21 January 2018

Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki. Arc 4 Chapter 3F

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Enlightenment Arc
Chapter 3: The Core of CoReform E

Yes, what are you saying, Your Majesty?!(Ludwin)
This is an important question…… How do you feel about Ginya…… And then, based on what Ginya think of you, you must think about how you would respond.(Souma)

I answered seriously to the panicked Ludwin. Ginya was now an important figure of this country. If I could, I would like her to be married to a trustworthy person and put down root in this country. That’s why…… it would be fine if Ludwin had the resolution for this, but if he didn’t, then I must think about another plan. By the way, just before I brought this proposal forward,

(Hey, Liscia, I'd like to marry Ginya to Ludwin, but as a fellow woman, what do you think? Does Ginya has feelings for Ludwin?)(Souma)
(…… About 60%. I think that perhaps she might like him.)(Liscia)
(That’s so unclear. What with that uncertain percentage?)(Souma)
(Girls are hard to understand, after all. But you don’t need to be worried about that, right? Ginya is a daughter of a noble. If she has to marry by the King’s order, I think that she wouldn’t refuse it.)(Liscia)
(Maybe that’s true, but…… I don’t want to use that forceful method if it’s possible, you know.)(Souma)
(…… I see. Then, from Souma’s observation, what about Ludwin-dono’s side?)(Liscia)
(99%, he likes her.)(Souma)
(How can you so clearly determine say it?)(Liscia)
(…… Man is an easy-to-understand creature, after all.)(Souma)

……That we had this whispering conversation was a secret. Perhaps because Ludwin realized that I was serious, he tightened his lips. Perhaps he was lost on how should he answer this. Then the other related party, Ginya , tilted her head.

Is it about whether I become Lu-nii’s wife?(Ginya)

It was a relaxed tone that was unthinkable to be said by the related party.

Does Ginya object to marrying Ludwin?(Souma)
No, I don’t object to it.(Ginya)

It was such a quick answer that it was anticlimatic, and then Ginya laughed.

Because I am a woman, after all. I thought that if someday I needed to be with someone, then it will be nice if that person is Lu-nii. Although, since Lu-nii is popular with the ladies, I thought that he would pick someone else as his wife and so I decided that it would be nice if I could at least be his third wife afterward.(Ginya)

At Ginya’s confession, not only Ludwin, but even I, as an unrelated person, were staring in amazement, but only Liscia who was nodding repeatedly as if she was able to sympathize with Ginya. Ludwin, who returned to his sense after a while, made an anguished expression, and with a preface statement Your Majesty, please forgive me for my impolite answer, he refused.

No matter how much Ginya is a talent that is needed to be kept by this country,  to suddenly binding her with a marriage is just……(Ludwin)
Is that statement something that you could say to us?(Souma)

The previous king Alberto had given his daughter Liscia to make me the king of this country. On the contrary, from Liscia’s viewpoint, in order to stop me to be the king of this country, she agreed to be married to me. Our relationship started in that twisted premise, but after surmounting trials and tribulation, it eventually become a connection that I absolutely didn’t want to separate from. While I scratched my head, I told Ludwin.

Let me say something as someone experienced in this matter, how it started is not the main issue. What important is in what way will both of you pass the time together. Isn’t it?(Souma)

When I said this, Liscia sent me a passionate look. It was a bit embarrassing.

…… Or rather, both of you had passed a lot of time together as childhood friend, right?(Souma)
Your Majesty……(Ludwin)
Should I give you more push? Then if you marry Ginya, you could call yourselves Maxwell-Arcs House. The famous Maxwell House name will continue. In addition, the royal family will pay the wedding cost in full…… Furthermore, Ginya’s research expenses, including the amount that had been used until now, 90% of it will be paid by the country. The Arcs House doesn’t need to bear the cost alone any longer.(Souma)
Th-that is a very joyous offer…… but why I still have to pay for the other 10%?(Ludwin)
……If you don’t pay from your pocket for a bit, then she will use that money endlessly without restraint.(Souma)

Even if it is a useful invention, it wouldn’t do if it suddenly sinks the country’s finance. When I turned my sight to her, Ginya was turning her head away and whistling (though no sound coming from her). Seeing her behavior, Ludwyn made a bitter smile.

I see. So I will hold the reins.(Ludwin)
Or rather, so that the amount you could pay by yourself increase, you will work like a work-horse.(Souma)
…… I’m afraid that this will happen.(Ludwin)
Now, Ludwin. Ginya had said her feeling. The next turn is yours?(Souma)

Ludwin turned his face towards Ginya. Ludwin’s face was bright red and Ginya’s face too was somewhat reddish. Though when they stood side by side Ludwin was taller, perhaps because his feet were trembling from the tension, their height looked the same. I was wondering whether this would work since he was that nervous, but the man standing here was the ikemen Royal Knights’ Commander who had led tens of thousands of soldiers. It was not long before he resolved his mind.
Ginya, will you become my wife?(Ludwin)
…… Is it okay for Lu-nii? I am not that suitable to be a noble’s wife, you know?(Ginya)
I know, but I still want you to be at my side forever.(Ludwin)
You have a weird taste…… But, un. Understood, please take care of me from hereafter, my husband.[1](Ginya)

And then, the two of them were shaking hands for some reasons. I thought, isn’t hugging suit this scene more…… Oh well, this way might suit them more. Since it was a happy situation, there’s no need to make an uncalled remark. I was glad that this matter had been resolved without a problem.

*sigh*…… With this, perhaps we have settled the whole problem?(Souma)
……No, not yet. Your Majesty.(Ludwin)

The moment when I felt relieved, Ludwin spoke up with a completely mortified face. He just looked very happy not long ago, just what had happened during this few moment? Then Ludwin said,

I also have forgotten about this until now…… But, have Your Majesty forgotten the purpose of our visit today?(Ludwin)

……Ah, that’s true. I had completely forgotten about this, but we didn’t visit this place to see inventions. Then, Ludwin dropped a fist into Ginya’s head.

Ouchie! …… Lu-nii, you can’t perform domestic violence as soon as we engage.(Ginya)
Baka(Idiot)! Just follow me. Apologize to His Majesty with me!(Ludwin)

That being said, Ludwin held Ginya’s head and pushed it to the floor, while he himself was also lowered his head until his forehead pressed against the floor. The shape was slightly different, but this was this country’s style for Double Dogeza. While Ludwin restrained Ginya’s head, he expressed his apologies.

For this occasion, my... ... my fiancé had done a outrageous act……(Ludwin)
Wai-, Lu-nii. You’ll ruin my hair.(Ginya)
Silence, Ginya! In this matter, I humbly, humbly ask for your leniency.(Ludwin)

No, even if you are apologizing with such efforts…… I didn’t really that bothered at all.

Ludwin and Ginya, both of you raise your head. I don’t particularly find fault on both of you.(Souma)
Your Majesty…… Thank you very much!(Ludwin)
Ah, but I am a bit curious. Hey, Ginya?(Souma)

I squatted down and looked straight eyes to eyes with Ginya before asking her.

Why do you take the dragon's bone?(Souma)


Do any of you still remembered what happened about six months ago? When I dug a hole for a sewage settling pond near the Capital City as a part of establishing the Capital City’s water and sewer services, we found bones of monsters and the likes. Amongst them, there was a set of huge dragon bone, but then it went missing. At that time, we first suspected that the dragon had died with a grudge and became a Skull Dragon, but in that case, it should have dispersed miasma to the surroundings. However, the Capital City where it was stored before was still safe and sound, so this possibility seemed unlikely.

The next suspect was that it had been stolen by someone, but the reason for the theft was unclear. If there were some magic power remained in it then it could be used as magic catalysts or accessory material, but the magic power in that bone had disappeared and so it was worthless. In the first place, since it couldn’t be used for anything, I planned to display it in the museum, hence why I kept it.

That’s why, in the end, we thought that perhaps a collector took it away (regardless of whether or not they would take a huge item like that). Although it was indeed a strange incident, it didn’t seem that it would lead to a major incident, so it gradually disappeared from my memory, but a few days ago, the truth was unexpected became clearer. There was a piece of paper mingled with Ludwin’s work documents.

To Lu-nii
I will take the dragon bone so I’ll leave the rest of the procedure to you.

Was something that briefly written inside of it. Yes... The one who took the Dragon’s bones was Ginya. She reported this in a piece of paper, and then without waiting for a reply, she took the bones away (by the way, I heard about this afterward, but it was transported by the golem). Even so, this was so…… Ginya-ish? At any rate, the paper was mixed with other papers due to the slightly chaotic period back then.

And then, that paper was discovered a few days ago, Ludwin, who knew about the situation, came to me and made earnest apologies. And so, to confirm the location of the bones, we arrived at Ginya’s dungeon-atelier.

And now, we were looking at the missing bones. However,……


The bones appearance had been completely changed……  or rather, not the appearance but the form itself had radically changed. When we asked about the location of the bones, Ginya lead us to the tent that occupied half of this huge room. When we entered, what greeted our sight was the shining metallic body of a huge mechanical looking dragon. The moment I saw what could be called as Mecha-Dragon, the low bass main theme of Godzilla VS Mechagodzilla was playing in my head [2]. Though, it wasn’t as huge as them. The height was about 18 meters at most, but the form was out of this world.

Giving a sidelong glance to us who was standing astonished, Ginya started to explain with full confidence.

This child's name is Mechadra. By attaching wild animal and monster materials, armor and weapons, and others things onto a real dragon's skeleton, combined with the mysterious components discovered in the dungeons, taadaa ♪…… a fully-formed mechanical dragon.

Ginya spoke of this happily…… but how should I put this? I only had a bad hunch about the monster parts and mysterious dungeon components. Liscia was also opening her mouth wide from surprise and Ludwin seemed about to faint. I then asked Zinya.

…… This won’t go rampaging, right?(Liscia)
Ahaha. It cannot do something like that.(Ginya)

Then, Ginya approached the Mechadra and then touched its foot.

In the first place, this one can’t move?(Ginya)
Of course. Although, I believe that the degree of perfection of the outer frame is high, there is no mechanism to relay the orders to move the essential parts. Well, this is just…… a mere scarecrow.(Ginya)

Are you a IMGONNAHKILLYOUNAAAAAAAOOOOOO! kind of person?[3] …… Since they won’t get the reference, I let this tsukkomi slide. I see, although she had made a mechanical dragon, there weren’t a movement program and something to act as a circuit to transmit it. Or rather, this was something not unexpected from the scientific level of this world, but seeing what Ginya had done, it wasn’t like it couldn’t move at all. Ginya were moving the claw parts of the mechadra’s feet up and down with her hand.

Look, it can move smoothly like this. Even without a motive power, it can move.(Ginya)
Ah, amazing. Amazing, but why did you make something like this……(Souma)

I held my head in great perplexion. As expected, won’t this situation could anger Star Dragon Mountains. To give an example in human terms, it was only to exhibit bones of ancient people in the museums, then they might allow it. However, when that bones were embedded inside a machine, as expected, some people will find this revolting. This could be taken as a sacrilege for the dead. If they know that the bones of their fellow kin were treated like this, in the worst case the dragons might attack.

……When I return back to the castle, I will send a letter of apology to the Star Dragon Mountains. Depending on their reply, we would disassemble, do a burial and send it back. I swore this in my heart, and then I remembered what Ginya had said.

This is just…… a mere scarecrow.

Scarecrow…… A doll that stood to protect the field…… A doll…… Doll!? Can it be……

I then tried touching the Mechadra’s feet. And then with Living Poltergeists, I will transfer a part of my consciousness into the Mechadra. After that,


While producing the metallic creaking sound, Mechadra started to move. Whoa, I could manipulate this!?

Ki-King, did you do something!?(Ginya)

It seemed that even Ginya was surprised. While seeing the Mechadra moved its both arms up and down, I grasped my head in great perplexion. What should I do with this‼ Manipulating the mechanical dragon is more like what a Demon Lord would do rather than a Hero. Just by its presence in our country, it wouldn’t be strange if the other countries recognized this as the enemy of humanity.

Goodness gracious, what a day……

As a result, the mechanical dragon was treated as a closely-guarded Top Secret information, and it was decided to wait for a reply from the Star Dragon Mountain. Ginya was transferred into a newly built dedicated laboratory near the Capital City and should be researching something even today. Furthermore, since Roroa and Colbert joined us, the cash flow had become improved, and her work was further accelerated.

……At a later date, I asked Hilde to sent stomach drugs to Ludwin.


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[1] Danna-sama. 旦那様
[3] The original words isヤローブッコロシテヤル. Which is usually used in Pixiv in illustration that the characters venting their anger and are literally kill trying to kill someone. Based on either Doraemon snapped or from Bennet in Commando (Arnold Schwarzenegger)


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