01 September 2016

Isekai de "Kuro no Iyashite" tte Yobareteimasu - Volume 1 - Chapter 2 Part 2

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Volume 1
Chapter 2 Monster Subjugation at Camiazure
Part 2

I entered the room. What lay there was a sight just like that of a field hospital movie scene. The people that looked like servants were working around the room, the air that reeked of blood was filled with sounds of moaning.
My conviction quickly collapsed, but Cyan-san’s smile screenshot inside my heart and the warmth of Van-san’s hand when he patted my head and said, Please, that I remembered encouraged me. Moe is strength. Moe is power!


A man came to me. He was wearing a shirt atop knee-length vest-like clothing. The vest was fastened with a belt.

I am Gin, the healer for the current Blue Knight Order’s campaign. The barrier magic that you had used is magnificent.(Gin)
I am Reene. I am still inexperienced in this. Although I’m still lacking, I look forward to working with you.(Reene)
Me too. I want to borrow Reene-dono’s strength. There are three seriously injured people that I couldn’t help with my own power. Two of them had been directly hit by the plate fragments and the last one had been pinned under the collapsed carriage.(Gin)

This was the biggest moment in Kanzaki Misuzu’s life. Ah, wrong. I have sealed the name Kanzaki Misuzu. My name is Reene Kanzack. Do your best Reene, you can do it, can do it, can do it, you can do it if you try. Surely you can do it.

We have taken off the dented armor, and it might be just a mere consolation, but we have also  given him an Agamena Herb.(Gin)

I followed Gin, just like he asked, towards an injured man in a corner ── horrible, this isn’t even the right word to describe it.
His naked upper body was stained with blood. There was so much blood that even I couldn’t see where it all came from.
When I approached him, the smell of blood intensified… along with the smell of death.
Perhaps a shell fragment hit him directly from overhead or it had pierced his shoulder? He had a gaping V-shaped wound from his left shoulder to an area just a bit higher from his heart. The Knight-san had already had a deathly pale face and the blood was flowing profusely. Nevertheless, he was vigorously fighting death. With his remaining consciousness, he noticed me approaching and moved his eyes to look at me while letting out a groan. With his current condition, it would surely difficult just to retain his consciousness.

―Hugh Greo―
Job……Fantasma Kingdom Blue Knight Order Second Division Member

So your name is Hugh-san, Knight-san.
I need to make a reassuring speech to make him feel relieved, was what I thought as I spoke to him.

I am Healer Reene. I will surely heal you, so please endure it a bit longer. First, I will cast a spell to stop the pain. Anesthesia[1].(Reene)

It was really fortunate that it didn’t reach the heart. If the fragment’s trajectory was just slightly off a bit, then it would directly hit his head. If that fragment could heavily gouge the human body like this, then a human head would surely be crushed. If it hit just a bit over to the other side, then the arm would be blown off. This person was really lucky. That’s why he will be alright. He will be saved.
But how should I heal him? He has a V-shaped gouged up wound, so the bones, muscles, skin, nerves, blood vessels and other organs that I don’t know about had all disappeared from that V-shaped region.
 Should I stop his bleeding first? Since the blood was already flowing out profusely.
However, should I make the blood stop flowing or make it coagulate? I don’t know anything at all.
……I don’t have time to be lost like this. If I don’t hurry, then he might die from blood loss. Furthermore, there were still two people with similar injuries like him. If I took too much time to heal this person, the others might die.
For now, let’s believe in the fuzzy[2] magic. Every magic spell that I had in believed until now was effective. So that’s why, I need to believe in it. The narrative deus ex machina. The protagonist’s compensation. I will surely be able to do it.
As I scolded myself, who had helplessly become afraid, I peeked at the flesh in mouth of the wound and saw something like a fragment of iron.
I see. When he was hit by the magic beast’s fragment, it cut through his armor and the cloth that he wore, so some of the armor fragments or magic beast’s fragments are stuck inside the body. There were also clouds of dust so the wound would have surely been filled with germs.
First, I need to remove the foreign objects and the germs. Then, I need to return all the body tissues like the bones, nerves and muscles to their original shape. Then, increase his blood. Heal. I think that perhaps this order is good. I need to believe, you have to believe, Reene!

Then I will begin the treatment. Contaminants Extraction[3].(Reene)

The foreign objects that were embedded inside the body came out one after another.
Things that looked like the fragments, things that looked like stones, and many other blood clotted things that I didn’t know what they were, came out from the wound and fell to the bed.


Remove the dirt and the germs.

Body Tissues Restoration Recovery[5]

Please, my fuzzy words. Every tissue inside the body, return to your original state.
The bones re-connected to each other, then re-connected the nerve and the blood vessels, enveloped them with muscle and then the subcutaneous tissues, and finally covered with skin.

Increase Blood[6]

Since he had lost a lot of blood, he won’t recover if he stays like that, right?
Please, give the adequate amount. Ah, also please, replenish the bone marrow and every other body fluid.


Please get well soon.


Everything is blue. If it’s like this, then it surely be fine. I succeeded! Even someone like me, succeeded! There are no places colored red, so he will surely be alright.


This time, I cleaned the body and only washed off the sticky blood and filth and the dried it afterward. After all, he was bloody all over.
I saw his status. it seems that his HP had recovered. This time he would surely be alright.

Anesthesia Cancel[8]
Knight-san, I have cancelled the pain reducing spell. How do you feel? Do you feel pain anywhere?(Reene)

I almost spontaneously wanted to call him Hugh-san. Dangerous-dangerous. Hugh-san weakly shook his shake. It seems that he couldn’t believe that he had been healed. I held his left hand’s fingertips.

Can you feel where I am touching right now? Can you feel your left arm?(Reene)

He nodded. It seems that he finally started to believe that he had survived

Please try to move your hand.(Reene)

He slowly raised his hand. Then he looked, staring at his own palm, repeatedly closing and opening it.

Is there any part in your body that you can’t move or lacks sensation?(Reene)
No…ne… Ah, there’s none. Thank you very much.(Hugh)

Hugh-san’s eyes were overflowing with tears.

I am alive. Ah, how wonderful. Thank you very much.(Hugh)
I am glad. Please get well soon. I believe that your stamina hasn’t recovered, so I will cast a spell for you to sleep. Please have a nice rest until tomorrow. Sleep[9].(Reene)

I was sure that even if he eats something right now, he would probably vomit it out. This might be against his will, but he should get some rest, right?
I did it! I did it! I did it! Since I was so nervous, I couldn’t make any Yay or Hooray.
I did it! Thank goodness! I made a sigh of relief from the deepest part of my heart.

That is such a magnificent performance. I have never seen such magic like this before.(Gin)

Perhaps he was worried whether he could entrust this task to me, but Jin-san, who was standing beside me during the whole treatment process, stated out his admiration.
Sorry, I couldn’t reply back. I… had been doing my best to the fullest extent.

Reene-dono, you can save the people. There are still others. Could I ask you to treat the next injured person?(Gin)

Ah, he’s right. There are still two more people. I had learned something from treating Hugh-san. So the next person will surely also be alright. I am sure that I can do it. I can do it. Believe, Reene.

Yes. It’s alright.(Reene)

The other person was also a Knight who had been directly hit by the fragment and was pierced through his body just like Hugh-san.
This person’s flank had been lightly gouged. I almost vomited when I saw the intestines protruding from there.
However, I had already gotten a bit used to blood ever since I treated Hugh-san, so I was able to hold it down somehow. If I saw this sight first, then perhaps I would have fainted. It seems that Gin-san also understood this, so he might have made the order of the treatment to be like this.
I performed the same treatment procedure that I had used on Hugh-san and then casted Sleep to put him to rest.
Then, for the last person who was crushed under the carriage, since he had broken bones, I did the steps that I did to Gangr-san and healed him. He had a lot of wounds, but they were immediately cured by Heal.
Finished. There are no more injured people who have life-threatening injuries. With this, no one will die in this place.
But. There are people who are swollen from being hit. People with deep cuts. People who jave sprained something and are in splints.
There are still many more.
I want to help them.
My remaining MP is 69.
If I did it a bit longer, perhaps it will be alright?
My head felt dizzy. Is this dizziness because I am too stressed? Or because my MP is too low?

Reene. How is the situation?(Cyan)

Cyan-san returned.

It seems that the seriously injured people have been saved by Reene. Thank you very much.(Cyan)
Cyan-san. But I still want to do this a bit longer.(Reene)

I stood up but I staggered, so Cyan-san immediately held me and then spoke out.

You have exhausted your mana. It’s already enough. Please have a rest.(Cyan)

But. There are still a lot of injured people. I want to heal them. This is what I can do.

Don’t push yourself too much. Let’s rest at that place, alright?(Cyan)
Cyan-san. Will it be alright  if I will leave the rest to you?(Reene)

I looked at my surroundings.


I diffused about 30 MP worth of Heal towards all the injured patients in the room.
The world is spinning. I feel like throwing up.

Reene! Stop it!(Cyan)

I heard Cyan-san’s panicked voice.

Increase Self-Recovery Rate[10]

This time, I also used about 30 MP. The bruises, scratches, cuts, sprains and swelling would quickly be healed.
Un. I have done a satisfactory job. With this, I won’t hate myself.
Just when I thought this, it seems as if a fuse in my head had snapped, and everything in front of me turned white and then I lost my consciousness.


Interlude ~ Cyan ~
Cyan put Reene to rest at a house billeted[11] for the current subjugation force and asked the village women to took care of her.
“My Goodness. Is it this girl doesn’t know how frightening mana exhaustion can be?”
Cyan bit his lips.

We swore to protect you with our life. That’s why Reene, please lend us your strength.

It was what Van had said back in Azure Forest. Of course, Cyan also had the same feeling.
Although he felt a bit uneasy about Reene’s identity, her usage of protection membrane allowed the subjugation this time to come out as victorious. Because of this, they took her in, even if she was only a civilian. So of course, they would guarantee her safety.
A Knight’s oath is sacred. So Cyan and Van will certainly protect Reene, but in the end, it was they who were saved. Furthermore, it was the girl herself that made the Knights almost break their oath.
Reene did all her best with her small body. Perhaps she had never seen so many injured people before. When she first saw the brutal battle with the huge magic beast, she was frightened. Even with a pallid face, she did what she could do and even overdid it. A young Healer who didn’t know the meaning of moderation.
“I need to lecture her later.” while talking to himself, Cyan entered the Village Chief’s house that had been borrowed as the force’s headquarters.

This is Cyan. I am coming in.(Cyan)

In the room, starting from the Second Prince, the commanders of the subjugation forces were all present.
The Second Prince, the Blue Knight Order Leader, the First Division Commander, the Chief Magician, and then Van, the Second Division Commander.

How’s Reene?(Van)

Van quickly greeted him.

There is no danger to his life. She is still unconscious, but I made her drink a blue dewherb potion.(Cyan)
She really is a reckless girl. A child should know her limits, right?(Van)

The way he speaking was rude, but it was clear that Van was worried for Reene.

I have heard the story from Van that the girl’s identity is not really clear. What about your opinion, Cyan?(Leonhart)

Cyan answered the Second Prince, Leonhard’s questions.

Although she appears young, she has an refined way of talking and thinking, so we can infer that she has received a high level of education. Her skin and hair are carefully groomed, while her hand is tender and shows no sign of knowing any manual labor. Her garments’ tailoring quality is also surprisingly high. She has a family name, but it doesn’t sound like that of a noble’s, but it’s impossible that she is just a mere commoner.(Cyan)
That girl’s protection spell is something that very easily surpassed the protection spell that the six of us, all professional magicians, frantically constructed. The magic operating principle is completely different from the spells that we know, a chant that we couldn’t understand. Furthermore, her healing magic that could heal the hollowed out bone and meat with only one spell, we have also never heard of something like this before. Her magic is not something normal. Perhaps she is from a Magic Race (Mazoku)?(Chief Magician)

The Chief Magician’s question was justified. They were magicians that had served for many years in the military, so their protection magic was really strong and had saved the lives of the Blue Knight Order numerous times. Even when they held such skills, Reene, who made a strong extensive protection barrier from the outset, had completely dumbfounded them.

She is not from a Magic Race. I confirmed this with Gangr-san the Dwarf. Members of a Magic Race could recognize those from other Magic Races. So, Reene is, without a doubt, a human.(Cyan)

Actually, when he first saw the power of Reene’s spell, he thought that she was from a Magic Race. However, it was denied by the Forest Guardian.

Then, is she a “Daughter of Gaia”?(Chief Magician)
However, this is too strange. Not only her identity is completely unknown, but also her uncanny magic power. Is she the Empire’s spy? It was also strange that she appeared in Azure near Güselbahn[12].(1st Div Commander)

The First Division Commander showed his doubt. The timing was unfortunate. It had been three years since the tension with the neighboring country Güselbahn had begun. Even now, not only there were skirmishes at the borders, but it had been discovered that they had slipped in a spy and planned to assassinate Prince Leonhart.
In a country where magic flourishes, you couldn’t tell how strong someone solely from their appearance. Even a 10 year old girls that you could find anywhere might be an assassin and even an infant with high magic power could kill people.

She has too many gaps to be a spy. Furthermore, she doesn’t know too many things. I could grasp this during these two days of being together with her. She didn’t know how to use a hearth, couldn’t ride a horse, didn’t know the names of villages or cities, and she also didn’t know anything about Magic Races or Magic Beasts. However, she has high intelligence. I am wondering what kind of life she has had until now.(Cyan)
Perhaps she was secluded inside some temple and revered as a Healer?(Order Leader)

The Order Leader’s reasoning was quite convincing. A Healer is valuable, so there were many cases where a powerful Healer was employed by a temple.

But for a skilled person to be recklessly exhausting her mana is too unthinkable. Has she also never had any experience as a Healer before?(Chief Magician)

When the Chief Magician pointed this out, the First Division Commander said the next possibility.

Then, she was confined in a home by her family who was afraid of her strong magic?(1st Div Commander)
However, that girl isn’t gloomy at all. She also has an independent way of thinking. Doesn’t this mean that she was raised in an environment that was really different from something like that?(Van)

Cyan nodded at Van’s answer. The Chief Magician spoke out once more.

A Healer is valuable. If she was found by the country, then she would have been taken from her family without any discussion. If she was taken to the black market, she would fetch a high price. So that her strong magic power wouldn’t be abused, her family concealed her while living along with her. How’s this?(Chief Magician)

Although it was not a morally right conduct, it was a sad truth that a magician with strong magic power being sold in the black market wasn’t that unusual.
Bound by a submission contract, brought to the battlefield according to their master’s order and then thrown away after being used just like that. The Chief Magician had seen many Magicians that were treated like this.

Then, she was kidnapped after being found out?(1st Div Commander)
I also have to agree that if she was abducted because of her skill as a magician and her magic power. Even if she was alone, she could turn the whole battle progress upside down. So any country would wish to have her.(Order Leader)
Then, how could she have escaped? She said she that didn’t remember, right?(Leonhart)

Cyan answered Leonhart’s question.

Reene said When I regained my consciousness. I was in the highway in front the forest.. When we arrived at Azure Forest, we noticed that there was a new scorch mark in the ground near the highway in front of the forest. There wasn’t any sign of a battle, but the grass had been completely burned. The kidnappers might have been dragged into some kind of trouble. Or perhaps her magic power ran amok and ended up burning the kidnappers. With her magic power, she could burn a person without leaving any traces.(Cyan)

By the way, that place was the place that was burned by the flame emission when Reene was practicing her magic. Of course, there was no one in this room who knew about it.

In any case, it’s the truth that we have been saved by that girl’s power. Although, we still can’t discard the possibility that she is a spy, her power needs to be placed at our side. If she was taken by Güselbahn, then the war situation could become even more dangerous.(Leonhart)
We need to investigate this a bit longer. To be honest, we couldn’t let a suspicious person get close to Your Highness.(1st Div Commander)
Then, let her have a talk with me…… I wouldn’t interrogate her. So can Van and Cyan stop making those worried faces? Furthermore, we would honor that girl’s opinion about coming to our side. It has been a long time since a Daughter of Gaia appeared. If we did anything offensive to her, the ground would shake. Also, a magician like her deserves better than being used and then thrown away. Furthermore, both of you have completely supported that girl.(Leonhart)

Leonhart looked at Cyan as if he had found something amusing.

Because we had asked her to accompany us to this place and swore to protect her safety. We have a duty to protect her until she returns to the city. Furthermore, she had accompanied us for two days, so we believe that she is a trustworthy person.(Cyan)
Ah, I thought the same, too. I believe in Reene. However, if she really is a spy, then that means that it was our carelessness. If by any chance, she is someone that could bring harm to Your Highness………At that time, I will kill her.(Van)

Cyan also nodded at Van’s words.
Cyan was a Knight. He would go as far to kill anyone who dared to lift a sword against Leonhart.
However, Reene had smoothly entered their hearts during these two days.
Reene is concealing something, there is no doubt about this. However, the appearance of her earnest attitude towards everything and the various expressions she made as she honestly reacted to anything, they couldn’t simply believe that Reene was someone who deceived Van and Cyan with an ill will. There was also her dangerous trait of easily trusting other people.
Even though she was in a room together with two unknown men, she quickly fell asleep without being vigilant. Although it was a common situation in a lodging, normally a woman wouldn’t be able to sleep because of the nervousness.
 Perhaps until recently, she had a sheltered life in a place that completely lacked any threats to her life.
It would be nice if Reene’s secret wouldn’t have any bad results to Cyan, Van, and especially Leonhart. This was what Cyan hoped. If he could, he didn’t want to do something like killing Reene.


It’s dark.
The smell of plants. An opening inside a forest. A single tree stood there.
The tree that grew towards the sky is overflowing with mana. Its thick trunk is glowing faintly. The divine mana that is hardly tainted and full of elegance, inspired a sense of awe at the people who looked at it.
A~re? Where is this? I feel I have seen this before.

We meet again.(???)

I heard a calm voice, so I looked up. There is a tall person standing beside me. His long dark hair is softly swaying. His purple irises looked straight at me.
Ah, I know this person. I have met with him before. The Handsome Purple Eyes.                 
Suddenly, this person’s eyes made me want to cry from a feeling of longing to see. As if the deepest part of my heart was trying to say something like “we have finally met again”.

Thou are……(Purple Eyes)

He reached out his hand towards me while trying to say something, but unexpectedly the Purple Eyes shook with uneasiness.

Even if I touch thee…… Please don’t disappear.(Purple Eyes)

That’s right. I have met with him inside a dream before. At that time, I also quickly awakened.
I also wanted to ask. Where is this place? Who are you[13]? Why am I longing to see you like this?
That’s why, I reached out to his hand, while hoping that I wouldn’t awaken.
I touched his hand that had suddenly stopped before touching my cheek and guided that hand to touch my cheek. His long fingers that touched my cheek are chilly and make me tremble slightly.

I have been waiting.(Purple Eyes)

When I wanted to answer, “me too”, once again my vision was enveloped by darkness.


Why I feel translating the last part like I am reading a scene from Twilight?
Also… I am really curious with Reene’s connection to Purple Eyes.

Also. also… Can I just adopt this girl as my daughter? I really want a daughter like her…

[1] Please remember that, Reene was using spells in the Japanese language that the natives didn’t understand. Anesthesia: 麻酔 (Masui)
[2] In fuzzy logic, a form of many-valued logic in which the truth values of variables may be any real number between 0 (completely false) and 1 (completely true), that is considered to be "fuzzy". So fuzzy magic: magic that have no true or false, only in the middle, undefined, and partial. In other words: ANYTHING GOES MAGIC!
[3] 異物抽出 (Ibutsu Chuushutsu)
[4] 洗浄・殺菌 (Senjou Sakkin)
[5] 身体組織・復元回復 (Karadasoshiki Fukugenkaifuku)
[6] 増血 (Zouketsu)
[7] 洗浄・乾燥 (Senjou Kansou)
[8] 麻酔解除 (Masui Kaijo)
[9] 睡眠(Suimin)
[10] 自然治癒能力向上 (Shizenchiyunouryoku Koujou)
[11] Billet: military lodging temporarily in a particular place, especially a civilian's house or other nonmilitary facility.
[12] ギューゼルバーンGyuuserubaan = Güselbahn, okay Swiss German might laugh at my choice of word. I open for suggestion. Is Giselbahn alright?
[13] The word “you” here is貴方 not 貴男. Although both are pronounced “anata” , the choice of the Kanji is interesting, because貴方is a familiar form for anata/you, usually used by wife to call her husband, while貴男is a general polite form. So… There is an implicit meaning that Purple Eyes have a very close relationship with Reene.


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