02 December 2016

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 6 Part 4

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Another Bulletin Board Chapter.

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Bandou Tarou (坂東太郎)
Yukkuri Oniisan
Editor, Proofreader:

Chapter 6. Yuuji, Changing Job from Pioneer to Farmer
Part 4: Bulletin Board Yuuji, Reporting About Procuring a Beastkin Slave

when?I finally came out after 10 years, but my home kinda went into another world Part 20going to town?

1 : Anonymous NEET
This is the thread to enjoy the reports, images and videos of another world that Yuuji has uploaded.
Is it really another world? How did he fabricate it? This is the thread to verify this.

Pioneering, studying and training, Yuuji passed the winter days without anything worthy of noting.
Since it is spring, something surely will happen!
Reposting is prohibited.

The next thread will be set up by the NEET who step over the 900th post.

111: Yuuji
It’s serious, it’s freakin’ serious.

112: Anonymous MEAT
This Hachibe, no, that’s wrong... this Yuuji
What has made thou so flustered, lad?

113: Anonymous ETNE
This flow of events, the third time in one year!

114: Anonymous NEET
This old man speaking style
Isn’t it Hachigoro and Zenigata Heiji?[1]

115: Anonymous NEET
Getting red faced, eh![2]

116: Anonymous NEET
So, what happened Yuuji-san, who didn’t go to the city even though it is in another world?

117: Yuuji

118: Anonymous NEET

119: Anonymous NEET

120: Anonymous ETNE
P-Po-Police Officer!

121: Anonymous MEAT
Mr. Police Officer, here’s a job for you!

122: Anonymous NEET
It’s your turn‼

123: YES Lolita NO Touch
From now on, I will stay overnight at Yuuji’s house site
I will go to the other world a bit earlier than everyone

124: Anonymous NEET
Police Officer!
Catch 123 too!

125: Cool NEET
It certainly hasn’t happened yet
Let’s hear the suspect’s excuse


126: Well-Informed NEET
That’s right
Even in history, slavery and serfdom were formerly widespread practices
Since the world where Yuuji is in right now is predicted to be in the Middle Ages
Slavery should be a normal occurrence
Even in our world, the Declaration of Human Rights was only enacted in 1947

To sum it up, GUILTY

127: Overwhelmingly Dog-Person
By the way, what kind of being is a beastkin?
Human + Kemomimi (animal ear)?
Whole body covered with fur?

Ah, of course, Yuuji is GUILTY

128: Yuuji
The peddler recommended slaves for opening the land
It seems that there are many slaves for pioneering, farm work or as household servants
The owner needs to look after the slaves’ daily necessities
Hitting, kicking and sexually molesting the slaves are NG
After working for a long term, it is also possible for them to buy their own freedom with their wages

The peddler recommended a dog beast-kin that has good loyalty.
It seems to be a kemomimi

It’s “that”, right?
As expected, it’s better to construct a house outside, right?
T-to sudden live under the same roof, it’s a bit “that”, don’t you guys agree?

129: Anonymous NEET
Leave Alice-chan to the peddler and Kotarou
You, have a gruesome death

130: Anonymous NEET
Sad NewsSexually “that” is NG

131: Anonymous NEET
Good bye, Yuuji

Please teach Alice how to speak basic Japanese
and how to type by herself
Since you can leave it to us afterwards

132: Well-Informed NEET
Rather than the cruel slavery system of the Middle Ages or of Modern Times
Since there are cases where slaves are important because they are expensive properties
Perhaps, the slavery system is closer to that of Ancient Rome’s?
Knowledgeable slaves became the private tutors for the Patrician’s children
They were even permitted to beat the children

To sum it up, GUILTY

133: Cool NEET
I see
It is indispensable for the slave to reside outside
The next step will be how to build a house for a layman

I will email Gunji-sensei about the GUILTY Yuuji’s case

134: Infrastructure Worker

Yuuji, you might forget this again, but
Sakura-chan is also watching this thread, you know!

Talking about slavery to an American resident is kinda……
Yuuji, you are overwhelmingly GUILTY!

135: Well-Informed NEET
For a log house, there is no equipment, so it’s impossible
It is furthermore impossible to build a proper house by yourself
It is easy to make it from wire mesh and sandbags, but there are not enough materials
Depending on the soil’s properties, it will take trial and error and also some time

Since it’s a region where snow could fall, then for a simple house
Why don’t you make the Yaranga of the Chukchi People?[3]

136: Cool NEET
You guys, speak honestly!

…… But, there are people who are looking forward to the ‘videos’, right?

137: Anonymous MEAT
As always, an unknown knowledge!

I-I’m not looking forward to the video…honest

138: Anonymous NEET
Won’t it better to deconstruct the unused shed in the garden
and then assemble it again outside?

I-I don’t need to see the video or the like!

139: Yuuji
So the shed… For now, it’s something like a tent?
As expected, it should be outside, right?
Thank you

F-for the next thing, I also plan on obtaining livestock
It seems that there are horses, cows, sheep, goats, and chickens
But monsters will attack the livestock
What are you guys’ advice?
For now, I believe it will better to start with chickens

After that, purchasing a slave
Continue pioneering and cultivating the land
Registering as a Pioneer Citizen
Then reaching a point where I can enter the city

A-also, I have recorded how the adventurer trio fights
Here’s the video

140: Anonymous NEET

141: Anonymous NEET

142: Infrastructure Worker
Yuuji, on your order of preference
Isn’t there is something, you know… improper?

143: Former Competent Salesman
Since Yuuji has never worked before
So he must not have realized it!
He left college and became a hiki-NEET for 10 years, after all!

144: Anonymous ETNE
I am a NEET, but even I know that it is improper!

145: YES Lolita NO Touch
On the priority? Is there something improper?

146: Overwhelmingly Dog-Person
The same

If I have to say, perhaps about the livestock?
Kotarou will work as a herding dog!

147: Anonymous NEET
Yuuji is the same as 145
You are the scum of society!

Also, before 145 does any real harm, let’s send him to another world

148: Sakura
I have something to discuss with you

Let’s chat in Skype

149: Anonymous NEET

150: Anonymous NEET
Kemomimi in danger!

151: Anonymous NEET
Of course, this was expected to happen……

152: Infrastructur Worker
Please learn from, this Yuuji!

Either indentured servant or tenant farmer or even serf
There are better ways to refer to them, right!?

153: Anonymous NEET
Not really, since serf is also out of the question
Also, since they couldn’t be considered as tenant farmers


Yuuji will get a lecture from Sakura. As it is oftentimes happens, imouto will prevent the MC (pseudo-one since Kotarou is the MC) from getting a harem.
Japan had a custom of Kotobagari or the self censorship and refrain from using words that are considered politically incorrect in the Japanese language. Rather than saying 奴隷, the members tell Yuuji that he should use 年季奉公 or 小作農 or 農奴 to euphemize the word. Since you know, Sakura also visit the board…

[1] Zenigata Heiji (銭形 平次 Zenigata Heiji) is a Japanese fictional character created by novelist Nomura Kodou, the hero of a series of many Japanese novels, films and TV programmes set in the Edo period (1603-1868) of Japanese history.
[2] Can mean blushing or acting like “villain” (in traditional Kabuki theater, the villain role wear red mask.
[3] Chukchi People lived at Russia Far-East Northern Region. Yaranga was made from light wooden frame and sewn up leather (usually reindeer) and looks like something like this:


  1. whats wrong with the priority order?

    1. Gasp...you like them....OFFIC....just kidding. He mention slave buying first. Maybe.

    2. You would notice he mention slave buying first despite having a lot that he have to finish first.

    3. I also don't really see an issue with the order. The point of buying the slave is to increase the rate of clearing the land for farming. He can't register as a Pioneer Citizen without more having more land cleared and planted and the slave will speed that process up. He can't get into the city without having that done first as well.

      He will need to buy a female slave as I can't imagine Yuugi having enough of a spine to order a large male dog beastkin around. He could probably manage with a female dog beastkin, but it is more likely that the MC (Kotaro) will be the one controlling the slave.

      Only issue with buying the slave first is the problem of where they are going to live. All of the other points he listed will be sped up by the presence of a slave or two.

    4. @anon he is at the planning stage and he asked first about the slave buying while there are some things that is more pressing.This indicate that he hold the slave buying as primary thus it is improper.

    5. Cont. Whether or not he would buy the slave first is not the issue. The issue is he mention about it first and with such impact while when he mention other stuffs it is less impact and he shown the video as if it is less important.

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  3. They thought he was referring to the slave as a livestock so they got pissed.

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    1. Thanks for the chapter this is one of my favourites and i devour it

  5. This series is great. Honestly I don't know what is wrong with the order either ��. Also I'm curious nobody pointed out that the lady MC (though it's actually a dog) can beat two orcs without trouble and the adventurers, although had it under control, struggled a little bit.
    Thanks for the translation �� ✌.