20 October 2016

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 61

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すずの木くろ (Susunokikuro)
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Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 61: Fascinating Proposal

It had been 6 hours since the convoy departed from Grisea Village and marched towards Isteria.
The convoy stopped their paces and began to make preparation to camp.
The sky already dyed by the sunset color and the darkness will soon descend upon them in about 2 hours later.

Marie, who boarded the same carriage as Kazura, excused herself as well and exited the carriage before she went somewhere to participate in the campground preparation herself.

Kazura-sama, you must have been tired from the long journey.(Havel)

Behind Kazura, who was stretching his back, Havel came to meet him after he tied his Rata at the temporary horse stop that had been established near the camp location.
Although Havel was always riding the Rata, excluding the several breaks interposed between the march, there was no sign of exhaustion on his face.
Or rather, his countenance was much better than yesterday, his face was more cheerful than the usual.

Havel-san as well, you must be tired. I am boarding a comfortable carriage after all, but Havel-san kept riding on the Rata. So you will surely be tired, right?(Kazura)

Ah no, I am not tired at all. If it is only to this degree, then it is more lenient compared to the training that this unit had until now. Though my buttocks are a bit painful.(Havel)

Is that so? As expected, a professional soldier is really different…… Speaking about the army, I heard that Havel-san, together with Isaac-san, are commanding a unit composed only of nobles members. Is this true?(Kazura)

Previously, when Havel and Isaac arrived in Grisea Village, they were commanding a 100-men unit that was composed only of nobles.
Since recently Havel has been attending on Kazura’s side, Kazura was wondering would it be alright for Havel to leave his job in the unit that he had commanded until now.

Yes, I am the Vice Captain of the First Cadet Training Corps.(Havel)

Ah, as expected those people was officer cadets. Since recently Havel-san always helping me, will it be alright if you didn’t make an appearance on that Corps?(Kazura)

It will be al\lright. Since it’s nearly the time when the 1-year basic physical training is over, the training cadets had their schedule moved up a bit and now they are practicing with another corps. Perhaps, this is the time when they are seeing Hell.(Havel)

Eh? Is the training is that intense?(Kazura)

When Kazura asked this, Havel remembered the training that he personally had and his face grimaced a bit.

It’s not something that intense. Compared with the actual combat that I experienced for several months during the war 4 years ago, if you consider that the training didn’t have any life or death situation, it was at least better. Since the cadets would get physical hit to make them obey the discipline to details disregarding their status as a noble and the green recruits would have to subsist on livestock feed-like food every day.(Havel)

Whoa, that is quite a deal…… To be hit is already unpleasant but having livestock feed-like meal every day is also harsh……(Kazura)

Furthermore, the cadets attached to me and Isaac-sama’s corps for this last one year, either went to their military duty from their own house or rented a room on an inn, but from the second year, they are compelled to live together on a communal army barrack. For the people who used to leave everything to the servants on their surroundings, this would be extremely unbearable.(Havel)

It seems that the training for the officer cadets of Isterian Army was conducted on several steps.
On the first year, they temper their physiques, but from the second year could be said as the real deal.

Although Kazura thought that Nobles are people who had a social position that make them could live more comfortable, it seems that in this world, at least in Istelle province, is not true.
However, come to think of it, even though Isaac and Havel deemed to be high ranked nobles, every day they worked at their military post from the early in the morning until late at night.
Based on this fact, their subordinates and the other nobles too would naturally undergo the similar hardship like them.

When you said about living together under the same barrack, then they couldn’t bring any servants?(Kazura)

Basically there is a prohibition of taking servants with them. It just, depending on the corps commander’s discretion, when performing long distance marching training or when they take a leave for several days in the city, then they could be permitted to take servants with them. However, they need to pay the servants expense by their own pocket.(Havel)

Eh…… It would be hard for the nobles that been raised in luxury, right? Those who couldn’t endure it would surely end up quitting.(Kazura)

That’s true. Every year, there were several people who quitting. However, except being forced to retire due to injury, quitting halfway or being dishonorably discharged would damage their house’s honor. Because of this reason, if they didn’t have enough resolution for this, they wouldn’t quit. Since even if they return after quitting, they would be treated as an outcast.(Havel)

Woo, what a frightening outcome……(Kazura)

To be unable to quit even if they couldn’t endure the training and want to quit was quite a harsh situation that could even cause people to suicide.
On the other hand, the people who successfully pass through such environment would surely have a strong-willed character.

Is there any compulsion to join the military?(Kazura)

No there isn’t, everyone entered the service voluntarily. Although even if it said so, in practice, except for the eldest son of a noble’s House, the other sons would usually enter the army, even if the person himself reluctant to do so, it’s often they are enlisted against their own will. Even though there are those who volunteer because they yearn to be in the military or attracted by the social position it conferred, the majority of these people regretted after knowing the actual harsh situation.(Havel)

So it’s like a semi-enforced situation. Do Havel-san also being forced to enlist by your parents?(Kazura)

No, it’s not. I voluntary applied and asked my Father to enlist me in the army. Isaac-sama also did the same.(Havel)

Oh, then that is praiseworthy. Why are you volunteering?(Kazura)

When Kazura asked Havel this, Havel made a bit embarrassed smile.

……There is someone I want to protect.(Havel)

(Hm? So, Havel-san can also smile like this.)(Kazura)

Until now, Havel had accompanied Kazura for several days, but he never saw Havel made an expression like this.
He always walks a step behind Kazura[1], showing great consideration on Kazura’s wellbeing, so Havel never let his emotion showed up in his expression.
While always showing this business-like smile on him, Havel always conversed with Kazura about many things, perhaps since he was being careful not to bore Kazura.

Kazura was curious about the meaning of Havel’s words, Someone I want to protect, but it would be rude if he asked too much in this, so he just replied, I see and nodded.

If Kazura-sama has any interest in the army’s training, then next time, shall I guide you to see the soldiers and the training ground? Though there aren’t anything worthy to note other than the Nobles Guard and the Cadets training.(Havel)

(Whoa, really!? I really want to go to see, but... what should I do…?)(Kazura)

Kazura’s interest was greatly attracted by Isaac’s proposal.
However, if he shows any interest in the army of this place then perhaps Zirconia would delightfully came to consult Kazura about military matters.

For now, Kazura completely didn’t have any intention to give any support for Isteria’s military matters.
As for the reason why he didn’t have any intention to give his support was because he completely didn’t know about this country internal conditions and diplomatic situation, furthermore this country’s military scale and the country’s disposition.

If he gave military support without knowing anything about the country’s state of affairs and just swallows the story fed only from Nelson’s side, it would be dangerous so he ought not to do it.
Furthermore, his current foremost priority was the problem of food shortage and infrastructure maintenance, even now he didn’t have any leisure for a break in making preparations for his plan, even more so for military affairs.
If he did so many things at the same time, a careless judgment could result in an unrecoverable result.

No matter what he would do, it would be in turns, one by one.
To make a judgment whether or not he should perform a support, he needs to gather a proper information, so was what Kazura’s thought.

Hmm……  Should I……(Kazura)

Be that as it may, he wants to see things that he wants to see.
What kind of soldiers exists in this world, what kind of life they normally had, if he thought this he wanted to see it even once, his curiosity couldn’t stay calm.

If he didn’t consider anything and could just go around and inspect various things, then he wants to photograph all over the place with the digital camera and record not only the soldiers and ordinary citizen while interviewing them with his handycam.
What a commander tent’s inside just like Zirconia’s looks like? How they spend their daily life? His interest are inexhaustible.
If he could ask for it, then he wants to ask Zirconia and Isaac to put their armor and took a commemorative photograph with him.
The sight of Zirconia in her armor was really gallant, her figure was also excellent, if she even performs one pose for the photograph then the result would be surely picturesque.
Isaac stature was tall and handsome too, so he would surely look attractive on the photograph.

Perhaps it would be alright if it just looking around, Kazura’s heart started to tilt to one side, but perhaps since Havel thought that it was not good, Havel quickly spoke out.

If Kazura-sama have any interest to do the visit, then please inform me. I will gladly guide Kazura-sama to anywhere.(Havel)

Thank you very much. If I have the time, sooner or later, I might come to ask you.(Kazura)

Yes, please do so in that case.(Havel)

Although it would be a problem if he jumped at the issue with great curiosity, Kazura really grateful for this proposal.
As expected, Havel was really a man that pay attention to every detail, or perhaps his reading too much into many things was really helping Kazura.

By the way, I have something to consult about Kazura-sama’s meal.(Havel)

When Kazura’s was once again applauded Havel’s consideration, Havel changed the topic.
It seems that this was the main topic of this conversation.

For the current short stay, I thought to delegate Marie to cook Kazura-sama’s meal. However, will this arrangement be alright to Kazura-sama?(Havel)

So it’s about the meal……(Kazura)

Hearing about the meal, Kazura remembered that he didn’t inform anything to Zirconia about his diet from hereafter.

Until now, Kazura took his meal together with the whole family in Nelson’s Mansion, but Kazura couldn’t gain any nutrition or satisfaction even after eating the meal that Nelson’s side had prepared.
For that reason, after eating the meal with Nelson and others, he ate canned food secretly without anyone seeing.

If he kept doing this 6 meals a day lifestyle after this, it would be an extremely troublesome, or rather, it was difficult to do so. To the extent where he thought to inform the others that there is no need to prepare food for his share.
In the end, he would need to eat the meal alone, but this is an inevitable consequence.
If he eats the dishes that Nelson’s side had served out to him, then it would just diminish his stomach capacity, accelerate his hunger and the food that he had brought from Japan wouldn’t be able to cram inside his stomach. This situation was just like a punishment game.

Yes. However, when I thought the taste of the canned food that Kazura-sama had brought several days ago, the taste of the food that Kazura-sama usually eat in God’s Realm and our food is greatly different. We would like to think ways to reproduce the taste, but I believe it would be difficult for us.(Havel)

When Kazura was about to open his mouth to bring forth his proposal of no need to serve any food for him, he was interrupted as Havel begun to speak.
The canned food that Havel referred was the canned minestrone that he brought to be sampled by Nelson’s side.
Minestrone is a dish that is made from boiling many vegetables with tomato sauce base, so perhaps this world didn’t have any vegetable that is similar to tomatoes, so of course, reproducing the taste will be difficult.

Hence for that reason, if we could be permitted to use the canned food and ingredients that Kazura-sama had brought together with the ingredients that we had prepared, then I believe we could make dishes that will suit your palate. It might not succeed at first try, but surely enough we would be able to serve dishes that Kazura-sama could enjoy.(Havel)

Do you mean, you want to use the ingredients that I had brought as the base and by adding various others ingredients, trying to create dishes?(Kazura)

Yes, that’s right. In addition, if Kazura-sama would be kind to give the opinion about the dishes, then we also could improve the dishes to suit the desired taste.(Havel)

Kazura once again felt gratitude to Havel after hearing his proposal.
Havel had been paying attention to the taste of the food that he had only eat once and until now must had been trying to reproduce the canned food’s taste.
Although perhaps originally he would keep trying the trial and error for some more time, but after seeing that Kazura had brought a large amount of food ingredients, he might have thinking to himself that it would be no good and then decided to suggest a proposal to Kazura.
Inside Kazura’s mind, Havel’s stock price once again skyrocketed to the limit.

Although in reality, this evaluation was just Kazura’s complete misunderstanding, but for Kazura, Havel already assumed a position as a man that is exceedingly tactful and reliable.
Disregarding what had happened so far, the misunderstanding had lead to entirely favorable direction.

Hmm…… Then, I will entrust this to you. However, please promise me that no other person could eat the food that I had brought. Even though it could be said to have brought quite an amount, it is still limited in number.(Kazura)

Certainly. There will be no other people that could eat the food, please have no worry.(Havel)

Then it is fine. You must make it sure, alright? Since, if you broke this promise then it would greatly troubling for me, do you understand?(Kazura)

W-! Y-yes, I understand!(Havel)

If by any chance the food fell into the wrong hands then it would be a great problem, Kazura emphasized his concern , and furthermore, he put a serious expression on his face and made a threatening tone.
Without saying what would happen if the promise was broken, his threat effectiveness would increase.
Since Kazura was thought to be the God Greysior himself, for Havel this threat also carried additional weight.

Kazura saw for himself that Havel’s expression became stiffened before returning to his usual countenance and demeanor.

Then, I will leave this matter in your hand.(Kazura)

Since Kazura had agreed by adding his own terms into the proposal and his countenance and demeanor returned to his usual attitude, Havel was honestly feeling  really relieved.

T-then, I will quickly assign Marie to cook the food from today. Since we are still on the march, the ingredients we have are limited, but I will make sure to prepare something.(Havel)

No need to push yourself too much. It will be fine even if it just some chopped vegetables boiled or stir-fried together.(Kazura)

I understand. Then, could Kazura-sama please inform me which ingredients that we could use?(Havel)

Hmm, that’s right…… What will be good, I wonder……(Kazura)

While Kazura was thinking about what kind of ingredient to be used as the base for the dishes and how to cook it, he felt relieved that even in the future he would still be able to eat the meal together with Nelson and others.
As expected, rather than eating the food by himself, it would be more enjoyable to eat it together with other people.
Furthermore, since there aren’t any people who will feel good if someone refused to eat the food they prepared, Kazura wouldn’t hurt Nelson’s family honor.

Furthermore, by preparing the food like what had Havel suggested then it would be able to serve this world dishes using the Japanese ingredients.
It would be the similar situation with the dishes he had in Grisea Village, there wouldn’t be any problem with nutrition and the sense of being full if he ate the right amount.
Truthfully, such convenient situation fell to his lap, so Kazura’s mood became a bit brighter.


Beside Kazura, Havel was feeling relieved because his proposal had succeeded without any problem.

To tell the truth, Havel didn’t just simply swallow Zirconia’s story.

In Zirconia’s story, it seems that Kazura was satisfied with the dishes served at Havel’s Mansion, but he didn’t feel satisfied by the dishes served at Nelson’s Mansion.
However, Havel had been questioning the veracity of this story from the beginning.

The cooks that worked at Nelson’s Mansion surely were skilled elites that possessed top-notch aptitude.
Meanwhile, the cooks working at Leveson’s Mansion were basically also working as maids. Of course, they were maids that had an exceptional cooking skill, even so, the cooks in Nelson’s Mansion would surely have an especially higher skill than the maids.
If he thought about this, seeing Kazura’s reaction to the dishes at Leveson’s Mansion, he arrived at a conclusion that Kazura, Valetta, and Valin’s reaction at that time was just exaggerated response out of consideration for Havel as the host.

That means, perhaps even if he handed over his Mansion’s cook who made Kazura’s dishes to Zirconia, just like she had asked, it wouldn’t matter at all, or rather there were possibilities it might bring unnecessary disgrace to his House.
On the other hand, if he talked to Zirconia honestly about this, then he would miss the chance to put Marie under Nelson’s or Kazura’s patronage.
The result of thinking about what he should do and a way to absolutely not incurring Kazura’s displeasure was the proposal that he had suggested just now.

Kazura wasn’t someone who would reject a whole-hearted request, this was the impression that Havel got after several days accompanying Kazura to perform the riverside inspection.
Based on this, he made a sink or swim wager and made a proposal to Kazura. The result could be said as having the desirable result.

(With this, Marie will be released from that life…… Even Father would have no choice but to obey if Zirconia-sama personally discusses this matter with him. The next thing is…… I will feel secure if I could make Kazura-sama interested in Marie.)(Havel)

While Havel was feeling reassured that the actions that he had chosen proceeded smoothly, he searched for Marie’s figure that was mingling among the other soldiers’ servants to help the camping site preparation and made a really fond smile.


Havel’s Master Plan “Marie’s Great Plan to become a Successful Person”:
1. Make her Kazura’s Cook!
2. Conquer Kazura from his Stomach (with Loli Kyun-Kyun Power)!
3-998. ???
999. Kazura awaken the Loli in his soul (interested to Marie).
1000-9998. ???
10000. PROFIT‼!

Some readers might object that Marie is still 13?
PLEASE… I think Arcadia is not a signatory nation on Article 19 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

[1] An idiom. Either meaning that Havel always nearby (just a step behind Kazura), or there is a non-physical distance between them (Have is emotionally distant). I think it’s both.


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