03 August 2017

The Bad, The Evil and The Worse. Arc 1 - Chapter 2

Ian McDaniels
The super lazy web owner:
Yukkuri Oniisan

The Bad, The Evil and The Worse
Arc 1 The Beginnings of Evil
Chapter 2 Making A Base and Dealing with Idiots

“How about I name you ‘Ripley’?” (Schwartz)

The Deathclaw stared at him for a few moments and then began to purr. It was apparent that she liked the name. Schwartz noticed that the name that appeared over the Deathclaw had changed from [Big Momma] to [Ripley]. It was also apparent that the Deathclaw had gotten substantially stronger due to it having a name. By changing its name to [Big Momma] it had grown in power, by giving it an actual name it had grown even more powerful.

Schwartz now decided to use his [Settlement Builder Ultra], and reactivated the ability after it had been deactivated by him during the slaughter he had unleashed. Once again, a large glowing semi-transparent green wall surrounded what used to be the city he had arrived in. Activating [Apocalyptic Feng-Shui] he knew exactly where to place every item and object to make his new settlement absolutely perfect as his initial Base of Operations in this world. By scrapping everything in the city, he had a massive stockpile of raw materials and resources. He estimated that building all the way to the boundary would take too much time and thus he focused his attention on his immediate surroundings.

His first priority was to have a stable supply of food and clean water. While he had a large amount of meat, vegetables and bottled/ canned clean water in stockpile due to him scrapping everything, he wanted to have a way of keeping himself alive without relying on looting ruins and dead creatures as this was highly inefficient and unreliable as a means of procuring supplies. Thus, he set down 10 giant [Continuous Water Pumps] in front of him, followed by 50 [Growing Basins] so that he could plant fruits and vegetables. Next, he built a series of large grazing areas and then surrounded all of his current creations with massive reinforced concrete walls with only a 4 [Large Blast Doors] to keep out unwanted guests. Since he didn’t know if he would encounter other humans soon or whether they would be friendly so he staffed the [Growing Basins] and [Continuous Water Pumps] with humanoid robots he built using a [Robot Workbench].

Having finished with the food and water problem, he built another set of massive reinforced concrete walls and a [Large Blast Door] and constructed a series of living quarters for people to use in the event that other humans came and decided to settle peacefully.


Almost a month had passed by without any contact with any intelligent creatures. Schwartz was beginning to lose hope that he would ever meet anyone. He began his morning routine, first he would eat a “healthy” breakfast of grilled meat and stale cereal, then he would walk the perimeter of his fort looking for any sign of intelligent life in view, after that he would walk around inside of each walled area before eating lunch and going to the walls again. He would then expand his base a bit, adding new things here and there and after eating dinner he would walk the walls again before going to bed.

He had been in this routine since he had finished building his initial base and if he was honest with himself, this routine was the only thing keeping him sane. He was making his third patrol that day when he saw a group of humanoid figures in the distance. They were attempting to hide behind a large car, possibly a SUV of some kind that seemed like it was covered in welded metal plates and spiky decorations. There wasn’t just one car either, there were a total of 38 cars of various makes and models out there and all of them were either sheltering or disgorging people from within.

“YES! Finally, I know the answer to if I am alone! I’m not!” (Schwartz)

Before Schwartz could call out to these people his sense of danger went wild and time slowed to a crawl. As if it was molasses flowing uphill in the middle of an Arctic winter, a .308 round slowly flew towards him. He moved aside and the bullet missed what would have been a direct hit between the eyes. He would have been annoyed enough if it was just one bullet as he might have taken it was a warning shot, but the people cowering behind the cars had been firing their little pea-shooters alongside the fool who had tried to headshot him. These people were not just attempting to intimidate him, they were attempting to kill him and that pissed him off.

“So, you want to fight, huh? Well guess what, I have a contingency plan for this as well! If you want in so badly then you can come in, but you might not like what you find!” (Schwartz)

Schwartz jumped down to the blast door and as bullet time ended, he typed in a code on a keypad and the blast doors slowly swung open. As they did, Schwartz had already made it to the next door, opening it as well. He then moved on, opening door after door in a path to lead his new play-mates to a palace he had built as his personal residence. There he sat in a throne covered in pelts and furs and cushions and waited for his guests to arrive.


Strange things had been happening for a while. First was the disappearance of an entire city, which was blamed on some Old-World superweapon or possibly another special distortion like the one that destroyed the Old-World all that time ago. Second was the fact that all the Super Mutants that used to base themselves out of the city no longer came to raid or pillage, as if they just ceased to be. The third was the appearance of a heavily fortified settlement that had appeared out of thin air and was growing daily at an alarming rate.

All of this would have been enough reason for any sane person to stay the hell away from that place. Raiders at least had some semblance of sanity and self-preservation and didn’t want to go near the place without a sizable force. Fiends, on the other hand, were drug crazed psychopaths looking for any way to get their next fix and therefore had no compunctions about making a suicidal assault on what appeared to be a constantly growing super-fort. Normally, the Fiends would have attacked the place a week or two ago, but the local raider boss had managed to buy their services for chems and was using them as cannon fodder to take the fort for themselves.

Jack was a mean son of a bitch, he had managed to found his own Raider group at the ripe age of 15 and at 16 he had managed to become the “Overboss” of all the Raider groups within 100 miles. Due to his penchant for using his custom suit of Power-Armor and its built-in retractable buzz-saws and chainsaws to tear his victims to pieces, he was known as “Jack the Ripper” and it was a moniker he held with pride. The only person who could possibly surpass him as Overboss was his 18-year-old daughter named Lilith. Lilith was a monster in everything but physical appearance, having a sadistic streak a hundred miles long and a barely concealed ambition to surpass her father in every way. She had been the one who designed and built Jack’s Power Armor and was the one who organized the attack on the fortress.

Jack knew something was off the moment he arrived at the walls and saw only one person on them. His suspicions were confirmed when the man on the wall disappeared during the opening salvo and the front door opened as if the place was giving up. As he and the horde flooded into the fort, the first thing that put them off was the eerie silence, as if there was no-one in this place at all. As they advanced further, it became clear to Jack that his horde was being led somewhere as every area they entered had all but two doors locked up tight. Those two doors were the one they came in and the one they left through.

At last his horde reached a massive palace and saw that the front door to that was open as well. Much to the dismay of the assembled horde, there wasn’t a single person in the whole fortress aside from the man of the wall and not a single item or object worth looting there either. As they entered the palace, the whole of the horde had entered the fort and the door to let them enter and exit slammed shut, trapping them in. This was unknown to the horde in general and it was unlikely that they would have cared either. As the leaders of the horde entered the palace and made their way deeper in, they were met with an extravagant throne room, kitted out with every furnishing a narcissistic Raider boss could want and on the throne in the back of the room, right in front of a massive red velvet curtain sat the man who had been on the wall.

The assembled bosses numbered 5 in total, if you counted Jack and were by this point absolutely livid due to the lack of loot that was noticeably absent from the fort. As they approached the man who sat on the throne as if he had not the slightest care that he was about to be torn apart, the man suddenly got up and said something that made them question his sanity.

“If you intend on killing me, you must first go through Momma Ripley. I would heavily advise that you yield and submit to me, I can sense the intent you have and your minds are like an open book. If you become my servants, you and your horde will not perish here.” (Unknown Man)

Jack was furious! This idiot dared to demand his submission!? One of the other bosses was apparently less irate than Jack and said mockingly, “Yurgonna sic yur momma aftur uz? Wut, yoo too cowurdly ta fiteuzyerself, mommas boi?” (Overboss Lieutenant1)

“Hardly. I know that I could rip you all to pieces if I chose to. I just want to test Ripley out a bit and see what she can do. Anyways, enough pleasantries. You have two choices, submit or die. The choice is as easy as the choice between cake or death. Kneel, now. Any other action will condemn you.” (Unknown Man)

“Fuck you asswipe! I’m not bending knee to nobody! Heck, I don’t even bend knee to the Overboss!” (OverbossLieutenant 2)

“Yeah! Go die in a fire!” (Overboss Lieutenant 3)

“Fuck you and fuck your couch!” (Overboss Lieutenant 4)

“I expected as much. Defiant to the end. Oh, well. Ripley, it’s time to shine!” (Unknown Man)

Suddenly, a massive clawed hand slowly pulled back the curtain on the Unknown Man’s left side and a massive Deathclaw walked out from behind the curtain. The beast moved in front of the Unknown Man and took an aggressive stance.

“Before I let Ripley grant you death, I will grant you the honor of knowing my name! I am Jason Schwartz, but you can just call me Schwartz. Now... WELCOME TO DIE!” (Schwartz)


Author Note: Yes, the references in my works are many and terrible. No, I don’t intend to stop them. No, I don’t feel ashamed at the level of ham and cheese that are in my works.

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