03 October 2017

Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki. Arc 4 Chapter 2D

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A Realist Producer’s Tokusatsu-Remake Scenario.

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Enlightenment Arc
Chapter 2: Let’s Create an Educational Program D

The Exercise Onii-san, Ivan Juniro raised his thumb at the children while laughing and showing his white sparkling teeth. It was a sultry hot passionate smile.

A healthy mind reside in a healthy body[1]. Now Children! To become a stronger, kinder, and sturdier adult, let’s train your body together with me!(Ivan)

The children made mixed reactions to Ivan’s statement. One child found it amusing and was enthusiastic, another child was overpowered by his ambiance and burst in tears as a result, and yet another child clung at Juna-san while trembling…… But for the most of the children, their young minds just couldn’t comprehend the person who appeared in front of them and looked at him with dumbfounded expressions. Liscia asked me worriedly.

Souma, are you sure about this?(Liscia)
Hmm…… Perhaps he’s a bit stiff? Maybe that Ivan is nervous?(Souma)
What will you do? It’s the exercise time, right? Won’t it be difficult with this situation?(Liscia)

Well, certainly in this situation the children wouldn’t be able to exercise. Even in the original program’s exercise part, there would be children who were moving quite freely, running around, rolling on the ground, or attacking the Onii-san…… But,

I think it will be alright. Since I have a bit of a trick on hand.(Souma)


Fufufu……Kukkukku…… Ahahahaha‼[2](???)

There was a three-tiered laughter echoing in the hall.

Who’s there!?(Ivan)

Ivan looked at his surroundings. Then, the children pointed up, There-,Over there!. On the second floor balcony where Ivan stood before, there was a shadowed figure.

To make children become stronger, kinder, and sturdier? How ridiculous! Our evil organization that aims for world conquest, the Dark Society, won’t let that happen!(???)

While saying that exposition-like speech, there was a costumed woman with half of her face covered by a mask, wearing a nightdress with long slits on the thighs, exposed cleavage, and post-apocalyptic styled thorny shoulder pads. On her forehead, there were two horns, while on her back there were dragon-like wings and a whip-like tail. Ivan turned to that woman and shouted.

You fiend, name yourself!(Ivan)
…… The Evil Female General of the Dark Society Miss Dran.(Miss Dran)

The woman introduced her name. Liscia, was openmouthed for a moment after she looked at the woman’s appearance, but she quickly came to her senses and asked me with a confused face.

That woman is…… Carla, right?(Liscia)
No. She is The Evil Female General of the Dark Society Miss Dran.(Souma)
She is the Evil Female General of the Dark Society Miss Dran, understand?(Souma)
Ah, yes…… As if! How could I understand that!(Liscia)

Even while I played a joke at Liscia, the story in the hall continued.  Miss Dran spread her wings wide as if to threaten Ivan.

To make children become stronger, kinder, and sturdier will disturb our Dark Society’s world conquest plan. Before that happens, allow me to restrain you, Ivan Juniro!(Miss Dran)

Whether of out of enthusiasm, or from desperation, Miss Dran ardently acted. Then, while Miss Dran made her exaggerated-looking actions, certain parts were “jiggling”. Since the image quality of Royal Voice Broadcast wasn’t that good, I believe that it wouldn’t be perceived by the viewers…… But, to be honest, it’s hard to find another place to look at. Beside me, Liscia was glaring with scornful eyes.

Miss Dran’s costume, isn’t it too risqué?(Liscia)
It’s something that was entirely made under Serina-san’s supervision. Back then, I had said that since it’s for a children’s program, be moderate in the design, but…… Since she was helping our side in producing the costumes, it’s hard to reject her……(Souma)
As expected…… Perhaps, Serina-san is more fitting for the Evil Female General part.(Liscia)
Would you really be able to say that to her?(Souma)
Completely impossible!(Liscia)

While we talking like this, Ivan pointed his finger at Miss Dran.

World conquest!? I won’t let that, happen!(Ivan)
Humph, you are only good in guts, but what could a fool like you do? Finish him, combat soldiers!(Miss Dran)

Miss Dran made her order and men covered entirely in black appeared and surrounded Ivan. Since it might be dangerous, they were a bit aways from the children. Ivan made a fighting pose and yelled, Come!. With that as the signal, the black-clothed men began attacking Ivan in turns. Ivan then fought them back one by one.

Swish, swish, blam!

When the punches or kicks hit the combat soldiers, cheesy sounds came out. The combat soldiers that received the attacks, made a somersault or corkscrew dive while throwing themselves on the ground. The appearance was showy, but the sound came out from Ivan’s ability, and the blown off actions were also an act, so the actual damage was non-existent.

By the way, during this time, half of the children were frightened, while the other half was observing the fight with glistening eyes. Since the sounds were showy, the special effects were showy too. The frightened children spontaneously gathered around Juna-san and Roroa, who calmed them down by saying, It’s fine, or That nii-chan will defeat them, so don’t worry. Finally, Ivan defeated all of the combat soldiers, but Miss Dran was still calmly smiling.

Fufufu, you are not bad. Then, what will you do now?  Come, Paper Box Monster-Man(Kaijin)Danbox![3](Miss Dran)
Danbooo ―――xx! desu.(Danbox)

Shortly, a monster in the shape of a piled up cardboard box in humanoid form appeared. The face part of the box was pasted with a paper that had been drawn with one eye, its whole appearance…… So shabby. Its silhouette was completely like a doll from Lego Block, with boxes linked to each other, and rustled when it moved. At that shabby-looking monster Danbox, Liscia looked at me with cold eyes.

Isn’t that monster’s quality is too low compared to the others?(Liscia)
We got the passion, but not the time and the budget.(Souma)
The world is really a tough place……(Liscia)

Since I couldn’t make a life-sized doll and ordering for one would take a long, for the broadcast this time, I hoped that this absolutely “rush job-like” monster could be forgiven. It brought to my mind the hardship of creating enemy monsters (kaijin and kaiju) in early days of Tokusatsu films.

However, even though it was lacking in the appearance department, Danbox was strong. It rushed to attack Ivan and easily lifted Ivan, who was 185 cm tall and a bit less than 90 kg in weight, like a surfer lifting a surfboard overhead. Danbox kept its posture, and then turned on the spot, like a wrestler showing off his power. At that stupendous power in contrast with its looks, Liscia was also dumb from amazement.

Amazing. Perhaps, the person inside……(Liscia)
What are you asking your future Second Queen Consort to do……(Liscia)
Even right now, Juna-san and Roroa appeared on the program. Does Liscia want to appear, too? Right now, Ivan’s supporting role is open.(Souma)
Absolutely NOT.(Liscia)

Then, Ivan, who had been lifted up, began to struggle.

Curse you, release me!(Ivan)
Danbox, desu.(Danbox)

Perhaps as if honoring Ivan’s words, Danbox nodded and then strongly threw Ivan to the prepared wall. Ivan hit the wall hard and sunk behind it. By the way, since the wall was made from a material that is soft and easily broken, the damage was nonexistent. However, Ivan groaned and acted as if his body was covered by wounds.

Daaaan, bobobox! desu.(Danbox)

Danbox laughed (?) triumphantly. Even while staggering, Ivan came out from the hole in the wall, then yelled out to the children.

I will end up losing at this rate. Good children! Lend me your power!(Ivan)

Acting in concert with Ivan’s yell, Roroa and Juna-san spoke to the children.

Now, everyone, draw a circle in the air with th’ given glowstick and yell Do your best!!.(Roroa)
Let’s deliver everyone power to Ivan onii-san. Ready, set, go.(Juna)
『『『Do your best!』』』

Induced by both of them, the children held the big chalk-like glowsticks and drew circles in the air. By the way, the sticks had been distributed to the children before the program begin. The faint light came from the moss that absorbed light and released it in the dark, which had been used as the streetlights. At this time, Ivan acted painfully again, while shouting at the children.

It’s not enough! Still not enough! Please, say it even louder!(Ivan)

When an adult says, please, to them, children suddenly become more enthusiastic, and this time, they were yelling even more intensely than before, and began to cheer loudly.

『『『Do your beeeeeeeeeest!』』』
More! More louder!(Ivan)
『『『Do your beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest!』』』

The children yelled until their voices almost died out, then the next moment.

Al~right! I have certainly received the children’s spirit!(Ivan)

Ivan’s body began to be wrapped in light.  Then, inside that light, Ivan’s yell came out.


Then, out of nowhere, metallic armor, gauntlets, shin guards, and a full-face helmet flew and then, while Ivan was stretching his arms and legs out like the shape of the kanji , the equipment “automatically” installed themselves piece by piece. The children raised their cheers from seeing his transformation sequence.

On the other hand, behind the scenes, I manipulated the metallic equipment using my Living Poltergeist. That’s correct, Ivan’s transformation was just a pretend-show of automatic equip by utilizing my manipulation ability. At this distance, I could move things other than dolls. Then, Liscia stared at me with cold-looking eyes for the nth time today.

I have seen an unreasonable wasteful use of an ability.(Liscia)
Even a party art is still an art. Then, excuse me a bit.(Souma)
Ah, wait, Souma!?(Liscia)

After I confirmed that Ivan’s transformation had completed, I moved to beside the Royal Voice Broadcast Orb while being careful not to be recorded by it. The light in the hall abated and from that light, a metallic hero appeared. While Ivan made a transformation complete pose, he yelled.

Charge‼ Silvan‼(Ivan)

He introduced himself, and then while only my voice was recorded by the broadcast, I spoke up.

Let me explain, Exercise Onii-san, Ivan Juniro, with the spirit he received from the children, transformed into the Metallic Champion Overman Silvan.(Souma)

It was the standard practice that there will be a narration after the Heroes transformed.[5] After the narration was over, I returned to Liscia’s side, who made a really exhausted looking face.

At this point, even if I comment on it, it’s absurd……(Liscia)
A Tokusatsu show is Don’t Think, Feel!. There are no shows with a content this fun, where you don’t need to think too deeply and just give yourself to the flow of it.(Souma)
……I’ll do that.(Liscia)

Well, our attention returned back to the hall, the transformed Silvan was too strong. The Danbox that had dealt with him easily not too long ago was constantly being pushed back by his flurry of punches and kicks. Strong, Silvan is strong. The children was greatly excited. Before long,

Da-danbo-……-ox…… desu……(Danbox)

Danbox was tottering and fell to its knees. Now is the chance!

Receive this, Danbox! Killing move, Thunderclap Kick!(Ivan)

Silvan made a flying kick and from the tips of his feet, there were crackles of lightning. That thunder-wrapped feet hit Danbox. I had said this many times, but this lightning was from Ivan’s ability, he was actually only making a flying kick. Aisha, inside the Danbox, didn’t receive any damage at all. However, Danbox staggered several steps behind and,

Da,……danbooooooooooox‼ Desuzo‼(Danbox)

It yelled and then exploded into pieces (the explosion effect, of course, came from Ivan’s ability, Aisha was just hiding herself). When Danbox was defeated, the Evil Female General Miss Dran, who was watching the battle and looked bored since she didn’t do anything, remembered what she need to do and began to stomp her feet.

Damn you(Onore), Silvan![6] I’ll give the fight this time to you! But for the next time, prepare yourself!(Miss Dran)

After saying this, she turned back and left the stage. After Silvan saw Miss Dran’s exit, he took off his full-face helmet and then pointed his fist towards Miss Dran’s exit direction.

Dark Society, the evil organization that schemes to conquer the world! If you want to come, then come! No matter how many I need to do it, I will crush your ambition to pieces!(Ivan)

After he made such a passionate statement, Ivan turned towards the children, and then, while showing a slight sultry hot smile, he made an order with a loud voice.

Then everyone! So that we won’t lose to the villains, let’s train your body with me in Silvan’s Healthy Exercise!(Ivan)


I miss my childhood tokusatsu heroes……

Next chapter:
Q: Why Souma made a toku-show?
A: It was to brainwash Friedonia’s Kingdom children.

[1] Mens sana in corpore sano.
[2] Three-tiered laugh. Characteristic of Japanese villain. If you play Disgaea, Laharl laugh in this way.
[3] Actually, monster is 怪人Kaijin (mysterious person), not the usual makemono. I don’t really know much about toku-terms.  Should I translate it to Villain? Also the monster named Danbox or Danbokkusu is a portmanteau of段ボール (danbooru = cardboard box) and ボックス (bokkusu = box). (E/N: Wikipedia said “cryptid” or “monster-man” so those could work for Kaijin, too.) Monster-man sounds cool, using it (cool is important since this is a toku-show)
[4] Not Henshin, sadly for obvious reason. It’s Henbou変貌.
[5] Yeah… I still remembered this from Kamen Raider Black back in 1990s. (E/N: This whole arc is giving me flashbacks to watching Power Rangers as a kid lol.)
[6] Onore Dikeidoおのれディケイドォォォォ!


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