28 November 2017

Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki. Arc 4 Chapter 3D

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Enlightenment Arc
Chapter 3: The Core of CoReform D

Dungeon core.
It is said that it exists in the far reaches of the lowest floor of a dungeon, that it maintained the peculiar ecosystem of the maze and governed the entire dungeon. ...... It is “said”, because it was just a deduction. There is a dungeon core inside the dungeon, and destroying or stopping it will prevent new monsters from appearing, and the ecosystem inside the dungeon will collapse. With no monsters or wildlife, it will become a defunct dungeon (There were cases where the wildlife from outside the dungeon will settle inside after it became a defunct dungeon). From this fact, they said that it might be the core function of a dungeon.

The adventurers of this world were exploring dungeons as their livelihoods, but their final goal was to stop this dungeon core and to conquer the dungeon. Because the dungeon core was used as Royal Voice Broadcast Orbs, if they brought this back, then they would be granted huge riches and honor from the country. However, there was a tendency that as one approached the deepest place at the dungeon’s lowest floor, the monsters that appeared became stronger, and so a successful dungeon conquest on the continent as a whole seemed to only happened once every several years, or even decades.

Hence, why it was commonplace for ordinary adventurers such as Dis and Yuno to obtain their daily bread by escorting the travelling merchants or trade caravans from bandits or dangerous creatures, or to exterminate monsters coming from the dungeon or Demon Lord’s Realm. Even if they entered the dungeon, it was to sell the materials from the defeated monsters or to sell the occasional discovered relics (there was no convenient object like a treasure box).

Now let's return back to the dungeon core. Unless the dungeon core’s function is stopped, it would produce endless numbers of monsters (along with powerful ones on the lowest floor), and it seems that there has never been a case of a Core being brought back from a Dungeon in a functional state. Supposed they brought it back in a functional state, (let’s ignore how it would be carried along the way) it would be disastrous if it turns the Royal Castle into the Demon Lord Castle. In other words, the dungeon core was only studied in a broken state.

In the example I gave earlier, it was like if you had only fixed the camera function of a broken handphone and used it in that state. Then, you may think that it would be better if they could research it to seek out the other functions…… But, let’s think about it. A mobile phone won’t produce monsters. So for argument’s sake, let’s suppose that I knew that the handphone had a self-destruct function that could blow away anything within 100 meters surrounding it, would I think about searching for the other features? This was the reason why the research on dungeon core didn’t progress at all.

In the first place, it is impossible to operate the stopped dungeon core with the current technological capabilities of this world. We don’t even understand how to operate it.(Ginya)

Ginya shrugged her shoulders as she mentioned this.

In this regard, you could understand how they supplemented the explanations with “it’s magic”. It’s the fear of the unknown.[1] Since they are afraid of something that is incomprehensible and unexplainable to them, they just explained it even with a rather forced ‘fact’, and made it become ‘understandable’…… Or rather, it would be better to say: make it feel ‘understandable’?(Ginya)
So they decided this mysterious element to be magic…… correct?(Souma)
That's correct! My my~, I’m really saved since the King is a person that can understand this. If this place was the Lunaria Orthodoxy State, then I would be thrown into a prison for saying this, or in the worst case, perhaps I would be burnt at the stake.(Ginya)
Burnt at the stake……?(Souma)
In this world, there is an penchant to think that magic is the grace from the Gods and the Spirits. This idea is more prominent as the faith strengthens. Much more for that country which is a religious state. The God and the Spirits are the authority itself. They wouldn’t accept a researcher…… whose research tearing off that veil of mysteriousness.(Ginya)

……This might be true. In countries where the power of faith is too strong, sometimes those who unraveled the mysteries of nature are suppressed. Those who have unraveled what is contrary to the doctrine would be treated as heretics, or at the worst, be killed. Even Galileo couldn’t help but to amend his theory…… How stupid.[2]

I won’t create this country in such a way. I won’t let it happen.(Souma)
I am very glad to hear that word.(Ginya)

Ginya happily accepted this and smiled.

I am a member of the Maxwell House. Believing that there is a principle other than magic in this world, I kept researching. The dungeon core certainly could recover some of its functions by using magic power, but I believe that the purification process of the Core itself seems to be an engineering or mathematical process. Not a mysterious force, but a functional one that could be investigated at any time, so I felt that the truth is out there. For the convenience’s sake I call that different principle as Over(Obaa)-Science(Saiensu)』」(Ginya)
Or obasan for short.[3](Ginya)
…… Please stop abbreviating it like that.(Souma)
And then my family, the people who study that Over-Science, I dub us, Over-Scientists!(Ginya)

After saying this, Ginya made a proud smile as if saying, “How’s that”.

Have you heard about Mad Scientists from Ludwin?(Souma)
I wish for you to stop using such an uncool term.(Ginya)
I don’t see the difference!(Souma)

Over is cool and Mad is uncool? …… How should I know? Then, Ginya stood up and spoke up.

Now then, since the King seems to be a person with good understanding, I wish for you to see my invention.(Ginya)
Ah, I definitely want to see it.(Souma)
I understand. Then, can you follow me this way?(Ginya)

After she said that, Ginya went outside the house. It seems that the so-called inventions that she wanted to show to me were outside. Then, it might be amongst the cloth-covered objects that I saw on the lowest floor. Ludwin said, Ah, geez and pursued Ginya while scratching his head. Liscia and I were left in the house. Liscia was going to follow the both of them, when I spoke to her.

When I saw the might of the Imperial Army back in Van, I……  I thought that it will be bad if nothing changes at this rate.(Souma)

Liscia turned back and I weakly laughed.

Until now, we managed to make do somehow with “things that already existed”, but from now on, I believe that we have to create “things that do not exist yet”. To invent innovative technologies, incorporate them, and advance this country. If we can’t do this, then no matter how much time passes, this country will never be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Empire.(Souma)
…… That’s true.(Liscia)
And, the method for the advancement... ... I feel like I have finally found it.(Souma)
The method?(Liscia)

Liscia tilted her head, and so I nodded deeply.

Sometimes, people who preempt their era appear in the history of humanity. Those who have foresight and can destroy the established concepts, their existence themselves could alter history…… Well, in many cases, people like these were ignored by the flow of time, or were culled out.(Souma)

For example, the Universal Genius Leonardo da Vinci. As the creator of Mona Lisa and others, he was well-celebrated as an artist, but besides that works of art, he also left various design notes as an engineer. It is said that there were designs for mortars, diving clothes and even helicopters in those notes. Even if we set aside their feasibility, if these inventions were properly and continuously studied, then the entire history of Europe might have been changed.

In addition, other than those astonishing inventions, he also had left behind an accurate anatomical drawing of the human body. In a time when the influence of Christianity was strong, he purchased corpses and dissected them (an act which was condemned as sacrilegious to the dead by the church)[4] to know the structure of the human body. If these anatomical drawings had been published, it would have contributed a lot to the field of medicine. But fearing the church’s authority, these anatomical drawings were sealed for a long time and so they couldn’t contribute towards mankind’s history of medicine.[5]

I looked into Liscia’s eyes and said.

These kinds of people would be lamented in the later eras as people who were born too early. However , what if the rulers during those times correctly recognized them, took them into patronage, and gave them important positions? And then, not just the people in power, but if we could make the whole nation recognize them, then perhaps would they have been able to greatly advance the world?(Souma)
Do you mean…… to change the flow of the era, with the people who preempt the times?(Liscia)
That’s right, I’m glad you understand.(Souma)
After all, haven’t we done many things together during the last half a year?(Liscia)

Liscia said this while laughing, but she immediately made a pensive face.

But, if that's the reason, then shouldn’t Souma be the one leading this? The world where Souma came from is far more advanced than this world, right?(Liscia)
…… I can’t do that. I am not a person who preempts the times, since the world I was from doesn’t lie on the same track of line as this world.(Souma)

In the world I was from, there was no magic. Because of magic, I felt that the technology structure of this world was uneven, but that is just the way this world has progressed. Some technologies, such as the Royal Voice Broadcasting Orbs, had already surpassed my previous world. Perhaps from hereafter, this world might go into a different path of progress from the world I was from.

There is a danger that I could delay the development by interrupting things halfway. That’s why, I believe that the people of this world should be the ones who advance this world’s progress.(Souma)
…… I understand Souma's line of thinking.(Liscia)

Liscia might have replied to me like that, but her face showed that she couldn’t accept it. Or rather, her face looked angry and sad. Liscia then grabbed my hand tightly.

I understand your thinking, but there are parts that I can’t agree with.(Liscia)
…… Which part?(Souma)
The part about “the people of this world”! Souma is already a part of the people of this country!(Liscia)

Liscia pulled my hand and placed it on her cheek.

As the daughter of the King who had separated Souma from your original world thing, it might be presumptuous for me to say this…… but your words just now…… are too sad.(Liscia)
Ah, I…… am sorry.(Souma)
Please, don’t differentiate “yourself” from “us” ever  again.(Liscia)
……I understand.(Souma)

Liscia said these words while her eyes had slight tears in it. She was irresistibly lovely, so I placed my other hand on her other cheek, and……

Hey, Your Majesty ~. Come here quickly~.

……we were called by Ginya from outside. We exchanged a look at each other and made smiled wryly.[6]


Ginya is really a natural flirt-flirt time breaker.

NEXT CHAPTER: Ginya’s literal MINDBLOWING invention.

[1] The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.
H. P. Lovecraft
[2] I’ll just leave this… https://www.catholic.com/tract/the-galileo-controversy and this https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/galileo/ and this http://www.astronomynotes.com/history/GalileoAffair.html
[3] Over-Science is Obaa Saiensu in Japanese. Take Oba and San, and you get obaasan or auntie.
[4] I think the author is misinformed about this. Since it involves autopsy and anatomy studies, as a medical practitioner, I believe I need to straighten up the facts.
At the time of Da Vinci’s era in Italy, the Pope Boniface VIII’s 1299 bull, the Detestande feritatis, that could be interpreted as prohibiting dissection, hadn’t been enforced that strongly. After all, Mondino de' Liuzzi (the father of modern anatomy studies) and his students hereafter had been dissecting since 1315 in Bologna. Even wealthy patricians in Italy sometimes asked for an autopsy examination from the physicians for their deceased family (for disease or cause of death investigation).
But it’s true that until the 16th Century, dissection was prohibited in England though, so I that think the author or Souma in this case, were just misinformed. This misinformation itself came from Andrew Dickson White’s book in his History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom back in 19th century. Which kind of biased…… Just like the myth of medieval people believe in flat earth.
Ah, if you are wondering what Detestande feritatis prohibits, it prohibits the boiling of the flesh of corpses from bones as a funerary practice. So it was actually, not about dissection at all.
What prevented Da Vinci and the other artists from performing dissection was mainly because they were laymen, not certified medical doctors, so they actually didn’t have the “right” for dissection, which make their obtaining corpses and dissecting them, ‘illegal’. After all, even in the modern time, only medical and forensic/funeral practitioners were allowed to dissect corpses, not some ‘artists’. Even so, private post mortem dissections are usually ignored by the eye of law, unless they stole the corpse.
Whoaa, what a lengthy footnote.
[E/N: It makes sense. There were people complaining in the comments about the samurai sword (Japanese steel being “better” than Western steel) chapter being inaccurate, too. The author ain’t always right. A better example of a scientist being barred from the times would be the Internet’s favorite underappreciated scientist - Nikola Tesla.]
[5] Eh? Didn’t the reason why many Leonardo’s notes don’t get published was due to his special cryptic reverse shorthand writing that he wrote them in? This makes the notes need to be translated first, which Leonardo didn’t do in his lifetime for reasons unknown to us.
[E/N: Yup! Even his student, who inherited the notes, was overwhelmed & could not translate them completely even after FORTY YEARS & with 2 assistants helping him. Da Vinci was a total troll.https://www.reddit.com/r/AskHistorians/comments/2ndkka/did_any_of_leonardo_da_vincis_research_actually/]
[6] Basium Interruptum


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  14. Was really happy to see those Notes at the end. It really made my day. The part itself was rather boring but let's first see the invention. I hope the mindblowing was not meant sarcastically.
    A lot of people also don't know that a majority of Da Vincis "inventions" were simply improved versions of other peoples prior works

    Not sure if I'm just to stupid to do but I can't seem to be able to chose wordpress for publishing my comment