23 October 2016

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 62

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すずの木くろ (Susunokikuro)
Yukkuri Oniisan
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Chapter 62: Food Advisory

On the corner of the campsite that was dyed by the sunset color, Marie was peeling a potato with a nervous expression.
Marie’s hand that was holding the knife was trembling due to the nervousness, so the peeling work was slow and didn’t make any progress at all.

In front of Marie, there was a table where several vegetables were placed on top of it.
She would chop the vegetables into small pieces and then cooked them with the ingredients that Kazura had prepared.
Beside the table was the makeshift cook stove made from clay bricks that the army brought with them. A small bronze pot was placed atop of it.
Inside the pot was a stew made from the vegetables prepared by Kazura.

You don’t need to be that nervous. Since it isn’t like you need to cook for a feast. It will be fine to just cut the vegetables a bit, put them together into the stew and boil it.(Kazura)

Kazura, who watching her nearby, was unable to just watch Marie’s excessive nervousness and so he called out to her.

Y-yes! A-ah!?(Marie)

Being called out by Kazura, Marie became even more nervous so that she let the potato in her hand slipped and almost dropped it down.
Since she also holding the knife in her hand with so much strength, it wouldn’t be strange if sooner or later she would injure herself.

I-I am terribly sorry. Normally, she can finish it faster, but……(Havel)

Seeing that Marie was nervously worried stiff, Havel, who was closely observing the cooking while holding his breath in anxiety, was feeling uneasy with the situation and so he apologized to Kazura.
For Havel, since it had reached this point, it would be unbearable if his proposal before was annulled by Kazura.
For Marie, she must show a good performance somehow, as she wants to give a good impression to Kazura even for just a little bit.

Hmm…… As expected, from what I’m seeing, are you feeling nervous?(Kazura)

N-n-n-not at all! B-b-by no means, this kind of things, never!(Marie)

Although she was visibly nervous, Marie replied in such words that made Kazura smiled wryly and lightly put his hand on Havel’s shoulder, who was standing beside him.

I will go and look around. Havel-san, I leave the rest to you.(Kazura)

Kazura addressed Havel before starting to walk away.
While seeing Kazura’s back that gradually fading away, Havel made a large sigh.

Listen Marie, I beg of you…… Since Kazura-sama has been especially granting this kind of opportunity……(Havel)

I am terribly sorry…… However, being watched by a great noble like Kazura-sama is too much for me……(Marie)

Perhaps because she was released from nervousness because Kazura was being away, Marie, more or less, felt relieved and apologized to Havel.

Even though she had chatted with Kazura inside the carriage during the travel, for Marie, Kazura is a person with position far higher than hers.
In addition, even being permitted to board the carriage with Kazura is already a grand event, but this time she was being appointed as Kazura’s personal cook.
To be able to keep her composure together in this event was something beyond the ability of Marie’s heart.

Umm, Kazura-sama is a great noble that even outrank Nelson-sama, right? To become a personal cook for such great person, will someone like me will suit the position? …… Furthermore, my cooking skill compared to everyone else in the mansion is still not much……(Marie)


Perhaps because she was worried about her cooking ability, Marie complained in a soft voice, which make Havel sent a worried look to her.
Havel looked over the surroundings and confirming whether Kazura or Zirconia were nearby, then he spoke to Marie with a similarly hushed voice.

I  know that you are feeling uneasy, but this is the best chance for you to leave Leveson’s House. Even you don’t want to always remain in that place, right?

That is…… Yes. However, this is deceiving Kazura-sama and Zirconia-sama…… Furthermore, there is also the promise between Havel-sama and Nor-sama……

Don’t say it like that. I am not particularly deceiving Kazura-sama or Zirconia-sama nor telling a lie. If this goes well then Father might have no choice but to surrender your ownership rights, then I can use this as an excuse and then reneged that promise with Father. You don’t need to think too much, just concentrate on the task before you. Even though this is the first time you did this, please quickly make a dish that pleased Kazura-sama.(Havel)


Although Marie nodded, it seems that there are still uneasiness lingering inside her heart, so she still had this clouded expression on her face.
Even if this was a good chance for her to leave the House of Leveson, she might be reluctant for that chance to be in this kind of way.

Some irritation appeared on Havel’s mind when he saw Marie like this, but he couldn’t let this out.
Havel made a sigh and then informed Marie about the promise that he previously exchanged with Kazura.

By the way, the ingredients that Kazura-sama entrust to you must not be eaten by anyone else. This is Kazura-sama’s strict order.(Havel)

Yes, certainly…… But, will it is alright if it’s to test the taste?(Marie)

If it’s tasting then it should be alright. Or rather, I think it will be impossible to cook without performing a tasting.(Havel)

That’s true…… etto, let’s see the taste before putting the vegetable in……(Marie)

Marie put the potato and the knife, that she hold, on the table, before taking a small wooden bowl and moved to the pot.
Then he moved a small amount of the vegetable stew in the pot to the small bowl and then took a sip from it.


When Marie begin tasting the vegetable stew, the taste, that she never had before until now, made her widely opened her eyes in surprise.
The flavor that spread out inside her mouth was mild but exquisite, the deliciousness made her forgotten her true aim of tasting it.
When her consciousness returns, she tried to think up ways to reproduce the taste. But she had no idea what ingredients she needs to use to reproduce the taste.

The vegetable stew that Marie was tasting right now was a canned stew Kazura purchased on an expensive gift corner in a department store.
It seems that it was produced under the supervision of a famous hotel, so it’s an expensive item that cost 8000 yen for a set of 5 cans.
As expected from something costing that high, its taste was also extremely superb.

O-One more sip……(Marie)

H-hey, Marie. You are only tasting, right? You can’t overeat it, you know.(Havel)

Havel hurriedly warned Marie who was trying to scoop the stew from the pot to continue tasting it.


When Marie was attempting her second testing, Kazura was wandering around the campsite, while sightseeing the spectacles of the servants working at the dinner preparations.
Then, he saw the scene of a servant scooping a dish to taste its taste.

Oh blimey, I completely forgot about tasting!(Kazura)

He spontaneously stopped on the spot as his mind became greatly troubled.


On the night of the next day.
The convoy, that entered Isteria late at night to avoid public notice, silently and inconspicuously unloaded their cargo at the front plaza of Nelson’s Estate.
Because the sun had already sunk completely, the plaza was quite dark since it was only illuminated by the neighboring torches here and there.
Even the downtown that they passed through to reach the estate was no exception, the number of buildings that was illuminated with lights could hardly be counted.

Inside such situation the soldiers energetically moved around and together with the servants’ cooperation they unloaded the cargo which piled up at the plaza.
Isaac and Havel were with the carriage that carried Kazura’s personal items and kept a watchful eye that the items won’t be handled roughly.

Kazura was observing Zirconia and the scene of the work, when Nelson appeared from the Estate.
The clock that Kazura brought had already pointed at 2’oclock, but it seems that Nelson was still awake.

Kazura-dono, you must be tired from the long journey. Did the transport progressed as planned?(Nelson)

Yes, I am able to prepare all the promised goods . But there are also several goods that are outside my promise.(Kazura)

Goods outside the promise?(Nelson)

Yes, since they are unusual goods, to be seen by many people is…… Also since it’s quite the amount, please prepare a rather vast room at the first floor. Please make it a room that faced the garden.

The reason why Kazura asked for a room that faces the garden, was for the expected usage of gasoline generator and the hydro generator.
Since he planned to install the generator at the courtyard outside the room, if the room is on the second floor, then it might need a long wiring and this is inconvenient.

Furthermore, so that he could use the next planned hydro generator, it must be driven by customizing parts of water channels in the courtyard.
Since there were several irrigation and drainage water channels flowing in the courtyard, he could divert these channels to create a channel for the hydro generator.

Also, although I had scheduled to start working from tomorrow, but tomorrow morning…… I will have a brief rest, at the afternoon we will start the restoration of the surrounding grain producing region. Have you prepared the needed manpower?(Kazura)

Actually, he wanted to start working from the early morning tomorrow but currently Kazura was totally exhausted.

He had dozed off in the carriage, but it was hard to be sound asleep on a shaking carriage, as in when he repeatedly was awoken by the jolt just when he started to doze off.
Due to the carriage’s wheel being a wooden one, there was nothing like a shock absorber as a damping mechanism for the vibration, so even threading a bump or small stone in the road would cause the whole carriage to have a severe sway.
Marie, as always, was in motion sickness and never release the handkerchief with the essential oil. Kazura himself also felt a bit bad when he arrived at Isteria.

I have made arrangements so that the people from the family that manage the grain producing region will send their personnel at a moment’s notice. However, I believe they will be mixed with slaves that the families own. Will this arrangement be alright for you?(Nelson)

……Slaves, huh?(Kazura)

Hearing the word slaves, Kazura made a small frown.
Previously he had heard from Valetta during their conversations that there was a slavery system in this country, so he already knew about its existence.
However, when he once again heard the word “slave”, he couldn’t feel comfortable by this.

Then, what about instead of the slaves we will use our soldiers? If we exempting the reserve forces, we will mobilize the entire 600 members of the First and the Second Corps of Nobles Guard.(Nelson)

Nelson grasped that Kazura’s unfavorable reaction and so he presented an alternative proposal.

For Nelson, slaves are everyday occurrence and existences that closely related and indispensable to their daily lives.
However, Nelson also had considerable awareness that he was treating a human being as a property.
In front of Greysior the God of Benevolence and Harvest, he was hesitated to speak about the slaves’ existences, but if he used them without saying anything, it would be worse or so he thought.

However, when he saw Kazura’s reaction to it, he regretted mentioning about the slaves.
If Kazura ordered to emancipate all the slaves right here right now, then even if this is Kazura’s order, Nelson couldn’t just immediately agree on the spot.
If he did this, not only the economy will collapse, but before the slaves’ emancipation could be put in effect, the nobles and citizens on the province will be enraged and might cause a rebellion.

……No need, there is no problem with the previous proposal. These soldiers should have other duties, right?(Kazura)

These soldiers are the garrison army that is being responsible for the region’s defense and patrolling outside the cities, but……(Nelson)

Then, let’s return these soldiers to their duties.  The next duties will not be a task that can be finished in one or two days. We also couldn’t always expect for these soldiers to give help every time, don’t you agree?(Kazura)

Kazura was unexpectedly made a pragmatic opinion, so Nelson was astonished and at the same time feeling relieved.
It was because he had been thinking about what is the best way to persuade Kazura if Kazura somehow ordered for slaves emancipation.

I understand. In that case, tomorrow afternoon I will gather the manpower excluding the people who manned the city walls. Since I want them to help with the northern grain producing area that is in the worst situation first.(Nelson)

I don’t have any objection on this. Then, how about the parts production that I instructed before?(Kazura)

We already have 30 units at our disposal. If the craftsmen become more familiar with the production then their production efficiency might rise even more.(Nelson)

The parts that Kazura mentioned was the waterwheel parts that he instructed before to Zirconia.
Although he was worried about how many pieces they able to produce until he arrived at Isteria, it seems that they had produced them in a number he hadn’t foreseen before.

Oh, you had produced so many. With that high productivity, then I wouldn’t need to worry about the future.(Kazura)

Zirconia, who was watching the conversation next to Kazura, was also felt relieved when she heard Kazura’s reply.
Perhaps during the times in Grisea Village, she was also concerned whether or not the parts production was doing well.

That’s good to hear. Since I handed somewhat large monetary compensation to the craftsmen, of course, they would be working hard.(Nelson)

Indeed, one couldn’t help but to work hard if they obtain something…… Then, for now, I want to take a rest……(Kazura)

Oh, certainly it is.  I will quickly prepare the room. Since I have prepared the bath, do you want to have one while waiting for your room preparation to be finished?(Nelson)

I will accept your offer.(Kazura)

The conversation ended at that moment, then led by Nelson, Kazura walked towards the mansion.

(…… Hmm, it seems that I had forgotten something.)(Kazura)

He suddenly felt that he had forgotten something, so Kazura was wracking his brain while walking towards the mansion.
However, even though he was trying to recall it, his head was tired from exhaustion, and in the end, he given up on thinking about this and headed to the bath.

Kazura walked away, leaving the pile of goods behind.
Inside that pile, there was a large cooler box, which contained a large amount of frozen vegetables together with packed dry ice. However, the dry ice was on their last breath and will finish their duties in just less than one or two hours.


Kazura has been learning from Satou. To conquer a loli girl, start from their stomach… Lure them with delicious food.
Also, Marie will be a ‘Greysior blessed ones’… Perhaps her strength will become her or Havel’s ‘proof’ that Greysior (a.k.a. Kazura-sama) is setting his eyes on her…
Talking about the food… NOOOO….. THE FOOD WILL BE SPOILED‼! Will Kazura need to eat canned food for the rest of his stay?
Meanwhile, Lieze…… Will Kazura move from Valetta’s Route to Harem Ending?


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