04 October 2016

Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki. Arc 3 Chapter 3 Recess

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Postwar Arc
Chapter 3: The Negotiation Recess

Perhaps, the reason why you incited Julius-dono was all for this purpose?(Jeanne)

As Jeanne asked, I smiled wryly and shook my head.

That’s mostly my honest opinion. Thanks to that father and son duo, the Kingdom’s Reconstruction had been delayed and so I got stuck with an unwanted workload. I only wanted to vent my complaints.(Souma)
Is that the truth?(Jeanne)

Jeanne asked without showing any care for it.

I could say the same to you, why did you keep silent even though your allied country received a “verbal attack”?(Souma)
……Because I don’t know if the citizens’ “eyes” are somewhere in this place.(Jeanne)

Ah, I see. Jeanne took precautions against me possibly leaking the negotiations using the Royal Broadcast to incite the masses, just like what I had done during the Crimson Dragon Castle-Town campaign. That’s why she didn’t make any superfluous promises and only spoke out carefully selected words. Hmm? But when I met her at Van’s marketplace, didn’t she admire the way Royal Broadcast was used?

Just by seeing the broadcast in the marketplace, did you already notice it that far?(Souma)
Since it was really shocking. Even I tried to think about the limits of potential uses of it. Well, their uses probably didn’t stop at such trivial things either, so when Julius-dono kept rattling on, I was ill at ease.(Jeanne)

Jeanne said those words with a wry smile. As expected, she is an opponent that I couldn’t make light of.

Even if you’re worried about it, there haven’t been any broadcast orbs in here since the beginning. It’s different if it’s just Julius. I couldn’t show his unsightly scene with Jeanne-dono in front of him, since I was concerned that it will bring disgrace to the Empire.[1](Souma)
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The member-nation’s fault is the leader-nation’s fault, after all. Even if the Empire is an opponent in the negotiation tables, they are not an enemy in war. Or rather, they are not a country that you want to go to war with no matter what happens. So I couldn’t do something like leaking the negotiation to the masses and causing the Empire’s disgrace. Jeanne nodded “I see” in admiration.

I am greatly obliged by your consideration. Let me introduce myself properly again, King Souma. I am the Grand Chaos Empire’s General, Jeanne Euphoria. I visited this place as my elder sister, Maria Euphoria’s, representative.(Jeanne)
I warmly welcome you, Jeanne-dono. I am the Elfrieden Kingdom’s Acting King, Souma Kazuya.(Souma)

As if to restart it from beginning, Jeanne and I introduced ourselves to each other again. Jeanne, who had only spoke a few words up until now, completely changed to speaking with a lighter tone. Jeanne smiled at Liscia who was beside me.

I also greet the Princess Liscia, I am glad to see that you are well.(Jeanne)
Jeanne-dono, too, is in a good health.(Liscia)

Liscia also say this while smiling.

Huh? Do both of you know each other? (Souma)
No. We had only met once when we were small. Perhaps it was before the Demon Lord’s Army appeared?(Liscia)
Perhaps so. Certainly it was during when you forcibly went along to the negotiations between the previous King Albert and the Foreign Minister? Since we were of the same age, we played with each other.(Jeanne)

I see, since they have connections as fellow royalty.

Princess Liscia has become even stronger than she was in the old times. I can tell just by looking.(Jeanne)
So has Jeanne-dono, too. Even at that time, I couldn’t land a single hit.(Liscia)

No, wait a minute here! Why did the talking about playing together become a story about landing a hit!? Eh? Perhaps, by playing they meant sword-play? Even though both of them are Princesses?

Both of you two princesses might be too tomboyish.(Souma)
……At that time even the gentle Marcus got mad.(Liscia)
Our Foreign Minister was crying. Hahaha.(Jeanne)
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No-no-no-no, it isn’t something to be laughed at, right?…… Don’t feel nostalgic for troubling Marcus and the Empire’s Foreign Minister that I haven’t met yet. Well, let the reminiscence end here. Jeanne stopped the conversation.

I want to start talking about the real matter seriously, but.(Jeanne)
……I understand. For now, let’s change the place to talk.(Souma)

In this opportunity, I want to talk honestly without pretenses with the Empire. For that reason, it would be better if the negotiation location was a place where both sides felt comfortable with. I also wanted pen and paper.

And, before that…… Liscia, please call Serina-san here.(Souma)
I understand.(Liscia)

Liscia nodded and immediately leaft, after a short time, she came back with a woman wearing a maid dress. This woman was Liscia’s chamber maid, Serina. She is a bit older than me, an intelligent beauty-type chamber maid that looks nice in glasses. She raised the tip of her apron skirt a bit and bowed to me and Jeanne.

I have come just as called, Your Majesty.(Serina)
Serina-san. In the guest room, there is the Amidonian Ducal Pr-…… Duke, Julius-dono. Since perhaps my discussion with Jeanne-dono would take a lot of time, please accompany and entertain him as a drinking partner.(Souma)

Serina respectfully bowed towards that order.

I humbly oblige. Therefore, Your Majesty, I request permission to open the Akkou Liquor in the cellar of this castle.(Serina)

When she said this, I felt that Seina’s eyes were glistening strangely for a moment. She didn’t look like it, but perhaps she is actually quite a drinker. Since it was to entertain the guest, then it would be alright to drink what she wanted, right?

I entrust it to Serina-san’s discretion. If it’s to entertain the guest, then I will permit it.(Souma)
I humbly oblige. Please leave the privilege of “pouring drinks”[2] for Julius-dono to me.(Serina)

When she replied, Serina made an ice-like smile and then she bowed before leaving the room. Although I am bothered by that smile, well, since she said she will entertain Julius, then it might be alright. While I was thinking this, I looked at the people around me and saw that Liscia and Hakuya had their faces cramped.

I-is something wrong?(Souma)
Souma…… Akkou Liquor is a liquor famous for being “strong”.(Liscia)
Although the taste is good when indulging in it, if someone who isn’t accustomed to it drinks it, then they will quickly depart to the dream world. Actually, to drink it normally, you just need to drop two or three drops of it into juice or tea.(Hakuya)

Liscia replied and then Hakuya supplemented the explanation while making a face as though he had a headache.

Eh? Then, if she’s “pouring drinks” using that liquor, then……(Souma)
The drinking round will came to an end in just under 10 minutes.(Hakuya)
So you mean that there will be zero entertainment value!(Souma)

Well, since Julius could be said as a someone from the enemy country, it doesn’t really matter, but…… Serina-san, in contrast to her calm demeanor, is quite a schemer. While I was thinking about this, Liscia spoke out while pinning her fingers against her temples.[3]

Souma, there are three people that I am no match for. They are Mother, Duke Carmine, and then Serina.(Liscia)
She’s Liscia’s chamber maid, right? Why is she on the same level as the former Queen and an Army General?(Souma)
It is because Serina is a maid so perfect that not only does she have an attractive face and figure, but she is also excellent in her work performance, and polite and considerate towards others. Also, for an only child like me, she is someone who I thought of as an older sister figure. However…… There is only one flaw with her.(Liscia)
That is……  how should I say it, sadism tendency?…… or more precisely, behaving just like a child who is teasing something that she is interested at…….(Liscia)
You mean……she is a “super-S”?[4](Souma)

When I asked this, Liscia had the eyes of someone who was seeing something far away.

When I was still a naughty kid, Marcus was the one who would reprimand me, but the one who doled out the punishment was Serina. Of course, since Serina is only a maid, she wouldn’t do something like corporal punishment, but in exchange, she would give mental attacks. At least…… If only at least…… No, those things also….. Ah geez, why is it that she could always and constantly find my bad points!(Liscia)
Just how much has she grasped your weaknesses……?(Souma)

While soothing Liscia, who was hanging her head down in embarrassment, I breathed out a sigh. Serina-(Super-S)-san, what a frightening child you are……[5] I could see on the edges of my sight that Jeanne was trying to stifle her laugh.
If you can see this then the translation that you read i


So Serina-san is an S? Who can imagine?

[1] Actually: “Makes the Empire lose face”. But… I think the reader had enough of face this face that. Though, face is, after all, important in East Asian cultures.
[2] In other words: To become drinking partners. In Japanese drinking culture, the host will be the one who will pour the drinks for the guest. I recommend readers to google and read some article about drinking culture in Japan.
In this case, Serina is ordered by Souma to keep Julius company with alcohol, etc.
[3] Something like this gesture
[4] S or do-S is a Japanese words for extreme sadist, one who enjoys pleasure from others suffering. For example, Okita from Gintama and the fan-interpretation of Kazami Yuuka as USC from Touhou.
[5] As you can guessed, this is a line most often parodied by Japanese manga. Perhaps you might have seen the variant version in various manga. It came from Glass Mask, a classic Shoujo manga.


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