eira will still be your servant as before, there is no reason to worry. Whatever happens, if you and Kazura have a separate schedule, then Eira will be following you.(Zirconia)



Because he suddenly felt something was amiss with the flow of the conversation, Kazura tilted his head in confusion.
Something, something seems impalpably strange, but the answer for this escaped his tongue for the moment.

In the meantime, the preparation for the breakfast had been put into order, and so the four people then began to set their hand on the prepared meal.


When the four people began to eat the breakfast, Eira was walking towards the kitchen inside the Estate, to procure the ingredients for the lunch.


Then, when she arrived in front of the kitchen, she suddenly stopped and tilted her head.

(Just now, I felt that Zirconia-sama was saying that she will prepare a room for me inside the Estate, but might I just misheard things?)(Eira)

Normally, the live-in employee would normally reside in a building especially made to be used by the servant.
Nelson’s Estate too was not an exception, inside the Estate grounds there was a servant house.

Eira agreed that she was just misheard things and then entered the kitchen.


So……. A 2-Maids combo???

[1] Not necessarily the Leibnitz one. In casual meaning, this words can means: “A result that had been expected by the whole member, a foregone conclusion.”
[2] Wait, what? Google “Canned Bread”. Oh, they do exist?
[3] ED: Is it just me or japanese ice cream works differently from normal ice cream? TL: Nah… He just turned the melted ice cream into a cold drink.


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