16 September 2016

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 6 Part 1

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Can anyone help me make Kotarou lines sounds more posher than she already is?
In Japanese she talk in a very feminine way, so I want to make her sound lady-like.

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 Bandou Tarou (坂東太郎)
Yukkuri Oniisan
Editor, Proofreader:

Chapter 6: Yuuji Changing Jobs from “Pioneer” to “Farmer”.
Part 1. Yuuji, Genuinely Begin Creating the Fields

Alright, the snow has melted, let’s begin creating the fields! Let’s do our best!(Y)


With a hoe that he got from Kevin the peddler in his hands, Yuuji called out to Alice.
Alice also answered him full with enthusiasm. Although, it was doubtful that Alice could be helpful in planting the field.

Kotarou was checking the safety, so she already went to her regular patrol.
Ever since she detected the goblins back when autumn started , Kotarou had done frequent patrols.
By the way, Kotarou ‘pulls’ the goblins to the house and then annihilates them with Yuuji and Alice’s help. What a supportive woman. She is a dog, though.

The potato-tuber is also delicious but as expected the aim should be wheat!(Y)

Eh? Alice like the potato mochi since it’s sweet, fluffy and delicious, you know?(A)

With a plop, Alice tilted her head and objected to Yuuji’s statement. It seems that when she heard that Yuuji wanted to plant wheat, she was worried that he wouldn’t plant potatoes and she wouldn’t be able to eat her favorite food.

Ah, of course we also plant potatoes! As expected, I need to raise wheat, turnip and root crops to feed the livestock, the Norfolk farming method. It’s agricultural revolution after all!(Y)

Agricultural revolution? Alice doesn’t really understand but that sounds really amazing, Yuuji-nii!(A)

Yuuji lightly replied, yes it’s really amazing. It seems that he didn’t really understand what point that was amazing, though.
In the first place how will he raise livestock? He didn’t have any barns and it was unknown if Kevin could help with this. Well, Yuuji’s specialty is starting a train without making sure the passenger are on board (acting before thinking it through), after all.


Fuh. Finally it looks a bit like a farm field …(Y)

First, he dug up a narrow area that he had decided on before. His increased physical strength and stamina from Ranking Up twice was more effective in farm work than in a battle.

Alice’s current Earth Magic could only throw stones or make indentation in the ground, so it wasn’t that useful in creating the fields.
Alice, who had lost interest in the land clearing, was doing magic practice behind Yuuji. What a diligent girl.

Hmm… For now, let’s try to plant the potato seeds. Next is expanding the field while waiting for Kevin-san, right……? That’s right, when should we begin planting wheat? No, in the first place is it really wheat?(Y)

Although he had already reclaimed new lands and made something like a farm field, Yuuji hadn’t made any thoughts about the fundamental things.

Wheat, right? Wheat is planted in the spring and harvested in the autumn!(A)

Alice who heard Yuuji speaking to himself, replied. As expected from a girl who was raised in a frontier village. She knew this well, more so than Yuuji.

Didn’t have knowledge about this world, didn’t have anyone else to ask for help, right? What would I do about this… really….(Y)

It was the first time he experienced performing continuous land clearing, digging the soil and making a small farm field.
Even someone like Yuuji finally realized the reality.

□ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □

Light o Light, change thine wave and hideth my form. Hydro Body(I will become an Invisible Man)![1](Y)

The magic didn’t get activated.
It was obvious. At least, shouldn’t it be: “Hide”?[2]
But, what he want to do when he became invisible? Except for a little girl and a dog in this place, there was no one else.

After lunch, Yuuji and Alice diligently practiced magic in the garden. Until this day, Yuuji could only use Light Magic.
By the way, the beginner magic book that was given by Kevin, the only Light Magic that was mentioned in it was “Daily Life Magic: Lamp” and nothing else. It seems that people with good affinity to Light Magic are rare.

Both of them practiced magic and then there was a “Wauwauwau” howl coming from the gate. Kotarou had returned. Even when she entered the house yard, Kotarou was still barking facing the outside as if urging Yuuji and Alice to be vigilant.

“Adversaries incoming!”

Guessing what Kotarou meant, Yuuji brought out the camera from inside and set it up. Since he only got plain video during the autumn and winter, he was scolded a lot by the bulletin board’s residents. So this was a long awaited opportunity.

After opening the tripod and set the camera, Yuuji took out his weapons.
Other than a set of short spear and a shield, there was the usual hedge clippers placed near his feet. He was prepared for anything.

Alice joined with Kotarou who growled and glared at the area outside the gate.
At last the enemy who pursued Kotarou showed its appearance.

A huge 2 meter body, eyes full of enmity, and an ugly snouted face. It was Orc. Furthermore there were 2 of them.

They lifted the wooden club, that could even be considered a log in its hand, high to strike at the gate while making a rough grunting nasal breathing *fugo*fugo*.
Then they swung that log down with both of their sturdy hand and struck at the invisible wall and were reflected back.
The mysterious barrier was effective as usual.

Alright, Alice. There are no trees in front of the gate and the fields are also far away, so feel free to use the Fire Magic! I will attack afterward!(Y)

It seems that Yuuji had become quite familiar in dealing with hostile creatures. Well, it was thanks to the mysterious barrier, though.
“Woofwoof”, Kotarou barked to agree with Yuuji, as if to say:

“He’s right, Alice. Fire away.”

Un, Alice understands Yuuji-nii! Blue and hot and big fire, come out!(A)

Alice raised both of her closed hands and then brought both of her hands stretched out to her front .
The magic activated and a bluish flame flew towards the left orc.


The flame impacted the orc, turned its upper body burnt black, and slowly fell down to the front. There was an appetizing savory scent wafting in the air. This was almost similar to the smell of roasted pig.
Kotarou’s drool was dripping from her mouth.

“Oh dear, how improper of me.”

She immediately wiped her mouth with her right front leg.

A-Alice…… Don’t you think your magic power increased somewhat?(Y)

Yuuji couldn’t hide his surprise and asked Alice. His eyes moved away from the surviving orc, but nevertheless this was because he felt secure because of the mysterious barrier.

Kotarou ignored the other orc in front of her and jumped around Alice, as if saying,

“You are amazing, Alice.”

By the way, during this times, the other orc was still hitting the invisible wall with the log. Poor creature.

Alright, let’s finish the rest!(Y)

While saying these words, Yuuji placed the shield down and held the short spear with both of his hands, brought his hips down and set the spear beside his body. Keeping that posture, he lunged the spear towards the orc.
The spearhead pierced through the stomach while the orc was raising its log. It seems Yuuji had matched the timing of his attack for this.

The orc fell on both of its knee, its hand pulling out the short spear that had pierced its stomach.
At that time, there was something shadowing the orc.
The orc looked up and with frail eyes as if to beg.

What it saw was the sight of Yuuji holding a pair of opened hedge clippers.

The orc shook its head left and right slowly while grunting *fugo*fugo* as it saw Yuuji approaching.


However, that side didn’t show any compassion.

*Wouuuu* Kotarou let out a howl of victory and barked *woof*woof* while wagging its tail, as if saying

“Good job Yuuji, Alice!”

She is a woman who didn’t have a mercy for her enemies. She is a dog, though.


So… Kotarou is your average xianxia protagonist?

[1] 透明人間に俺はなる《ハイドロボディ》 : Toumeiningen ni ore wa naru (Haidoro Bodi)
[2] Yuuji messed up with the English words. He used Haidoro not Haido


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