29 November 2017

Nihonkoku Shoukan. Volume 1. Chapter 1 Part 4

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Chapter 1
Part 4

Central calendar Year 1639, Month 4, Day 22.
Qua-Toyne Principality Government Council

Gim fell into the Louria Kingdom’s hands. Furthermore, there was also the catastrophic disaster where most of its citizens were slaughtered. The Government Council was wrapped in a gloomy atmosphere of the likes it never had seen before.

Report the current situation.

The Prime Minister Kanata ordered and so the cold-sweat-bathed Military Minister answered.

Yes, Your Excellency…… Currently, all of the land west of Gim, has fallen into the Louria Kingdom’s control. Even the advance force was more than 30,000 men strong, and according to information from the Intelligence Bureau, the total force will reach 500,000. Furthermore, we have unidentified information that they have received military support from the Papardia Empire, and in fact, this time they had provided 500 Wyverns. In addition, there are reports of a fleet of over 4,000 ships departing from the port.

It was unbelievable. Everyone had their breaths taken away as they repeated that information in their heads. The figure of 500,000 men was ten times the total military force that Qua-Toyne had, even after throwing in the reserve troops. Moreover, the 500 wyverns and the sea force of over 4,000 ships.
The Louria Kingdom was seriously attempting to seize this country. And Qua-Toyne had no power at all to defend against them.
The meeting room was tucked into silence at that great despair.
At that time, the Foreign Minister raised his hand.

Prime Minister, may I have a word?
…… What? Is there still something else?

Was there yet another thing else to overrun us even more than this? Kanata, who already given up, prompted the Foreign Minister to speak.

Actually, just before this Council meeting was started, there was a message from the Japanese embassy……
And the contents?
Yes, I will read the full text: The Japanese Government cannot overlook the inhuman acts caused by the armed insurgents that occurred in Gim, a city of Qua-Toyne. We request the Qua-Toyne government to control the armed insurgents completely. Furthermore, if Qua-Tyne Government requests, then the Japanese government is prepared to dispatch the Self-Defense Force to Qua-Toyne in order to eliminate the armed insurgents.』」
Armor insurgents? Did they mean that they will send reinforcements?
I think that this is a roundabout expression, but I believe that they will send reinforcements if we request it. Because they are forbidden to solve state conflicts through armed forces by their constitution, although this might be a bit forced, they didn’t identify the Lourian Army as an army, but as armed insurgents. Just like the Quila Kingdom, since their food self-sufficiency rate seems to be low, it appears that they will be troubled if the exports from our country stopped.

The peaceful dawn was rising in the abyss of despair.
Light was lit in the eyes of every Council member, as they regained their spirits.

Good! Immediately send a request to Japan for reinforcements to eliminate the armed insurgents! Please convey that we will also prepare the food for the reinforcements. Furthermore, until the elimination of the armed insurgents, we will grant freedom of movement in our land, air and water territories. Then, the Military Minister! Please inform the entire Knight Order and the Dragoon Squadrons to fully cooperate with Japan!
Yes, Your Excellency! By your command!



On a certain internet bulletin board, there were various discussion threads that were created in the events of the current transferring of Japan into a different world. On one such bulletin board……

The SDF has been summoned to the Fantasy World Part 170 Reposting is Prohibited

154: Anonymous who Sees and Touches the Anonymous Creator 2015/4/23 (Thu) 23:06:31
There are many stories where the SDF go to the other world had been created in this place, but with the current Japan’s transfer, it looks like that the SDF will really fight against another country. My chest is fraught with emotions


167: Anonymous who Sees and Touches the Anonymous Creator 2015/4/23 (Thu) 23:12:44
It had been some time since the transfer, but until now I still can’t believe about the transfer. It like having a very long dream.


182: Anonymous who Sees and Touches the Anonymous Creator 2015/4/23 (Thu) 23:23:24
Since we are already in the fantasy world, will the meaning of this bulletin board’s existence disappear?
Or will it be very important?


199: Anonymous who Sees and Touches the Anonymous Creator 2015/4/23 (Thu) 23:44:01
From now on, will we reading novels that record the SDF’s activity, not as a fiction, but as nonfiction?


300: Anonymous who Sees and Touches the Anonymous Creator 2015/4/24 (Fri) 02:11:03
>> 199
If it is nonfiction, what will the title be?
Since the entire country of Japan was transferred, then how about Japan’s Great Transfer

301: Anonymous who Sees and Touches the Anonymous Creator 2015/4/24 (Fri) 02:11:03
Wouldn’t Japan’s Summons sound better?


303: Anonymous who Sees and Touches the Anonymous Creator 2015/4/24 (Fri) 02:18:02
>> 301
If it is called Japan’s Summon, then that mean there someone is summoning it. To summon a whole country, must be an act of God.


369: Anonymous who Sees and Touches the Anonymous Creator 2015/4/24 (Fri) 06:15:03
However, if the SDF can’t stop the Louria Kingdom’s invasion of the Qua-Toyne Principality, then there would be many deaths that would occur in our country. Magic seems to exist in this world, so what we should do if there is a strong magic that we cannot handle?
I wonder if we can really win. If it doesn’t end well, perhaps I, who lives in the center of the city, will die……

Even in Japan, the activities of the SDF to counter the Louria Kingdom, the first dispatch in the New World, were being watched as an event of high concern by the public.


Central calendar Year 1639, Month 4, Day 25.  Maihark Port

Finally the information that a fleet of over 4,000 ships departing from the Louria Kingdom was conveyed and the Qua-Toyne Principality Navy’s 2nd Fleet, which was based in the Maihark Port, gathered its ships.
Each ship folded their sails and prepared for the upcoming battle. The sailors inspected the ladders for raiding the enemy ships and loaded the fire arrows and the ignition oil into the ships one after another.
The wooden shields to ward arrows were placed at regular intervals on the deck, and large ballistas were deployed beside the ship.
The number of ships numbered at 50.

*insert picture*

What a magnificent scenery.

Admiral Pancare was looking at the sea where a line of military ships lined up.

But the enemy is a large fleet of more than 4,000 ships…… How many of these will survive……?

He revealed his honest opinion. In front of an overwhelming number, a sense of insignificance filled his heart.

Admiral, we received a message from the Navy Headquarters.

The young officer, Bruay ran toward him and reported.

So it comes. Read it.
Yes Sir! In the evening today, a destroyer fleet of 8 ships from Japan will arrive on Maihark offshore as reinforcements. Since they will attack the Lourian Fleet before our force, we instruct one officer to board the flagship as observer officer.…… That’s all.
What? It’s only 8 ships!? Is there not an error for 80 or 800 ships?
There is no error.
Do they really want to do this?…… Furthermore, an observer officer?  If they only sent eight ships, isn’t it like saying that we are sending the observer officer to his death!! How can we do something like sending an officer to what is clearly his death sentence!

Even though they had established diplomatic relations with Japan, except for some Foreign Affairs Officials, at this time, only few people knew the real strength of Japan. Pancare had never seen a Japanese destroyer ship, so this was a natural reaction.
Silent spread between the two.

…… I will go.

Bruay solemnly spoke up.

My swordsmanship is the highest in the Navy. So if it becomes a melee fight, my survival rate is the highest. Furthermore, that Metal Dragon flew from Japan. So perhaps there is a chance of victory.
The Metal Dragon that came from across the ocean and flew without flapping its wings. I have not seen it, perhaps it can be considered to have a considerable power……? I am sorry but ... I will leave this matter to you.
Yes, Sir!


Armed insurgents… *snicker*
I love the political “doublespeech”.

Also, 8 (missile) Destroyers versus 4400 (pre-cannon) warships.

So… Yeah…


  1. Some scrubs are gonna get rekt for not upgrading their Tech.

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    Pfft I can't even type that with a straight face...but as they've said maybe magic counts for something?
    Seems more of a Low Magic world though from previous chapters, as in minor magic items and creatures but no spell slinging mages skulking around.

    1. The image of wooden ships ramming steel ships...
      Not to mention that those DDs would be faster and more maneuverable than local ships. Can the ramming ship even hit?

    2. I doubt they'll get the chance. Any modern military ship (and likely even WW2 era ships) should be faster and vastly outrange any ships in this world, and are almost certainly more maneuverable as well.

      So why even give them the chance to shoot? Just get within range and then keep pace with the enemy ships as you blow the shit out of them.

    3. Unless you happen to be a US warship. They seem to be having a bumper cars moment at the present with an estimated 4 collisions between US warships and civilian vessels this year alone.

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  5. They probably have subs sent out to sink the ships and the boats are only there to help collect the survivors and prisoners of war :P

  6. Actually this is how I reckon it will go.

    Japanese Navy - You are entering Q territory, any further encroachment will be met with deadly force, turn back now

    Armed Insurgents - Pfft, Scoff, herpa derpa!

    Japanese Navy - Repeated warnings, finally they enter Q territory, sink their ships, pew pew pew pew boom smoosh smash!

    Armed insurgence - Waaaah halps! I is drowneds! other ships, WTF! fire! sir all the ships are sinking as we speak! h...how! RETREAT!!! RETREAT!!!

    Japanese Navy - Send rescue teams, secure the prisoners, Sir the Insurgents are escaping, chase them down, make sure they surrender peacefully, use force if necessary.

    Disarmed Insurgents - Waaah! a Metal monster we gonna be eeted! waaah! what? theyre... rescuing us?... hours later after food and water was distributed to the prisoners, the Japanese Navy heads to Q mainland to drop off the prisoners.

    Q army - Eh.. w.. what ? what do they want us to do with the prisoners???, they said that is for us to decide, but they did mention that prisoners of war should be treated humanely, ... Humanely??? eh?

    1. GATE once again? The Massaccre of Italica on the sea~

  7. 4 shot 1 kill ratio for the dd canons?

    1. Depends on the size of the target and where the shot hit. Hit a ship below the water line and it will eventually sink unless they can patch that hole quickly enough.

    2. Wooden ships, they don't sink that well. Most old wooden warships burn to the waterline or are forced aground to be destroyed, they don't often 'sink' until the invention of the ironclads.

    3. Try 1:1. Sure the ships won't sink, but a direct hit from a HE shell on a wood ship will ruin its superstructure and slaughter its crew. The combination of fragments and wood splinters (yes, really) will guarantee the ship is out of action. That's not even counting the very real likelihood that the ship will catch fire afterwards.

    4. My opinion is that your expectation of 127mm fire is very optimistic. Sure, I agree a direct hit would make a mess of the superstructure and run the planks red with blood, but historically, ships have been hit by far, far worse and still remained in combat, most notably during the Age of Sail where warships with HUGE banks of cannons would unload high explosives into each other, much less a single 127mm round. A 1st Rater in the old British system carries at least 50 guns per side. Sure,if it were triremes, the effects might be more painful but I very, very severely doubt one single round can take out a ship.

      Ironically, modern rounds are much less likely to start ship fires, the past, fires were started when still smoldering material from exploding shells would land on flammable material, but these days, explosives are a lot more efficient, so you get much, much less of these 'embers' to start fires with.

      If I was told to lay out a fireplan, I would conservatively assign 3-4 rounds per enemy ship and even then I'd NOT assume it would vanish like a computer game. One round near the bow, one amidships and one near the stern. Try to kill as many of the rowers as possible since it's not likely the ship is going to just vanish.

      Now torpedoes on the other hand... lol. One is enough, even 'defensive' ones like the MK 46.

    5. Warships in the Age of Sail use roundshot, not shells. That is because shells are unreliable, relegated largely to the shore bombardment role. Same goes for rocket artillery.

      Not surprisingly, punching holes into a wooden ship doesn't do much, except for the aforementioned splinters literally cutting the crew to pieces. Ship duels went on for hours, often ending only with fire, boarding, demasting or surrender.

      Now imagine the pressure wave from modern HE shell propagating through the interior of the ship. A direct hit will completely gut it as guns, furniture and crew get smashed into each other. Good luck untangling that mess in the middle of a battle.

      It's true that modern HE burn too fast to start fires, but if I know that enemy ships are floating tinderboxes, i'd be packing incendiary ammo, like WP or HE-I.

    6. There is an overlap in time of sail vs explosive shells, the first Paixhans guns that fired shells were built in 1824 when sailing ships were still in use. In fact, the Battle of Campeche (1843) is still noted in history as the only time sailing ships won vs steam ships.

      As for the effects you describe, yes you are correct that it happens. I'm just not sure if the 5 inch packs enough to finish the job in 1 shot, the 'shell' head is only as big as a thermos flask after all. Either way, my point still stands, 450 rounds x 8 = 3600, you still run out of ammo before you run out of targets even using one shot per.

    7. Wait, I just remembered something about the Japanese ship classification system. They call their helicopter carriers 'helicopter carrying destroyers'. It's possible they ARE going to attack by air.

    8. The onboard Marine element will have MGs too. Firing at a big target like a wooden warship formation, effective range should be several miles. Let alone any specialised incendiary ammo, even tracer rounds use phosphorus, which will be a SEVERE fire risk to an all wooden fleet. They are going to get rekt. I'm assuming that the Japanese fleet will need to resupply ammo to go after any stragglers that don't die in the first assault, but they have radar, air support, and a massive speed and maneuverability advantage. A very small number will likely escape, just because there are so many of them, but I doubt the actual battle will be anything more than a literal turkey shoot

    9. Technically true but at ranges pass 400m, you're doing 'area fire', not 'point targets'. Sure, it'll still do damage but you still need to remember you're not popping heads at that range, you're plastering the area randomly with rounds. And ONE mile. More or less. Beyond that, you're out of your effective range.

    10. The JMSDF ships would have to resupply, but as I mentioned in another post, they can do that with impunity. Because of navigational limits, the Lourian navy cannot follow the JMSDF ships into the deep ocean where the mobile resupply ships are.

  8. Well I doubt the ships will be using their missiles much, but at least their rapid fire 127mm cannons will be highly effective, along with maybe CIWS? Not sure if they can target sea targets though but I'm sure a 20mm Vulcan can tear through wooden boats

  9. Also I feel like destroyer squadron might be better than fleet? Just my personal opinion though...

  10. You do know if it's not a story, you would run out of ammo long before you sink 4400 ships, even using the A-gun? Not to mention wood doesn't really sink, most wooden warships die by being burnt down or run aground.

    Tactics might be better configured along the lines of shock and awe and trying to break the enemy's morale rather than score kills since even if you tried to one shot kill every ship, you'll run out of ammo long before you finish.

  11. Thanks 4 the translation!

    Those DDs would have greater firing range than the local ships and greater fire power, but as has been mentioned by Owl, they would probably run out of ammo before taking out the whole fleet. Unless the DDs are accompanied by tenders that weren't mentioned because the aren't warships.

    1. It's impossible for a fleet of 4000 sailing ships to move as a single body. Moreover, their range is dictated by their ability to carry water and the availability of fresh water sources. They're also blind at night.

      Modern warships don't care about any of that. They can easily locate and destroy each sub-fleet of the enemy navy without the enemy even realizing that they're being sunk piecemeal.

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    1. Modern warships don't have that strong a hull to endure ramming, they're not designed for it so if you rammed with a modern warship, there is a high chance you'll end up with your bow shoved in. Just because it is steel does not mean it is invincible. Just look at any accident involving a car (steel) and a tree (wood). Most of the time, it's the steel car that ends up being bent out of shape.

      No need to get fancy, just shoot the enemy, you got miles and miles of range advantage, using it is the best. You'll run out of ammo fast though so you need to use it in a manner that makes them lose their will to fight. Getting shot at with missiles from beyond visual range would work if you can give the impression you got an infinite supply of ammo, so no one shot big boom, one boom per half a min is sufficient to make it seem you can shoot forever.

    2. No, military ships are not made of Fiberglass. There's plenty of records of wooden somali pirate ships trying to attack metal trading vessels - they don't threaten them by ramming, they threaten them with an RPG below the waterline.

    3. You do know that 'metal trading vessels' are even tougher than modern warship hulls I hope.

      I refer you to the damage done when the USS Fitzgerald collided with the AXC Crystal and the John McCain vs the Alnic MC. Both 'trading vessels' (officially called MV or Marine Vessels) involved almost no damage to the civilian vessel and the loss of 17 US Navy sailors.

      Modern warship hulls are not that tough and the USS have some of the toughest hulled warships in the world currently due to being built to 70s standards.

      And for your information, some warships ARE built of fiberglass, usually for stealth measures. Google up KRI Klewang-625 to see one such fiberglass corvette burn up.

    4. Modern warships don't even need to ram them. Their onboard guns have radar fire controls that can track multiple targets at once, be it surface or air threats.

      They're also fast enough to literally run circles around mere sailing ships and their radar ignores bad weather and night.

      The latest generation of warships have a significant portion of their hull made out of composites like carbon fiber, to save weight. It's also safer to use than aluminium, which burns at high temperatures.

    5. I agree, though it's less 'don't need to ram', rather, it'll be stupid if you did. Especially of your modern warship got 'hung up' on the enemy and opened you to counter boarding. Stand off and shoot the buggers, don't be an idiot and close in. Unload your entire mag of 450-600 rounds then break off for UNREP. Hell, I don't think triremes or galleys qualify to even waste a missile on. Or just get the damn deck helo up with an MG or some small missiles or torpedoes and just blow them to hell from miles away. IIRC Japan got a torp carrying version of the SH-60, think theirs was called an SH-60J. One Mk 46 is more than enough to one shot something like a trireme.

    6. Don't forget that the Lourian navy can't chase you into the ocean because they are limited to navigational rudders. That means they cannot interdict you supplies and that you ALWAYS have the element of surprise.

    7. Not to mention while nothing is said about air support, their air force can still get into the fight within 6 hours or less. Stack a Squadron up with hellfires or rockeyes and you got the makings of a massacre.

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    i mean, the last chapter i've read (ch1-pt3), the guy watched her wife and daughter get raped in front of him (classic NTR) then they were fed to the beasts..ALIVE,then they killed him after. really poor guy

    now,i'm wondering if this "dark" things will occur japan and its citizens...or will it stay outside of their country, seeing they're capable of protecting their own.

  17. "Gim fell into the Louria Kingdom’s hands." Could the author elaborate? Gim should have substantial defensese, but given the timeframe I have to assume it was taken by storm? How?

    Qua-Toyne KNOWS Louria is hostile. There is absolutely no way Louria can hide such an enormous buildup. Yet Qua-Toyne seems totally caught by surprise. They don't even know Louria's order of battle, even after the war started!

    The Qua-Toyne General Staff (or its equivalent) should have been paying attention and making contingency plans. When Louria cracked the border, Qua-Toyne could simply activate war plans involving defense in depth. Instead, they suffer from author-induced stupidity.

    1. Nvm, I must have missed the entire last chapter :P Still, my point about war plans stands. The Western Region Army should have a very clear idea what they're expected to do without having their bosses explain it.

    2. Kinda.
      Getting 4x the enemy force strength from elsewhere might be missed as it was from an external source but not even keeping an eye on your hostile neighbour or building up defenses in depth is rather careless. Or to be more precise, outright negligent.

      Not to mention the 'rape' drama bull. If the enemy sees you as sub-human due to their semi-beastal nature, how many people are even willing to 'rape'? It's like me telling you to go in and kill all the dogs..and while you're at it, go screw some of them too. The mindset and actions don't fit together, the author just threw them together since 'evil people must do evil things, rape is evil so they must rape', totally not getting the disassociation between how they view their enemies and how it excludes certain actions.

      It's rather lazy writing.

    3. Qua-Toyne's population is made up of humans and non-humans and Louria hates non-humans to the bone.
      I don't remember any mention of the victims being non-humans, so you could assume they were humans.
      Louria should be making a distinction between humans and non-humans, even if they're enemies.

  18. "Each ship folded their sails and prepared for the upcoming battle."

    Not sure if this is a translation issue, but docked sailing ships already have their sails furled.

    Also strange that Qua-Toyne isn't using traditional harbor defenses like blocking ships, fire ships and chains. I'm curious what air defence methods would be used against fast-moving wyverns. Maybe barrage balloons?

    1. Giant ballista or mages firing magic is my best guess. Barrage balloons not so much since part of the method is to force a pilot not 'in tune' with his plane to collide with a cable, but since the whole wyvern is a living organism, their situational awareness must be a lot higher than a pilot wrapped in steel.

    2. Considering the investment in each wyvern, it wouldn't be impractical to use magic-guided projectiles against them, or some similar magic air defence network.

      As in modern day warfare, using several $1M missiles to shoot down a $30M aircraft is money well-spent.

    3. I never liked the 'cost per shot' argument, it's a stupid way to fight a war. If you need to shoot something down to protect something else, you do it, not try to figure out how much his round costs then try to price match.

      Can you imaging a FROG (free rocket over ground-fancy name for blindfired rockets) type missile heading towards your barracks or vehicle park or an oil refinery and some bean counter refusing permission to fire off a countermissile because "the countermissile is more expensive than the enemy's round.". Pennywise but pound foolish. You need to protect something, you do it, not check costs and wait for a price discount.

    4. Well, yes. There's the attritional and political aspects of war, too. Taking the missile vs. aircraft example, the cost exchange actually favors the missile even more, as pilots cannot be replaced in the timeframe of the war and the loss of the pilot's life will have political repercussions back home.

      It gets even more lopsided in the case of the wyvern rider, in that both the wyvern and its rider are not replaceable in the timeframe of the war AND odds are that the wyvern rider is a member of a warrior aristocracy knights or samurai. Losing too many of them is literally political suicide.

  19. Mmm....
    I just can't imagine what will happen next. Super relative gap in technology and civilization of course will fed up the intelligence skirmish further, sparking further incident and else, except there is some cool-leveled heads in the top-brass level.

    And if the date of the events are 2015, then I will expect recently-in-service ships will go, like Akizuki-Takanami class~

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  21. The amount of plot holes is massive, but what grates me the most is this "broad interpretation" of those 2 constitution points, even if they consider the Louria kingdom forces as "armed insurgents" of the Qua-Toyne Principality, they will be inferring into internal affairs of a foreign country, thus turning this "totally not a war" into an international conflict (which already is), with armed forces (that their contitution explicitly states they should not have, figures) as the means to resolve that conflict.

    The author states rules that he doesnt even intend to follow when they come into conflict with his plot ambitions,giving a weak and erroneus justification, thus rendering all explained or stated previously as inconsecuetial and pointless.

    Want Japan to still be involved in the conflict? Then I have 3 quick ways of casus belli where he could have put their intervention into practice,

    1- Anexion and recognision of the Qua-Toyne Pricipality territory and population as an integral part of the country of Japan thus allowing the intervention of the JSDF for self defense purposes in the face of an unwarranted agression on their population and violation of their sovergein territory.
    2- Send their forces on the war-torn territories under the pretext of helping victims of war using the JSDF troops as a disuasory means to put a halt on the Louria kingdom invasion and send envoys to resolve the conflict peacfully, if the Loria kingdom engages the JSDF they can justify return fire on the pretext of self-defence and to prevent the loss of civilian life.

    3-Change their damnfuking constitution or issuing a law, maintaining of course its spirit but adding parameters under wich they may be allowed to act. Fot in the end what use has a constituion that doesnt reflect on the nations indentity or enables it to fullfill its purposes and needs? As a country and their circumstances change their laws should change too to reflect it, adapt or perish, its natural selection bitches.