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This is the page where I will post stories from a guest author who went by Ian McDaniels
Oh, and it also an English Original Stories...

Undeath and Taxes Synopsis

After 50 years of being trapped in another world, the end of the world is at hand! With an empire of the dead and damned finally claiming total victory over Mundus, the victorious Undead Emperor can finally return to Earth and the normalcy of everyday life. When he returns to Earth, however, a millennium has passed in his absence! Now with no home, no friends, no family and no way to survive the New World, the once mighty God of Undeath dies alone and afraid in the hellish remains of a once great nation…


Fate did not abandon him, as all his power (plus a little extra) is still with him! People of the wastes there are only two certainties in this New World! Undeath and Taxes! You must choose which you want two endure! Life under an oppressive warlord who treats your women as his playthings and extorts from you, or life under Imperator Morterran who only demands your loyalty and your corpse!
Death comes for all! For some, it comes faster than others…

The Bad, The Evil, and the Worse

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