25 January 2018

Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki. Arc 4 Chapter 4C

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Enlightenment Arc
Chapter 4 FDF C

You may take off your blindfold now(Souma)
……What’s with these high-handed measures?(Castor)

Castor grumbled while he took off his blindfold, and he found out that he was in a forest. There were only four people at this place, Juna-san, Castor and Excel and me. Around us, there were only trees. Where is this place……?, said Castor while making a puzzled expression, but he suddenly knitted his brow as if he noticed something. Then he threw a question to me.

Is this place…… an island?(Castor)
Oh…… Why do you think so?(Souma)
There is the scent of salt from all sides, so the ocean should be near.(Castor)
…… How perceptive.(Souma)

Castor had been blindfolded the entire time and we also travelled by using the Royal Wyvern Gondola, so he shouldn’t have known where he was going. Despite all that, he was able to guess that this place was surrounded by the sea from all sides. This might be because of the results from his experiences in the Navy. Then, I noticed that Juna-san was in a stunned daze.

Is there something wrong?(Souma)
Ah, no…… It’s just, I had seen some amazing things enroute……(Juna)

Juna-san, who realized that her shocked state was seen by me, answered in a slightly shy demeanor. Ah, that reminds me, I haven’t told Juna-san about this place until now. After all, I had entrusted this matter to Excel’s group all this time. Seeing Juna-san’s reaction, Castor asked me with an even more puzzled face.

My King, just what kind of place is this?(Castor)
Hmm? Well, to put it simply... this place is a secret weapons and military testing facility?(Souma)
Secret weapon?(Castor)
It will be faster for you to see it yourself. Please follow me.(Souma)

Under my guidance, we started to walk. After walking for awhile, the forest ended and we arrived at an open location. It was a empty plain that was thickly covered with short grass. There was nothing high around us, so the blue sky was spread out over our head. When we looked at the blue sky, there were Wyvern Knights flying in formations. I pointed at those Wyverns.

Castor. Try to look at that, what do you think?(Souma)
So…… fast ……(Castor)

Castor said while squinting his eyes.

Or rather, they are too fast. That is not a speed that a wyvern could make. Did they use magic?(Castor)
No, they didn’t. I mean, if they were using magic to make a tailwind blow, do you think they could fly in a formation like that?(Souma)
…… That would be impossible. If they were accelerating due to magic, their formation should be more disorderly.(Castor)

Just like what Castor had said, there were individual differences in magic abilities. Even if they can use the same type of magic, the power, the range and the consumption would depend on the person. So even if we gathered people who had the same wind manipulation ability, they wouldn’t be able to fly in such an ordered formation like that if they accelerated using magic. That's why that speed was not due to magic, but rather, due to technology.

Look at the place behind the wyvern’s saddle(Souma)
…… There is something attached. Is that…… A ring?(Castor)

Just like he said, behind the Dragoon's saddle, there were two rings on both sides. I answered while looking up at the sky.

The thing that is attached to the back of the saddle is a compact and lightweight modified version of Susumu-kun · Mark V Maxwell-type propeller. By equipping this ring, the flying dragon is able to reach a higher speed and range than before.

◇ ◇ ◇

It was the day when I, guided by Ludwin, visited Ginya’s Dungeon Workshop. I had been shown with inventions like Susumu-kun Mark V and Mechadora. Although there was some uneasiness that remained (especially about how to deal with Mechadora), I had the conviction that we could reform this country, and just when I was about to contentedly return home, I came up with something.

…… Hey Ginya. Is it possible to mass-produceSusumu-kun Mark V? Then can you modify it to reduce its size and weight?(Souma)
Well…… Let’s see…… The only problem was whether or not we could secure the special metals, but if we could, then it is possible to mass-produce it. Reducing the size and weight…… It’s not impossible, but then the output will decrease, you know?(G)

After Ginya thought about it for a while, she answered. So, special metals, right? The mineral resource output of our country is extremely small. In that case, it might be difficult…… While I was thinking about this, Ginya tilted her head in confusion.

What are you using it for?(G)
Well, if it could suck and expel air, then I was thinking if we could put it under a wyvern’s belly or behind the saddle.(Souma)
!? I see! I had never thought about that!(G)

There were 3 creatures that were treated as the aircraft in this world: the common and widely used wyverns, the gryphons, which had only been successfully bred by the Empire, and the dragons of the Star Dragon Mountains. If their flight speed, turning ability, and cruising range was put into statistics, then it will be as follows.

Wyvern          Flight speed B          Turning ability C      Cruising range A
Griffon           Flight speed A          Turning ability S       Cruising range C
Dragon          Flight speed S          Turning ability A       Cruising range S

…… It will roughly be like this. Seeing these statistics, wyverns can fly long distances, but their air-fighting prowess wasn’t that strong, just like bomber planes, while Griffons can’t fly long distances, but their air-fighting prowess is strong, like fighter planes. Dragons are the “Almighty”-type, but their numbers are overwhelmingly small compared to the other two species and they were also sapient, so they couldn’t be enslaved/tamed (although there is a certain country where dragons and knights were bounded by contract, but this is an extremely exceptional exception).

In other words, if we fought with the Empire, then our Wyverns wouldn’t be able to deal with the griffon squadrons. But what if we were able to reduce the size and weight of the propulsion device that Ginya developed and equip the wyverns with it? Perhaps, other than its turning ability, won’t their other stats be increased?

Wyvern (with equipment)  Flight speed B (S)      Turning ability C (C)            Cruising range A (S+)

…… Perhaps, if we were able to do this, then even if we can’t toe-to-toe with the gryphon squadrons, we might be able to withdraw after attacking. So I had thought. However, because it seemed that there were no prospects to secure the special metals for the mass production, this case was shelved away, but the situation changed when Roroa pushed Amidonia to me.

Amidonia had a low food self-sufficiency rate, but it had abundant mineral resources. Those resources also included the special metals we needed. Since there was the possibility that we could have a stable supply of the special metals that were the cause of concern, once again I asked Ginya to develop the Susumu-kun / Mark V lightweight version that could be equipped by a wyvern and so the mass production of it started.

◇  ◇ ◇

That’s how Susumu-kun Mark V – Litewas developed.(Souma)

It was a modified version of the huge Susumu-kun · Mark Vto be more compact and lightweight, so that it could be equipped behind the wyvern’s saddle. The reason why there were two rings was because if it was only one ring then it will suck the rider who was located in front of it, so the rings were placed on the sides to prevent that situation. By the way, when it wasn’t in use (where tight turning is important, or when the wyvern is flapping its own wings), both rings would close up each other like a clam. Conversely, when this device was in use (when performing a high speed / long distance flight), the wyvern only needs to concentrate in keeping its own wings wide open to generate the lifting force.

With the invention of this Susumu-kun Mark V – Lite invention, as expected, our country’s wyverns were able to surpass the Empire’s gryphon squadrons in every area other than in turning ability. After listening to my explanation, the former Air Force Marshall, Castor was impressed.

Surely, I believe that this is a great invention…… but can you do something about the name?(Castor)

That point is the only disappointing part…… Well, I could understand his feelings.

For the moment, I registered it as the Maxwell type propeller – lightweight version』」(Souma)
Ah, I think that is a better name.(Castor)

When we were talking about this matter, I noticed that Juna-san had an overcast expression.

Um, is something wrong, Juna-san?(Souma)
It’s just…… Your Majesty…… Are you going to fight with the Empire?(Juna)

Juna-san asked me with an anxious face. Ah…… My explanation so far caused her to think like this, right? Indeed, in developing weapons, there were points that employed the Imperial Army as a potential enemy. In a hypothesis, we should always think about what we need to do to deal with someone stronger than us. However,

As long as the Grand Chaos Empire’s Empress Maria doesn’t abandon her ideal and stands firm on them, then it will be alright. I don’t have any intentions to take an aggressive position against the Empire for now.(Souma)
However, no one knows what will happen in the future. There is no guarantee that the Empire will continue its current policy endlessly, and perhaps one day the Empire may stand in front of our country as a formidable enemy. We must always be prepared for the worst, so hopefully when that time comes, we will not be caught off guard.

We might be overly cautious in crossing the broken bridge, but it was also the right moment to rebuild that bridge with advanced technology. After all, Machiavelli had once said, A Prince must be always prepared for the change of fate.

I…… I see.(Juna)

Juna-san didn’t say anything anymore. She was still anxious, but in the end, it seems that she choose to believe in me. In this case, she was similar to Liscia and Aisha. Well, only Roroa didn’t feel anxious at all, and it only reignited her instead. Really…… My fiancées are just too good for someone like me. Then, Castor inquired tp me.

Just before, Your Majesty mentioned that this is a secret weapon and military testing facility, correct? I understand the matter with the weapon, but what exactly does the secret military testing mean?
…… If you want to know about that, then we need to take a short walk.

Everyone started walking out with my lead once again. As we travelled through the open fields, the grasslands ended and we could see the bare ground. That place was covered with red clay just like a sports ground. But there were no baseball bases or soccer goals, only two tents (of course they were not the camping-type of tents, but the open-type of tents that you usually saw in athletic festivals where the broadcasting equipment was located)[1] and one anti-air ballista.

As we approached the tents, we could see Ludwin’s current aide, Kaede Foxia, the fox-eared(kitsunemimi) magician, conversing with people who looked like researchers and engineers, under the tent.

Oh my, Your Majesty, and Duchess Excel too. I bid both of you welcome nanodesu.(Kaede)

She greeted us with a very wide smile.

Long time no see, Kaede. How do you do?(Souma)
Great! Both Kaede and Hal are well nanodesu. Are, today you are not with the princess nanodesu?(Kaede)
(Ah…… My partner for today is this person.)(Souma)

I replied with a low voice, I softly pushed Juna-san’s waist. Juna-san stepped forward and lightly lowered her head to Kaede.

It’s been a while. I am a former Navy member, Juna Dohma.(Juna)
Hawawa! Aren’t you the Café Lorelei’s Prima Lorelei-san!? It's been a while!(Kaede)

Kaede replied while holding Juna-san’s hand with both of her hands and shaking it strongly.

No way! So you are a member of the Navy…… Are? But you are now His Majesty’s partner, so that means……(Kaede)

Kaede blinked with surprise while looking towards my direction. I thought that since it’s Kaede, then it wouldn’t be a problem if she knew about the engagement. I already referred to Juna-san as my partner, but to explain it once again… is a bit embarrassing. I looked at Juna-san and she was also slightly flushed.

Ah, well you know…… that’s how it is.(Souma)
……I see. So that’s what it is.(Kaede)

From Juna-san’s and my facial expressions, it seems the smart girl Kaede had guessed everything. Then she lowered her voice volume a bit.

(It hasn’t been announced yet, so it’s still a secret for now, is it correct nanodesu?)(Kaede)
(It's great that you are sharp. It’s because Juna-san's popularity is too great.)(Souma)
(Ah that’s true. If it is announced right now, then there will be a riot nanodesu.)(Kaede)

Kaede said this seriously. Well since I already know about that, I was trying to shift her popularity from as an idol into as an song onee-san.

Well, let’s leave that for now. I want to show Excel and the others the new army branch, so?(Souma)
I see. In that case, we are now about to perform a training exercise nanodesu.(Kaede)

Kaede replied and then ordered the nearby engineers. With a chalk, they made a large double circle on the center of the ground. Then, at the center of that circle, Kaede carried the anti-aircraft ballista with Earth magic (gravity manipulation). After finishing placing the anti-aircraft ballista, Kaede returned to the tent.

Fui~, we are ready nanodesu.(Kaede)
Hey…… What in the world is about to begin?(Castor)

Castor asked me and so I pointed towards the sky.

If you look upward you will understand.(Souma)

He looked up and in the sky before him, there was yet another wyvern formation passing by. It was a scene that was similar to the one before, but this time, the wyverns were carrying “something” on their hind feet (wyverns are different from dragons, just like birds, their forelimbs became wings). Just when that wyvern formation passed us overhead, they simultaneously dropped that “something”.

The countless “somethings” that were falling in the air, were heading straight toward our direction. As that “something” approached the surface, its appearance was gradually recognizable. They were people. Countless people were falling from the sky. In addition, it was clear that each of them were carrying weapons in their hand. It was faint, but I could heard something like their screams.


――― Amongst those screaming people, there was the figure of Halberd.


It’s raining man, Halleluyah.

[1] Just read a manga with school setting, if you don’t know what the tent looks like. I’d like to put an example from a manga here. But, it’s a pain… I’ll put something similar from City Skylines instead.
It’s this prop:


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