05 October 2016

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 60

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すずの木くろ (Susunokikuro)
Yukkuri Oniisan
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Chapter 60: Purpose and Plans and Delicious Food

The noon of the next day.

 Inside Kazura’s Room at Valin’s residence, Kazura was opening the dozens of cardboard boxes that he brought from Japan as he explained the boxes’ contents to Valetta.
Inside the cardboard boxes were groceries such as canned foods and Lipo-Ds, medical supplies such as bandages and antiseptics. These goods were in such large amount that even if Kazura didn’t return to Grisea Village for several months, it would be alright
Furthermore, besides the cardboard was a stack of bags that contains 500 kilograms of polished rice.
If he had this much rice then even if Kazura wouldn’t be able to return for a long time to the village, he could maintain his stay for quite some period.

Recently, the village was able to harvest plentiful crops so the food shortage in the village had already been resolved.
However, if Kazura stopped his food aid to the village, he was worried that  perhaps the villagers’ enhanced physical ability would return to normal.
This was just his guessing, but considering the mechanism how the villagers acquired their enhanced physical ability, then if they stopped eating the food that Kazura brought, then their physical ability might gradually return to normal.

Because bandits attack that happened several days ago might occur again, it is preferable to maintain the villagers’ current state.

Even if by any chance they exhausted the food that Kazura bought, the village’s food self-sufficiency rate had well passed the 100% level, so there was no need to worry of famine.
Furthermore, if the people who had been physically enhanced continuously ate the normal food of this world, they are able to absorb the nutrient properly, so they wouldn’t starve. This became clear from Valin and Valetta’s situation when they were traveling with Isaac’s men several days ago.

What he should only be paying attention to was the attack from the foreign enemy.

What a large amount of goods…… Kazura-san, do you intend to stay here for awhile without returning?(Valetta)

Ah no, I planned to return 10 days from now. I have to receive the hydro generator I ordered from the engineering firm.(Kazura)

While looking wide-eyed at the large stacks of goods, Valetta asked Kazura with a bit uneasy expression. After Kazura replied, Valetta once again opened her eyes wide in surprise.

Eh!? You want to bring an electricity generator to Isteria!?(Valetta)

Yup. I planned to use refrigerators and other electric appliances there. If I can use refrigerator then it will be convenient since I can bring fresh food from Japan and keep it to some extent. In addition, if I have a generator then I also can use electric tools or computers.(Kazura)

I-Is that so? I think this is such a drastic action…… But, will it be alright……?(Valetta)

When she heard electric appliances, Valetta spoke out with a tint of uneasiness in her voice.
Perhaps she was worried that other people might see the over-technology item like electric appliances that he brought over.

Well, I will ask Nelson’s side cooperation and make sure that outsiders won’t see it, so it will be alright. Since Nelson’s side would also don’t want other people to see the things that I brought, they sure would help willingly.(Kazura)

Even if the goods were seen by people outside Nelson’s group, if they only see a glimpse of it, they surely won’t understand what it is and how to use the goods.
It will be a different story if he did an extraordinary act like rushing through Isteria in a car, but if it was desktop, generator, or refrigerators, if someone is able to steal a glance at it, their impressions would be limited to some kind of mysterious box..
However, if they opened the refrigerator and looked at its inside or if they saw the laptop or electric tools while being in use, then they might make an uproar, so it was necessary for him to sufficiently be careful of where to use it.

I… see. If there is Nelson-sama’s cooperation, then……Ano, the large box that Kazura-san brought at the final trip, perhaps it is……(Valetta)

Yes, that is a refrigerator. I also brought large amount of frozen vegetables, so even if I go to Isteria, my diet would more or less be better.(Kazura)

Kazura answered confidently about the meal he will have in the future, but Valetta made a dubious expression.

Eh but, you will brought the generator from Japan 10 days from now right? Then since you can’t use the refrigerator until then, won’t the vegetables ended up to be thawed by then?(Valetta)
Ah, it will be alright, since I also brought  gasoline-powered generator among the goods that I bring this time. I also brought 2 drums of gasoline, the food should last until then.(Kazura)

I-is that so…(Valetta)

Valetta was a bit worried by such drastic action that was taken by Kazura.
However, since Isteria’s feudal lord Nelson is an ally, the current Kazura’s unreasonable action to some extent still under the acceptable limits.
Since Nelson surely wishes for Kazura’s support by all means then he surely wouldn’t dare to oppose anything that Kazura said.
Or rather, he would be concerned about his standing with Kazura, so he would surely offer his cooperation willingly.

Furthermore, if talking about Kazura’s quite drastic methods causing a disturbance, then it was practically what he had done in the village until now.
Perhaps there is a way with a bit more prudence, but even if he want to do this now, it was already too late.

Also, if you need something or there are troubles happening, please let me know at all times since I will immediately return.(Kazura)

Yes, thank you very much.(Valetta)

Even though Valetta stated her thanks with a smile, her chest was constricted by the loneliness that she felt.
In just several ten or so minutes, Kazura would travel once more to Isteria.
The next time she will meet with Kazura was 10 days again, perhaps even afterward he would stay at Isteria for a long period of time.

If she relaxed her concentration even for a bit then tears might come out in her eyes, so she made a smile and tightly endured it so it wouldn’t be found out.

It had happened several times before, but she didn’t want to show such disgraceful state again in front of Kazura.

Even so Kazura-san, since the village will be alright, please concentrate on the assistance to Isteria. In times where Kazura-san’s power is needed, I will quickly contact you.(Valetta)

Valetta said so to Kazura, who made a bit surprised expression.


However, he quickly nodded and smiled.


Then, 30 minutes had passed.
With all of his luggage already been loaded into the carriage, Kazura, who had wore the clothes that had been prepared for him, said goodbyes to the villagers in the entrance.
Among the villagers, there were several people who made uneasy expression at Kazura’s departure to Isteria, but most of them were smiling for him.
Perhaps everyone felt relieved to some extent, since although Kazura once again travels to Isteria, he would surely safely return.

In addition, Zirconia had made a speech in front of every villager.
The content of her speech was about the matter of Kazura’s assistance to Isteria and the current situation of the famine that had broken out in Istelle territory, in addition, the main content of the explanation: that Istelle House guarantee Kazura’s safety.
Normally, for a noble to gather dozens of commoners and personally made the explanation to villagers of a poor village, was an unheard before spectacle.
Although the villagers who heard her speech was nervous to some extent, they were more or less understood her explanation.

Furthermore, when she made a statement that Kazura would return in 10 days, it was clear that this was the main factor for the villagers’ relief.
For the people of Grisea Village, Kazura already something that became their pillar of their heart as their savior god. An existence that couldn’t be replaceable.

Well then everyone, I will leave for now. I will return 10 days from now, but if something happens during then, please contact me quickly.(Kazura)

Kazura conveyed this to the gathered villagers before Isaac, who was stood in waiting beside him, ushered him towards his carriage.
At the side of the carriage, there was Marie stood in waiting. It seems that she would also board the carriage together with him on this travel.


However, when Kazura was about to board the carriage, Valetta ran towards Kazura’s direction.

Hm? Is something wrong?(Kazura)

When Valetta arrived in front of Kazura, she looked up directly at Kazura’s eyes.

I will do my best. That’s why……(Valetta)

Valetta spoke up until that line, but when she was about to said something, she closed her mouth and temporarily shifted her sight towards Kazura’s chest.
Then, she looked up at Kazura again.


Kazura smiled at her as if asking her to continue her words, so Valetta made a strained smile with a hint of loneliness.

……No, it’s nothing. Please be careful with your health, don’t push yourself too much.(Valetta)

Yeah, Valetta-san too, please don’t push yourself too much. Although studying is fun, you can’t keep staying up late, you know?(Kazura)

Kazura said this in a jest and Valetta unintentionally made a chuckle.

I can’t promise this.(Valetta)

Now, now, it wouldn’t be strange if you don’t grow taller because of this, you know?(Kazura)

It will be fine. I won’t be particularly troubled even if I stay small like this.(Valetta)

Why this stubborn girl.(Kazura)

Kazura rufflingly patted Valetta’s head, so she closed her eyes as if being ticklish.
Then, after Kazura saw that the lonely shadow over Valetta’s expression had gone, he let go his hand from her head.

Then, see you again in 10 days. Until then, stay well.(Kazura)

Yes. Kazura-san too, safe travel.(Valetta)

Kazura smiled to Valetta and then after the carriage door had been opened by Isaac, he boarded the carriage.
Following Kazura, Marie also boarded the carriage while being helped by Kazura.

After Kazura and Marie had boarded the carriage, under Zirconia’s command, the large host of 300 escorting Noble Guards and close to 1000 other soldiers, slowly began to depart towards Isteria.

Valetta saw that army leaving away and whispered in a low voice.

That’s why…… Please don’t go anywhere.(Valetta)


It has been ten or so minutes after the army began travelling towards Isteria.
Zirconia rode her rata in front of the column while conversed with Havel that had been called by her.

The topic of their conversation was about the dishes that was served to Kazura in his previous stay in Leveson’s residence.

The dishes served to Kazura-sama?(Havel)

Yes. I want you to tell me what kind of dishes you served to Kazura-san during his stay at your residence before.(Zirconia)

At that time, I didn’t know Kazura-sama preference, so I ordered to make all kind of dishes with the ingredients that I could get hold of. The amount was quite much, but it seems that Kazura-sama is satisfied by the result.(Havel)

Making all kinds of dishes? …… For such a sudden order, the cook in your house is a capable one, I see. Do you always have that many ingredients in reserve?(Zirconia)

When she heard Havel’s answer, Zirconia was a bit surprised so she asked him back.
Zirconia had heard before from Isaac about the suddenness circumstances of Kazura’s stay at Leveson’s Mansion, so he shouldn’t have any preparation beforehand for the food.

During the time Kazura was staying at Leveson’s Mansion, Nelson’s side also was taking the dishes into their consideration and had planned to serve dishes that were different from what they usually eat for Kazura.
However, guessing from the large amount of food that Kazura had brought with him this time, it seems that the various dishes that Nelson’s side had thought up might not satisfy his taste.

Nevertheless, just how much skilled the cook of the Leveson House that was able to conjure the dishes which could satisfy Kazura?

It’s not like we had stored that much quantity of food, but it’s my Father’s idea to always maintain a fixed amount of meat and vegetables. Also, at that time I sent out servants to nearby merchant to buy fresh meat and caterpillars.(Havel)

I see……(Zirconia)

Zirconia was thinking for a few moment, before opened her mouth and began to cut right into the main issue with Havel.

Havel, can you lent me one of the cooks that had made the dishes for Kazura-san that time. Of course, you will be compensated with a proper amount of money.(Zirconia)

You mean, a cook?(Havel)

Yes. In spite of our effort, the dishes that we prepared in our mansion seems to not suit Kazura-san. Even though we had tried various idea and change the dishes, it seems that it didn’t succeed.(Zirconia)

As Havel asked back in puzzlement, Zirconia explained the reason behind her request.
With the way she explained it, it was as if she admitted that the cooks in Nelson’s Mansion are inferior to the cooks in Leveson’s Mansion, even so, Zirconia seems to not care much about this.
For a noble with a high pride, this would be something that they absolutely won’t say, but unfortunately, Zirconia didn’t have a pride like that.
If it was necessary right now, then it will be alright if she could achieve it in the best and shortest way possible.

After he heard Zirconia’s explanation, Havel was thinking in silence for a few moment, before began to speak.

In that case, there is someone suitable for it. Her age is still young, but her cooking ability is excellent and she is someone that Kazura-sama acquaintance with.(Havel)

Well, then that is good. How old is that cook?(Zirconia)

She is 13 years old. Her name is Marie. Currently, she is boarding the same carriage with Kazura-sama. Her occupation is actually not a cook, but a maid in our mansion. I brought her in this expedition to serve as my servant.(Havel)

Then she is really young…… But, for her to board the same carriage as Kazura-san, then did that girl interested him?(Zirconia)

While Zirconia was muttered by herself, Havel didn’t make any reaction and just stay in silence.
Perhaps because Zirconia interpreted Havel’s silence as an affirmative, she then nodded.

Then, perhaps can you hand her over to me? Just inform me how much money should I pay.(Zirconia)

Yes. However, Marie is the slave under my Father, Nor, possession. Because of that, it will save you much trouble if you can consult my Father about the ownership rights.(Havel)

Ara, is that so? Then, when we have returned to Isteria, I will immediately go to see and talk to him personally.(Zirconia)

Zirconia didn’t make any reaction when she heard about “slave”, she was rather feeling relieved as her worries about dishes for Kazura had been resolved.

Havel sent out a sidelong gaze at Zirconia’s expression and then he made a small sigh of relief.


In Zirconia’s mind: “The village girl, Lieze, Isaac, the young maid… Kazura strike zone is too wide… Perhaps, I too am inside his strike zone?”
Next Chapter: Isteria once again?
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