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Nihonkoku Shoukan. Volume 1. Chapter 1 Part 6

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Chapter 1
Part 6

Destroyer Izumo  – Captain’s Room.

Captain Yamamoto was conversing with his XO.[1]

Although this is the first overseas deployment of troops after our transfer to another world, it might be a conflict as expected.
It couldn’t be helped. We can’t let the people starve, so the government made this bitter decision. Furthermore, when I heard about the massacre in Gim city, I personally don’t want to be chummy with the Louria Kingdom.
The opponents don’t know our power. If it is only a warning shot…… then they won’t turn back.
I think so too.

Both Yamamoto and the XO didn’t want to spill needless blood. There should also be some of the Louria Kingdom’s soldiers who didn’t want to kill people, too, just like their own sentiments.

But don’t you find it strange?
About what……?
The equipment of the Louria Kingdom and Qua-Toyne are medieval-era. Well, they have dragons and wyverns and communication devices called manacoms, so they are more advanced than Earth’s medieval era.

The Captains remembered the documents that the diplomats and the recon units brought back from the Louria Kingdom. When they compared the appearances depicted in the clear photographs and the remaining drawings of their own documents from Earth, they couldn’t get rid a sense of discomfort no matter what.

The ships of the Lourian Army are wooden ships like in the Kamakura period, it’s not a ship-of-the-line.[2] In addition, the information said that the total forces of this fleet is 140,000 men with the 4,400 ships, which is actually exactlu like that decisive battle that Japan had once experienced.

The XO made a surprised expression.

It’s the Second Mongol Invasion, the Kouan Campaign, right?

The Kouan Campaign. On 16 June 1281 AD, in order to conquer Japan, a large fleet was sent to Japan by the order of Kublai Khan of the Mongol empire.
The Kamakura Shogunate at that time, under the Houjou Tokimune, ordered Houjou Sanemasa as the Grand Commander to Conquer the Foreigners[3] . He then the lead the defense against the Mongols.
The Mongol Empire army gathered 140,000 soldiers in total and the number of warships used in their operations crossed 4,400, which made it the largest naval invasion fleet in history prior to World War 2. The Mongol fleet then attacked the northern part of Kyushu, which became the main battlefield.
After the Mongol army landed at Iki and Tsushima, they annihilated the garrison in a blink of an eye, and then landed on Shikanoshima and occupied it. Numerous land and naval battles took place around both islands, which served as a berthing point for the Mongol warships. Many people met their ends at these places.
Japan, with the lessons learned from the previous invasion (the Bun’ei Campaign), had been anticipating for the second invasion, so they erected defensive walls, where they could rain arrows down when the enemy landed. They succeed in keeping the majority of enemy troops in the ocean for about two months.
Finally, a typhoon occurred, which caused decisive amounts of damage to the Mongol army.
It was said that 84,000 men from the 141,290 numbered invasion force didn’t return home alive.

If we considered that the number of JSDF personnel right now is about 250 thousand, and that the population of Japan in the Kamakura era was only about 5 million, then an invasion force of 140 thousand men is a frightening one. But our ancestors endured an invasion of that size. Even though the quality of equipment, tactics, and the number of soldiers of the opponents was greater than themselves, with the power of the nature on their side, they won. Honestly, I feel, uneasy about the huge size of the opponent’s army, but when I closely think about it, it’s not worth considering compared to our own ancestors' hardships.

The conversation between Yamamoto and the XO continued until close to lights-out time.


The next day  – Early morning.

The destroyer fleet departed as scheduled.
The fleet gradually increased their speed and drew white wake trails on the ocean.

What a speed!!

Bruay continued to be astonished like he was yesterday.

This speed has far surpassed that of our army’s fastest sailing ship! However…… the distance to the other ships is too far. Won’t they need to be closer to create a formation?

The fleet headed west at a speed of 20 knots. About 10 hours after departure, on the other side of the flat horizontal horizon line, the Lourian Navy could be sighted.
The naval battle, which stirred the otherworld’s history, the so called Grand Battle of the Rodenius Sea in the future, was about to begin.


Lourian Kingdom Eastern Subjugation Navy – Vice-Admiral Sharkun’s POV

What a sight, so beautiful.

The beautiful sail ships traveled through the great ocean with the wind full in their sails. Their number was 4,400. A large amount of sailors and landing troops were on board as they headed to Port Maihark.
As far as the eyes could see, there were only ships.
The ocean couldn’t be seen. This expression wasn’t just mere words.
After a preparatory phase of over six years, with the military assistance from the Papardia Empire, this large fleet was finally completed. There was no means to defend against this large fleet on the Rodenius Continent.
Perchance, they could even conquer the Papardia Empire. Or so he thought.

(No. After all, Papardia Empire seems to have a weapon that can destroy an entire ship, called agunship……)

With his reason, he calmed down the flames of ambition which showed up for a moment. It was still dangerous to challenge the Great Country of the Third Civilized Land. He looked at the eastern sea, which he ought to conquer from now on.

(…… Hmm? There is something flying towards our direction)

An inorganic object shaped like an insect, came flying with a rattling noise towards Lourian Navy. At that bizarrely shaped flying form of the object that he never seen before, slight fear sprouted up inside Sharkun’s heart

 (Is that a wyvern? …… No, it’s not. What is that thing!?)

The weird object, that had a red circle painted on its white body, hovered around in the sky where no arrow could reach and then it spoke up to the fleet with a loud voice that couldn’t be considered could be made by a human.

This is the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force. Warning to the Louria Kingdom. The location ahead are the Qua-Toynese territorial waters. Please turn your ships around immediately and return to your country waters. I repeat ──』

Apparently there seemed to be people inside that flying object. Sharkun had heard a story about how the Prime Minister had turned the diplomats of a country called Japan away and refused to deal with them. However, just by looking at that flying object, he was doubtful if Japan is really a barbarian country like the politicians had said.
There were people who drew their bows towards the object, but the arrows couldn’t reach at all and pitifully fell to the sea. That strange object repeated the same message and after some time had passed, turned around in the sky and left towards the eastern sky.
After a while, he could see one small island on the sea ahead.

(Is there an island in this place……? Can’t be, the island is moving……! No way, it’s a ship?)

The ship, which he mistook fir a small island, cut the path of the fleet's front row’s sailship at a tremendous speed and began to travel parallel with the ship. Their distance was about 300 m.

What, is that thing……? Such a huge ship.

Vice-Admiral Sharkun was a bit uneasy, but there was only one opponent. He had 4,400 ships at his side, so it was absolutely impossible to lose.
However, the sailors had the same uneasiness towards the strange ship like Sharkun.

Change your course and turn back immediately! Otherwise, we will open fire on your ships! Change your course and turn back immediately! Otherwise, we will open fire on your ships!

Just like the previous flying object, with a loud sound, the ship issued a warning.
Sharkun thought about what they meant by open fire and judged that perhaps it was a means of attack, before he ordered the starboard fleet to attack. The sail ships began to turn starboard and closed the distance with the destroyer.


How big……

Since the flying object that appeared mentioned Japan, this ship might belong to that country as well. The captain of the warship who was ordered to inflict the first attack at the foreign ship had a slight anxiety in the depths of his heart.
At any rate, this was a huge fleet of over 4 thousand ships. To be given the honor as the foremost spear, there was no way he going to miss it.

Prepare the fire arrow! Don’t use the ballista yet! When the distance to the enemy ship is 200 meters, release them!!

Under the instructions of the warship captain, the crews dipped the arrow tips into the oil pot placed at the deck and ignited them with the torch. While the archers felt the heat from the flames, they drew their bows towards the enemy.
They closed the distance to the enemy ship until it reached 200 meters.


The fire arrows were launched at the same time from the warship and drew a parabolic arc in the air as they flew towards the enemy ship. The fire arrows that were released continuously in large quantities, pierced the outer hull of the enemy ship and burned the ship or was what should have happened.

The majority of the fire arrows, that were released from the warship, struck the Aegis Destroyer Myoukou[4], giving off an intermittent sound of Clang-clang-clang and chipped the paint of the outer hull.
The attack didn’t affect Myoukou’s operation capabilities at all, but it rapidly distanced itself from the fire arrow’s effective range.
It instantly separated itself from the fleet before turned around and stopped at a distance of about 3 km.

Hahahahahahaaaaaa!! They ran away !!

On the deck, the sailors mocked the destroyer and let loose their jeers. Of course, their jeers wouldn’t reach the enemy.
However, the captain couldn’t hide his surprise at the fact that the enemy was totally unscathed and at how fast the enemy ship’s speed was.

The fire arrow didn’t stick at all. The hull seems to be made of metal……

How will he defeat the enemy, the ship’s captain racked his brain.


Sharkun, who was closely watching the first attack, felt an uneasiness pass by his mind.

So they ran away. Well, no matter how big their ship is, they couldn’t do anything with a single ship. However…… The attack just now was not effective? Also, it’s fast even though it’s big. To display such speed even without any means to receive the wind, just what……


The Maritime Self Defense Force destroyer fleet had received a clearly armed attack from the armed insurgent, so they decided to counterattack.

We received an attack. Hence, we will attack the hostile armed insurgent, the target will be the surface ship at the foremost portside……

The 127mm Compact Gun[5] installed on the foredeck of Myoukou rotated and pointed its muzzle at the enemy ship.
Their aim was settled.

…… Main gun(Shuhou) –– commence fire(uchikata hajime)![6]

The JMSDF destroyer Myoukou began to fire the armed insurgent –– the Louria Kingdom Navy.


The good-sighted Sharkun noticed a slight change in the enemy ship 3 km ahead.
The iron pole attached on the front of the large ship looked like it was turning towards the Louria Kingdom Navy.

What’s with that pole?

The next moment, smoke came out from that pole.

(Smoke? So it started to burn by itself?)

Immediately after Shakun wondered about that, the sail ship that was sailing in the foremost position suddenly exploded. Parts of the exploded wood, ship parts and what looked like human remains scattered and rained down onto the deck of the surrounding allied ships. Then, after a delay of several seconds, they could hear a sound like something was exploding from the direction of the enemy ship.

!? Wh-what is happening!? Impossible? An attack by the enemy!? Ho-…… Just how did they attack from that distance?

At this power that they never experienced before, every single crew member on the fleet viewed this scene with eyes wide open from shock.

This is bad…… But, it is fortunate that the Wyversn could reach this place. Communication officer! Request the headquarters for an air support! Say that We are engaging the enemy’s main fleet!』」

Although the blown apart ship still had its keel intact, before long water rushed in through the holes and it quickly slanted and sunk together with its still surviving crew.


The ship that directly received the shells from that close range shot was the ship that had attacked Myoukou with fire arrows before and now that ship was sunk with just one attack.

I hope they will be surprised by this and back off……

Captain Unabara of Myoukou also wanted to avoid unnecessary bloodshed just like Yamamoto. Therefore, he thought that by displaying a part of their fighting power, the enemy could understand that they couldn’t win and withdraw.
He might be called a peace idiot, but he sincerely wished that the enemy will withdraw with just this one shot.
Seeing that the enemy’s formation was really disarrayed and the already slow enemy ship’s speed was slowed down even further, he slightly expected that his wish will come true.


Fuh... A magic weapon of such power, but it seems that it’s not able to fire repeatedly……

When Myoukou didn’t shoot for the second time, Sharkun made such a judgment.

Lower the fleet’s speed. Together with wyvern's aviation support, we will push an attack straightaway.

Sharkun’s fighting spirit was rekindled.



Next chapter: The glorious Mk-41 VLS.

[1] XO = Executive Officer, Second-in-command, First Mate, Vice-Captain
[2] Chinese Junk/Chuan ship-style, not the Sail-Age European-style one. Song Dynasty and its successor Mongol Yuan Dynasty’s War Junks are usually 20-30 meters long, even 60 meters long, quite enormous compared to European ships of the same era.
[3] 異国征伐大将軍. Quite a lofty title. The Conquer part came from Houjou Tokimune’s plan to invade China proper.
[4] Myoukou, a Kongou-class Guided Missile Destroyer, hull designation DDG-175.
Displacement:          7500 tons standard
                                    9500 tons full load
Length:                      528.2 ft (161.0 m)
Beam:                         68.9 ft (21.0 m)
Draft:                          20.3 ft (6.2 m)
Propulsion:               4 Ishikawajima Harima/General Electric LM2500-30 gas turbines; two shafts, 100,000 shaft horsepower (75 MW)
Speed:                       30 knots (56 km/h)
Range:                       4,500 nautical miles at 20 knots (8,334 km at 37 km/h)
Complement:            300
Sensors and processing systems:            AN/SPY-1D, OPS-28 surface search radar, OQS-102 bow mounted sonar
Electronic warfare & decoys:                     NOLQ-2 intercept / jammer
1 × 5 inch (127 mm) / 54 caliber Oto-Breda Compact Gun
2 × missile canister up to 8 RGM-84 Harpoon SSM
2 × 20 mm Phalanx CIWS
2 × Type 68 triple torpedo tubes (6 × Mk-46 or Type 73 torpedoes)
90-cell Mk-41 VLS (29 at the bow / 61 cells at the stern aft) for a mix of SM-2MR Standard Missile SM-3 Anti-Ballistic Missile, and RUM-139 Vertical Launch ASROC (Anti-Submarine)
Aircraft carried:         1 × SH-60K helicopter
[5] Otobreda 127/54 Compact Naval Gun
Caliber                                   127 mm (5.0 in)
Muzzle Velocity                    2,650 fps (808 mps)
Elevation                               −15°/+83°
Traverse                                 360° speed: 40°/s
Rate of fire                            40 rounds/min
Feed system Magazine capacity: 66 ready rounds, 500 - 600 rounds magazine
Projectile Types and Weights
Mark 80 HE-PD (High Explosive, Point Detonating Fuze): 67.6 lbs. (30.7 kg)
Mark 91 Illum-MT (Illumination, Mechanical Time Fuze): 63.9 lbs. (29.0 kg)
Mark 116 HE-VT (High Explosive, Variable Time Fuze): 69.7 lbs. (31.6 kg)
Mark 127 HE-CVT (High Explosive, Controlled Variable Time Fuze): 68.6 lbs. (31.1 kg)
Mark 156 HE-IR (High Explosive, Infrared Fuze): 69.0 lbs. (31.3 kg)
Range @ 47 degrees                      25,290 yards (23,130 m)
Effective Range                               16,400 yards (15,000 m)
AA Range @ 83 degrees               23,000 feet (7,000 m)
Illumination                                       18,085 yards (16,540 m)
Vulcano-Guided Round                 70,000 - 100,000 m
[6] To ease your imagination, just think this in Haifuri style. too bad no "torikaji ippai" here.


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    This is what happened when the USS Wisconson, an Iowa class battleship, collided with the Eaton, a destroyer. You can see the damage to the battleship is not minor.

    Ramming. Good for movies bad for ships.

    1. Well, yeah. When you have two massive ships slam into each other, something's gotta give, steel hulls or no. Ramming is death vs. wooden warships, but there is absolutely no reason to expose themselves to the risk of boarding, slim as it may be.

  21. apakah masih update?