07 September 2016

The Valtras Myth - Chapter 7

The Author:
Typesetter (not editor):
Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 7

"Mom! Where should I put the consoles?" (Leo)

"Honey! Can I bring the VR pods?" (Mios)

"Leo, put them with the others in the box. Make sure they're available there okay? And no dear, you can't bring the pods. I'm doing our packing, you just sit there." (Nitra)

We're currently getting ready to move. Though I say 'move', it's more of just a deciding what to bring along kind of deal. We're going to live on Earth for a while. Mostly because my want to try to live like normal people. Then again their version of 'normal' is abnormal.

When I asked them where we're moving to, all they said was 'Japan'. A 'surprise' they said. Oh well, I've already packed all my clothes, my desktop downgraded to fit the latest tech in Earth though. I jokingly asked if I could bring a supercomputer and all they said was 'just make sure it exists there'. So I also have a supercomputer hidden in my [Interdimensional Storage] so I'm installing that when we get there. I guess my common sense is already skewed from reincarnating.

We've been living here for thirteen years, I feel kind of sad leaving this place. A lot of memories have been made here. Chiyo and Akane. Kana-san and Kazuto-san. The games we've played, though mostly video games, and meals we've had with them in this place. I'll miss them all. It's been five years since we've met them. And after all that time, I'm pretty sure Kazuto-san
still keeps his eyes on me. I don't know the reason for that though so I'm letting that go.

Then mom called us to move all the boxes and luggage in the trunk that I'm pretty sure came from Hermes. Then as if on cue, a man called out to me from the drivers seat.

"Leo! I haven't seen you in a long time. How have you been?" (Hermes)

"I'm doing fine. Feeling kind of sad leaving this place, but aside from that I'm okay." (Leo)

"Well, that's good I guess. Just do me a favor okay Leo, make sure your parents don't do anything extreme there okay?" (Hermes)

"Will do Hermes-jiisan." (Leo)

The last time I met Hermes-jiisan was when he delivered stuff we ordered during Christmas four years ago. The reason for him doing the deliveries was because he jokingly gave his employees a three day vacation during Christmas. I was bored and dad was dying, as usual, and mom was still preparing dinner. So I offered to help him since I've been ordering all my stuff from them and I kinda want to help him out a bit. After we finished the deliveries, mom offered him to stay for dinner and Christmas, while dad was sitting like a dead fish on his chair.

Ever since then, whenever we ordered things from his company, he'd personally deliver them as an excuse to hang out. He even met Chiyo and her family, though they weren't surprised anymore and quickly got used to knowing another god in person.

Mom dragged dad out of the house and made him help me load up the boxes.  I thought we were almost done when suddenly my mom brought more boxes outside. We finished loading it all up and had one last meal in the house, including Hermes-jiisan of course, before we sealed the area with magic.

Mom cast an illusion spell on us so that we looked like humans and not as cat-kins, though it just kind of looked like it made our ears and tails invisible. She also put a spell of limitation for each of us. Then we followed the truck with our car.

We passed through the [Gate] that Hermes-jiisan made and we're now in Japan. Wait, now that I think about it, they're making me enroll in middle school. How am I going to do that? Do we even exist here? How does Earth acknowledge our existence?

While I was frantically thinking about existential thoughts. Mom passed me a small booklet. It was my passport.

Name and age are the same, but nationality is... Japanese huh. I'm just... going to sleep. All this thinking and worrying is making me tired. Luckily, dad brought the mini bean bags and put them on the back seat.


<Leo Ethereal>

Race: Cat-kin
Appearance: Human
(Sub-race: [Demi-God])

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Level: 20

Strength: 3815 (Active: 763)

Endurance: 4360 (Active: 872)

Intelligence: 3270 (Active: 654)

Magic: 6540 (Active: 1308)

Agility: 4905 (Active: 981)

Wisdom: 2725 (Active: 545)

Charisma: 650 (Changes depending on attire)

Luck: 430 (Active: 430 - unaffected)


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