28 December 2016

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 65

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すずの木くろ (Susunokikuro)
Yukkuri Oniisan
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Chapter 65: The People who Work Even More

Then, the supervisor for the field’s fertilizer scattering will be entrusted to Isaac-san and Havel-san, as we will head towards the river. If I am not wrong, we will be going north, right?(Kazura)

While observing the people who began their work, Kazura asked Zirconia, who stood beside him.

That’s correct. There is a large river flowing from the northern mountains. It is about half of quarter stound[1] walking away from this place.(Zirconia)

On the map of the region surrounding Isteria that Kazura had borrowed from Nelson several days ago, aside from the location of the rivers or mountains, it also depicted the location of hills, springs, forests, and wetlands.
The river touched the surrounding edges of the northern and eastern fields as it branched into numerous tributaries that flows into the riverside fields and to Isteria city itself.

The locations where the crops suffered from the severe drought this time were mostly at the area directly affected by the decrease of the river’s flow volume due to the droughts.
Though the not so hilly fields were irrigated by waterways, when the river’s water had a sudden drop, its water couldn’t enter the waterway due to the height difference.
Although the water had been stored in a few reservoirs here and there, but even these had dried up completely.

Perhaps the other reason why the northern and the western field had such severe drought was because of the hot wind blew down from the northern mountains.[2]
Since the southern and the eastern fields were located away from the mountains and Isteria City shielded them and dispersed the heat wind, the drought was a bit lighter.

Let see, half of quarter stound should be about 15 minutes…… I understand. Let’s head there immediately. Since we will assemble the waterwheel on site, please bring all the servants.(Kazura)

With the carriages with the waterwheel parts, the guards and the servants trailing behind him, Kazura began to walk towards the river.


Havel, how’s your body feel today?(Isaac)

While looking at the sight of Kazura departing towards the river, Isaac began to talk with Havel who was beside him.

It’s incredibly well. It feels as if the inside of my body had been renewed completely. As if the tiredness I had until now was a lie.(Havel)

While also looking at Kazura’s group, Havel answered Isaac.

Until both of them received Lipo-D from Kazura, they had been quite fatigued from riding a Rata for a long time.
However, after 2 hours passed since they drank the Lipo-D, their body suddenly felt light.
In spite of only have a 2 hours wink of sleep this morning, both of them were in a perfect physical condition.

This magic-like precipitous physical change was nothing but surprising to both of them.

Kazura-sama had said that this is a secret medicine from the God’s Realm, but I never imagine that it will have this tremendous effect……(Isaac)

That’s true. If this had much potency then no matter how sick someone will be, he will soon get better…… Huh?(Havel)

Havel had his words stopped and then showed a confusion.

Hmm, what’s wrong?(Isaac)

Nothing. It’s just that, I am wondering that even when he have a secret medicine this strong, why Kazura-sama always showed a tired expression that much.(Havel)

Based on what Havel observed of Kazura, he was always had a bag under his eyes and dreadfully tired from working.
If he feels tired, he should drink the secret medicine and be restored, even so for some reason Kazura didn’t drink the secret medicine. This was the question that appeared on Havel’s mind.

That’s true…… It can’t be that he didn’t take any of it because he might be keeping it aside for our sake, right……?(Isaac)

At Havel’s words, Isaac also pondering about it and couldn’t understand it.
Even if they were thinking that there is some special reason, but they wouldn’t be able to understand without directly asking it to Kazura.

However, we couldn’t inquire this reason to Kazura-sama…… There might be some reason behind it, but it is not something that we should meddle with. We should just be obediently thankful for the medicine that we received.(Isaac)

Yes…… That’s is true.(Havel)

Isaac remonstrated Havel who nodded as he saw the sight of Kazura’s back with a concerned look.
For Havel himself, it couldn’t be helped if he was concerned about the wellbeing of Kazura who recently showed a remarkably fatigued expression.

If something happened to Kazura right now, then it would be extremely troubling for Havel.
Since Kazura is not a human, as he should be the God Greysior, Havel believed that he wouldn’t die as a result of overworking. Even so, he was still worried.

Until Kazura appeared, Havel was no more than the Vice Captain of the First Cadet Training Unit, which didn’t hold that much of authority in the military.
During the war with Balveile 4 years ago, he somehow made a successful contact with Isaac who was participating in the same campaign. Afterward due to the meticulous interaction, he had the position of Isaac’s favourite, this could be said as Havel’s only status.
Thanks to this, Havel was directly nominated by Isaac and successfully promoted as the Vice Captain of the First Cadet Training Unit one year ago. However, Havel couldn’t climb any higher.
Since Havel was aiming to climb the ladder by sticking closely to Isaac, if Isaac wouldn't get a higher position then Havel also won't get any higher.

Because Nelson was extremely pleased with Isaac, Havel had expected that Isaac would also get Lieze’s favor and become close to her. However, no matter how much time passed, the two of them didn’t get along at all.
Although he had heard the rumor that Lieze showed an extraordinary favor for Isaac, there was total lack of any talks about the relationship progress between them.

If Isaac marries Lieze, then he would become the next master of Istelle House.
Of course, to maintain the mighty influence and authority, Isaac would surely appoint his close associate Havel to an important position in the military.
Even if he didn’t become Isaac’s personal army’s vice commander, if fortune smile at him, he could still be appointed as the Captain or Vice Captain for the Heavy Infantry Company or the Cavalry.
Similarly, if he was established as a close associate of Isaac, he would also be assigned to other important position and so, naturally, his future was promising.

However, Isaac didn’t get close to Lieze at all even after much time had passed.

For Havel, he wanted Isaac to quickly conquer Lieze and then be successful to get his promotions early.
Isaac had a stubborn serious personality that made Havel thinking that he wouldn’t do any bold moves.
Havel also couldn’t advise Isaac,

When the mood is good, press through the chance and attack!

So Havel passed the days while being constantly worried.
However, since Kazura appeared, this stalemate situation had a drastic change.

Because he was amongst the limited people who know Kazura’s true identity as Greysior, naturally any tasks related to Kazura would be assigned to Isaac and Havel.
By this process, Havel could make a contact with Nelson and Zirconia and had been appointed as the close aide for Kazura who held powerful influence on Nelson.
If he could hold this position from now on, then it was likely that he could ascend to a relatively high military position in the future.

However, at the present point, Havel’s successful future hadn’t been set in stone yet.
If, currently, Kazura collapsed or get sick from overworking, then Isaac and Havel as Kazura’s close aide would need to answer for the blame.
If this happened, not only he would be fired from his position as Kazura’s close aide, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that even though he finally had his highway to success, he would have missed his footing.

However, recently Kazura-sama does look quite tired. Even if we couldn’t say anything about using the medicine, we must adjust the work schedule so it wouldn’t burden Kazura-sama as much as possible……(Havel)

……That’s true, I also have the same thoughts.(Isaac)

When he heard Havel’s words, Isaac shed tears from the corner of his eyes.
It seems that he was happy that Havel was also being considerate to Kazura just like himself.

Even if the grain fields restoration needs to happen sooner, it would be a great loss if something happened to Kazura-sama. Really, since Kazura-sama is a person who will keep working if we leave him alone, we need to firmly suggest him to have a rest.(Isaac)


When Isaac said these words, Havel loosened his expression as if he was a bit relieved.

In exchange, we will work even more than what we had done until now. I don’t know how much we could be helpful to Kazura-sama, but even if it just for a bit, we must relieve some burden from Kazura-sama.(Isaac)

Certainly. I am resolute to work myself to the bone.(Havel)

Yes, that’s the spirit. I will be relying on you.(Isaac)

Isaac smiled at Havel and slap his back.


At the time when Isaac and Havel were having such kind of discussion, Kazura was walking towards the north side of the fields alongside Zirconia.

Hmm, this is quite a severe situation…… Most of the crops had already been damaged……(Kazura)

While he walked, he observed the fields where the yellowed crops were limp and lied down.
He still caught the sight of the seldom crops with some green left in it, but about 99 percent of the crops were in a sad aforementioned state.

The crops in this area are already lost. However, most of the crops near the river should be safe. Also, the water might have dried up by now, but the crops around the reservoirs should be a bit safe too.(Zirconia)

So that means, only a fraction of the crops that could be saved even if we irrigate them with water right now…… This is more serious than what I had thought before……(Kazura)

No matter how much they give fertilizer or water, if the crucial crops had already withered then it would be meaningless.
He could put a large amount of fertilizer from Japan to the local fields as a method to greatly accelerate the growth of the surviving crops. However, this will be only as a last measure in case there is no other way.
However, such abnormal growth rate would be too conspicuous, so he wanted to keep the growth rate at an inconspicuous level as much as possible.
If a rumor spread out unchecked, then Arcadia’s capital or another province might intrude and the restoration wouldn’t progress smoothly.

Making an advance technology tool like the waterwheel is conspicuous, but they could explain this as something that is invented by Isteria’s engineers.
However, it is difficult to make a rational excuse for crops abnormal growth rate, so he didn’t want many people to know about this.
Even if he did it, he might want to avoid the extreme growth rate like what happened at Grisea Village’s crops.

Although we couldn’t expect much harvest from the current planted crops cycle, if we could irrigate them from now on, then we could prepare to plant for the next crops cycle. Right now, the soil is too dry that we couldn’t do any seed sowing.(Zirconia)

Certainly, if it is too dry then the sprouts won’t bud…… But couldn’t you grow the seed to sprout by using water drawn from the river?(Kazura)

When Kazura asked Zirconia, she looked at him with a bit surprised expression.

If we did it under this condition, then the planted seed will be cooked…… If it is the ordinary year then the temperature will decrease and we could do seed sowing soon, but this year’s heat is out of the norm……(Zirconia)

Ah…… That’s true.(Kazura)

After seeing Zirconia’s reaction, Kazura’s mind was a bit flustered, even so, he replied without letting this shown on his face.

(Dang it, it was an un-Harvest-God-like question…… I need to learn basic farming knowledge properly.)(Kazura)

Kazura sometimes helped his father, Shinji, in his hobby of tending kitchen garden, but Kazura didn’t have any knowledge about farming.
He had learned to some degree while studying with Valetta before, but it was only what was written in the book and so was just a superficial knowledge.

In the first place, he didn’t possess any knowledge gained from important experience, so even in the fundamental basic knowledge, he sometimes made an absurd statement just like what happened just now.
If he knew it would come into this situation, it would be better if he had helped Shinji’s gardening more.

Anyway, first we need to install a large amount of waterwheels in the river and fill the existing waterway with water. If we can install the waterwheels then we won’t need to rely on the reservoirs from hereafter and…… Hm.(Kazura)

Is there something wrong?(Zirconia)

Kazura suddenly stopped his words and began pondering and this made Zirconia tilted her head in confusion.

It’s nothing…… I need you to tell me something. In this region, how cold will it be in the winter?(Kazura)

It get so cold that it will freeze the water in a pond. On a normal year, from the twelfth month until the end of the second month the snow will also fall in large amount.(Zirconia)

I see…… Hmm, I might have a rather good idea.(Kazura)

…… Good idea?(Zirconia)

Kazura nodded by himself, so Zirconia looked at him with eyes full of expectation.

Yes, this is still at the planning stage, but if this goes well then it might improve the citizen’s diet and at the same time generate an income. I will try to come with a concrete plan, after that should I consult it to you?(Kazura)

When Kazura mentioned this, Zirconia nodded with eyes shining with anticipation.
Though she didn’t know what kind of plan Kazura had in mind, but since it was his idea then it wouldn’t be something bad.
Furthermore, refusing an offer of help was never an option, to begin with.

Of course. I will be expecting it.(Zirconia)

Ah, no,  isn’t it still in the planning stage? It hasn’t been decided yet……(Kazura)

Yes. Even so, I will be looking forward to what kind of plan it will be.(Zirconia)

Zirconia showed a confidence that the plan had been decided already, that made Kazura produced a wry smile.


What is Kazura secret plan? The keyword is: Freezing Winter.

[1] Stound : Archaic Anglo-Saxon (Old English) words for Hour. It is to represent a Koku, defined in the story as an equivalent to 2 Earth hours.
[2] Also known as Katabatic wind.


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