25 March 2018

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 92

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すずの木くろ (Susunokikuro)
Yukkuri Oniisan
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Chapter 92: Late Night Tea Part

Later that night.

In his room, Kazura was using the oxygen burner to melt a clear green glass rod.
The blue flame that came blowing out from the oxygen burner was extremely hot, nearly 2000 degrees Celcius.
Since the sight when the flame hit the glass wasn’t good for the eyes, he was working while wearing special glasses.

He held the glass rod on the left hand so the rod’s tip hit the flame and turned it around as it slowly melted.
After the tip melted became a ball of a certain size, he took it out from the flame and pushed it against a carbon plate placed on the desk to deform it into an oval shape.
He pinched the edges of the deformed glass with special tweezers and cut the part of the glass rod that turned into a bead with the flame, before he adjusted it by baking the surface of the beads. Finally, it was completed.

I have made it quite well…… Even so, how much will this sold for?(Kazura)

He threw the oval beads that he made into the annealing bubbles inside a cookie can before he turned the burner flame off and stretched his back.
Inside the annealing bubbles, there were already 30 glass beads of various sizes.
He had been burning glass for about 4 hours, but there were still a lot of glass materials remained.

If we are going to pretend that we have mined it all together, perhaps it would be better to burn all of this…… This unexpectedly takes a lot of time.(Kazura)

The glass rods that Kazura prepared this time was about 6.5 kilograms in weight.
It seems that it would take quite a lot of time to burn all of these, so he would have to burn them little by little every day.
After this, perhaps it would be better to show the glass beads to Nelson and ask how many beads that will be needed.

When Kazura pondered about this, he recalled the red crystal that he sold at the general store in the city he visited previously.
The red crystal that was sold at that time wasn’t of low transparency like what he showed to Nelson the other day, it was half-transparent and translucent.
Moreover, since it was machine-cut perfect sphere one, its value should be tremendous.

That old lady, perhaps she was living in ease and comfort right now…… Should I take a look at her next time?(Kazura)

Nelson said that even if it was a gem with low transparency, a perfectly cut sphere gem was worth close to 10,000 Ar.
At that time, the gem was bought at a considerable low price, but he didn’t know at what price that general store old lady will sell that gem.

When he showed the gems to Nelson the other day, Nelson and Zirconia seemed to be very surprised that the gems were in a perfect sphere shape.
From their reaction, there was no doubt that they had never seen or heard jewels like these until then.
Since it was common that expensive jewels were going to be acquired by influential great nobles House and the Royalty, if the red crystal that he sold at that time appeared on the Isteria’s market, it should become a not-so-insignificant talk of the street.
But there was no such rumor reached the ears of Nelson or Zirconia, which means that the general store’s old lady sold it in different province or country.

In that case, that old lady would be a person who has a business channel that allowed her to trade such extremely valuable jewels of unknown origin.
It would be very helpful for him if he could use that business channel to trade the glass beads that he wants to sell this time.
Nonetheless, the fact that she was a person who was making profits by calmly doing fraud didn’t change, so he needs to approach her carefully so that he would not be deceived again.

For now, even if he wasn’t going to use that old lady's business channel, it might be better to have a look at her current situation.
Since it would be troubling if he was penniless when going out with Lieze next time, it was a good idea to visit the old lady’s store while also cashing some kind of appropriate items.

When he had put his thoughts together, he sighed and then turned his eyes to a paper bag placed at the edge of the table.
The content of the paper bag were cosmetics such as cream and moisturizing gel as well as one bottle of Lipo-D that he couldn’t deliver to Zirconia last night.

Perhaps, Eira-san was there. (Kazura)

Kazura stood up from the chair and then picked up a basket of herbal tea ingredients and the paper bag.


Ah, Eira-san. Good evening. (Kazura)

When Kazura arrived at the kitchen, he found the sight of Eira sitting on the chair.
Eira stood up with relieved expression when she saw Kazura, and deeply bend her waist.
Eira’s clothes were not the sleepwear that she wore like last time, but the same maid uniform she wore on the daytime.
Apparently, she seemed to have been waiting for his coming for a long time.

Kazura-sama, please excuse me for loitering this late at night. I was trying to make the dessert that I had mentioned before, but…… am I bothering you?(Eira)

On the table next to Eira, there were compotes from apple-like fruits that were placed on the silver plate.
A compote was the generic term for dessert made by cooking fruits with syrup or fruit wine.[1]

No, I am not bothered at all! This looks like a very delicious dessert!(Kazura)

Kazura approached the table where Eira stood and showed a smile at Eira, who made an uneasy expression.
When she saw his smile, Eira had a relieved smile.

Thank you very much. These desserts are something that I sometimes made for my brother and sister at home, but it is quite popular. Even Lieze-sama had tried this several times and she praised that it is delicious.(Eira)

Really? Then I will be looking forward to it. I’ll brew a tea, and then, shall we have a taste of these?(Kazura)

Ah, I already boiled the water not long ago, so you can brew it right now.(Eira)

Eira moved to the stove and then filled a copper pitcher with the hot water from the bronze pot.
Then while still holding the pitcher, she returned to the table and poured the hot water into the glass pot that had been filled with herbs by Kazura beforehand.
The herbs slowly floated up as the hot water was poured, and the water quickly became pale red.
The herbs inside the glass pot was a blend based of hibiscus and rose hip that was good for recovering fatigue.

Eira moved the compote to a small plate that was on the table, placed a fork beside it, and arranged it in front of Kazura.
The two of them took their seat, then after saying itadakimasu(thanks for the food)[2], they picked their fork.

Hmm, this is sweet and delicious!(Kazura)

When he put the compote into his mouth and tasted it, Kazura smiled widely.
The fruit that was well-boiled with fruit wine, the refreshing sweetness was really delicious.
The sweetness was moderate because it didn’t use sugar, but this one would be enough if it served as a dessert after the meal.
It looks like that it would be more delicious if you thoroughly cool it in the refrigerator.

Thank you very much! …… Thank goodness. (Eira)

Eira, who was staring at the sight of Kazura ​​eating the compote, smiled widely as if she was relieved.

Ah, Eira, please have a taste too. You don’t need to be that tense, let's enjoy this together.(Kazura)

Yes, I shall. (Eira)

At Kazura’s behest, Eira too set her hands on the compote.
Until now, Eila repeatedly standing at the side while Kazura was eating, so this was the first time for both of them to eat something together.

When do the maids usually eat? There is this impression that the maid is always moving around and busy.(Kazura)

In the morning and the noon, after the Kazura-sama and the other ate their meals, the maids will quickly eat what the people in duty had made. This dining hall is open at night, so the ones that are free at that time can order and eat dishes that they like. It is really delicious. (Eira)

Oh, by things that they like, that means the menu isn’t fixed?(Kazura)

It depends on the ingredients that are present on that day, but they are quite accommodating. If you inform what you wish for to the chef beforehand, they could cook most of the things. But since the ones who came to eat are mostly the night shift people, they might not prepare a lot of ingredients.(Eira)

I see…… Then perhaps I’ll try to come and eat, too.(Kazura)

Ka-Kazura-sama, too? The chefs will surely get surprised.(Eira)

Hmm, that’s true. Then, how about if I disguise myself as one of the guards?(Kazura)

Ah, that way maybe……. No, it will get found out. Absolutely.(Eira)

So, it’s not good…… Darn, I want to try to eat it for once……(Kazura)

In the beginning, Eira was being reserved, but as Kazura conversed with her in a friendly manner, it seemed that her nervousness gradually loosened little by little.
They were chatting while eating the compote for quite some time, but suddenly Kazura interrupted the chat and get into the main subject.

Does Eira-san usually have the opportunity to meet with Zirconia-san?(Kazura)

Yes, every day in the evening, we will meet to adjust Lieze-sama’s next day’s schedule and to report on my work.(Eira)

I see…… Well, actually there is something that I want to ask you.(Kazura)

Kazura picked out the paper bag that he placed at his feet and placed it on the table.

This is something that I want you to deliver to Zirconia-san.(Kazura)

I understand. Will it be fine if I delivered it just like this? (Eira)

Hmm…… I will explain about the contents, so please inform that explanation as well to Zirconia-san.(Kazura)

Kazura said so and took the cosmetics and Lipo-D from the paper bag and lined them in front of Eira.
Eira had her eyes nailed down on the cosmetics’ beautiful container that appeared in front of her eyes.

This is my country's cosmetics. It’s the ones used to care for the skin, to use it…… Eira-san?(Kazura)


Kazura called out to Eira who was unmoving while seeing cosmetics, and then she replied while startled with a nervous expression.
To suddenly see goods like these, it wouldn’t be strange for her to be surprised.

Kazura was about to open his mouth and continued the explanation, but then he suddenly decided to ask Eira about another thing that appeared in his mind.

Had Eira-san heard something about me from Nelson-san or Zirconia-san?(Kazura)


When Kazura asked her, Eira’s expression instantly stiffened.


Yes. I guess you had been given many orders, but had you been informed about something peculiar?(Kazura)

Previously, Nelson had said that he had informed that Kazura-dono is from a relatively high-ranked noble family and so you shouldn’t prying needlessly to his subordinates.
However, even if Nelson said that Kazura was from a high-ranked noble family, he hadn’t heard about what kind of position he had in the fake identity setting.
Because he brought various unusual tools, he could imagine that he is supposedly someone from another country.
It might be faster to ask directly Nelson about the fake background setting, but Kazura thought that it was also fine to ask Eira indirectly on this occasion even if it was just the surface of that setting.

Umm…… (Eira)

Eira looked tremendously nervous and seemed a little troubled of how she should reply, but then she began to talk with a resigned face.

Kazura-sama is Greysior-sama and are conferring enormous support to the Istelle province…… (Eira)


What kind of fake setting that Nelson had made for him? Kazura wasn’t that much concerned about this, so when Eira gave an unexpected answer, his expression became those of great surprise.
When Kazura showed such expression, Eira shoulders were trembling.

Ah, no, please continue. What kind of support that I gave that they had said?(Kazura)

Kazura never expected that Eira had learned about this so his inner mind was greatly perplexed.
However, he could comprehend that perhaps she received such explanation when she became his personal maid and set aside questioning further for now, before he urged Eira to continue.

…… It is to grant a blessing of strength, for us. (Eira)

Then when he listened to what Eira said again, Kazura was shocked.
Until now, he never explained that the consumption of the food that Kazura brought over for a long period of time would confer a tremendous physical strength to both Nelson and Zirconia.
He had given Lipo-D to Isaac and Havel for them to drink, but he had told those two people that they should keep this a secret.
Also, there shouldn’t be any other effect other than physical strength recovery from drinking Lipo-D only once, so they should be unaware of the tremendous physical strength increase from long-term food consumption.

About that blessing of power, have you heard any specific details about it?(Kazura)

That is…… I just heard that it is a monster-like strength. I didn’t hear it in much detail……(Eira)

Then, who else knows about this matter?(Kazura)

I-I I don’t know that far. When Zirconia-sama ordered me to be an exclusive maid for Kazura-sama, I only received a brief explanation……(Eira)

I…… see.(Kazura)

Kazura folded his arm and then pondered of what might have happened.
The fact that Eira received various explanations from Zirconia wasn’t strange seeing it was the explanation when she became Kazura’s exclusive maid.
Although he wanted at least a brief contact with her, Zirconia was also very busy, so there might be times where she inadvertently forgot to communicate with him.
However, he never expected that the topic of the tremendous strength would be brought up.

At the present time, the tremendous physical strength increase that was granted by the food that Kazura brought shouldn’t have been known by anyone else, other than the residents of Grisea Village.
He thought for a moment that someone in the village had revealed this, but considering the villagers’ worship-like attitude to him and Isaac and Havel’s behavior, this possibility was small.

(That means, the traces from the time the village attacked by the bandits…… Ah, I see?) (Kazura)

After Kazura thought that far, he realized that he overlooked one thing.
Not every bandit that attacked the village were killed by Valin and the others, but some survived and had been caught.
Of course, the captured bandits should have seen how Valin and the others fight, so there was no doubt that the topic was leaked from there.
If that topic was leaked from the bandits, then it can be assumed that the food effect didn’t get found out.
Since Kazura never meets with the bandits even for once until now, he had forgotten about their existence.

When Kazura had put his thought in order, he noticed that Eira was peeking at him with a very uneasy expression.

Ah, I'm sorry, I didn’t know that Eira-san had heard that much…… Please don’t make such expression, I’m not mad at you.(Kazura)

Y-yes, But,…… I am terribly sorry. (Eira)

There’s no need. It’s just a miscommunication. It’s not Eira-san’s fault. (Kazura)

Kazura said so with a smile, so Eira loosened her expression as if she was a bit relieved.

There were various unexpected topics came out, but if Eira recognized that Kazura is Greysior, then that made explaining the cosmetics and Lipo-D became easier.
Since he would be relying on Eira in the future, perhaps it would be convenient if she knows that he is Greysior.

Then, let’s continue where we left before. First of all, this is called moisturizing gel. After washing the face properly then you put this much……(Kazura)

Kazura took one of the cosmetics containers and began to explain to Eira.


[1] In Indonesian, we call this kolak.
[2] Rub a dub dub, thanks for the grub. If there still a reader out there don’t know what itadakimasu is, you are not weaboo enough.


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