07 October 2017

Undeath and Taxes Prologue Chapter 8 Part 1

Ian McDaniels
The guy who bolds the title text:
Yukkuri Oniisan

Undeath and Taxes
Prologue Chapter 8 Side Story Part 1

The Beastman Army of the past was very much like an extremely large pack of wolves. They were savage, brutal and animalistic, but deceptively well organized. Everyone in the Army had a well thought out place, function and purpose, just like a pack of wolves on the hunt. However, in the past, this had led to numerous victories by the Lugusians as they would launch surgical strikes to eliminate the leadership of an Army before mopping up the directionless mob.

Terrax Baneclaw had changed that.

He united the Clans and established a new order of battle which gave command of smaller groups to those among them that were capable, who in turn reported to those above them. Rather than one head trying to control a large mob, each group now had limited control over their actions and could decide for themselves to attack, retreat or anything else unless the commander above them said otherwise. A new chain of command made the old ways of battle obsolete and forced the Lugusians to change tactics. Ultimately, The New Beastman Nation was able to give just as good as they got until Lugusia mobilized everything against them. But it was on the brink of Final Defeat where they rose again under Morterran. Imbued with new power and with no fear of death, The New Beastman Army routed the United Lugusian Army and won the day. Now, after a great deal of pain and suffering, they were ready to exact revenge.

Revenge for the lives lost, unable to be returned by Morterran.

Revenge for the land of their ancestors, taken and made barren by their foes.

Revenge for the women and children, taken and made to be property and concubines of those who did not see them as equals.

For these reasons and more they marched alongside their new allies, crushing any resistance they came across. They judged the guilty, listening to the lamentations of both living and dead before meting out justice. To those that [Censored] their women, their women would meet the same fate in front of them. To those that indulged in torture, they would experience the same, but taken to even greater extremes. To those whom enslaved their families and kept them as servants, they would serve their former slaves even in death and for all time thereafter. Now they were at the black and twisted heart of their enemy and they were as the hounds of hell, chomping at the gate to drag the citizens of the Holy City into a hell that had been a long time coming. Terrax had been hyping them up for this for a long time, but it wasn’t like he needed to. The Beastmen wanted this, they all wanted this. Every Male and Female, young and old had done everything they could to be picked to be in the assault on the Holy City as the honor and glory they would have among their peers would be immeasurable.

As the Noble Tier was divided between the Noble Houses estates, the armies under Morterran’s rule were commanded to decide amongst themselves which army would take which Noble Estate. The butler, Henry had given a detailed map of the Second Tier, complete with the name and crest of each house. The New Beastman Army chose to attack the House of the Great Father Wolf, for obvious reasons. There are many stories to tell of the events during that glorious siege of Lugusia. This is the story of the battle that would come to be known as, “The Massacre of the False Wolves.”


The Catacombs of House of the Great Father Wolf (hereafter referred to as House Wolf) were under lock and key. Although, to be fair, the tombs of House Wolf were only sealed by a flimsy ornamental bronze bar gate and bronze chains with a crystal glass padlock. They were also only guarded by men in cloth armor with holy-water sprinklers and solid silver hammers. This was useful more as an ornament than as actual defense against the undead, but this was the Holy City and the Undead couldn’t inhabit a place so close to Lugus, after all. Thus we have a perfect storm of weak, barely-armed and armored monks guarding a poorly enclosed catacomb that they don’t know houses a portal for the hordes of beings who want to rip their faces off.

Today Brother Adel was changing shifts with Brother Michael.

“Brother, I have come to relieve you of your vigil. Rest now, for…” (Adel)

“Seriously? Did you hit your head, or something? Why are you talking like that?” (Mike)

“Damn, bro. Just tryin’ to sound holy and shit! I mean, did you even hear what was goin’ on outside the Noble Tier?” (Adel)

“Fuck, no. What’s happnin’? (Mike)

“End of the Fuckin’ World kinda shits goin’ down outside! Huge ass army of monsters and shit just blew down the walls and tore Third Tier the fuck up!” (Adel)


“Shh!” (Mike)


“Don’t you fuckin’ shush me!” (Adel)


“Adel, be quiet! I hear somethin’ from the tombs…” (Mike)


“You know, I hear somethin’ too…” (Adel)


The two wannabe holy men turned to face the massive gates that were the entrance to the catacombs. They then both proceeded to void their bowels and bladders in terror at what they saw. Before they could fully react to what they saw, the bronze gates were blown off their hinges by the mass of bodies streaming out of the catacombs, killing the two monks instantly.

Terrax Baneclaw led his people in a berserker haze out of the tombs and through the monastery that covered them. As the ill-prepared and ill-equipped monks tried in a vain and utterly futile attempt to stem the living tide that rushed onto them, Terrax and a “handful” of elites from each tribe made a push to the gates that separated the monastery from the rest of the estate. Terrax would have been incredibly underwhelmed by the resistance that the “warrior monks” of the monastery put up, but he was so worked up in a berserker rage that he neither noticed or cared. It took less than 15 minutes for the massive complex to be purged of any trace of a human being, aside from the various chunks of flesh and gore that were strewn about the place. Terrax had managed to not only reach the front gate, but also rip a hole through it with a statue he had picked up and thrown in a successful attempt to crush around 10 monks who were trying to escape the massacre.

However, the day-long slaughter had yet to end. On the contrary, it had only begun and only a small amount of blood that would be spilt that day had been released from its vessels. The true massacre had yet to begin.


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