03 October 2017

Nihonkoku Shoukan. Volume 1. Chapter 1 Part 2

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Chapter 1
Part 2

Louria Kingdom, Capital City: Jin-Haag, Haag Castle, Underground Barracks

In the corner of the room, illuminated by dim candlelight…
The flame flickered from the minute movement of the air and made the shadows of the men reflected on the wall sway back and orth.

Fufufu…… Finally the decision has been given! It has been a long time.

A slanted-eyed man was speaking with a robe-wearing man.

Yes. It really has been a long time.

One section of the robe-wearing man’s hand had been degenerated and was festering.
Immediately after the Royal Council session, the order to form the subjugation army was transmitted to the lower echelons. However, since they already finished their preparations before the session’s decision, it was really just more of a notification.
Adem, who had been selected to become the second-in-command of the main force of the Eastern Subjugation Army, sported an eerie smile while looking at the flickering flame.

The demihumans ought to be exterminated. That I could participate in the subjugation campaign of the worthless country that grants rights for those trash, even more, to be in the frontlines…… is an honor……! I will──」

Adem’s slanting eyes slightly opened and changed into ones of fury. But, he immediately close his eyelids.

「── No, it’s nothing. In this world, the weak are the meals of the strong. Powerless people are only meat waiting to be eaten. The corpses of demihumans…… Nay, the lives of my parents and siblings had taught me this law of the word. And this time, I can teach this law to those demihumans…… I am rejoiced in this bliss!
My Monster Users Corps are unrecognized shadows that have never seen the light of day. The Knights and the Nobles looked down upon us and continued to throw abuse on us. But even Monster Users like us had been given a place in this operation, so I am also in supreme joy tonight!

That day, each person took their meals with alcohol and held a pre-war party. That tumultuous party continued late into the night ──


Qua-Toyne Principality, Japanese Embassy

The sun showed its face on the horizon and the eastern sky became brighter as the birds started singing. A pleasant wind and humid air flowed into the room from the opened window.
The career diplomat from Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tanaka, awakened from his sleep with a nice feeling and took a really deep breath.
Qua-Toyne Principality didn’t have cars, factories, or airplanes, so the background noise were the songs of the birds, the murmurs of the streams, and the clattering of the horses. Compared to Japan, his sleep was unimaginably good.

…… It seems today will be a busy day.

It was something he muttered out of the unpleasant premonition he had, but this was proved to be true.

Ambassador‼ Ambassador‼

The staff knocked at the door to Tanaka’s room.

(What happened so early in the morning?)

Tanaka was a bit puzzled while opening the door.

Good morning. Is something wrong?
An official from Qua-Toyne Principality’s Foreign Ministry suddenly visited without an appointment saying that there is emergency information that he needs to convey.

In the communication between countries, visiting without an appointment, meant that there was a tremendous emergency situation happened. Or perhaps, this was the normal way of diplomacy in this other world. Tanaka thought about this while he hurriedly changed his clothes.
After a quick face washing, his suited-figure opened the door to the reception room, 15 minutes after the staff had knocked at the door of his room. Inside was the troubled face of Yagou, the official from the Qua-Toyne Foreign Ministry.

Good morning, sorry if I have made you wait too long.
Tanaka-dono, please excuse my rudeness to visit so suddenly in this early morning. But there is a worrisome development that I must inform you.

Yagou stood up and deeply bowed. Tanaka said, What happened?, while trying to reign in his private relief that even in this world, it’s common sense to visit by making an appointment.
However, that relief was broken in an instant.

I think you already know about the Louria Kingdom west of our country. As the result of careful investigations of information obtained from many channels, we are certain that the Louria Kingdom is approaching to invade our country.
A w-……war!?
The Louria Kingdoms soldiers already gathered in the west, towards the direction of the city, Gim, 20 km from the border. If I can be honest, if the war begins, then we couldn’t export the food in the agreed amount to your country. We are truly apologetic for reneging on the treaty……

Tanaka was speechless when he heard those words.
Since being severed from Earth due to their country suddenly transferred to this world, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had been assigned with a task so that the citizens don’t starve. They had established friendly diplomatic relationships with the Qua-Toyne Principality, that possessed huge farmlands, and the Quila Kingdom, that possessed confirmed Japan’s ill-needed resource deposits that covered most of the country (although until they could mine it, Japan needed to get by with what they had in the strategic resource stockpiles inside the country). It was a miracle that they could obtain the food and resources that were needed by the Japanese citizens. But right now, there was a possibility that that absolutely indispensable food import will cease. If the food import from Qua-Toyne ceased, then in less than 1 year, hundreds of thousands…… No, perhaps millions of citizens will starve to death.

Can your country still do the export somehow……?

Although he understood that when the flames of war enfolded the nation, it’s not a situation where they could worry about other countries, but Tanaka, who didn’t have any power to decide this serious situation, could do nothing but inquire.
Yagou grimaced and cast his eyes down.

The Louria Kingdom has the largest military power in the Rodenius Continent. They already concentrated such forces at the border, and it seems that they keep reinforcing that force. In any case, because the number is too great, when the combat begins, even though we have the local advantage, we need to be resigned to losing several cities. If that happens, then ensuring the movement of goods like we’re doing right now, will be an extremely difficult ordeal.

Yagou made a fleeting upward glance as if to await Tanaka’s expression.

It would be helpful if we could have reinforcements……

Yagou remembered the AirFest that he observed when he was dispatched as a delegation member to Japan. The tremendously strong metal-dragon’s powerful figure had been seared into his eyelids, even to this day.
If they received Japan’s reinforcement, he intuitively concluded that this country wouldn’t be annihilated in this war.

Japan…… has renounced the use of military force as means of conflict resolution between states in her constitution. I am really sorry to say this, but a military reinforcement is……

Of course, Yagou already heard about this military power renunciation when he was dispatched to Japan. He asked since there was nothing to lose in this situation and so Tanaka gave a frustrated answer. Even though Yagou had expected this, he dropped his shoulders in disappointment.

Then, this is unfortunate, but there is a high possibility that it will be difficult to export the food. Since I have no right to say otherwise in your country’s domestic matters, I have no choice but to relinquish this request……

To obey the constitution and have thousands starve, or to have a very broad interpretation of the constitution and save the citizens and the Qua-Toyne Principality from this crisis.
After the information of the suspension of food export was received by the Japanese Embassy, in an unprecedentedly swift response, 3 weeks later, Japan decided to send their troops overseas for the first time after World War 2.


Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution
 (1) Aspiring sincerely to an international peace based on justice and order, the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes.
(2) In order to accomplish the aim of the preceding paragraph, land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained. The right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized.


  1. 'The carrier diplomat from Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tanaka, awakened from his sleep with a nice feeling and took a really deep breath.'

    Likely career diplomat. A carrier is something that carries something, eg an aircraft carrier.

    ' (1) Aspiring sincerely to an international peace based on justice and order, the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes.'
    I'm not entirely sure, but Japan has sent peacekeepers to some areas atleast? And they don't necessarily have to consider it as an act of war, more like an act of protection.

    Then again, someone will likely say they just went american like when they invaded Iraq for the oil (one of several causes), although food might be a more crucial resource.

    1. No no no, 'carrier diplomacy' is the big brother of 'gunboat diplomacy'. lol

      Personally, I disagree with all those interpretations of the US's actions. My view on it is that since WWI and WWII, the US has had a sort of 'saviour complex' as their national identity, their 'worldview' sees the US as some sort of superhero that always comes in to save the day, so you don't really need to 'pay' them anything, just look sad, make puppy eyes and complain that country XYZ is bullying you and watch them lap it up and jump straight into the fire.

      It was never a resource issue, it's a mental problem of how Americans see themselves and their role in the world.

    2. Wasn't it "battleship diplomacy"?

      Also, true, since the end of the Second World War and the dawn of the Cold one, the US seemingly had some sort of "international messiah mentality" as the "guardian of democracy and liberty". Sure, they did a number of good in the perspective of some nations, and they also believed it was somewhat necessary to counter the expansion of a system that threatens theirs (Soviets), but in the past decade or two, I also think the US is being too smug of itself. I'm no expert on this, so I can't really say much or if this is even right, but that's what I think.

      Also, on the 2nd Iraq Conflict, wasn't that the US being Saudi's bitch in exchange for oil?

    3. Sort of. Where the British had their "Great Game", the US fancied itself the "World's Policeman" (aka Team America). How convenient that it also makes the laws it enforces, too :P In both cases, it was about maintaining a balance of political and military power between it and the USSR (e.g. Space Race, "Missile Gap). In this post-Cold War period, it has found a niche in its nigh-eternal "War on Terror".

      The Iraq War is indeed about the US being the Saudi's bitch. What people overlook is that it's not about access to oil (the US uses little Saudi oil), but control of the price of oil and loss of the petrodollar (which would crash the USD). Saddam was a US puppet, but when he invaded Kuwait, the US had to choose between him or the Saudis. The rest is history.

    4. Nah, I don't think the Saudis had much to do with the US jumping feet first into Desert Storm, the Kuwaitis went to the US for help, complete with an 'Obi Wan, you're my only hope' performance to the US Congress by a (fake) hospital volunteer played by the Kuwaiti ambassador's daughter.

      The rest is history. This ties in with the 'saviour complex' the US has that I mentioned earlier. Bat your eyes, look sad, ask Congress for help, watch the US run over your enemies.

      Look up the Nayirah testimony and the Citizens for a Free Kuwait.

    5. Saddam was a US puppet because he served a purpose. That purpose was to serve as a military counterweight against the Islamic Republic of Iran... which was the product of a revolution overthrowing another US-backed puppet, the Shah. Real genius there, guys.

      This was important because the Sunni Saudis didn't get along with the Shia Iranians and with the establishment of the Islamist Republic, ideological differences on both sides were now backed with political and military teeth.

      It also did not help that the Saudi Armed Forces is legendary in its incompetence. They are widely regarded as well-paid, well-equipped thugs chosen for political loyalty over all other considerations. Not surprising for a absolute monarchy, but it's not going to be enough when the Iranians start flexing their muscles. Enter Saddam Hussein.

      So putting Saddam in power, keeping him in power, defeating him in Desert Storm, and keeping him in power afterwards was done specifically for the benefit of the Saudis (and Gulf Emirs).

      All the sentimental bullshit in the leadup to the war was propaganda. Very good propaganda, but propaganda just the same. I don't recall any official outrage from the US when Saddam gassed the Kurds or tortured and murdered countless people in running his totalitarian regime. But when he invades Kuwait, suddenly he's a horrible, horrible man? Please.

    6. The propaganda was from Kuwait, it's documented. They even know the consulting firm the Kuwaitis hired to do the campaign.

      In this case, my call was the Kuwaitis were behind the intervention, the Saudis being the fortunate beneficiary. Nothing in the world says you can't profit from someone else's misfortune.

      The firm the Kuwaitis hired was Hill and Knowlton.

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    Nonetheless, Preemtive strike with Artillery and Fighter jet can cur short the need of prolonged battle by eliminate Enemy HQ and their supply chain.
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    1. They could go straight to enemy's castle, capture their King, and make him as a card for "peace".

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    3. Even normal M4/M16's can penetrate (or heavily dent) steel plating, any HMG will absolutely shred to pieces anything short of actual tank armor (composite Titanium armor)

    4. ....I wonder where you get your 'military' info from....

    5. I doubt an anti-material rifle is classed as an anti-infantry weapon, not to mention it seriously is NOT standard issue. HMGs and GPMGs are, but only to ONE platoon out of a company, the Heavy Weapons platoon. You got 4 GPMGs out of 100+ men. Things like the M2? Forget manpacking it. Unless you want to break your back.

      M-4/16 penetrating steel plating? Right.... an SS109 round penetrates 3mm of RHA, tell me again how you would use it vs even light armored vehicles? HMGs can, but to say that it's because of the SS109 round is a joke.

      And titanium is NOT used as tank armour, you're thinking of airplanes. Tank armour is steel sandwiched with ceramic, aramids and higher density metals, which WILL resist even 0.5cal rounds, so saying HMGs will shred steel is a huge joke since composite armour IS a steel product mixed with other things.

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      Though to be really honest, Japan's constitution was always about them going overboard on their new pacifism, none of the other axis countries were forced to limit themselves like that. It was all self inflicted.

    5. Not quite. The US wanted a strong Western Europe as a counterweight to the Warsaw Pact/USSR. Hence, NATO. The Far East was not as much a concern militarily, which is why the US took sole control of military matters there. It was in its interest to keep Japan and the burgeoning nations of the Far East militarily weak.

      The Japanese also understood that there was a LOT of bad blood between it and its neighbors after WW2. Taking a clear pacifist stance was the sensible thing to do in order to avoid reprisals.

    6. Which might make sense if the neighbours were independent countries. They were not at that time. The 3 key areas where massacres occurred were the Philippines (Rape of Manila), Singapore (Sook Ching) and Burma (the Death Railway, though that was to PoWs). Singapore was British, the Philippines were American. They were in no position for reprisals.

      I'd even disagree on keeping the East weak, Japan anchors the Eastern front of the USSR then, the US needed a strong Japan to contain the USSR and later the Chicoms, hence so much resources being poured by the US into reconstruction.

      It's more about the Japanese being extremists, they always have to push things to the limits, it's their culture. Hence incidents like working to death and 'black' companies.

    7. It's not just the massacres. Korea in particular still remembers their country being used as a source of slaves. Overall, the Japs acted like complete pricks by humiliating, exploiting and oppressing the locals, even worse than the already-resented British and Dutch. Indeed, their actions probably did a lot to increase support for the nationalist movements in East Asia.

      Japan after WW2 was completely flattened. Rebuilding it in the face of neighbors unwilling to cooperate is far worse than the pathetic shows of force they could muster. Ofc, it's different now, but things could have gone much worse for Japan had its constitution not been explicitly pacifist. Hating Japan (and other 'colonial' foreigners) was (and still is) a big focus for many of those right-wing nationalist movements in East Asia.

      Going back to keeping East Asia weak, that was exactly the case before the Korean War. There was zero US military readiness in both Japan and South Korea and the US was caught with its pants down when war broke out.

      While the US did turn ROK into a military dictatorship (thanks, guys), it made no effort to undermine Article 9 until recently. Yet it's not like right wingers like Abe didn't exist back then. It also installed weak puppets in the Philippines and Vietnam, with disastrous results. Simply put, the US did not act like it wanted strong military allies in the Far East.

    8. That might have been true on the neighbour's obstruction if Japan was in control of its own government, remember, post-war, it was controlled by the US under the Macarther administration, so it was de-facto US territory.

      I agree the Japanese and their 'Greater Co-prosperity Sphere' did more than the British ever did to start the anti-colonial movement and Japan hate is still going strong, but it is not the loudest voices that sometimes influences decisions. Personally, I suspect it was the attempt of the then Prime Minister, IIRC it was Sidehara or something like that, to force the US to undertake Japan's security, something like Puerto Rico, which worked until the Korean War drew out almost all the US troops in Japan, then it didn't look like such a good idea being buck naked and your protector being distracted. This caused an emergency formation of the 'National Police Reserve', the predecessor of the JSDF. It's telling that there was NO military forces in Japan before the start of the Korean War, but after that, there was.

      Good idea... not so good consequences. Oops.

  5. You spank Japan after they misbehave, and they remember, even long after they should have moved on, with monsters and magic against them, they still remember their vow to give up violence....

    You spank Germany, pile on a ton of conditions that will make it impossible for them to wage war again, and they just get more angry, killing Jews and anyone else that looks shady, or wealthy.

    Wonder which side of this spectrum North Korea and Louria would fall under...?

    1. Germany. North Korea isn't....very sane. They got a mythological cult built up around the Kim family and you know what happens when people believe 'God' is on their side.

    2. Best Korea is the less likely option, but it is a possibility. The situation there is based on the government pushing a "seige mentality" narrative, one in which Best Korea is surrounded by rivals and enemies.

      Japan is now also in a state of siege, racing to secure vital resources before reserves run out and trying to make sense of an event that defies common sense and known science.

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    1. In that world, they're effectively an instant quasi-superpower. The only thing holding them back is the lack of natural resources. However, the populace still has a pacifist mentality, practically beaten and eventually instilled into them by the US post-WW2. Considering that and the fact that they're actually a democracy, Japan isn;t likely to go full-blown America anytime soon. But of course, in the presence of propaganda, give a year. They don't have global propagation of information anyway, as they are the only information age country there (so far).

    2. Think it was the opposite, Macarthur wanted a military Japan to counterbalance the Chicoms and the Russians but the then Prime Minister Article 9ed him for 3 reasons,
      1-he did not want the Japanese to turn into another Germany obsessed for revenge like what happened after WWI.
      2-he wanted the US to underwrite Japan's security so they didn't need to and
      3-he did not want Japan to be dragged into what is essentially the US's war with the USSR and China.

      It was Japan's Prime Minister who came up with Article 9, Macarthur seriously objected to it because it would tie up his army to a population that does not contribute to his military power.

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    1. Well they had to or they would've been trampled over and ended as colony just look at how much french African ex colonies went through.

    2. Not going to happen. The right wing is in charge and doing its level best to sweep everything under the carpet with its attempts at revisionist history.

      Dunno if the author shares those views, but the only way Japan could directly wield military power would be to be in another world. It's almost certain that both Koreas (ROK and Best Korea) would go to war with Japan over this sort of thing, to say nothing of China.

      That is why the whole thing feels contrived to me. These issues are the ones that matter, lest they repeat history and find themselves standing in the place of their enemies.

    3. I mean that the story is contrived to make it so that Japan can actually use overwhelming military power, something impossible irl because of its past sins.

    4. John Doe - Not quite. While people in power is seemingly gradually preparing Japan for its powerful past, Japan still has a quite 'pacifist' mentality in its populace. Revisionist history in Japanese education is still quite low in portion. However, like you said, the state and the people do have the rich potential of going hegemonic and all-out America in this world. Perhaps a little bit more propaganda is required in this, as they can't even connect (information-wise, via internet, etc.) to any major superpower, and their is no stopping the Jap gov't on how to deal with their people.

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    5. Let's try that again, this time with grammar.

      That is because Japan's deployments to Iraqistan were limited to non-combat units. The government used a loophole where they were not "fighting a war", so they had to maintain that legal fiction.

      It's different this time.

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  14. "One section of the robe-wearing man’s hand had been degenerated and was festering." I've been around people with a similar condition (necrotic diabetic ulcers, sweet Jeebus), and the thing that makes the strongest impression is the SMELL, both of the flesh and the unguents used to treat it and (futiley) cover up the smell of rot.

    Adem's lack of professionalism makes him less of a impressive villain. Being disciplined fanatics is what made the Waffen SS so feared.

    "Compared to Japan, his sleep was unimaginably good." Then there's where I live, where police run around at night, sirens blaring.

    So does that mean Article 9 is repealed? Does that mean the JSDF is now the Japanese Army? And since it's already a state of emergency, does that mean conscription? Not for the current war but for future wars that Japan will become embroiled in? Will this lead to another militarist-led coup? Stay Tuned!

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