25 March 2018

Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki. Arc 4 Congratulation Chapter

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Enlightenment Arc
100th Congratulation Chapter.
Fiancées Bride Course

―――A Certain Day on the Third Month of Year 1547 of the Continental Calendar

We were gathered in a room inside Parnam Castle of Friedonia Kingdom. The people in here were the Dame of East WInd, Aisha Utgard; Song Princess, Juna Dohma-san, Amidonian Princess, Roroa Amidonia; and then myself, Liscia Elfrieden, so only Souma’s fiancées gathered here. Souma wasn’t here and the maids that always waiting in the room’s corner were also had been dismissed for today.

Furthermore, this room had a strange arrangement. There was a blackboard, teacher’s desk, four student’s desks and chairs. The student’s desks were lined side by side. This was like a classroom in the military academy.

Nee Liscia-nee. Why were we called here today?(Roroa)
I want to ask that question myself……(Liscia)

Roroa asked me, so I sent a glance at Juna. But the downcast Juna-san only shook her head slowly.

Recently, it is hard for me to even understand what in that person’s mind.(Juna)
If Juna-dono don’t know, we wouldn’t know even more.(Aisha)

Aisha scratched her head and spoke. I believed her opinion is understandable. Just…… what is that person thinking? Then the room’s door opened and the initiator of this gathering entered.

So it seems everyone is present.(Excel)

That one who arrived in the room and said this was Excel Walther. She was the Supreme General of the Friedonia Defense Force, a very beautiful woman with an appearance of 25 years old. Her walking figure with her blue hair fluttering between her small deer-like horns was picture-perfect like always. But this time, she was holding something in her hand. Two bundles with a size as big as a dictionary. One is wrapped in white cloth and one is wrapped in black cloth. Duchess Walther puts the bundles on the desk, she pulled out a glasses from her pocket.

Well then, everyone have a seat.(Excel)
A-ano…… Great Mother?(Juna)

Juna-san raised her hand in a nervous manner.

Yes, what is it?(Excel)
Ano…… Shouldn’t there are no problem in Great Mother’s eyesight?(Juna)
Ah, you mean this glasses. It’s a fake.(Excel)
So, why are you wearing it for?(Juna)
To set the mood.(Excel)

So it’s a mood issue!? Or rather, just what in the world that she planning to start! Without knowing the reason, we took the nearby seat like she prompted. From Duchess Walther’s teacher’s desk point of view, our arrangement from left to right were Aisha, Roroa, me, and Juna-san. Then Duchess Walther began to write a word with large letters on the blackboard. That word reads:

The 1st Bride Training Course.

…… I don’t know how to give a tsukkomi for this. First off, “The 1st”, so you mean that you intend to do this gathering again!? Furthermore, what do you mean by Bride Training Course!? Then Duchess Walther lightly slammed the teacher’s desk.

Now, you girls will become His Majesty Souma’s wives by this year.(Excel)
「「「「 ………」」」」(Souma’s Harem)
There are difference between the Queen Consort and the Royal Consort, but in essence, they are the same. A husband and a wife who build a household, eventually have children and become a family. A household that is harmonious is fortunate, otherwise, it will have a misfortune. The problem is that the misfortune of the Royal Family is directly linked to the misfortune of the people. Princess Liscia!(Excel)

I unconsciously stood up and replied. It was completely like when I still in the military academy. Then Duchess Walther threw a question at me.

Princess Liscia, other than your father and mother, you don’t have any blood relatives left, correct?(Excel)
Etto…… Yes, or so what I told.(Liscia)
And the reason for this?(Excel)
It’s because of the throne inheritance conflict after Mother's father…… the King from 2 generation ago died. So other than Mother, the Royal Family are practically annihilated.(Liscia)
Yes. That was a tragical event.(Excel)

Duchess Walter said this with a serious expression.

The Three Dukes at that time, including me, distanced ourselves from that struggle. After all, if us military people involved ourselves, then it will become a civil war. Each of us was desperately restraining the troops under our control. In exchange, fellow relatives, parents and their child, or fellow siblings quarreled against each other and that tragic event happened……(Excel)
Ano…… That quarrel in the end, is about the question of who will inherit the throne, isn’t it?(Aisha)

Aisha raised her hand and asked. However, Duchess Walter shook her head.

I believe that is only a secondary factor. The foremost cause is that the rapid expansion path the King from 2 generations ago took.(Excel)
Rapid expansion?(Liscia)
Yes. During the reign of the King from 2 generations ago, our country greatly expanded its territories by numerous war. At the same time, the expanded territory scattered the seeds of discord inside the country. Those who occupy, those who were occupied, those who gain territories, those who lost territories, those who kill their families, those who families were killed…… It ended created many antagonisms like this. There also involvements from the other country that lost their territory.(Excel)
…… Yeah. I think my dad and grandad both have an extreme grudge.(Roroa)

Roroa spoke and shrugged his shoulders. She said this like it was someone else’s problem so I was a bit relieved. Amidonia had been involved many times in agitating the Kingdom’s nobles. Their action troubled us, but it could be said it was from the seed that our country had sown itself. That Roroa, as an Amidonian Princess herself, could take a standpoint of ‘it had nothing to do with me’, gladden me. If Roroa who adores me as Cia-nee, resents me for things that happened in the past…… I will terribly sad. Duchess Walther nodded and continued her talks.

Seeds of discord like this is something that could be disappeared as time passed by, but the rapid expansion couldn’t provide that time. Soon after the King from 2 generations ago died, the seed of discord that remained behind, sprouted as a throne succession dispute. If the opponent you hate supported a certain royalty, then you will support another rival royalty…… Thus, the throne succession dispute was no different than a proxy war of the Kingdom’s domestic discord. That is the reason why that dispute become such a quagmire of problem. (Excel)

Duchess Walther said this while sighing sorrowfully.

Fortunately, the reign of His Majesty Souma doesn’t have the same risk as the King from 2 generations ago. Despite the annexation of Amidonia, there is no domestic instability, because he had constructed a foundation that would not be shaken from that annexation. Though he isn’t that brilliant compared to the Founder King, it could be said that in national stability, he is the best one amongst the generations of Kings. That’s why, even if His Highness Souma abdicated, I believe that a horrible throne succession dispute like in the past will not occur.(Excel)

…… Yes. I also thought so. Souma reigns cautiously, carefully, and at times taking indirect way, as he advances his policy of Rich Country, Strong Army. As summoned heroes concerned, there wouldn’t be a plainer hero like him. However, I feel a sense of security in Souma. Souma himself is weak, but I felt secure as if being protected by a giant. Then, Duchess Walther hit the blackboard. *PAN*

Nevertheless, don’t feel relieved just because of that. Do not forget that if there is a gap between the king and the wife, or between the wives, there will be someone who could take advantage of it. For this country’s sake, you must build a harmonious marital relationship and a harmonious household. For that reason, you girls will receive a Bride Training Course.(Excel)

Duchess Walther put a strong emphasis on that word. More or less, I could understand her reasoning midway…… or rather, at the end of her explanation, but what does she mean by Bride Training Course?

Ano…… Why Duchess Walther is the one who do the lecture in the first place?(Liscia)
I have been living for five hundred years. In that long life, I have fallen in love with numerous men, but my relationships with them was never separated by anything other than by death. Also, I properly gave birth to a child for each of them.(Excel)

That is…… certainly an amazing feat. That reminds me, although Duchess Walther’s outer appearance looked like in the mid-twenties, she is a lady who had bore many children. She even had granddaughters like Juna-san. Duchess Walther threw out her ample breast with pride.

Hence why, the more experienced me will teach you girls, techniques for a perfect long-lasting marriage with the man you love as a Consort……. no, as a woman! From mental aspects like how to act as a wife, men’s psychology, or how to treat the husband, until the night’s “business” to smooth a married life!(Excel)
((((Ni-night’s business.)))) (Souma’s Harem)

Everyone reacted suggestively, the moment they heard that word. Perhaps, everyone imagining “that scene” between themselves and Souma. Roroa’s face was red while making a strained smile, Juna-san’s cheek flushed while holding her mouth with her hand and her eyes were unfocused. Although Aisha’s dark skin made it hard to see if she turned red, it was easy to guess what she was thinking when she made that love-struck sloppy face. As for myself, my cheeks became hot.

Seeing our reactions, Duchess Walther made a cough.

Leaving that matter aside, I will have you girls to take lessons from now on. After all, even His Majesty Souma had received a separate lesson.(Excel)

The moment she said this, Juna-san and I regained our composure. Several weeks ago, Souma had taken Juna for a trip outside the Capital. At that time, Duchess Walther put Juna-san to sleep, and was alone with Souma and had…… that…… sexual lesson. Aisha and Roroa didn’t know about this, Juna-san only informed me. She wanted me who spend the longest time with Souma to indirectly asked what had happened at that time.

(Ano, Princess……) (Juna)

Juna-san asked me whisperingly.

(About that…… that matter…… what happened to His Majesty that time?) (Juna)
(…… About that, Souma said that he also couldn’t remember) (Liscia)
(Couldn’t remember?) (Juna)
(Un. He…… He remembered until the lesson about ch-child making, but he had no his memory after that point.) (Liscia)

When I asked about this matter that day, Souma answered like this.

I can remember until that extremely embarrassing lesson, but…… I can’t remember anything after that…… No, rather than can’t remember it, it feels more like my mind refuses to remember it. Just what happened after that? I’m sure that since the lesson I got is so embarrassing, I felt really thirsty…… Then Excel gave a drink to me…… It’s no good, I couldn’t remember what happened after that…… No, I felt that it’s better if I can’t remember it……

He replied that while racking his brain about it. He didn’t seem to be hiding something or deceiving me. It looks like he really lost his memory, or it’s better to say, his memory was sealed. Just what in the world happened to Souma after that lesson? While I was thinking about such thing,

Well, in both war and married couple relationship, information is important. If you know what your partner thinks about you and how he sees you, then you could know in what way you should conduct yourself. Sometimes it could be used to counter relationship rut by doing something unexpected by your partner – but not discomforting – to create a gap in your partner’s impression of you.[1] If you know your partner more and how your partner sees you, your marital relationship will be stable.(Excel)

Duchess Walther explained, and then Aisha raised her hand.

Certainly, I am concerned about what His Majesty thought about me…… But His Majesty is not here, and even if we call him here, will he honestly tell us about this matter?(Aisha)
Don’t worry. Since we have THESE.(Excel)

Duchess Walter spoke while unwrapping the white-clothed bundle. Inside that bundle were some white notebooks. Duchess Walter began to distribute one copy of the white notebooks to us. There were Don’t Bring This Book Outside the Classroom and Top Secret written on the cover page. Th-this is too fishy……

Ano, Duchess Walther? What is this notebook about……?(Liscia)

I asked this question, and Duchess Walther replied while holding down her notebook copy.

What His Majesty Souma thought about you girls is written in this notebook.(Excel)
「「「「!?」」」」(Souma’s Harem)

Everyone immediately looked at the notebook in their hand. But, but…… how she obtains this? Then Duchess Walther spoke out with a strangely glossy and gleaming expression.

This notebook contained the information I coughed up from His Majesty Souma when I performed the “personal lesson” with His Majesty. Since he told me that his throat was thirsty after the lectures, so gave him a juice mixed with Teqiuru[2], and his tongue began to loosen.(Excel)
((So this is the reason!!)) (Juna)(Liscia)

Juna-san and I looked at each other face. Teqiuru is a very strong alcohol. Still, it is light to the taste, so if it was mixed into a juice, it would be completely undetected. Surely Souma drunk it without noticing, and then Duchess Walther inquisitively dug out information from Souma about what he thought about us. Then since that time was too embarrassing, he ended up sealing this memory.

While I was thinking about this, I take a look at the notebook placed in front of me. If Duchess Walther’s story is true, then that means this notebook contained what Souma’s true feeling that he usually in the innermost corners of his heart. Uuh.... When I think of this, my heart suddenly beat up fast. I want to know…… I don’t want to know…… but still…… I want to know. Duchess Walter opened the notebook.

Now then, just like what I had mentioned earlier, the secret for a happy marriage is to know your partner and to know how your partner sees you. So let's see how His Majesty Souma sees on each of you. Let's begin. First is…… Roroa-san.(Excel)

When her name was suddenly called, Roroa became surprised.

Let's begin with the Roroa-san’s evaluation.(Excel)
Wh-why me? Shouldn’t we begin with the First Queen Consort Candidate Sia-nee, right?(Roroa)
There is no particular meaning, but I think we should begin with the newest one.(Excel)
In that case, then I’ll be the most newcomer, but…… Oh well, it’s better than being on the last turn.(Roroa)

Roroa seemed to be agreeing with this ……Are? Then, that means I will be the last? Uuu... that is why I do not want to get tense for a long time.

Now then, this is His Majesty Souma’s evaluation of Roroa-san. I like how Roroa is cheerful and friendly. I think it is amazing how she could smoothly gain trust from other people. She has some bad points, but I think those are also her charm points. It is adorable how she followed Liscia and the others as her older sister. Furthermore, Roroa’s financial talent is above all others. Honestly to say, the current Kingdom’s economic state of affairs wouldn’t function that well if not for Roroa and Colbert. I am really grateful that she could be at my side and becomes my fiancée.』」(Excel)

Roroa’s face slammed down on the desk. Her hands were holding her red-turned cheeks.

This is…… super-duper embarrassing.(Roroa)

Roroa spoke out, while slightly writhing. Un, I also will become that embarrassed if I heard those words myself. Souma is not someone who will say things straightforwardly, so if he said out his unembellished true feeling, like I love you or Thank you to be at my side, those words have extraordinary destructive power. When I thought, “if it’s like this”, suddenly I became concerned about how Souma thought about me. Even while were anguishing about this, Duchess Walther continued to read aloud.

When I asked His Majesty Souma again, How do you feel about Roroa-san?, he answered, …… Even if it was a war, I had killed her father, and so this weighs heavily on my mind.』」(Excel)
In her eyes, I might have been her father’s enemy. Roroa had said that she had been estranged from her father, but perhaps that is not what her true feeling is. Doesn’t she actually hate to marry me? …… Is what I thought sometimes』」(Excel)
I-is he a dunderhead(AHO)!?[3](Roroa)

Roroa yelled out. We were shocked as if cold water were dumped over our head. I see, so listening to Souma’s true feeling will also mean that we will also listen to his worries that he usually didn’t show. So he had been thinking about this towards Roroa…… I hadn’t noticed it at all. Roroa too didn’t notice.

Darling is such a dunderhead(AHO)! He thought too much, for god’s sake! Even though I want to stay with darling by my own will, why he said something like that!(Roroa)

I stood up and hugged Roroa who stomped her feet with teary eyes. I also understand the guilt that Souma felt. It might be because he cherished Roroa so much that he thought like that. However, all things considered, to not straightforwardly accept this girl’s affection is wrong. Roroa rubbed her face on my chest while grumbling.

Uuuuu…… Cia-nee.(Roroa)
I know-I know, we have to scold Souma later.(Liscia)

Aisha and Juna-san too nodded. It might be something he had done while being unconscious, but to make our imouto cries, he will dearly pay for it. After waiting for Roroa to settle down, Duchess Walther began to speak to Roroa.

His Majesty Souma has such kind of thought are because you are important to him and he loves you. Do you understand this?(Excel)
Un. That’s why while I feel saddened after knowing his feeling, but on the other hand, I understand that darling treasured me, so I am a bit happy.(Roroa)
If you know that then both of you will be fine.(Excel)

Duchess Walther said so while smiling at Roroa. Un, I also thought the same. There was a bit of a turbulence on the way, but Roroa’s turn had ended. Next, Duchess Walther called Juna-san’s name.

Juna. Souma’s evaluation of you is, I want to emphasize that she is pretty and beautiful. Not only in her appearance and singing, but also her personality. I feel that amongst my comrades, she always watching everyone from sidelines. Truly an ideal woman. I thought, would it be permitted for a woman like this to be my fiancée? But, I don’t want to hand her to anyone else. I am trying to behave myself appropriately as Juna-san’s husband, but it’s frustrating that it’s not turn out that well.』」(Excel)
His Majesty, to feel that way……(Juna)

Juna-san made a small but extremely delighted smile. Well, Souma even said I don’t want to hand her to anyone else about her…… Right?

Then for the question How do you feel about Juna-san?, his answer was, Juna-san is too mature and it’s hard to fawn on her, but sometimes to be spoiled by her as a younger man is a blessing though.』」(Excel)
? But aren’t His Majesty and me should have the same age?(Juna)
His Majesty also seemed to notice this, but in His Majesty’s previous world, a year is 365 days. A year in this world is 384 days, so counting that difference, you will be a year older in His Majesty Souma’s previous world.(Excel)
S-so I am a year older than His Majesty Souma? Ano, what Souma think about this situation? He doesn’t dislike older women, right?(Juna)

Juna-san was, unusually, lost her composure. It will be absolutely unthinkable that Souma dislikes Juna-san, but she might be curious since this matter was related to her. By the way, if the dislikes older woman part also took Aisha as a collateral damage. The actual age of long-lived race is something that couldn’t be seen from their appearance. Excel then smiled.

His Majesty Souma had said: There is a proverb in my old country, Search for a one-year-older wife even if you have to wear metal sandals.[4]. Even if I need to search the entire world for Juna-san, I will do it with an unwavering resolve, just like how metal sandals won’t easily deteriorate even from long walking, since it’s worthy to take her as a wife. That’s why, I have no problem at all with her age……(Excel)
……Thank goodness.(Juna)

Juna seems to be relieved. Now then, next will be Aisha’s turn.

Now is for His Majesty Souma’s evaluation of Aisha…………(Excel)
? What with that silence?(Aisha)
The evaluation…… Like a pet.』」(Excel)
What do you sayyyyyy!?(Aisha)
「「「Ah, yeah……」」」(Liscia)(Juna)(Roroa)
Wa-wait, why everyone seemed to be agreeing!?(Aisha)

Well, it’s after all…… correct, right? When Aisha was at Souma’s side, she was like a pet dog, who caught a game and waved its tail while expecting Praise me, Praise me from its master.

His Majesty Souma said: Aisha is a strong, noble, and beautiful warrior. Her martial skill could be said to be the best in this country. It’s heartening that Aisha could be at my side…… or should be, but at any rate, I couldn’t leave her for one reason and another. It is her duty to protect me, but she makes me want to protect her instead…… Well, I had seen her fragile mental side during the disaster incident in the God-Protected Forest after all. When I asked How do you feel Aisha?, his answer was It will be nice if we could always dine together.』」(Excel)
Uwaaaa! I failed as a bodyguard! Even so, to be told I couldn’t leave her or She makes me want to protect her, I ended up slightly happy. I am an idiot‼(Aisha)

Roroa lightly patted Aisha’s back who fell flat on the desk torn between joy and shame. It seemed as if Aisha received shocked, but I am…… a bit jealous? I understood that Souma is protecting us in his own Souma's way, but even so, for him to clearly say, I want to protect you to Aisha, as expected, this made me jealous.[5]

(But, why I am so jealous like this?) (Liscia)

When I heard the other fiancées being praised by Souma, I noticed the jealousy inside my own heart and this startled me. This feeling…… is something that I shouldn’t embrace. I am Souma's First Queen Consort Candidates. I should have prioritized the harmony amongst fellow Queens more than anyone in this place. I gripped strongly the collar with my hands. And finally, it was my turn.

Now, the last one is Princess Liscia…… But we should talk from His Majesty Souma’s answer to the question How do you feel about Princess Liscia? .(Excel)
Eh, why……?(Liscia)

Why only me, who begin from the questionHow do you feel? What about Souma's evaluation of me? Just when I thought so, Duchess Walther slowly shook her head while smiling.

I don’t think that it is necessary. Princess Liscia evaluation is also summarized in the answer to this question. His Majesty answer was…… Nothing……(Excel)

……Nothing? Does this mean he didn’t think of me at all? But that ... But he had a feeling or some sort with the others, right? Even so…… even so, why for me it is Nothing……?


Duchess Walther’s voice returned me back to my sense.

Deary me...... Please listen to the end. His Majesty continued his answer, I had already told my most important feeling on that snowy day. I have nothing else to say any more than this. I wonder what happened on that snowy day…… I didn’t ask any further, but I think Princess Liscia have an idea about what he means, correct?(Excel)

When Duchess Walther pointed this out, I remembered. Among the times I spent with Souma so far, that snowy day left the greatest impression. Continental Calendar Year 1546, 31th day of the Twelfthmonth. It was the last year’s New Year’s Eve.

Actually … there’s something I have to say to you before Aisha, before Juna-san, before Roroa…….

That night, Souma told me on that balcony of his office room.

Liscia……. I love you. Please marry me.

In the middle of the falling snow, Souma proposed to me. He had already told his most important feeling…… He had nothing else to say any more than this……. Was what Souma had said. Ah, I see…… I had already received it. Souma's most important feeling. The moment this came to my mind, my chest became warm. Then,


It hurts…… Wait, girls! It hurts!(Liscia)

Roroa, Aisha, and Juna-san were patting my back without saying anything.

I wonder why, I feel that Cia-nee is too unfair.(Roroa)
Uuuh…… A special moment only for you two. How envious.(Aisha)
Wh-why am I doing this improper conduct……?(Juna)

Roroa and Aisha were looking at me with an envious look, while Juna-san was flushed at her own action. Seeing them made my face overflowed with smile…… Yes, they are right. Feeling that it’s unfair or experiencing jealousy are emotions that anyone has. First Queen Consort or not, it was irrelevant, it was because we cherished that person that we have those feeling. That’s why……

…… I also are envious of Roroa and the others, you know?(Liscia)
Hm? Is that so?(Roroa)
Yeah, even I want him to tell me I like how she~or I don’t want to hand her to anyone or I want to protect.(Liscia)
Hmm…… well, that is normal.(Juna)

…I will accept this feeling without denying it. I think that this feeling is also important.

◇ ◇ ◇

After our evaluations finished, Duchess Walther clapped her hand.

Now then, since everyone has understood what His Majesty Souma thought about you. From this point, I will try to transfer the detailed knowledge to create a favorable marital relationship.(Excel)
Detailed knowledge?(Liscia)

At my spontaneous question, Duchess Walther nodded with an extremely charming smile.

Didn’t I had told you at the beginning of the class? I will instruct you from mental aspects like how to act as a wife, men’s psychology, or how to treat the husband, until the night’s “business” to smooth a married life.(Excel)
「「「「!?」」」」(Souma’s Harem)

Oh, yeah. After all, she said that this is a course to instruct those things.

Ano, Great Mother? I don’t mind the other subjects, but…… that night “business” lecture, should we absolutely have to take it?(Juna)
Ju-just like what Juna-dono says…… It’s too embarrassing……(Aisha)
I'm a bit curious though?(Roroa)
Eh? Doesn’t Cia-nee interested, too?(Roroa)
Well, that is…… I am a bit interested, but……(Liscia)

Because we were reluctant like this, just as if Duchess Walter had anticipated that we will react like this, she tapped at the black-clothed bundle with a confident expression.

If you properly attend my lecture until the end, I will give this as the proof of graduation.(Excel)

While saying this, Duchess Walther opened the black-clothed bundle, which contain similar notebooks like the white-clothed bundle. However, this note was thinner and the cover was black. In addition, its cover page was written with troubling words, like Absolute Secret Document, Dispose by Incineration After Use. It was as if this was a banned book, but Duchess Walther picked one of the notebooks in her hand and then waved it in front of our eyes.

This black notebook contains the ××× thoughts or ××× situation that His Majesty Souma “wish from you” or “want to do with you.(Excel)
「「「「!?」」」」(Souma’s Harem)

Everyone's eyes became filled with fiery frenzy. What does she mean by ×××? ×××…… Eh? No way? Really?

Since this is what I had heard from offering a bit more teqiuru-laced juice, there is no mistake. To sum up, in this note contains his unembellished Lust towards you girls that he usually suppresses and hides inside his heart.(Excel)
 ((So, it was this!!)) (Juna)(Liscia)

Juna-san and I looked at each other again. This should be his sealed memories. If he remembered how he spoke put such embarrassing things, he might not be able to see our face any longer. Everyone gazed at that notebook, as if they would devour that notebook. As if flaunt the content, Duchess Walther flipped through the pages and read it alone.

How interesting. So he has different wish for each and every fiancées. With Roroa-san…… Oh my. With Aisha-san…… This is his preference, I see. With Juna…… Ara-ara, it’s good to be young. With Princess…… Fufufufu.(Excel)

What with the fufufufu! Just what is written on that page!? The smiling Duchess Walter was indeed, very beautiful, but she also looked like a Demon Lord. I wonder why…… I felt pity for Souma.

Ano…… Duchess Walther? As expected that notebook is……(Liscia)
Oh, so you don’t need it? In that case, it will be incinerated just like it said on the cover page……(Excel)
「「「「We need it‼」」」」(Souma’s Harem)

Our four voices were in unison. Duchess Walther nodded satisfiedly.

(... Sorry, Souma. But this surely is for your sake too) (Liscia)

◇ ◇ ◇

By the way, in the future, this black notebook was “periodically” issued by Excel when the Consorts officially requested it. Although, in the beginning, they incinerate it after finished reading it, eventually, they put it in a secure storage thinking that perhaps it could be used again. In the later years, a historian discovered a box where a few issues were stashed and tried to present its contents as historical documents from the relevant era to the historical community, but just before he do so, he declared the material he discovered as Fake Books. There are reports that some mysterious men contacted him several days before, but the truth of this matter still remained in the dark.

◇ ◇ ◇

Well then, let the lecture begins.(Excel)

Thus, the First Bride Training Course hosted by Duchess Walther began. The content of that lecture of course, including embarrassing topics, but the fiancées, everyone was serious studying. Of course, I was too. Well, you know…… I want that black notebook, but…… I also think that it is necessary to build a stable family, and so, a stable nation.

(Souma, I also will give it my best!) (Liscia)



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[1] Japanese is have a tendency to love something with a ‘gap’ between what they expect with what they really is, for example: a perfect cold and stoic student council president, but she is actually a very shy and easily embarrassed. An obedient and calm girl, is actually a very ‘wild one’. hence, why the term “Gap Moe” exists.
Creating a gap means the woman create an impression that is different from what the men expected from you, which if used correctly will then enhance your appeal in front of their eyes. Even a married woman can ‘play out’ a different persona, to ‘renew’ her husband interest in her.
[2] Isekai version of Tequila of course.
[3] When you want to say, BAKA, but in Kansai-ben.
[4] I changed this part a bit, since the idiom couldn’t work that well in English. (basically Souma says: any footwear he wear will become metal sandals)
The Chinese equivalent is: 女大三、抱金磚Why the Chinese version is three years? Don’t know…
Also, the last part is similar to English proverb: Leave no stone unturned. The metal sandals represents an unwavering resolve since a metal won’t be that easily damaged than straw used in a sandal. And now you know.
[5] “I want to protect you”, implies a very big romantic meaning and chivalrous feelings in Japanese culture. It is something like “I want to be your guardian angel or knight in shining armor”.


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