21 December 2017

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 91

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Yukkuri Oniisan
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Chapter 91: Armaments Situation and DIY Work

After they returned to the office, Nelson were explaining to Kazura about the several documents that were unfolded on the table.
The content of the documents were mainly the basic matters concerning conscription inside the province.
Because Kazura still couldn’t fluently read this country’s script, Nelson explained the main points of the documents orally.
Lieze sat beside Kazura and read the contents that were written in the document that Kazura asked.

So everyone prepared their own prescribed equipment according to their assets, but the quality standards of the equipment itself isn’t standardized ?(Kazura)

The private soldiers of the affluent nobles often have standardized equipment, but the equipment of the citizens that were gathered for the conscript is disorganized. However, for those above the Second Class, they had been instructed to prepare long spear and shield in the specified size.(Nelson)

From the explanation, the conscription in this land varies according to the income.
The draftable citizens were divided into five classes according to their assets, which will determine the equipment and the units they will join.
The First Class was the wealthiest, while the Fifth Class was the ones with the lowest income.

The equipment for every class in Istelle Province was in the following manners.

First Class: a helmet, a round shield, greaves, a body armor, a long spear, and a sword
Second Class: a helmet, a round shield, a breastplate, a long spear, and a sword
Third Class: a helmet, a round shield, and a short spear
Fourth Class: a short spear, and a javelin
Fifth class: A sling, and stones

From these, the First and the Second Classes were classified as Heavy Infantry, and the others were Light Infantry.
Also, the shields that were prepared by the First and the Second Classes must be made of bronze, and the size was strictly specified.

Other than this, anyone who was proficient in the bow will be assigned as archer regardless of their Class.

Because the nobles commonly underwent riding training from a young age, they were pretty much assigned to form the cavalry.
The equipment of the nobles’ private soldiers was supplied by the nobles, and the quality of their equipment is often excellent.
They were also often provided with a Rata, so those who had riding skill would participate as a cavalryman, while the rest will be treated to be in the same line as the First Class soldiers.

Also, those who had riding skills even if they weren’t a noble and could prepare a Rata would be recruited as a cavalryman disregarding their income class.
The riding skill was something that demands proficiency just like the bow, and rather than just able to ride a Rata, it will take months and years until someone was able to swing sword or spear while on the mount.
Hence, other than the nobles who received riding training from young, there were really few people who could fight as a cavalryman.

I see, the citizens with few assets will have to prepare few equipment.(Kazura)

Other than the spears, equipment like the body armors, swords, and shields are costly to procure and to maintain. If the entire soldiers need to prepare standardized equipment, it will place a burden too great for them. So, we specified the bare minimum necessary equipment according to their income.(Nelson)

Can’t the Lord’s side prepare and distribute the equipment?(Kazura)

As expected, it is very hard to prepare in that amount... Bronze equipment is expensive, even in the peacetime, it will take time and effort to prepare and to maintain the equipment, so we need a considerable financial resource.(Nelson)

Hmm, I see. It’s the matter of financial problem again……(Kazura)

Originally, it would be best if the Lord’s side prepares the standardized equipment and distributed it to put it into use.
If the standards are unified, it will decrease the disparity in the strength, and more than anything, regardless of the difference between rich and poor, they could exert the same strength.

However, it was useless to say about this if the prerequisite for it was missing.
First of all, they need to resolve the financial problem of the province, before they were able to discuss what to do about the equipment.

So that means, we have no other way than to increase the yield of the farmlands and introduce new tools in various place to reduce the cost…… If the introduction of the hand pump could increased the output of the mine, it will be even nicer.(Kazura)

That’s true. Especially if the amount of the mined silver increased, it should ease the financial situation. Furthermore, the increase in the mined copper and tin, will also decrease the price of equipment, so the equipment quality of the conscripted soldiers will also be improved.(Nelson)

Price and quality, right?...... *fumu*(Kazura)

After hearing Nelson’s explanation, Kazura pondered about the introduction of iron metallurgy that he considered before.
If they could obtain iron ore nearby, the introduction of iron metallurgy will drastically reduce the armaments cost.
On Earth, the iron had more deposits that couldn’t be matched by metals like copper and tin.
The fact that there were many deposits means that it had a low rarity value, which means that the procurement cost will be low.
If they use iron instead of bronze, then they surely could lower the armaments cost.

Since iron is harder and more durable than bronze, it will also improve the quality of the equipment.
Compared to bronze, iron will take time and labor to process, but the introduction of iron will have great advantages.
The burden of the blacksmith will be dramatically increased to manufacture the equipment, but it is possible to reduce their burden to some extent by introducing a waterwheel-powered trip hammer machine.

From what he had heard from Valletta before, the war with Balveil might be resumed in 4 years.
Although the result of the last battle was a draw (with many damages on both sides), it was uncertain whether or not on the next war this country could endure like it did in the previous time.
Since if he was just stood and watch and late in giving the aid, it could cause irrecoverable damage that ruins Arcadia, then he should to introduce the iron metallurgy if it became needed.

However, if war didn’t get resumed and peace can last like it was right now, then there was no need to introduce a disruptive technology like iron metallurgy.
If the iron metallurgy was introduced, then surely it would greatly disturb the power balance with the neighboring countries, so it was necessary to be cautious about the introduction.

Nelson-san, about the  diplomatic situation with the other countries……(Kazura)

Kazura spoke up until that point when he realized that Lieze who was sitting next to him was staring him with a curious expression.
He was careless. Lieze didn’t know that Kazura is Greysior.
Of course, she would be curious since she observed how Kazura was asking about armaments like he was completely clueless about it.

…… Please let me hear the details at some other time. There is still opportunity to continue this talk later.(Kazura)

Kazura said this and stood up, and beside him, Lieze also stood up.

Hm is that so? I understand. The details will be for another time. Thank you for listening to our situation.(Nelson)

Nelson deeply bowed his head to Kazura.


After leaving the office room, Kazura was walking on the mansion’s corridor with Lieze.

Right now, it was almost noon, but later this evening, he planned to dig a water channel in the courtyard for the hydroelectric generator with Isaac and Havel.
The current time was a bit past 11 o'clock and there was still quite some time left before the lunchtime.

Kazura-sama, about the conversation before……(Lieze)

Kazura was walking while thinking about the armaments when Lieze spoke out timidly.

Ah, yes. What is it?(Kazura)

After he gave his reply, Kazura remembered the series of events in the reference room and he felt as if his back was wet with cold sweat.
If Nelson didn’t enter the reference room at that time, then he can’t imagine what would have happened.
He felt as if he was drawn by a great influence, but what is that really?

If you are interested in the military affairs, then I can guide you around in the military. Since the Noble Guards soldier and the other private soldiers are training every day, then you can see their training if we go to the training ground or barracks.(Lieze)

Huh, it’s not that topic?(Kazura)


Ah, it’s nothing! Please do so! Since I would like to see the army even for a moment!(Kazura)

Kazura thought that she was surely going to continue their conversation in the reference room, so he never thought of an unexpected proposal that he unintentionally yelped.
Like this, it was like he was expecting for that conversation to happen, so he hurriedly returned a nod to Lieze.

Then, since it will be noon soon...... Ah, I am scheduled to have an audience soon…… Tomorrow…… there also an audience…… I'm sorry, I will set the time later, then let's go together.(Lieze)

Lieze became dejected when she remembered her schedules.
When Kazura returned back to Grisea Village, Lieze refused every audience request that came to her so she could finish her work as much as possible.
However, the refused suitors didn’t just give up, but postponed the audience and requested for an audience again, so Lieze was in a condition where she was unable to move.
Lieze was thinking that if she canceled the audience by saying that the circumstances not permit, then those scheduled audiences itself would disappear, but this idea wasn’t that good.
As expected, if she continues to repeatedly refuse it will tarnish her social appearance, so this situation couldn’t be helped. She would receive the audience from the noon today.

Oh, that’s fine. I also have a schedule this afternoon, so let’s go together on the next occasion.(Kazura)

Thank you very much. Then when that time comes, please say so. I am also looking forward to it, even if it’s only a trip to the city.(Lieze)

Well, as soon as the circumstances permit, let’s take that trip.(Kazura)

When Kazura matched her conversation, Lieze made a very happy smile.

Yes! Then, I'll inform you about the possible time after I sort my schedule later!(Lieze)

Eh? Yes, I understand.(Kazura)

Seeing how Lieze was looking forward to that event, Kazura nodded even when he was a bit bewildered.
From the event in the reference room, and how she clung unto the conversation just now, Kazura felt that Lieze’s attitude suddenly changed, after he returned to Isteria.
He thought that it was because she was a rather sociable girl, but he felt that somehow the vector had changed into an unexpected direction.

After that, Kazura passed time talking with Lieze until the lunchtime arrived.


That afternoon.
After his lunch with Nelson and Lieze, Kazura was in the courtyard just outside his room with Isaac and Havel.
Besides Kazura, there was a cardboard box that contained the hydroturbine generator, and above it, the unfolded instructions.

By the way, Zirconia didn’t show up at the lunch.
It seems that for today she was taking a good rest in her room.

Let’s see, You need a slope to some extent fort the generator to operate…… So, I can’t generate electricity in a flat ground.(Kazura)

The hydroturbine generator that was purchased by Kazura was a type that uses the water flow inside a thick vinyl chloride tube.
Fan-like blades were attached inside the tube, that rotated when water flows in the cylinder and exerted its force on the blades.
The blade shaft was connected directly to the generator, so when the shaft was rotated by the force from the water current, it will drive the generator.

Is it necessary for the water to flow from higher place?(Havel)

Havel, who heard Kazura’s muttering, asked.

Yes. We have no other way but draw water with the waterwheel, construct an aqueduct at a higher position and then directly connect it with this tube. So it will be another do-it-yourself work……(Kazura)

We will prepare the personnel who would undertake the work, so please tell us anything that we needed to do, since we will quickly work on it(Havel)

Then, can you install a waterwheel in the waterway of the estate to draw the water from it and then built an aqueduct to bring that drawn water until it reaches the front of this room?(Kazura)

He had originally thought that it would be enough if he just extended the waterway that was flowing in the estate until it reached his room, but it looks like this wouldn’t work.
Although it would be quite taxing, it seems that there was no other way than using a waterwheel and the aqueduct to bring the water into the front of his room and then install the generator at its end.

Certainly. Then I will gather the needed personnel immediately.(Havel)

Please do so. I will confirm the necessary components and the installation location for the aqueduct. Isaac-san please prepare the waterwheel. I’m sure that there are some waterwheels that are under construction in the carpenter workshops, please bring them all here.(Kazura)

I understood.(Isaac)

Currently, the gasoline generator could only cover the electricity for the refrigerator, but if he could use the hydroturbine generator he prepared this time, then he would be able to use other electric appliances such as the air conditioner and the microwave oven.
The gasoline used for the generator could be kept in reserve and be brought out together with the generator when he needed electricity at another place.
And the best above all, if he could use the air conditioners then his daily life ought to be slightly more comfortable.

From the amount of the electricity that can be generated by the hydroturbine generator that will be installed, it could cover every electric power requirement needed by the home appliances that he brought here.
If the installation of the hydroturbine generator was successful, then he would be able to pass the days in almost the same as his life back in Japan for the foreseeable future.


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