27 December 2016

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 63

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すずの木くろ (Susunokikuro)
Yukkuri Oniisan
Editor, Proofreader:

Chapter 63: Fuel Supply

Soaked inside the water warmed to a comfortable temperature, Kazura made an entranced expression while sighing.
The size of the bathroom in Nelson’s Estate was as wide as a 6-jou room in Japan.
The square bathtub was 2-jou wide and made from marble.
It was also furnished with steps in the bathtub that made it possible for someone to sit and only soak up until their hip. If they choose to sit not on the steps then the water will soak them up till their belly.

In the bathroom walls that touched the bathtub were large 10 centimeters holes for pouring hot water.
If the water is too low or too high, then by yelling an order loudly into the holes, then the servants beyond the hole would answer the order and pour cold or hot water into the hole.

In the corner of the bathroom was where a furnace made of stone was installed.
This was the heater unit for the bathroom, in the winter they would heat the stone on the furnace then sprinkled water atop of it to generate steam and it will heat the entire bathroom.
In the wall adjoined to the furnace was a small window where firewood for the fuel could be taken.
The ceiling was also furnished with a chimney for smoke dispersal, so even in the winter, someone could enjoy a bath comfortably.

Although Kazura had imagined that a bath in a feudal lord’s estate will be grand and luxurious, in reality, it was unexpectedly a rather practical one.
The bath at Leveson’s mansion was also of similar type to this, so perhaps this kind of bath was the popular type used by Isteria’s nobles.

However, since the size of the bath felt similar like soaking while lodging in a small hot spring inn, for Kazura this situation, on the contrary, was quite nice.

Ah, I will busy from tomorrow, but…… I wonder if the fertilizer amount is enough……(Kazura)

Kazura had brought 45 ton of fertilizer in total, but Isteria’s grain producing region was staggeringly vast.
Even if he had brought a large amount of fertilizer, nevertheless, he was a bit anxious when thinking if it will suffice for reviving the grain fields.

Even so, the fertilizer that Kazura had brought possessed an outlandish effect, by adjusting the amount that will be spread, it would surely able to cover the entire fields.
After this, he ought to hit the calculator and calculate the spread amount properly.

The crops in the Grisea Village had become something creature-like. Perhaps it would be fine even if I dilute it until fifty to one ratio……(Kazura)

By the way, the fertilizer that Kazura brought this time was cattle manure compost.
If this fertilizer were to scattered over fields in Japan, then it would need 2 kilograms of manure to be properly scattered over 1 tsubo (3.3 square meters).

After I get out from the bath, an Ice cream is…… Aaaaaaah!?(Kazura)

Kazura, who was leisurely soaking in the bathtub, screamed when he nonchalantly mentioned the word Ice cream. He realized that he had forgotten a very important thing.
He had completely forgotten about the presence of the frozen food that had been transported over a large distance.

I-Is something wrong!?(Maid)

What happened!?(Guard)

M-My choco mint bar! The premium melon sherbet‼(Kazura)

Disregarding through the young maid and the guard who came into the bathroom after hearing the scream, Kazura began to wipe his body dry with the towel in hurry.

Kazura-sama! Is something wrong!?(Maid)

Cl-clothes! Bring the clothes‼(Kazura)

While wiping his body using the towel, with a panicked expression he ordered the maid who was asking him to bring him the clothes.
The guard confirmed that there was nothing wrong inside the bathroom and now was looking at the conversation between Kazura and the maid in bewilderment.

Ka-Kazura-sama! Please calm down‼ What is happening!?(Maid)

If I calm down then the Ice could melt you know!?(Kazura)

Although he noticed that he was showing various places[1], it was currently not Kazura’s highest concern.
Kazura quickly wore the clothes and then ran with an impressive speed from the dressing room.

The maid and guard who was left at that place, saw Kazura’s rushing out with a dumbfounded expression.

…… Do you know what is a chock-o member?(Maid)

No…… I never heard it before……(Guard)

The guard replied to the maid, once again checked that there is nothing strange in the bathroom and dressing room, and exited outside.
The maid saw the soldier leaving and muttered.

Chock-o member…… Hmmm, what is it?(Maid)

While tilting her head, she then began to clean the dressing room and the bathroom.


Kazura ran with all of his might on the corridor and dashed towards the room that Nelson had prepared.
Then as if to jump, he rushed towards the heap of piled up cardboards at the corner of the room and took out the cooler box from that heap.

Is the contents safe?(Kazura)

Kazura was going to open the cover sealing when he suddenly stopped moving.
Then he immediately took out an analog alarm clock from the travel bag placed nearby.

The time was 2:45 A.M.
When he remembered the ice pack effective duration of the dry ice placed inside the cooler box, his body trembled.
It was already past 12:45 when the last dry ice ran out.
Perhaps the ice cream inside the cooled box had already been completely annihilated. He didn’t know what happened to the frozen vegetables or the processed food, but if he didn’t start the refrigerator soon, they would be spoiled.

When Kazura sank down to the floor in front of the cooler box, the door was knocked.
Kazura replied in a very small voice, Come in, so Isaac and Havel entered the room.

Kazura-sama, we would soon return to our hou-…… Umm, is something wrong?(Issac)

Seeing that Kazura was sitting on the floor, Isaac and Havel made a surprised expression.
Kazura was looking at them with a lamenting like expression.

……Please help me.(Kazura)

Eh? About what?(Issac)

Help me set up the refrigerator.(Kazura)


It looks like it would take quite some time before Kazura and the others to obtain some sleep.


Then, 15 minutes later.
Kazura, accompanied by Isaac, transported the generator on the courtyard next to the room.
Inside the room, Havel was ferrying the gasoline jerry can through the window, which Isaac received.
While still being carried by Isaac, Kazura opened the jerry can’s lid and put a hose into it.

He opened the generator’s fuel tank lid and put the hose into it and siphoned the gasoline until it almost reached the hose’s nozzle.
While holding the hose’s nozzle with his finger, the gasoline moved into the fuel tank because of the height difference.

Havel was leaning over the window to take a look at what Kazura was doing.

What a strong smelling water……(Havel)

Because of the peculiar smell of the gasoline, Isaac grimaced while still holding the jerry can in his hand.

This is gasoline…… Umm, this is a special water that had been filled with Force Spirit’s power[2]. It has an extreme bad affinity to fire, so you must not bring fire near it.(Kazura)

Eh, so even Force also have a Spirit?(Issac)

Isaac made a surprised reply at Kazura’s impromptu explanation.
It seems that the religion belief of this world didn’t recognize any Force Spirit.

Yes, they do. There are many others similar to it.(Kazura)



Kazura felt a terrible guilt for Isaac who believed at him, but he couldn’t deny it at this point of time.
Furthermore, it wouldn’t be good if he just explained about gasoline properties.

Perhaps if they know that gasoline is flammable and explosive, then anyone could think of ways to weaponize it.
So it might be better by saying that this is a special water that had been filled with Force Spirit’s power, as it will keep the gasoline properties a secret.

If a fire happens to near it, then what will happen?(Issac)



……People who did it intentionally will die by a mysterious power.(Kazura)


They will die by a mysterious power.(Kazura)

I-is that so…… so Force Spirit is such a dreadful being…….(Issac)

After hearing Kazura’s terrifying explanation, Isaac was trembling while holding the gasoline jerry can.
It wasn’t unreasonable for him to feel fear when knowing that the content of what he holding was such a frightening thing.

While they were conversing like this, the generator’s fuel tank had been fully filled with gasoline.
Kazura ordered Isaac to lower the gasoline can, detach the hose, and close the lid.

Havel-san, can you give me the black cord that comes out from refrigerator’s backside?(Kazura)

Cord….. Is this it?(Havel)

Yes… That one.(Kazura)

Kazura received the power cord from Havel over the window.

Umm, perhaps should we extinguished even the candle fire inside the room?(Havel)

At that time, Havel made an uneasy expression, while looking at the candle’s light inside the room.
Since they had been told that they will die if they bring a fire close to the gasoline, he didn’t know if the current distance will be safe.

No need, if they are separated by this distance then it will be alright.(Kazura)

I-I see…(Havel)

Kazura inserted the power cord he received from Havel into the generator and after he confirmed that the usage load was ¼, he turned the generator on.
Immediately, the generator began to vibrate a little, before producing a low-frequency sound.

……Ugh, as expected it is quite noisy.(Kazura)

Since it was late at night, the sound was quite loud for the silent Nelson’s Estate.
If ¼ burden setting was already this loud, then when starting the generator on full power setting it would even produce an even greater sound.

Somehow, there is a sound coming from inside of this. It is similar to the sound of the agricultural transport tractor in Grisea Village.(Issac)

You’re right…… Hmm, this is too conspicuous.(Kazura)

With this kind of sound, then anyone would come to check the strange sound.
Since this was not something that will be good to be seen by others, there was a need to put a cover to conceal it or place a guard.

Isaac-san, I need a guard to stand watch so this wouldn’t be seen by other people, could you arrange someone for this task?(Kazura)

Then let me to stand watch as a guard. I won’t let anyone approach, so please do not worry.(Issac)

When Kazura mentioned about a guard, Isaac immediate proposed himself for the task.
Isaac thought that rather than someone else as a guard, if it was Isaac himself who do this task, then Kazura would feel more at ease.

I have to refuse, your stamina will soon reach the limit, right? If you don’t rest then you will collapse……(Kazura)

Even though Kazura was deeply moved inside his heart at Isaac’s action, he softly refused Isaac’s proposal.
Not only he had done unreasonable muscle training back in Grisea Village, Isaac had been marching on horseback since yesterday.
Signs of fatigue were markedly shown on his face. If he still worked even more then he might collapse.

No, I am still fine. Since I am used to guarding duties, please do not be worry, Kazura-sama should have a nice rest.(Issac)

Isaac-sama, then let me participate and stand guard in shifts. It will be too excessive for only one person.(Havel)

Unable to just watching Isaac’s obstinacy, Havel who was watching Kazura and Isaac conversation from the window, made a proposal to Isaac.
Havel also had signs of fatigue accumulated in his face, but he was in a better condition than Isaac.

Hmm, you’re right…… Yes, that sounds like a good plan.(Kazura)

Seeing that both of them had decided to stand guard in turns willingly, Kazura was happy with their idea, but he was also worried about them.
Since they were the few people who thought Kazura as Greysior, it greatly troubled him if both of them ruined their health right now.

It seems that there is a need to give them a one-time doping for both of them.

I understand. Then I will entrust the guard to both of you.(Kazura)


Yes, leave this to us!(Havel)

Kazura accepted them as guards, so Isaac straightened his posture and made a lively reply.
Havel also made a proper reply, but Isaac had more spirit in his words.

Then, I will arrange for a room for us to rest.(Havel)

Yes. I will stand watch in this place. After about 1 hour, please return for the shift change…… Ah, also, please bring wood boards to cover this.(Issac)

I understand.(Havel)

Ah, Havel-san, please wait a moment.(Kazura)

Kazura called out to Havel and then ran back into the room.
Then, he took out 2 bottles of Lipo-D from the travel bag.

I will give these to both of you. Here, Isaac-san also please take it.(Kazura)

Havel accepted the Lipo-D presented to him who then looked curiously at the dark bottle with a label paste into it.
Isaac also received the Lipo-D over the window, and just like Havel, he was staring at the Lipo-D in his hand.

This is a secret medicine made in God’s Realm. If you drink this medicine, then your physical condition will be completely restored. Perhaps, it might even become much better than before.(Kazura)



After they heard Kazura’s explanation, both of them looked at Kazura with a surprised expression.

The reason why Kazura called it Secret medicine, was a plot to differentiate the Lipo-D from the other food.
In this way, it was as if saying that only the Lipo-D that he gives to Isaac and Havel had a special effect.
It would also be the front to cover the fact that the other food that he brought from Japan possessed a special effect. Kazura thought that this way of words was not that shabby.

F-for us to receive such kind of item, will it be alright!?(Issac)

Both of you has truly exhausted yourself out of devotion to me. This is merely my gratitude. If you twist the top part to the right, you can open the lid, and then drink it in one go.(Kazura)

Kazura-sama…… Thank you very much!(Issac)

Perhaps because Isaac was greatly moved, he grasped the Lipo-D tightly while tears began to collect in his eyes.
Havel opened his eyes in surprise as he stared at the Lipo-D in his hand in a blank amazement.

Also, this is a secret that stays only between us. You can’t mention this to others, alright?(Kazura)

Yes! Thank you very much for this drink!(Issac)

Isaac gave his thanks to Kazura, opened the Lipo-D’s lid and brought it to his mouth.
Havel also emulated him and drank the opened Lipo-D.


Right? This drink is quite a splendid one. Please keep drinking everything.(Kazura)

When he only drank half of the content, Isaac mentioned his impression of the taste.
Havel also made a face as if he was surprised by the Lipo-D’s taste.

Since I have been told that this is a secret medicine, I guessed that the taste will be bitter. However…… This is tasty.(Havel)

Havel made such remark before he drank the rest of the content.
Then, he moved his hand and feet to check his physical condition.

Ah, it wouldn’t show the effect this soon. The effect takes time until it appear.(Kazura)

Is that so……(Issac)

Then, I will entrust the guarding duty to both of you. I will stay awake for awhile since there is something that I need to do, but after that is finished, I will go to sleep.(Kazura)

Please leave it to us!(Issac)

Yes, please have a good rest.(Havel)

After he saw that Havel had left the room, Kazura closed the window.

……Now then.(Kazura)

Kazura stiffened his expression and kneeled in front of the cooler box.
With an anxious expression, he put his hand on the cover and released the lock.

Please, please……(Kazura)

Then, while he was muttering as if he was praying to God for the safety of the content, he raised the cooler box’s cover in one go.


What will happen with the Choco Mint Bar? Premium Melon Sherbet?

[1] If you know what I mean.
[2] chikara no seirei 力の精霊, basically a spirit of force/strength 


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