07 September 2016

The Valtras Myth - Side Story 1

The Author:
Typesetter (not editor):
Yukkuri Oniisan

Side Story 1

A certain excerpt from a certain diary.

Today I went to Akihabara to visit my sister in her cafe. But I forgot that she's still working. I didn't want to sit around the cafe waiting so I looked for a place to spend some time on. While I was looking around, I found an arcade.

They had all sorts of games inside. I didn't know what to play. But then I saw a lot of people gathered around one place. I was curious so I had a look too. Then I saw a boy with cat ears and a tail. Someone probably dressed him up with that. But he looked so cool dancing.

I went back to the register and bought a few tokens with what's left of my allowance. I kind of wanted to dance with him. But as I was getting back to the machine, the song was ending. I thought that he might leave but I saw him picking new songs. So I got up on the machine too.

I asked him if it was okay to dance with him since I liked the game, but I lied about liking the game. I just wanted to dance with him. I was so nervous when he asked me if I wanted to pick a few songs, that I declined.

We danced to the music, though it was more of him dancing and me trying to match him. I lost a few times while dancing so I used my tokens for a continue. It was fun dancing with him. We finished the set so I was getting off to continue watching him but then he asked me why. I told him why I can't, but then he gave me half his tokens.

So we continued dancing for a while and I forgot the time. When we finished, a lot of people were taking pictures of him. It made me feel a bit jealous. When the people finished I introduced myself to him. Then he told me his name and said that I was great at dancing too.

I took this chance to get a picture of him so I dragged him to a photo booth so I can get a picture too. But then I got hungry. I heard my stomach growl loud enough that I got embarrassed. When he asked me for places to eat at, I remembered the reason why I'm here in Akihabara in the first place.

So I brought him to the cafe my sister works at and ate there. I wanted to spend more time with him, so I was happy when Onee-chan asked him to hang out. I almost got tears in my eyes when he almost refused.

Onee-chan dragged us around Akihabara. We went to costume stores and tried out cosplay. I even wore cat ears. Then we played in another arcade. Onee-chan kept challenging him to games and kept losing. She won a few games too, but I think that he's doing it on purpose. Then before we left he gave me and Onee-chan each a big tiger plushie.

It was late and I wanted to spend more time with him. But we all needed to go home. Just as he said goodbye, Onee-chan stopped him and told him that we're going to escort him home. Nice going Onee-chan!

We followed him to his house but it wasn't his house. He was staying in a hotel. He brought us to their room and there was a beautiful lady standing inside. She was his mom. She introduced herself but since me and Onee-chan we still shocked, he introduced us instead. She hugged us then carried him like a plushie. Onee-chan carried me like a plushie too. I kind of understand him a little now.

His mom invited us for dinner, but when we entered the dining room, we saw his dad with cat ears and a tail playing something. But this time it was moving like a real cat. Onee-chan and I screamed and rushed to his dad and somehow we tackled him on the way.

Today was the day I met the demi-god Leo Ethereal.



  1. I really like this story a lot~

    Embarrassingly, I forgot about it till you posted these two chapters~

    Thanks Yukkuri-sama~

  2. Muito boa história, parabéns