08 March 2018

Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki. Arc 4 Chapter 4E

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Enlightenment Arc
Chapter 4 FDF E

The elevator door opened, and the place we get off to was a rather large room with a high ceiling. There was the same scene just like what I had seen at Ginya’s dungeon workshop. A large amount of equipment, incomprehensible experiment apparatuses, and a "thing" that looked like was under construction at the moment…… The difference would be in the number of the people. There were people wearing white robes, who really looked like researchers, went back and forth in this room. I began to explain to the other three.

This place is where the military research and development department is located. And that Susumu-kun Mark V – Light for the wyverns are also manufactured in this place.(Souma)
So we are manufacturing them on this island? But I believe this place would be an inconvenient place to establish something like a military arsenal……(Castor)

Castor questioned. Yeah, his viewpoint is not wrong.

That is certainly true, but this was because it will be really bad if the military technologies are leaked to other countries. A location surrounded by seas like this place is convenient to thwart an invasion from the outside and smuggling items from the inside. …… Anyway, since it's getting too cramped here, I am thinking of eventually transferring it to a larger location.(Souma)

While we were walking and talking like this, we arrived at a small room with a glass where we could look into. Inside, researchers were conducting a motion test for the Susumu-kun Mark V – Light. More or less, this glass was a tempered glass (strengthened by support magic), so if even if by some chance, the equipment ran amuck or the researcher got inhaled and then expelled forward by it, there would be no damage on the outside (since we don’t know how much the damage on the interior will be, I hope the researchers pay utmost careful when experimenting).

This is an arsenal as well as a research institution. Although, most of what we are conducting right now is inspecting Ginya Maxwell’s inventions. The creator of Susumu-Kun, Ginya, is a typical genius-like person, she is satisfied by just inventing something and doesn’t research it in greater detail or further improve it. It seemed that, rather than doing something like that, she is more interested in inventing another new object.(Souma)
That is certainly…… felt wasteful somehow.(Juna)

Juna-san told me while tilting her head. Yeah, I thought so too. As a fact, we had successfully developed the lightweight Lite version from Susumu-kun · Mark V…… However,

Perhaps this is an efficient course of action for Ginya. Since it’s natural for people to have something they suitable or unsuitable for. Just like there are genius-type people like Ginya who invented many things unpredictably and haphazardly, there are also artisan-type people like the researcher in this place who studied things thoroughly. I valued both of these people in an equal manner.(Souma)
Fufu, I think that is a wonderful way of thinking, Your Majesty(Ex)

Excel spoke to me while smiling. Contrary to her appearance that is of a lady in her mid-20s, she was a senior stateswoman who had supported this country for close to 500 years. To hear words of praise she relinquished, for some reason, I became embarrassed.

……Well...... Everything considered, it’s not like that this would be effective.(Souma)
Hm? What do you mean?(Castor)
To explain that…… Hmmm, perhaps this direction?(Souma)
Why are you not that sure?(Castor)
It’s the first time I am in this place even if I had reviewed it on the blueprint. Even if I have a good grasp on the surface locations, the interior part is a jumble of things and rather difficult to be remembered.(Souma)

Relying on the map inside my vague memory, we walked for awhile before reaching the designation. It was a field surrounded by walls and nets. There was a bow hung on the wall, but there were two leather armors placed on the target for some reason. The room length was roughly only 10 meters.

So there is an archery range. However, if the target is too close like this, it won’t be a good training.(Castor)

Castor spoke this as he observed on the target area. I also nodded.

Well this room is not for training. If it’s training, then it could be done on the surface locations.(Souma)
That’s true……(Castor)
This place is a place to perform a test for bow, arrows, or armor’s durability.(Souma)

While explaining in this way, I handed the bow and arrows to Castor.

Castor, how’s your bow skill?(Souma)
Don’t underestimate me, I had learned all kinds of martial arts.(Castor)
Then that’s good. First, try to normally shoot the right armor.(Souma)
Shooting is it? Well then.(Castor)

Castor drew the bow and released the arrow. Just as the bow made its “twang” sound, the arrow flew straight towards the leather armor and pierced it. But it didn’t penetrate it. Castor tilted his head.

That leather armor…… Did you inserted something in there?(Castor)
Ah, there is a thin iron plate behind the leather. Now then, this time, please shoot the arrow loaded with magic power, just like in a real battle.(Souma)

Castor drew the bow again. There was no change in his appearance, but this time the arrows he shot penetrated the previous leather armor. Magic with a Magic Attributes other than Water would be weakened when near the ocean, but it looked like enchanting a Magic Attributes into the weapon like this could be performed normally (what was weakened would be magics like launching flames or shooting wind blades). Was there any particular reason for this difference?

In any case, if it is an arrow enchanted with a Magic Attribute, it was normal that it could penetrate even an iron-reinforced armor.

Now, next, please try to shoot the left armor in the same way with magic power(Souma)

Castor shot the arrow in the same way. However, with a “clink” sound, the arrow was flicked away. There was no chip on the leather armor.

The armor of the Magic Armored Corps of the Empire…… an imitation, though.(Souma)
It seemed that our technology couldn’t reproduce it that far. However, this armor had been crammed with layers of defense-type magic. In practice, the magic cladding the arrow will be negated and the arrow will be flicked away in return, right? …… And then, devised to counter this type of armor and then failed to do so, is this arrow.(Souma)

I gave Castor an arrow with a black arrowhead.

What with this arrow?(Castor)
I call this Magicbane Arrow[1]. The arrowhead is made from Curse Ore.(Souma)
Curse Ore!(Castor)

Castor looked stupefied at the arrowhead. Well, after all, it was something that is called “the cursed ore”.

The Curse Ore has a mana absorption effect, so I thought that we could absorb the magic power that was enchanted into the equipment from the support magic. So we experimented…… and this arrow is the result.(Souma)
Isn’t this really amazing! If this is true, then we don’t need to be afraid of the Magic Armored Corps!(Castor)

Castor spoke excitedly, but I feebly shook my head.

I had said this before that this is a failed creation, remember? The Curse Ore didn’t only absorb the enemy’s magic power. You also couldn’t enchant this arrow with any attributes magic.(Souma)
Hey, then that means……(Castor)
Try to shoot with this.(Souma)

Castor shot the Magicbane Arrow. Then the Magicbane Arrow slightly scratched the surface of the support magic-enchanted armor, but the moment it hit, the arrowhead shattered into pieces. Castors and the others were dumbfounded and I shrugged my shoulders.

To put it simply, it will return back into the situation similar when you shoot a normal arrow at a normal armor you had done in the beginning. Not only that, this Curse Ore is quite fragile. It couldn’t be useful as an arrowhead on its own. But if we melt it and mixed it in a metal arrowhead, the effect will be decreased as we decrease the proportion of the Curse Ore. However, if we increased the proportion, it will become too heavy and big that it would stop functioning as an arrow. Honestly saying, it’s a dead-end.(Souma)
……So, that’s why this is a failed creation?(Castor)

…… Well, although there were hardly any result from its creation, it was not completely zero either. The arrow could slightly scratch the support magic enchanted armor. The smashed Curse Ore pieces were sticking at the armor and caused it to lose the support magic enchantment. In this state, if we could shot something with a high penetrating power, even without magic power, such as bullets, we could penetrate that armor.

Yes, the reason why I thought about developing this magicbane arrow was to introduction Firearm which didn’t get develop that much because it wasn’t that useful in this world. When I realized the existence of the Curse Ore, I thought that perhaps we could make a bullet from this so that we could even shoot the hell out of the Magic Armored Corps. However, the result was just like this.

Perhaps, to make the firearms play a greater part in the battle, then the wyverns would need to scatter crushed Curse Ore from the sky, or we guide the enemy to a location where the Curse Ore had been scattered beforehand, but…… This is a clearly unproductive effort. Even if we could mine them in great numbers in the Kingdom, we shouldn’t be wasting them in that way. Furthermore, after scattering the Curse Ore, we wouldn’t be able to use magic for a while in that area. For this world where magic was used in every facet of daily life would mean that that land is no longer a livable environment for citizen anymore.

Even if this effect wasn’t that lethal, it was troublesome just like cluster bombs or depleted uranium rounds, in the sense that they will remain after the war and would affect the civilian life. That’s why it is necessary to be careful in handling it and perform additional researches.

…… Well, just like, we are repeating successes and failures every day in this place. Even if it is just a single step at a time, but we are steadily advancing the era.(Souma)
Just like this country?(Castor)

Castor asked me with a really serious expression. I firmly nodded.

Yes, just like this country.(Souma)
I see……(Castor)
Yes. Now then, shall we go up this time?(Souma)
…… There still more?(Castor)

Castor looked a bit had enough of being surprised after seeing many things until now, so I laughed while replying to him.

What are you talking about? The next one is the main dish for today.(Souma)
You said we will go up? Will we be climbing the rocky mountain this time?(Castor)

Castor asked me so I waved my index finger and clicked my tongue (is this kinda old fashioned?).

Tsk-tsk-tsk. It's more “up” than that.(Souma)

We returned to the ground level and boarded the Royal Gondola Wyvern that we used when we came to this place. This time Castor wasn’t blindfolded. Castor made an expression as if asking “what in the world, do you want to show me”, but as the altitude increased and he was able to see the scenery with one sweep of his eyes, he gasped. The scenery spreading under his eyes was the ocean and

――― A huge ship that was floating on it.

There was soil covering the surface deck of the ship, with rocky mountains, forests, grasslands and red clay grounds. From above, it would appear as just as every other island on the ocean. But under that soil was a huge mass of metal. Observed closely, there was a bridge for this ship on the rocky mountain. Yes. The location we walked until a while ago, is not an "island", but that ship.

Wyverns are afraid of the sea.(Souma)

I began to speak with Castor who was in loss of word from this spectacle.

This is because the wyverns that have a cruising range inferior to the true Dragon couldn’t cross the ocean, right? To be more accurately, what the wyverns hate of is a “sea where land couldn’t be seen”. For this reason, the wyverns couldn’t attack the warship on the ocean…… Isn’t it?(Souma)

Castor nodded. For true Dragons, their cruising range is outstanding, they could cross the sea with just a single flight, so they aren’t afraid of the ocean. However, if wyverns with low cruising range, they could exhaust all of their energy midways when crossing the ocean. Because of that, they are afraid of “sea where land couldn’t be seen” that has no place for them to rest their wings. The Gryphon Squadrons of the Empire has even more inferior cruising range than the Wyverns and so they have a similar situation (or rather, they even afraid of large rivers where the opposite shore couldn’t be seen, so they are more severe in this matter).

!? That reminds me, the Wyverns are flying in formation, right!? No, wait, isn’t this Royal Gondola Wyverns is also flying in the middle of the ocean without being afraid!?(Castor)

Castor seemed to finally caught on to the situation, but the more he understood the situation, the more his eyes opened from surprise. His mouth was trembling all over.

YOU…… what in the world you had created……?(Castor)
A ship that could transport air and naval forces and also serves as their base. In the world where I came from, this kind of ship is called an Aircraft Carrier.[2](Souma)

Yes. That island-shaped ship was an aircraft carrier with the Wyvern Knights as its aircraft. When I saw the wyverns and the steel battleship of this world, I thought that these could be combined to create an aircraft carrier. But to achieve this, I need to somehow make the wyvern lost their “hate the sea” nature.

So I thought, what will happens if we could make that the wyverns always sighted a dry land. For example, if we are able to create a “moving island”, then won’t the wyverns could fight even in the middle of the ocean?(Souma)

The hint for this was from the first of the 36 Stratagems, 瞞天過海(Mán tiān guò hǎi), Fool the Heaven to Cross the Sea[3]. It is a strategy of masquerading the plan to look like a normal sight to induce the opponent to let their guard down, it is based on the history where: to make the sea-hating Tang Emperor to board the ship, the retainer placed soils on the ship to make it look like the ground. I thought that this method could also be applied for the wyverns.

First of all, we construct a huge ship, covered the deck surface with soils, grew grass and planted trees to recreate forests and grasslands (although we left some surface as a training ground). The bridge was surrounded by ancient concrete and camouflaged as a rocky mountain with paints. Then, to reduce the stress of the dragon, the wyvern stables under the deck were reproduced as caves and their berths were reconstructed as nests. In other words, the wyverns had recognized this Carrier as an "island".

The problem was: how to obtain a propulsion to move this "Island Carrier". However, this problem was solved thanks to Ginya’s Susumu - Mark V. Although they couldn’t be seen from the surface, there were four Susumu-kun · Mark V installed on the submerged side of this Island Carrier. The reason why the progress of the Lite wyvern’s equipment wasn’t that far head was also because we prioritized the construction of these big ones.

However, this Carrier was still incomplete. It took a considerable amount of time to familiarize the wyverns with the aircraft carrier, so our first focus was to establish the minimum functions as a ship, making the exterior hull to be island-like and shaping the stables to be cavernous. For this reason, the other parts were still incomplete. Actually, the current installed Susumu-kun · Mark V for the propulsion was half the planned number (the current output was insufficient and could only moving sluggishly, but we were putting priority for the ship to be in the sea for wyverns training). Even the space that was currently used for the military technology development and research, was eventually planned to become the ship’s hold and the living space for the sailors (currently, they were lodged at tents on the deck surface).

Castor, who looked dumbfounded at that peculiarly built Carrier, stared at me with eyes filled with disbelief.

……But, a ship this big…… just-……just how long have YOU been constructing this?(Castor)
Hm? The design and collecting the funds and materials began as soon as I was given the throne.(Souma)
WHAT! That was before you fought with us or Amidonia!(Castor)
Ah, this was a part of the Rich Country, Strong Army policy…… as a trump card against the Empire.(Souma)

I crossed my arms while leaning against the soft seat.

At that time, I didn’t know the Empire’s thoughts. So I was devising a plan for when they will be hostile to us. Against an opponent like Empire that surpasses us in both national power and population, we would never be able to win even if we conduct a land force arms race. Or rather, considering the technology, I believe that expanding the air force and the navy are the means of our survival. Well…… back in those days, we were just preparing the design, funds, and materials, the construction itself began in earnest after the battle with Amidonia.(Souma)

Besides, because we were also constructing a new city at the same time, the funds and materials we had prepared were not that few, but it couldn’t be said to be sufficient either. When Roroa and Colbert joining us, we could obtain the needed funds and with Amidonia annexation we could secure the necessary resources. Without them, the start of the construction would be delayed even further and the ship construction rate would have been slower.

Once the construction started, I felt that the shipbuilding speed of this world is very fast. Or rather, I also felt this during the construction of transportation networks and the new city. The construction speed of this world is unusually fast. Because there is magic in this world, there is no need for large machinery. For example, on Earth, to build a large building there is a need to construct machinery first such as cranes. In the worst scenario, to build that machinery, we need different machinery to build it, which need yet another machinery to build it…… and so on.

However, the Earth magicians of this world could manipulate the gravity, so there are no need for such machinery. Furthermore, an experienced Fire magician could mould or weld metal in the blink of an eye. If I had to say, in this world, where impossible and impossible things are unbalanced, I felt that rather than funds or materials, it was time that we could contend on…… Well, the ship was still incomplete, though.

I got up from the seat and stood in front of the stunned Castor.

Well, Castor. This is my power.(Souma)

I looked straight at the Castor’s eyes and spoke.

On the day of that Final Counsel, you spoke fervently to me that Dragons only let those that they acknowledge to ride on their back. If you want me to follow you, then show me your power , right?(Souma)

When I mentioned this, Castor made an embarrassed expression.

…… Please forget it. If it’s about my foolishness, I already had been taught a lesson of it.(Castor)
No, I won’t. Castor, right now, I am showing you my power.(Souma)
Yes…… Indeed. You had created amazing things.(Castor)

Castor replied so, but I shook my head.

That’s wrong. That Carrier itself is not my power. To gather talented comrades, to arrange places where they could work best, and to construct the carrier, this is the Power to Build a Country, the only power that I could boast of. Isn’t this power worthy enough to make you acknowledging me?(Souma)

When I asked this, Castor feebly looked down.

…… I am completely defeated. Why King Albert give this throne to you…… I was finally able to understand it, though it’s too late……. However, I am no longer have the capabilities to serve you anymore.(Castor)
Fumu. Then the “showing my power” matter is over, right?(Souma)
? Ah, yes……(Castor)

When I was able to draw that answer from Castor, I finally felt satisfied. With this …… I could entrust it to him.

Castor, this Carrier is an extremely unique weapon. It’s a warship yet it is also loaded with the strength of the air force. To skillfully operate this ship, knowledge of ship navigation or naval battle alone won’t be sufficient, but it also needed the knowledge and expertise in commanding the air force.(Souma)

Perhaps he had guessed what I was trying to say. Castor opened his eyes wide and so I asked him while grinning.

Even after you had become a naval personnel, you are still diligently studying, right?(Souma)
…… Yes, Your Majesty! Duchess Excel had hammered them into me!(Castor)

Castor stood up and answered while saluting. Despite being in an upright posture, from his feet or his flushed cheeks, it was palpable that he couldn’t contain his joy.

Well then…… the currently surname-less, Castor “only”! I appoint you as the first captain of that aircraft carrier!(Souma)
I respectfully receive your order! My Lord!(Castor)

My Lord, huh?…… That was a rather embarrassing way to refer to me, but this was the proof that Castor truly acknowledges myself as his Lord, so I will contently accept it. While I was thinking about this, Excel who had been watching in silence until now (I had informed her beforehand that I would like to appoint Castor as the captain of the aircraft carrier and for her to educate him) began to address me while smiling.

Incidentally, Your Majesty. I believe that the Carrier is a wonderful ship, but we should refrain from constantly referring to it as just the Carrier. We ought to bestow it with a proper name.(Excel)
Hmm? Yes…… That’s true. I wonder what name will be good.(Souma)
Let’s see…… It is common to bestow the name of a place or the name of the reigning king, how about something like Aircraft Carrier Souma? The Carrier built after this will be called Souma-class.(Excel)
Not going to happen!(Souma)

To attach my name to the aircraft carrier, the main force of the navy from now on, like something that people with power-wannabe will do, nope, I don’t like it. Also, if I attached my name to the ship, then they might say, Souma, Setting Sail(Hasshin)[4] or Souma will withdraw from the battle!, or Souma sunk!, right? …… Absolutely, not have a cat in hell’s chance way. I must propose a different name one way or another.

Th-that’s right. How about if we bestow it a name of an aircraft carrier from my world?(Souma)
From Your Majesty's world?(Excel)

A floating question mark floated above Excel, so I replied back That’s correct.. I will bestow the name of the aircraft carrier from my previous world that didn’t get discouraged by adversity nor surrender in the battle. Since it will carry wyverns, it’s a perfect name. While gazing at the island aircraft carrier under our eyes, I declared its name.

That carrier’s name will be Hiryuu! [5](Souma)

After I appointed Castor as the captain of the aircraft carrier Hiryuu and after we finished what we need to do, we returned back to Lagoon City in Walther Duchy. Then at a reception room in Excel’s mansion, Juna-san, Excel, Castor and I were enjoying the afternoon tea. In such relaxed mood, Excel suddenly placed her cup and asked me.

That reminds me, Your Majesty. How long will Your Majesty stay in this place?(Excel)
Great Mother?(Juna)

Because it was an out of nowhere question, Juna-san tilted her head in confusion.

…… It will be late in the night if I return to the Capital right now, so I plan to stay here for tonight and depart home tomorrow morning.(Souma)
I see. Then, there will be “enough time”, right?(Excel)

At that moment, Excel's eyes shone eerily. I immediately felt a chill running through my back. There were goosebumps on my skin as my instincts told me to be on guard. Is this…… crisis-sense? Just when I unconsciously going to stand up from the sofa,



Juna-san, who should have been sitting next to me, fell with a thud. While still leaning on the sofa’s armrest, she began to sleep. The figure of her sleeping was also so beautiful…… Eh? It’s not the right time to say this! I looked at Excel and she was smiling with a small bottle in her hand.

Do not be worried, she is not at harm. I just put her to sleep with “this”(Excel)
A sleeping drug!? Why are you “drugging” your own granddaughter?(Souma)
Because it seems that if this child is awake, she will be in the way.(Excel)

No-no-no-no-no-no‼ She made a I’m so troubled-like face, but her method is rather too sly!

There is no other way. Because I had been asked by the Black Robed Prime Minister-dono and Chamberlain Marx-dono to ‘teach’ Your Majesty.(Excel)
By teaching, you don’t mean……(Souma)
It is the so-called sex education. You would enjoy being escorted by an older woman.(Excel)
But, this is way above the “older woman” level anymore!(Souma)
Ara, now-now, that’s a bit rude. My body is still prim and youthful.(Excel)
Isn’t that should be your ‘Heart’!?(Souma)

Excel then stood up and slowly approaching me.

Siring a King's heir is a grave matter for the nation. Despite Chamberlain Marx repeatedly urged you to quickly sire an heir, until now you have not laid your hands on Princess, Juna, nor Aisha-dono. So it’s not a wonder that both of them are worried.(Excel)
W-wait…… that sort of thing will be after marriage……(Souma)
Then, it is worrisome. Although, you may still full with youthful ardor now, but if after officially becomes spouse you are inept when performing “that”, then it might affect the marital relationship. And then if the discord between the Royal Couple continued, it could lead to a Royal House conflict in the future.(Excel)

Excel sat on the back of the sofa and entangled her arm around my neck. What’s this! It’s like a frog being glared by a snake, my body can’t move!

That's why the extremely experienced me was asked by Marcus to teach Your Majesty. Now, Your Majesty, let's move to the chamber. I will give you a strict education until tomorrow morning. Let's begin with the lectures first.(Excel)

By lectures, did she meant that we would have a health and physical education class right now!?

Wa-wait a moment! Just now, you said “first”, right?(Souma)
Ufufu, no matter field of study it is, doesn’t there is no way of learning more superior than an actual practice.(Excel)

Excel was smiling with such a pleasant smile. I requested Castor, who was drinking tea while pretending not to see what was happening to me, for help.

Castor! You acknowledged me as your Lord! Your Lord is now in a great predicament! Please help me!(Souma)
…… Indeed, I had pledged my allegiance to you, My Lord.(Castor)

While answering, Castor wholeheartedly turned his face away.

However, I also wish for the perpetuity of the descendant from the Lord whom I devoted my loyalty unto. I cannot avail myself to hinder Duchess Excel. While holding back my anguish, I have to disregard My Lord’s requests.(Castor)
Yeah, right! You just don’t want to be dragged by this!(Souma)
Now-now, Your Majesty, shall we begin?(Excel)

Excel swiftly snatched my collar, and in that manner, I was dragged out of the reception room’s door. I wondered where such powers came from such petite body. Even though I propped my leg up trying to escape, I completely couldn’t resist her.

No, wait. Please wait, Excel. Hey.(Souma)
Yes-yes. It’s fine. You can just leave everything to onee-san. You will have plenty of studies.(Excel)
Wait, that's why…… For goodness’ sake, I will only accept classroom lectures!!(Souma)


Souma got eaten….

[1] I swear that the author is really a pungeon master. In the RAW this is破魔矢, Hamaya, or flèches tueuses de démons. Ups, pardon my French. Demonbane arrow (Dämonenbann-Pfeil) in English/Germanic. Hamaya is a decorative arrow sold at shrines at New Year's to ward off misfortune and to attract good luck. Hamaya are popular among New Year's visitors to shrines as one type of good-luck charm or engimono. They stem from Samurai traditions of giving boys lucky arrows but in modern times they are also popular with girls.
The genius pun came from its name. See the in 破魔矢? That simply means: Demon, Evil. So what ‘magic’ is called in Japanese? “魔法” Mahou. So thecould also means “Magic-related”, especially in Isekai genre. So yeah…
[2] In Japanese Aircraft Carrier is called: 航空母艦. 航空means Aircraft. 母艦means Mothership. It is often shortened into 空母, which roughly means: Sky Mother. Souma is basically using the “Sky Mother” acronym to refer the Carrier.
[3] Here, the "heavens" meant originally the "emperor," since a ruler of an empire was always referred to as "the Son of Heaven" in Chinese history.
The origin: Emperor Taizong of Tang or Li Shimin (28 January 598 – 10 July 649) once lead a 300,000 troops to conquer Pyongyang of Goguryeo. But to do so, he need to cross the Yellow Sea. However, the billowing waves inflicted the Emperor with fear of the sea and he was reluctant to cross the sea. So his general Xue Rengui, deceived him by making him thinking that he was attending a party at a seaside house, when in fact the house was a disguised ship.
[4] Then this BGM started playing: 
[5] Wyvern is written as : 飛龍(ワイバーン) (Flying Dragon) in the RAW. Guess what the Japanese reading for this character? Yup. Hiryuu. By the way, Hiryuu is one of the aircraft carrier that attacked Pearl Harbor and sunk at Midway.


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