09 March 2018

Nihonkoku Shoukan. Volume 1. Chapter 1 Part 7

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Chapter 1
Part 7

Louria Kingdom. Capital Guard Knight Order. Command Headquarters.

A manacom message from Louria Kingdom’s Eastern Subjugation Navy, We are currently engaged with a ship that is believed to be the enemy main fleet. The enemy ship is big and equipped with a powerful magic weapon. This weapon already sunk one warship of our fleet. We request air support for counterattack.……End of message.
Well-well, so it’s the enemy's main fleet…… Very well, dispatch the entire 250 wyverns.

Patagene’s mouth tip crooked as he gave the order the manacom operator.

Ho-…… However, Sir, we had already assigned 150 wyverns to the vanguard army and since we need 100 wyverns to defend the capital, there will be no more wyverns left for the main army……
Are you not listening? Every wyvern. If it is the enemy’s main fleet, this will be a decisive battle, so we must seriously throw our weight on them. ──What? Do you think the enemy have any capabilities to reach the Capital?
I see, I understand. Informing all Wyvern Squadrons. We received a communication from the Eastern Subjugation Navy at sea west from Maihark. They are engaging the enemy’s main fleet. Every Knight on standby has been ordered to depart and support the navy! I repeat 』」

The Dragoon Knights who were waiting for their turns to shine shouted their cheers.
The 250 wyverns, which had their emergency scramble order, flew to the sky one after another.


Rodenius Continent - Northern Sea

The Aegis ship’s Combat Information Center (CIC) had already detected them.

This is…… not good, if we do half-baked attacks, it might put our lives at risk.

The flying objects that appeared on the radar were numbered 250 and they could keenly feel that the enemy was not giving up at all.
They must make a swift judgment and so they decided to intercept the flying objects with full power.

Intercept them as soon as we are ready. All hands, prepare for air combat!

An order, that would be unthinkable back on Earth, was given to the entire Qua-Toyne Principality Deployment Force.


Suddenly, smoke rose one after another from the huge ship 3 km ahead. Something with tails of light passed through the skies above the Lourian Fleet. There were similar things flew from another ship that could barely be seen on the further east direction from that huge ship, which also flew aimed in the same direction.

What kind of trick is this!

Sharkun was surprised but only for a brief moment, those numerous ‘something’ accompanied by light trails, flew from the eastern horizon with frightening speed accompanied with a thunderous roar.
He had a bad feeling about this, but he guessed that this will be gone when the wyverns arrived.

Soon the Wyvern Dragoons from the headquarters will reach this area. All ships, attack!!

Oars protruded from the ships. Together with the sound of the drum, the oars were rowed vigorously, and the fleet accelerated.
The 4399 warship vessels of the Louria Kingdom Eastern Subjugation Navy began to attack the monster-like huge ship


The Louria Kingdom’s Dragoon Corps had departed to give naval support. This operation with 250 units, the largest one in the Kingdom’s history, overwhelmed those who were on the ground and saw their gallant figures.
Aglameus, the Captain of the Dragoons, had already convinced himself of their victory.
The report from the manacom stated that it is the enemy’s main force, but the Qua-Toyne Principality naval strength would be around 50 vessels at best, even if they are more powerful than this, it would be just about 100 ships at the very most.
The Navy alone was probably enough to destroy it, but perhaps Vice-Admiral Sharkun intended to keep the damage of the Kingdom’s Fleet at the minimum and also showcased the tremendous number and power of the Louria Kingdom’s Army and the Dragoon Corps.
This was the first time so many Wyverns were mobilized for a single combat operation, and with squadrons this big, they could able to defeat even the legendary Magic Emperor Army. There was no way that they would be stopped by something on Qua-Toine Principality level.
Not only Aglameus, but every Dragoon also thought so.

Hmm? What’s that?

Those with a good eyesight noticed it.

「── !!!

The black dots that suddenly appeared, immediately shortened their distance with the Dragoons.

A light ARROW!

The moment he shouted, the Wyvern Squadrons at the front of the flight formation were swallowed by a thunderous roar and exploding flame.
The pieces and ruined remnants of his 23 comrades fell into the sea as chunks of various size. Without both the still living and the already dead understood what had happened, after ten-odd seconds, another 12 Dragoons were attacked by the second wave of light arrows. Several seconds after every Dragoons realized the situation they were into, yet another 18 Dragoons fell down one after another.
Leaving a trail of light like a shooting star, those things were moving like possessing a will and obliterated the glorious Louria Kingdom’s Dragoon Corps one by one. A certain Dragoon was blown without even being able to avoid, while another Dragoon who had an excellent kinetic vision took action to evade the light arrow, but he couldn’t elude the pursuing light arrow and perished in the explosion. Because of the extremely powerful explosion caused flame to engulf the surrounding airspace, even if they had avoided direct hits, there were Dragoons who lost their life, engulfed by the explosion on their comrade.

The hell!? What the hell is going on!!

Aglameus yelled.
It was something that no one could answer. Without knowing what is going on, his comrades who shared joys and sorrows together, his arms brothers, and the Wyvern, which should be the strongest weapon in the world, were all but slaughtered with mechanical precision.
This sort of event never existed even as a single ink spot on the entire history chronicles.

No way!! This can’t be happening!!
I can’t shake ‘em!! I can’t shake ‘em!! Why?? Why?? The light is coming!! UWAAAAAAaaaaa-

The manacom devices were filled with screams.


By the time the brief storm had passed away, the Wyverns had been reduced from 250 to only 100 units.
The squadrons were disordered and shaken, but finally, they could see the Louria Kingdom Navy Fleet and they reorganized their formation. When the 100 Wyverns reached the skies above the Louria Kingdom Navy, they changed into a really slow flight speed.
In front of the fleet, there was a huge gray ship.

(So that’s the one……?)

The squadrons that had fallen into confusion before regained their composure when they saw enemy. After they reorganized their combat readiness, they made the ship as their objective and started to accelerate again. Just then, the ship shot out light arrows in succession.

Damn you────」

Aglameus’ angry voice, which was filled with hatred echoed in the sky above the Lower Fleet.
The light arrows shot by the ship pierced through to the remaining wyverns without missing a single shot.
The Lourian sailors who seen this sight from their ship deck, finally lost their fighting spirit.
Their allies in the sky…… were falling like raindrops.

Damn you...... !! Damn you all to hell!!

Even when their numbers were depleted one after another, Aglameus and his comrades kept approaching Myoukou.
When they reached the 7 kilometers point to Myoukou, their numbers had been diminished into just 50 wyverns.
Suddenly, the iron rod attached to the ship was firing something. One unit was pierced through by that shot and fell down. The loading was much faster than they thought, furthermore, light arrows rained down from the unseen faraway place.
When their distance approached the 3 kilometers point, which was near the Lourian fleet, the storm of attack ceased.
At this time, including Aglameus, only three units remained.

So they run out of Magic? …… I will avenge my comrade’s grudge!!

Aglameus’ entire body was trembling with rage. The huge formation of 250 wyverns disappeared in a blink of the eyes, only 3 units remained. It will be dissatisfying if he could not exact a revenge for this. It was also unforgivable of how his comrades were turned into such miserable state. Indeed, if he returned back to the country like this, there will be no doubt that he would be branded as incompetent.

Prepare to attack!!

The wyverns rode by Aglameus and his two comrades spread out their wing and extended their neck. They were preparing to shot a concentrated flame shot. Their jaw opened widely as flame ball began to mold inside their mouth.


On the CIC of the Aegis warship Myoukou, how the approaching large group of enemies was shot down by the ship’s anti-air missile launched from every destroyer ship and the current state of affairs were displayed on the radar.
The enemy’s speed was slow, but their number was tremendous, that the radar operators were tense and concentrated on their duty.
That number was steadily reduced, even by intercepting them with the main gun’s attack, and they managed to reduce them to just 3 units, but those 3 units had approached until the 2-kilometer range.
A few seconds later, the close-in weapon system (CIWS) operated. The self-operating CIWS had already been configured into the anti-wyvern duty configuration and accurately aligned towards the direction of the enemy.

─── Bmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ───!

A bullet storm released by 20mm autocannon with 3,000 rounds per minute firing rate sounded like a beast’s groan as the firing sound was too rapid.

The hundreds flying 20mm tungsten rare-metal bullets easily pierced the wyvern’s strong scale and shred their robust body like a paper. The 2 units were instantly turned into minced meat and fell into the sea as black rain.


The last one…… also followed them afterward.


I like the smell of burning ship in the morning.
Also, please nerf the helicopters.


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